Le Reve - Las Vegas water show

6 Best Las Vegas Water Shows for 2022 | Enjoy The Experience

Are you interested in finding a good Las Vegas water show to go see? If so, then you’ll have a wide selection of water shows to choose from. Many people outside of Las Vegas don’t normally associate the city with water because it is in a desert. But when you see a water show in Las Vegas, you’ll forget there is even a desert terrain around the city. That is the kind of magic that Las Vegas can bring to any show.

Las Vegas water shows are quite unique and special. The several gallons of water used in these shows tends to add an extra bit of excitement to them. But don’t assume that every water show is the same because they’re not. Some water shows incorporate the use of water more than others. It’s important for you to learn about the top water shows in Vegas and why each one is different from the other.

Top 6 Water Shows in Las Vegas for 2022

Below are the top 6 Las Vegas water shows which are still actively taking place in the city. Many of these water shows have been in Vegas for a while, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be there forever. Check them out now before their availability changes.

1) Le Reve

Le Reve - Las Vegas water show

Le Reve is a French term which translates to “The Dream.” It is also the name of a Las Vegas water show which is as magical as a dream. When you watch Le Reve in person, you might think that you’re dreaming under the sea because some of the sights to see are truly spectacular. This Vegas water show is held in a round theatre with lots of water in the middle.

You’ll spend most of the time watching performers go underwater and above water. It is truly a water show experience which is unique and thrilling, to say the least. You can watch the show at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. 

2) Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

Cirque du Soleil’s “O” - Water show in Vegas

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most recognized names where Las Vegas shows are concerned. They perform a variety of shows which feature everything from comedy to acrobatics. As for “O,” it is the group’s only water show in Las Vegas. The real star of the show is the giant swimming pool with 1.5 million gallons of water in it. The performers go above, under and around the pool as they perform amazing stunts.

Don’t worry about splashing if you’re in the splash zone because it doesn’t usually get hit by that much water. The stage itself gets very wet, though, but that’s the whole point.  “O” can be seen at the Bellagio Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.

3) Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams - Water show in Vegas

The Lake of Dreams is an exclusive nighttime water show in Las Vegas. It is located at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort hotel along the Las Vegas Strip. The Lake of Dreams gives you everything that a good water show in Vegas should have, including a 40-foot tall waterfall.

Since it takes place outside, you get to breathe the fresh air coming from the mountains around you. The water stunts are choreographed wonderfully with puppets, lights, music, holograms, and more.

Did we mention the show is free to watch? If you want to enjoy a nice meal while watching the show, then you can eat at the SW Steakhouse and have a fabulous view of the Lake of Dreams while you’re there.

4) Fountains of Bellagio

Fountains of Bellagio - Vegas water show

Fountains of Bellagio is a truly irreplaceable water show in Las Vegas. As the name indicates, the show is performed at the Bellagio Resort Hotel. You’ll get to witness a humongous lake with 8.5 acres of water and 1,214 jets. It is basically like an oversized jacuzzi with highly skilled performers in the water. They’ll launch themselves up into the air at a whopping 460 feet before landing in the water.

Furthermore, Fountains of Bellagio is a free water show in Vegas for guests to enjoy. It is not a very long show, but it does take place several times through the day and evening. You can catch the show every 30 minutes in the daytime and every 15 minutes during the evening.

5) Gondola Rides

Gondola Rides - Water show in Las Vegas

Have you ever dreamt of riding in a gondola on the water canals of Italy? If that is your dream, this water show in Vegas will make this dream come true. Instead of being a Las Vegas water show where you watch other performers, the Gondola Ride takes you on an indoor water journey through an area known as the Grand Canal Shoppes.

You’ll get to witness stunning Italian-derived architecture as you pass through the shoppes and witness the painted blue sky on the ceiling. When you reach the outside, you’ll travel on the lagoon that is in front of the Venetian Resort Hotel and witness the Las Vegas Strip in a whole new way.

6) WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular - Las Vegas water show

The WOW – The Vegas Spectacular offers one of the best water stages found in any water show in Las Vegas. Located in the Rio hotel, the WOW show features theatrical-style lighting, 3D multimedia projections, acrobatic stunts, and up-close stunts that’ll keep you entertained during the entire 90-minute performance. WOW doesn’t have as many water acts as you would want, but it does deliver good entertainment nonetheless.

Tips on How to Plan for a Water Show in Vegas

Now you’ve learned about each Vegas water show. Let’s talk about how to plan for the show of your choice. Below are 5 tips to guide you along the way.

1) Make Reservations

People often think that you don’t need to make a reservation to attend a water show in Las Vegas. But this is not true because water shows in Vegas get booked up very quickly. They have been one of the more popular attractions in recent years because of the danger and beauty of the water stunts.

To ensure that your seat is available when you arrive, you need to reserve a seat ahead of time. On Vegas Lens, you can find information on how to make a reservation for any of the Las Vegas water shows listed above.

What’s even better is that we’ll display discount packages and deals on these shows that you cannot find anywhere else. All you need to be is a member of the website, and you’re good to go.

2) Prepare for the Sun

Some of the water shows in Las Vegas take place outside, including the Gondola Rides. If you have sensitive skin or any skin condition which is sensitive to the sun, then you need to prepare for the sun before you go out in it. This means you’ll need to apply sunscreen to your skin so that it doesn’t get damaged by UV rays while you’re sitting outside.

Sunscreen is important to use because some of these shows and rides could last for several hours. Under the hot sun of Las Vegas, someone with sensitive skin will get burned up very quickly. That would turn a pleasant day’s experience into an unpleasant one.

3) Bring a Towel Just in Case

None of these Las Vegas water shows requires you to jump into any body of water. However, there is always the possibility that water could splash onto your body unintentionally. Let’s say you have a seat close to the water stage in one of these water shows. Water could very well splash onto you at a minimal level. There shouldn’t be any intense splashing, though, so it’s not like you’ll get trenched. But you should still bring a towel anyway just in case the splashing does leave you a little extra wet.

4) Check Your Budget

It should not be too difficult to budget for a water show in Vegas. If you can afford between $100 and $250 per show, then you won’t have a problem with your budget. Of course, you must consider the other expenses you’ll have in Vegas too, such as your hotel, food, transportation, and any other shows you may want to see.

We recommend that you attend multiple water shows because each one has a unique quality that makes it special. But if your budget cannot afford multiple water shows, then choose Cirque du Soleil’s “O” or Le Reve because they’ll give you a water show experience that’ll last forever.


A good Vegas water show is something that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, then please include one of these water shows in your itinerary. We promise that you will not regret it because water shows are the most entertaining types of shows in Las Vegas in 2022.

After all, how often do you get to see an acrobat do impressive stunts over a live pool of water? Better yet, how often do you get to ride a gondola in the middle of a desert? It virtually never happens, which is why it’s amazing.

Book a reservation for your next water show in Vegas. Bring a friend or family member too and enjoy the experience together.  

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