The Mandalay Bay Beach - Best pools in Las Vegas

12 Best Pools in Las Vegas for Beating the Heat in 2024

Las Vegas is widely known for its extravagant and luxurious swimming pools. A good dip in some cool water is just what you need when you’re in a desert climate like this one.

There is no better feeling than swimming in cool water while admiring the beautiful mountainous desert terrain in the distance.

Every resort hotel in Las Vegas has at least one big swimming pool on its premises. You’ll even find waiters and staff members serving food and drinks to guests while they lie poolside under the sun.

Las Vegas hotel accommodations are almost always all-inclusive in this way, so you can expect only the best outdoor service possible.

How to Choose the Best Pools in Las Vegas

Do not assume that all swimming pools in Las Vegas offer the same accommodations. Some of the pools are for adults-only while other pools are for children only.

There are also pools designed to accommodate parties and large groups of people. The pool you choose should depend on the purpose of your trip to Vegas and what you need a pool for.

If you’re planning to come in the wintertime, check to see which swimming pools will be available then. Some hotels close their swimming pools toward the end of October and reopen them in the springtime.

Fortunately, there are hotels that keep their swimming pools open all winter long. If you were to come to Vegas in the wintertime, then you’d need to look for hotels which keep their pools open throughout the winter season.

The best pool in Las Vegas would have the following attributes:

  • An Olympic size or larger swimming pool
  • An abundance of lounge chairs and cabanas
  • Private villas
  • Daybeds
  • Shops
  • Bars
  • Outdoor waiters and waitresses
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Complimentary access
  • Pool availability in the wintertime

You probably won’t find a pool which meets all of these requirements, and that’s okay. Some of you may not care about whether there are private villas or outdoor waiters.

Some of you may be planning a summer trip to Vegas, so the pool availability in the wintertime won’t matter to you either. Again, it all depends on what your needs are. Just consider these attributes when researching the best hotel pools in Vegas.

To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together the following list of the top 12 pools in Las Vegas. After you’ve made your selection, you can proceed to book your reservation with Vegas Lens. You may even find a discount hotel package offer waiting for you there too.

1) The Mirage Pool

The Mirage Pool - Best pools in Vegas

The Mirage Las Vegas features the Bare Pool Lounge and the Mirage Pool. The latter features gorgeous waterfalls and is surrounded by a greenish landscape of exotic trees. A lot of sunbathers like to come to the Mirage Pool.

This is a very relaxed atmosphere without much partying going on. However, if you’d rather have the party atmosphere, then visit the Bare Pool Lounge of the hotel. This is an adults-only pool where people are allowed to sunbathe topless.

2) The Mandalay Bay Beach

The Mandalay Bay Beach - Best pools in Las Vegas

The Mandalay Bay Hotel has one of the biggest and best hotel pools in Las Vegas. It is called the Mandalay Bay Beach, and rightfully so.

When you see the size and design of this swimming pool, it looks like a mini beach in front of the hotel. Not only does the pool contain an estimated 1.6 million gallons of water, but it also produces waves for the swimmers in order to imitate a real-life ocean tide.

Alongside the pool, you will find daybeds and cabanas in the lounge areas. There are also shops, bars, restaurants, and private villas too. In the summertime, you may even catch a nice outdoor concert in front of the pool too. That’ll be a real thrill if you bring your family to see that.

3) Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis - Las Vegas pools

Caesars Palace has a total of seven swimming pools which make up a 5-acre complex. The name of the complex is the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. As you can imagine, these swimming pools have a Roman-style theme to them.

The landscape and architecture will transport you back to Ancient Rome and make you feel like a Roman god. You’ll never have a pool experience quite like this one.

4) Flamingo – GO POOL and Beach Club Pool

Flamingo – GO POOL and Beach Club Pool

The Flamingo Hotel is known for its retro-style design. It has two pool areas for you to choose from. If you’re with your family and children, then you’ll want to visit the Beach Club Pool.

This area contains water slides and a café for your enjoyment. On the other hand, if you like wild pool parties, music, and celebrity appearances, then you’ll want to check out the GO POOL. This is an adults-only pool area, so there are more adult style humor and fun at the party.

