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10 Best Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas in 2024

When a man plans to get married, it is customary for his friends to throw him a bachelor’s party. If it is a bachelor’s party in Vegas, then it is even better because of all the entertainment options available.

As for a woman who is about to get married, it is customary for her friends to throw her a bachelorette party. These parties are a little bit different than the typical bachelor parties in Vegas, though.

Las Vegas gives you a lot of opportunities to throw exciting bachelorette parties. There are so many venues and services available which can make your bachelorette party experience something to remember forever.

Top 10 Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Since you presumably only get married once in a lifetime, that means you only have one bachelorette party in your lifetime. Why not make it as original and fun as you can?

The stereotypical bachelorette party is a bunch of girlfriends who get together and hire a few male strippers to entertain the bride-to-be.

However, that kind of bachelorette party concept has been overdone and is no longer a big deal. There are plenty of bachelorette ideas in Vegas if you simply get creative and think outside the box. Below are 10 Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas.

1) Have a Poolside Party

Have a Poolside Party - Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas

Sometimes the best bachelorette parties are the simplest ones. Find a lavish resort hotel in Las Vegas and reserve time for your guests to use its swimming pool.

Many of these 4-star and 5-star hotels in Las Vegas have huge swimming pools, and waiters who will serve you drinks poolside. If the bachelorette loves to lie out under the sun and relax in the warm weather, then a poolside party is an awesome idea.

2) Dine at an Upscale Restaurant

Dine at an Upscale Restaurant - Bachelorette ideas in Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. There is a lot of cultural diversity in the food selections available, such as French, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and so on.

If you know the bachelorette’s favorite type of food, then make reservations at a high-quality restaurant in Vegas which serves that food. You can book one of the private party rooms in the restaurant so that your guests won’t be distracted by other people.

3) Limousine Ride

Limousine Ride - Vegas bachelorette party ideas

Out of all the Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas, this one is the most stylish. There is no better experience than being driven down Las Vegas Blvd while riding in the back of a limousine.

You’ll find that Las Vegas has a lot of “party limousine” services which include music, flashy colored lights, and so much more. It’ll truly be the best shuttle experience of your life.

4) Watch Several Shows

Watch Several Shows - Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas

Las Vegas have many suitable shows for Bachelorette Party that taking place every day at various hotels and resorts throughout the city.

How about a bachelorette party where you and your friends watch multiple shows? You could spend all afternoon or evening watching a variety of shows, ranging from musical entertainment to comedy and magic.

Mix it up by watching Elvis impersonators, Bruno Mars, David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and Boyz II Men.

5) Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment - Bachelorette ideas in Vegas

The spa treatment is one of the more common bachelorette ideas in Vegas. It stands to reason because Las Vegas has some of the best spa treatment services in the country.

For a bachelorette party, it gives girlfriends a chance to have a relaxing time together after they’ve enjoyed a day filled with activities and fun.

There is nothing more refreshing to the body and mind than a luxurious spa package offered by the many hotel resorts throughout Las Vegas Blvd. The two most recommended spa experiences can be found at the Venetian and the Aria.

6) Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt - Vegas bachelorette party ideas

Scavenger hunts are fun for people of all ages. This is one of the Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas which can give your guests the chance to explore Las Vegas and go on an adventure to find various points of interest throughout the city.

To get help finding these spots, you can download the GPS coordinates online. Some of the spots include the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, Eiffel Tower at Paris in Las Vegas, a statue of Popeye the Sailor Man at the Wynn hotel, the Sphinx of Luxor, the Volcano at The Mirage, and many others.    

7) Walk The Las Vegas Strip

Walk the Las Vegas Strip - Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette parties don’t always need to be held at one particular venue only. In fact, you don’t even need any venues at all. Get the bachelorette and some of their other friends together and go walk on the Las Vegas Strip.

The entire Strip is about 4.2 miles long, so you could spend the entire afternoon walking the Strip as a group. Meanwhile, you’ll all get to see the many hotel resorts, gift shops, and other big attractions of the city.

Anyone who wants to shop for something can do so along the way, but at least it won’t come out of your budget. However, it might be a good gesture to purchase items for the bachelorette because you’re doing this in her honor.

8) Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours - Bachelorette ideas in Vegas

Las Vegas is surrounded by a lot of canyons, mountains, and desert. It is a wonderful view when you get to see these things from a helicopter in the sky.

Fortunately, there are several companies in Las Vegas which operate helicopter tours for people. Although you won’t be able to fit your entire bachelorette party into one helicopter, you could split up and take multiple helicopters in order to share the experience together.

There is no better way to add adventure to your bachelorette party than by riding in a helicopter during the day.

