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19 Best Pools in Las Vegas for Kids & Families in 2024

One of the most popular vacation pastimes in Las Vegas is swimming, which is why there are many family pools in Las Vegas which cater specifically towards families with children who are enjoying all of the sights, sounds and attractions that Vegas offers families on their dream vacation.

How do you find the best family pools in Las Vegas? We’ve already done the work for you! The following ultimate guide will help you choose among the very best family friendly pools in Las Vegas.

These pools are feature family and kid specific features and attractions which set them apart from pools intended for adults. Make sure you book your nearby accommodations and any pool tickets or fees through the links provided to get the best rates—and enjoy the swim!

1- Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Pool - Family Pools In Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay’s massive pool complex features tons of family friendly features, including a faux beach area with real sand that mimics the look and feel of a tropical beach vacation; a massive, 1.6 million gallon wave pool with waves that can reach up to 6 feet high at the tallest heights; a quarter mile lazy river that will have parents relaxing and kids enjoying the ride; as well as a wave area and splash zone for younger children, additional pools and even a Jacuzzi spa for mom and dad to enjoy.

If you’re looking for the best family pools in Las Vegas, look no further than the truly stunning options offered at Mandalay Bay.

2- MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand Pool

When it comes to family pools in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino has plenty to offer. Their pool complex spans 6.5 acres and features a lazy river, 3 whirlpool spas, and 3 pools all surrounded by beautiful tropical oasis.

The most popular pool attraction at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is the lazy river, called the Backlot River, which is over a quarter of a mile long. The BackLot River is connected to a pool that has waterfalls for added entertainment and fun.

There are tube rentals available for the lazy river, which is highly recommended for children.

3- Circus Circus Splash Zone

Circus Circus Splash Zone - Family friendly pools in Las Vegas

When you’re searching for family friendly pools in Las Vegas, one of the most important things to look for are special pools that children of all ages can enjoy.

The Circus Circus Splash Zone at the Circus Circus hotel isn’t a simple pool: it’s an extensive water park style zone that has multiple pools, whirlpools, rental cabanas, 3 different water slides, a water playground with waterfalls and water jets for younger children, and more.

Circus Circus Splash Zone is only accessible to registered circus Circus hotel guests, so make sure you book a room to enjoy this great pool area.

4- The Mirage Hotel & Casino

The Mirage Pool

Of all the family friendly pools in Las Vegas, the pool complex at The Mirage Hotel & Casino is definitely the most breathtaking.

This pool area includes stunning greenery, including palm trees and jungle foliage that will make guests and their children feel as if they’ve stepped into a tropical paradise.

The pool waters at The Mirage Hotel & Casino are crystal blue and not too deep, making them ideal for children. The pool is connected to multiple lagoons which have a waterfall, island rocks, and even coves.

The Mirage Hotel & Casino has complimentary life jackets available for children upon request, in case you have children who don’t know how to swim or who need some extra help in the water.

5- The Beach Club Pool

The Beach Club Pool - Best family pools in Las Vegas

The Beach Club Pool is one of the best family pools in Las Vegas. The Beach Club Pool is a small, crystal blue oval-shaped pool surrounded by convenient lounge chairs for mom or dad to sit in; a set of water slides is located nearby, including a straight slide, curvy slide, and short slide for a quick yet fun trip into the pool.

The Beach Club Pool is specifically designed for children and families–there’s a separate pool that is 18+.

6- Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget - Family friendly pools in Las Vegas

For families search for family pools in Las Vegas, the pool complex at The Golden Nugget is definitely one of the most fun attractions on the list.

This pool is surrounded by a 200,000 gallon saltwater tank with sharks and other aquatic wildlife, allowing swimmers to get a truly up close and personal look at marine life unlike any they will ever experience again.

The Golden Nugget pool–referred to by the resort as “The Tank”–also features a three-story water slide which goes through the center of the shark tank, making for a thrilling and unforgettable ride to the bottom.

The Tank pool also features waterfalls, private cabanas, and lounge chairs nearby to relax in. For families who want a unique experience that they will never forget, this is the perfect option.

7- Tahiti Village Resort And Spa

Tahiti Village Pool - Family Pools In Las Vegas

when it comes to family pools in Las Vegas, the Tahiti Village Resort and Spa certainly delivers.

This pool is Tahitian themed and features a real sand beach with palm trees, Palapas and other tropical greenery that provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to the entire pool area.

In addition to the actual pool, the Tahiti Village Resort And Spa features a 1/8 mile lazy river, complete with waterfalls, bridges and overhead rocks for added sightseeing and realism.

Tahiti Village Resort And Spa provides complimentary lazy river tubes for the entire day for its registered guests.

8- Wet n’ Wild

Wet n' Wild - Best family pools in Las Vegas

For anyone looking for a truly exciting family pool experience in Las Vegas, Wet n’ wild is a must-see attraction.

