Best New Shows in Las Vegas

6 Best New Shows in Las Vegas in 2022

Learn All About The Best New Las Vegas Shows to See

New shows in Las Vegas are coming out all the time. Many people don’t realize this because the traditional top shows in Las Vegas are better promoted and more familiar to residents and outside tourists. That is why if people see promotions for new Vegas shows, they won’t necessarily respond to them the same way because they don’t know what to expect.

However, it is still worth seeing new Las Vegas shows because they are highly entertaining and a lot of fun. They showcase some fantastic performances from many talented entertainers who come from all over the world. You just need some insider information to determine which new shows are the best to see in Las Vegas. That is what you will learn here.

The Top 6 New Las Vegas Shows in 2022

The top new shows in Las Vegas have familiar themes to them. Some shows have impersonators and tributes to famous singers, while others have magic, acrobatics, and mentalist tricks that are eye-catching and mind-boggling. We recommend you learn more about these shows before arriving in Vegas. Below are the top 6 new Vegas shows to see when you come to the city.

1) America’s Got Talent Las Vegas

America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live

America’s Got Talent is a famous reality television show seen by millions of Americans all around the country. It is a competition show where talented people from around the country reveal their hidden skills and talents to a panel of four judges with a massive crowd behind them. Then, the judges vote on whether they like or dislike the performances. Their votes determine which performers make it to the final rounds and which performers get kicked off the show.

This reality television show has inspired one of the best variety shows in Las Vegas with the same name. The live untelevised variation of “America’s Got Talent” can be seen at the Luxor Theater of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. So if you’ve always wanted to see your favorite finalists from the television show compete on stage in Vegas, then you’ll want to come to see this show for yourself.

Preacher Lawson, the finalist from season 12 of the television show, is the host of America’s Got Talent Las Vegas. He introduces several notable performers from the television show to live Vegas audiences. You may recognize some of these performers, including Dustin Travella, Duo Transcend, The Silhouettes, Light Balance, Deadly Games, Lea Kyle, and Jimmie Herrod. They were all either winners or finalists on different television show seasons. Now they have come together to display their extraordinary range of talents in a live Vegas show.

You can expect to see mind-boggling magic acts, beautiful musical performances, and outstanding stunts in a show ranging from 75 to 80 minutes long. The performance acts include an LED dance group, shadow performers, circus artists, knife throwing, singers, magicians, and more. Where else can you see a variety of talented people in one place?

Guests must be at least five years of age or older to attend. Starting ticket prices are $55 and up. Showtimes are Wednesday through Sunday at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM.

2) Amystika: The Mindfreak Prequel

Amystika: The Mindfreak Prequel

Are you familiar with Criss Angel and his “Mindfreak” magic show in Las Vegas? If so, you might be interested in the fantastical prequel to the show called “Amystika: The Mindfreak Prequel.” The show’s director, Frank Dragone, also directed two popular Cirque du Soleil productions in Las Vegas: “O” and “Mystere.” He has the creative skill and expertise to create visually stunning productions for audiences to enjoy.

Amystika: The Mindfreak Prequel gives you everything you would want in a magic show. It features a combination of mind-blowing illusions, elaborate visual effects, hilarious comedy, impressive magic, and death-defying stunts. All of this entertainment is jam-packed into a 75 to 90-minute show at the Criss Angel Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort Las Vegas.

It is a family-friendly show, with a minimum age requirement of 10 years old and older. If you have pre-teens or teenage children in your family, they should enjoy the experience of watching Criss Angel perform his unusual and creative magic acts. In fact, you and your family won’t believe your eyes when you watch these extraordinary acts, such as a blinding blizzard, raging tornado, and an actual firestorm engulfing the live performer on stage.

Don’t worry, because nobody gets hurt during these productions. The performer engulfed in flames ends up walking away without a scratch or burn on them. That is the power of Criss Angel and is out of this world magic and illusions. You have to see it to believe it because it is unlike any magic act you’ve ever seen in your lifetime.

In addition, Amystika: The Mindfreak Prequel has an incredible music soundtrack that carries audiences along on a musical journey filled with suspense, thrills, excitement, and more. You’ll definitely be on the edge of your seat throughout the entire show.

3) Shin Lim

Shin Lim

If you want to see magic in new Vegas shows, then you should come to see Shin Lim at the Mirage Theater of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Shin Lim has an interesting story of how he became a magician. While most magicians develop their skills independently, Shin Lim got his magic education from watching free magic tutorial videos on YouTube.

As other magicians posted up the secrets of their magic tricks on YouTube, Shin learned the art of magic from them. Then he modified their magic acts and turned them into his own customized routines. That is why all the routines you see at his show are self-choreographed and famous worldwide. Shin used the skills he developed from watching YouTube videos to go out and create his own magic.

Today, Shin is an internationally renowned magician with a large fan base. Thanks to his fantastic precision and dexterity, Shin is probably one of the best sleight-of-hand magicians performing in Las Vegas. When he competed on the reality television show “America’s Got Talent” during its 13th season, Shin used his card manipulating skills to win the entire season.

His success from the show brought him new opportunities in the entertainment field, including the chance to perform live in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Shin was invited to compete in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” where he used his card manipulating skills to win that as well. Since he was competing against other champions from previous seasons of the show, it is pretty amazing to think that Shin defeated them all with his wizard-like card skills.