5) Bellagio – The Pool

Bellagio Pool - Best hotel pools in Vegas

Bellagio Las Vegas has its own swimming pool complex, but it doesn’t have a fancy name other than “The Pool.” There is a strong Mediterranean-style atmosphere at this pool.

You can even request massage therapists to come and give you a massage right next to the pool. If you’re interested in a subdued environment where you can relax, sunbathe, and enjoy a good massage, then The Pool at Bellagio is perfect for you.

6) Marquee Dayclub

Marquee Dayclub - Best pool in Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas features a very popular pool that is called the Marquee Dayclub. People who frequently go to Las Vegas know this pool as the place to host wild parties. If you want a relaxing time by the pool, then you can lounge outside next to it during the daytime.

But if you’d rather have a wild party with a DJ and live music, then go at nighttime and enjoy the fun. Other features include a party deck, 3-story bungalow, and a private plunge pool.

7) Encore Beach Club

Encore Beach Club - Vegas pools

The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel hosts the Encore Beach Club at their swimming pool. It is a special pool party crowd with DJs and beautiful women in their bathing suits. Beverages are also available too.

The pool party is not meant for lounging around that much. It is better for people who want to socialize, dance, and have a good time hanging out together.

8) The Tropicana Pool

The Tropicana Pool - Best Las Vegas pools

People love to go to the pool at the Tropicana Las Vegas in the morning. Between 10AM and 12PM, they have a reverse happy hour special in case anyone is interested in that.

You can even play some games of blackjack in the swimming pool if you’d like. The Tropicana Pool is the first pool in Vegas to have swim-up blackjack, so you might want to check that out just for fun.

9) Grand Pool Complex

Grand Pool Complex - Best hotel pools in Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Las Vegas contains the Grand Pool Complex that is 6.5 acres in size. It contains 4 swimming pools, 1 restaurant, 5 bars, 1 lazy river, and several waterfalls.

This is a recreational pool complex for relaxation, sunbathing, and swimming. But if you want a party atmosphere, go to the MGM’s Wet Republic outdoor club that is 54,500 square feet.

It contains both party bungalows and plunge pools for your enjoyment. You may even see some celebrity DJs at certain times of the year.

10) ARIA Resort – Liquid Pool Lounge

ARIA Resort – Liquid Pool Lounge

The ARIA Resort Hotel has the Liquid Pool Lounge, which is a large pool with a more relaxed atmosphere. It is a pool area meant for lounging and resting.

The features around the pool include 35 daybeds, 8 private cabanas, and 85 lounge chairs. There are live DJs in the daytime, but the partying doesn’t get too wild.

11) Delano Hotel Pool

Delano Hotel - Best pools in Vegas

The Delano Hotel of the Mandalay Bay complex has a swimming pool that is exclusively available to its guests. This ensures the pool area is less crowded than the pools of other hotels.

The Delano Pool features luxurious lounge chairs, beverage service, and a large chessboard that is slightly underwater. The chess pieces are a few feet tall, so this should give you some idea of how oversized they are.

12) TAO Beach

TAO Beach - Best pools in Las Vegas

Venetian Las Vegas Hotel has a total of 10 swimming pools. Some of them are family-friendly pools, while others are for adults only. The most exciting parties for adults take place at the TAO Beach pool of the hotel.

It features DJs, music, celebrity guests, and a restaurant. You can party, eat, and swim while listening to your favorite musical performances.

Final Tips

Everyone may have their own opinion about which are the best hotel pools in Vegas. But if you review this list of best Vegas pools, you’ll probably find a handful which matches your specific pool requirements.

The next step is to contact the hotel and ask any follow-up questions or confirm their pool accommodations. If they verify your requirements are meant, then go ahead and make your reservations at the hotel.


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the glamour and magic of Sin City. It was unlike any other city I had ever visited because of its bright lights, beautiful hotel resorts, and the variety of entertainment shows and tourist activities.

One visit was all it took for me to move to Las Vegas and make it my primary residence. Since then, I have made it my mission to share everything beautiful and outstanding about Las Vegas with the rest of the world. That way, people will be encouraged to visit Las Vegas and experience the city’s magic for themselves.

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