This waterpark features tons of pools, including a wave pool, unique water staircase which leads to waterslides, a lazy river, splash pad for younger children, wade pool and much more.

There is food on site for when everyone gets hungry, and the waterpark features plenty of kid-friendly options that will appease even picky eaters.

Families who are looking for an entire day filled with swimming and water-based adventures can do little better than heading to Wet n’ Wild to splash away the hot summer weather.

9- Excalibur Las Vegas

Excalibur Las Vegas - Family friendly pools in Las Vegas

Family pools in Las Vegas don’t need to be flashy: this simple family pool is perfect for taking the edge off the heat and enjoying some fun in the water.

The pool complex at Excalibur features four pools, including 3 kid-friendly pools, as well as 2 on site water slides.

There are lounge chairs nearby for mom or dad to sit in while the kids swim, splash and play in Excalibur’s excellent pool complex.

10- Cancun Resort

Cancun Pool - Family Pools In Las Vegas

Some of the most notable family pools in Las Vegas are the themed pools, such as the pool complex at Cancun Resort.

This family friendly pool complex features 2 pools spread over a Mayan themed lagoon and Mayan themed cove pool; a Mayan inspired temple sits in the middle, with waterfalls cascading down the sides.

There’s even a secret behind one of the waterfalls: a Jacuzzi area hidden underneath the temple. The Cove pool is the most kid friendly of the two and features four different water slides.

11- South Point Hotel

South Point Hotel - Best family pools in Las Vegas

South Point Hotel may be tame when it comes to other family pools in Las Vegas, but this family friendly pool certainly has a lot to offer anyone (young or old!) looking for some fun in the sun.

The pool complex at South Point Hotel features a turquoise water pool that’s built in a lagoon style; the pool includes a wading area that is ideal for younger children who don’t know how to swim, as well as a nearby gazebo and lounge chairs which are perfect for mom or dad to sit on while the kids play.

Families who aren’t looking for frills will definitely appreciate this solid entry into the Las Vegas pool scene.

12- Park MGM

Park MGM - Family friendly pools in Las Vegas

The Park MGM pool area is one of the best family pools in Las Vegas, thanks to its many features and family friendly options.

This pool area includes four different pools, including a wave pool with tons of depth options; a 400′ lazy river with options to rent inner tubes; a lagoon pool perfect for regular swimming; and a children’s pool with shallow waters.

Best of all, the lounge area include reserved seating for when parents want to make sure they always have a spot to watch their children from as they play in the pools.

13- Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Bay - Family Pools In Las Vegas

Cowabunga Bay is an exciting waterpark filled with family friendly pools in Las Vegas.

Cowabunga Bay features tons of family friendly attractions, including: a surfboard waterfall, a lazy river, a children’s play area with a playground, spray pipes, and water buckets; multiple water slides; a wave pool; and much more.

This is truly a great option for anyone traveling with younger children, as the children’s play area is restricted to children 6 years and under—parents won’t have to worry about the older kids bumping into them or otherwise causing any problems.

Guests at Cowabunga Bay will also get a kick out of the waterpark’s 1950s inspired theme—which will explain the somewhat unusual choice to have a surfboard waterfall at the front of the park to greet guests.

14- Red Rock Casino and Hotel

Red Rock Pool - Best family pools in Las Vegas

Red Rock Casino and Hotel is one of the very best family pools in Las Vegas, thanks to its vast pool complex that spans over a large area of the Red Rock Casino and Hotel property. The pool at Red Rock Casino and Hotel features a large main pool that is connected to smaller dipping pools.

This type of setup is ideal for children who like to explore different pool options during their stay; who knows, by the end of the trip, they may have to be pulled out of the water! And best of all, since the Red Rock Casino Resort is located away from the hustle and bustle of the strip, families will be able to enjoy their water oasis in peace and quiet.

15- Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Pool - Family friendly pools in Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is one of the most recognizable casino and hotel brands in the world, and its status as one of the best family friendly pools in Las Vegas will not come as a surprise.

The pool complex at Caesars Palace is one of the most popular in the entire Las Vegas strip! It spans over 4.5 acres and features crystal blue waters with plenty of aesthetic and practical features, such as gurgling fountains, cabanas available for rent, and more.

This pool complex isn’t specifically geared towards children, but its facilities are family-friendly and children will definitely enjoy splashing around with mom or dad in the beautiful water surrounded by a temple.

16- The Palazzo Las Vegas Pools

The Palazzo Las Vegas Pools - Family Pools In Las Vegas

The pool complex at The Palazzo Las Vegas is the epitome of luxury that will appeal to adults and children alike.