Shin is still very young and ready to take on the world. He is also an inspiration to amateur magicians who don’t have a traditional background in the magic field. All Shin had to do was develop a template for his magic skills through the power of YouTube, which eventually led him on a path to creating unique magic acts that are more fun and creative.

4) Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

There have been more than a few Las Vegas tribute shows for legendary singers like Whitney Houston, but none like this one before. “An Evening with Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Concert” utilizes the power of advanced holographic technology to bring Whitney Houston back to life and on the center stage of the Harrah’s Showroom in the Harrah’s Hotel Las Vegas.

Whitney Houston may not be alive anymore, but her spirit and voice live on forever. Now she is a holographic superstar with a new residency in Las Vegas. You’ll get to see and hear Whitney as if she were still alive performing in front of you. The hologram concert does a splendid job of making audiences feel like the music legend is with them for real.There will never be another voice like Whitney’s. Her songs inspired a new generation of singers and earned her numerous Emmy and Grammy Awards, more than 400 awards. She has even been inducted into several music-related halls of fame. So if you never had the chance to see her perform when she was alive, now you have a second chance to make your dream come true.

This concert show recreates the intense ballads and upbeat tunes which defined her songs. A known hip-hop choreographer named Fatima Robinson is the director. The entire cast includes backup dancers, singers, and the holographic version of Whitney Houston standing in the center stage. The holographic imagery and songs have been digitally remastered to match the realism of Whitney’s live performances.

There is no age restriction to see this 75 to 90-minute show at the Harrah’s Showroom. This show will be the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to Whitney Houston’s music if they have never heard it before.

5) Banachek’s Mind Games

Banachek’s Mind Games Show

Banachek’s Mind Games brings mysticism, spirituality, and magic to the center stage of the STRAT Theater in the STRAT Hotel of Las Vegas. Banachek is a master mentalist and magician with unique psychic abilities no one else possesses. He has the power to read minds and learn the truth about anyone.

Washington University researchers of the McDonnell Laboratory for Psychical Research have studied Banachek’s unique mind-reading abilities to determine whether they were real. Many of these researchers were convinced that Banachek has a rare gift of second sight that few other people in this world possess. In addition, Banachek assisted law enforcement in cracking down on fake spiritualists, psychics, and mediums committing fraud for financial gain.

There is no question that Banachek is the real deal. His mysterious gifts of the mind give him a unique and startling power. Penn and Teller described Banachek as a magical thinker with profound subtlety. Banachek is a consultant to Penn and Teller and other notable magicians and mentalists, including Criss Angel, David Blaine, and David Copperfield.

No other mentalist in the United States has won more awards than Banachek. His greatest awards are the International Magicians Society Award and the Psychic Entertainers Creativity Award. Banachek has made hundreds of television appearances and helped produce over 100 television shows for Criss Angel. His most famous television appearance was a 1986 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” where he unmasked an American televangelist named Peter Popoff.

The starting price to see Banachek’s Mind Games is $27. The length of the show is 75 minutes. The minimum age requirement to see the show is five years old and older.

6) All Motown

All Motown

All Motown is one of the more exciting new Las Vegas shows ever to hit the Pegasus Showroom of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. This new Vegas production is a tribute to the classic Motown Records, which gave numerous black singers and musicians an international platform and helped them rise to stardom.

There are other Motown tribute shows in Las Vegas. However, the All Motown tribute show focuses only on the black female artists of Motown Records. It is the only black female-based Motown tribute show in Las Vegas. It is marked as featuring the “Duchesses of Motown.”

Some of the Duchesses you can expect to see are top-selling Motown groups and singers like Mary Wells, Martha and The Vandellas, Gladys Knight, The Supremes, The Marvelettes, and several other outstanding Motown artists. When sitting in the Pegasus Showroom to watch this performance, you will be treated to a series of highly energetic and passionate black female performers who capture the true essence of Motown.

There is no age restriction to see All Motown. It is a 60 to 75-minute show filled with so much energy and excitement. Everyone from children to adults will be very entertained, even if you have never heard of these Motown legends before.

Reservation Tips

Vegas Lens publishes exclusive links to discount opportunities on tickets to see some of the best production Las Vegas shows, including the six shows mentioned above. You will find ticket discounts for seats in almost every seating category, including the VIP seating near the center stage.

If you don’t mind paying a little extra money, you can purchase a VIP ticket and sit in front of the center stage. Then you can see the entertainers up close and personal. Of course, you should buy your tickets at least one or two months in advance to ensure you get your VIP spot.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the best new shows in Las Vegas?

Everyone has a personal opinion about which shows are the best new Las Vegas shows. The most popular new show in Las Vegas is America’s Got Talent because it is based on a television show which has been on the air for over ten years. So if you already love the television show, then you can already predict that you’ll love the Vegas live version of the show too.

What are the costs of the tickets to see new Vegas shows?

Each new Vegas show has a different ticket price. If you’re on a budget and looking for cheap seats, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $70 for tickets to see new Vegas shows. In fact, most of the ticket prices are under $60, so you won’t have to spend too much money to see one of these new shows.


Now you know a lot more information about the best new shows in Las Vegas. We recommend you reserve tickets for as many of these shows as you can fit into your Vegas itinerary. Each show has something special and unique to offer audiences. So if you can only find time to see a few of these shows during your next trip to Vegas, then think about booking another trip to Vegas in the near future to see the shows you missed.

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