Vegas Lens is a travel and tourism blog devoted entirely to the city of Las Vegas. It is an informative blog that introduces and describes all the best attractions inside the city, including the best shows, hotels, restaurants, tours, wedding venues, swimming pools, and other fantastic things to do in Las Vegas. So if you’re a tourist looking to research the city and its various shows and tourist activities, Vegas Lens is the best place to start.

We want to use this blog to clarify the details of everything going on inside the city. Since the internet has too many sources of misinformation about Las Vegas, we’re using this blog to combat the misinformation. We want to address people’s common misconceptions about Las Vegas by letting them know the real truth. Then people can have a better idea of what to expect when they arrive in Las Vegas for the first time for a short-term or long-term visit.

The Contributors:

The main contributors to the blog are people living in the United States who have traveled as tourists to Las Vegas and other cities in the world. They are native English speakers and writers, which you will notice by the quality of their writing in the blog articles. We only publish articles from people who have been to Las Vegas and can write about their firsthand experiences being there.

Our contributors write about their experiences visiting Las Vegas and the different sites, hotels, activities, venues, and attractions they saw or participated in while there. Once the contributors finish writing their blog articles, they submit them to the moderators for review before publication. We never publish articles unless they’ve been reviewed for accuracy and writing quality.

All our moderators are residents of Las Vegas and know everything there is to know about the city. They are qualified to review every article submitted to our blog and verify the accuracy of the information contained in it. The review process ensures our readers are receiving valid information from people who truly visited Las Vegas. As a result, our readers can have confidence in the quality and integrity of our blog website.

Vegas Lens is a community of people who are either interested in visiting Las Vegas or have already been there. With all the misinformation published about Las Vegas on other websites, our mission is to publish accurate information based on the experiences of real tourists and residents of Las Vegas. No other blog website has managed to create a simple, comprehensive, honest, informative, and personalized blog website about Las Vegas. We are the first.

Discount Tickets:

Are you interested in learning about how to find the cheapest tickets and discounts for shows in Las Vegas? Vegas Lens has a whole section on our blog website devoted to discount show tickets. We use this section to inform visitors on the best ways to find the cheapest deals on Las Vegas show tickets.

Hotels and production companies always offer discounts on shows in Las Vegas, especially during holidays. Sometimes the deals come in the form of online discount codes, while other discount opportunities are only available on specific websites. You will learn how to find the websites with the discounts on them so you can enjoy the most cost savings possible when planning your trip to Las Vegas.

*Please note that Vegas Lens doesn’t sell or provide tickets to customers directly. We only publish information sources pertaining to the latest discount promotions, including links to the cheapest sources for obtaining discounted tickets. Vegas Lens is merely an informational blog website. We don’t sell anything to our visitors.

All the information published on Vegas Lens is updated periodically to maintain accuracy. Our moderators work hard to verify the continued accuracy of all information published on our blog website, especially information about discount tickets. But if you believe certain information on Vegas Lens is inaccurate, feel free to send us a message by using the form at contact us page. Our moderators will review your comments and address them as soon as possible.

Las Vegas is for Everyone:

Many people falsely perceive Las Vegas as a tourist destination for adults only. The truth is that Las Vegas has plenty of shows and activities suitable for families and couples alike. That is why Vegas Lens does not discuss topics like gambling, sex, or nightclubs on our blog website. Even though these activities exist in Las Vegas, our focus is geared more toward the other activities and events offered in the city.