There are many areas of the pool complex at The Palazzo that are child and family friendly, including: a lounge pool perfect for floating and relaxation, an extension family friendly pool designed specifically for children and their families, as well as Jacuzzis and cabana options for adults.

17- Aria Hotel

Aria Hotel Pool - Best family pools in Las Vegas

The pool complex at Aria Hotel features three different freshwater pools that include two lagoon-inspired pools, a rock waterfall, a poolside cafe that offers drinks and food to swimmers in the water and more.

The Aria Hotel also concludes a stunning tropical landscape which surrounds the house and gardens and gives them a beautiful, unforgettably romantic look.

In addition to family friendly specific pools, the pool complex at Aria Hotel features an abundance of flowers, a unique pool lounge for when you want to enjoy sports with fellow club members, and three different whirlpools.

18- Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Pool - Family friendly pools in Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan is one of the most overlooked family pools in Las Vegas thanks to its stunning crystal blue waters and its multitude of pools, which include: a bamboo pool ideal for luxurious enjoyment and relaxation; the marquee day club as a fun, exciting club pool that is perfect for spring breakers or spring breakers at heart; as well as a kid-friendly pool with nearby lounge seating for maximum comfort and security.

For guests who will be staying at the hotel, the hotel throws many different events in the summer that will have the opportunity to see everything from concerts to fireworks (or even both!) that will surely leave them breathless.

19 -Encore

Encore Pool - Family Pools In Las Vegas

Encore is filled to the brim with some of the most unique pools in the entire Las Vegas area, which is why this pool is considered to be one of the most appealing of all the family pools in Las Vegas.

At Encore, guests can enjoy three different pool areas which span over a much wider private complex. Children will enjoy heading to the main pool for the best chances of relaxation, and both day beds and cabanas can be rented depending on their availability.

For parents, there is an adults-only pool (aptly titled The European Pool) as well as an exclusive Encore Beach Club which is only for 18+ party-goers.

A Special Note on Family Friendly Pools in Las Vegas

It should be noted that some of the family pools in Las Vegas curated for this list do require guests of the pool area to be registered guests of the hotel.

This is primarily done for safety purposes, as the hotel will want to make sure they can account for everyone and anyone who may be in the pool area.

Another reason why pool areas and complexes may require you to be a registered guest of the hotel is to avoid overcrowding, which is certainly a possible problem in certain circumstances.

If you are not sure whether or not the pool in question requires you to be a registered hotel guest in advance, call up the hotel and ask them about their policies regarding gentry without registration.

In some cases, you may be simply let in—or you may be asked to pay a special fee reserved for people who aren’t hotel guests.  In some cases, however, you cannot enter at all without being a guest.

To avoid showing up and being turned away unnecessarily, remember to always call ahead to find out where you will be taking your family to rest during your vacation.

Best Family Friendly Pools In Las Vegas: Swim Today!

Nothing beats an old fashioned family vacation—and that old fashioned family vacation must always include at least one dip in the pool on hot sunny day.

If you are traveling with children in the near future, you will want to make sure that your Las Vegas trip goes off without a hitch—including the choice of pools to visit when you and your family are in Las Vegas.

There are a lot of different pool options out there in Vegas, but only a select, curated few which strive to meet the many needs of family’s who are traveling with their loved ones.

Keep the above best family pools in Las Vegas in mind when you travel and you are sure to find the pool of your dreams. Good luck!


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the glamour and magic of Sin City. It was unlike any other city I had ever visited because of its bright lights, beautiful hotel resorts, and the variety of entertainment shows and tourist activities.

One visit was all it took for me to move to Las Vegas and make it my primary residence. Since then, I have made it my mission to share everything beautiful and outstanding about Las Vegas with the rest of the world. That way, people will be encouraged to visit Las Vegas and experience the city’s magic for themselves.

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  1. Matthew Crook says:

    I highly discourage taking families to the MGM Grand Pool. It is categorically NOT kids friendly.

    I took my family there a couple of years ago (we have also been to the Tahiti village, Mirage, and Mandalay Bay – and they were all nice, so I’m not someone who complains about everything…)

    Problem with the MGM Grand Pool is the resort (generally) is a party town for young singles and college kids. This is totally fine, and young singles need a place – so I’m fine with that. Just saying that this Pool looks like a family pool in pictures, but it’s not when you actually visit. It is incredibly crowded, the music was not filtered (LOTS of explicit songs playing), booze was not just around but rampant. The music is far louder than other pools. They are definately creating a party atmosphere.

    So if you’re in college and single and you want to party…I recommend the MGM Grande – if you have little kids, do yourself a favor and stay away!

    • Thank you so much, Oliver, for taking the time to post your experience. My choice for accommodations in LV is based primarily on the pool experience for my two boys. MGM Grande was at the top of the list. So glad to know that I should look elsewhere, as we would have been miserable if it was one big college/single party crowd. Grateful, SF

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