9) Neon Museum Tour

Neon Museum Tour - Vegas bachelorette party ideas

There is no shortage of museums to visit in Las Vegas. But for a bachelorette party, your girlfriends might love to go on a tour at the Neon Museum.

This is a museum which displays many of the iconic signs that have existed in Las Vegas over the years. Not only is the tour interesting from a historical perspective, but it is also fun for taking selfies and sharing photos with friends and family on social media.

It might seem cheesy to do something like this for a bachelorette party, but sometimes it’s good to do unusual things like this for a rare event like this one.

10) Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park - Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas

Downtown Container Park contains a series of eateries and stores made from previously used shipping containers. The creativity and artistic appeal of Downtown Container Park is what makes this an attractive location for a bachelorette party or for girls who simply want to enjoy their time together as they eat and shop.

Again, it may seem cheesy or unusual for a bachelorette party location, but that is the whole point. The weirder, the better!


You may have some imaginative and clever bachelorette ideas in Vegas. But do you have the budget to turn those ideas into reality? Las Vegas can be an expensive city if you don’t know how to budget your money properly, especially when it comes to purchasing expensive services at a luxurious resort hotel or venue.

To ensure that you don’t go over your budget, below are 4 financial suggestions to help you carefully budget your Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas.

1) Get Price Estimates

You may have a number of venues in mind for the bachelorette party. Before you settle on one, call them up and request a price estimate for their party hosting services.

You’re not necessarily going to reserve a hotel room, but rather one of their private ballrooms or party rooms. They may charge by the hour, so it is important to time your event carefully in conjunction with your budget.

Obtain price estimates for any other activities you plan on doing too, such as live shows, restaurants, recreational facilities and more.

2) Have Other Guests Contribute Money

A bachelorette party is supposed to please just one person. As the host of the party, you should not feel obligated to pay for everything by yourself. Ask some of the other guests if they would be willing to contribute money toward the budget of the party.

If you can get them to contribute, then you can upgrade your Las Vegas bachelorette party activities into something more fun and memorable.

3) Make Reservations Early

It is better to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the bachelorette party. If you make the necessary reservations early enough, then you can get the best deals on the hotel accommodations, shows, and whatever else you have in mind for the party.

Otherwise, if you wait until the last minute, then you’ll have a tougher time scheduling the accommodations you want. Not only that, but they’ll cost more too.

4) Set a Maximum Budget

There are expensive and affordable bachelorette ideas in Vegas. Everyone has a different budget for something as extravagant as a bachelorette party.

The amount of money you spend will depend on your income, the number of guests attending, and the number of financial contributions that’ll be made from those guests. Once you figure that out, you can set a maximum budget and start shopping for venues, accommodations, and so on.

Other Tips

Here are some extra tips to help you plan your bachelorette party properly so that it goes off without a hitch:

  • You can use several of these Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas. Don’t restrict yourself to only one idea. The more ideas you’re able to implement into one or two days, the better. The whole point is to create a memorable experience for the bachelorette. If you can mix around different ideas and put them together, then you’ll create a unique bachelorette experience for them.
  • Your Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas should revolve around the interests of the bachelorette herself. Don’t think about bachelorette ideas in Vegas as if you are the bachelorette. A lot of hostesses make the mistake of implementing the activities they would enjoy for their own bachelorette party. However, you may have different personal preferences as to what you think a fun bachelorette party would be. That is why you need to put the actual bachelorette’s preferences first.
  • Don’t ask the bachelorette for party ideas because that would ruin the surprise. Since they’re a friend of yours, show them something that you know they would enjoy or be surprised by. As long as everyone has a good time, that is all that matters.
  • If you’re planning for any outdoor activities, then you should have a backup plan in case it rains that day. Perhaps you can arrange for a simple indoor activity to be your backup in case the outdoor activity you have planned gets canceled for bad weather. Choose a free indoor activity like hanging out in your hotel room and watching movies and eating together. Keep it simple but fun.


There are so many ways to have a good time at a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. All the Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas expressed above are popular choices amongst most bachelorette party hostesses. You can use all these ideas or some of them while implementing your own ideas too.

Just keep the budget of the party and the preferences of the bachelorette on your mind throughout the planning process. But no matter where you bring the bachelorette, she’s guaranteed to have a good time because she’s spending this happy event with her best friends in the world. That is what really counts.


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the glamour and magic of Sin City. It was unlike any other city I had ever visited because of its bright lights, beautiful hotel resorts, and the variety of entertainment shows and tourist activities.

One visit was all it took for me to move to Las Vegas and make it my primary residence. Since then, I have made it my mission to share everything beautiful and outstanding about Las Vegas with the rest of the world. That way, people will be encouraged to visit Las Vegas and experience the city’s magic for themselves.

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