Criss Angel Vs Mat Franco

Criss Angel Vs Mat Franco: Which Is Better Magic Show?

Las Vegas is a town full of singing, dancing, circuses, and most of all, magic. With so many illusionists to see, finding the best performer for your next trip to the Las Vegas Strip can feel like a never-ending quest. After all, when it comes to Criss Angel Vs Mat Franco, how could you possibly choose which of these fantastic performers to add to your itinerary?

While determining how well a concert matches your upcoming trip to Las Vegas, we take into account the price and if the event is family-friendly. The truth is that a trip’s budget can have a significant impact as many people travel to Las Vegas with their entire families. Let’s have a look at several programs that might be ideal for your forthcoming vacation.

What Does Criss Angel Do At His Show?

As a skilled magician, Criss Angel has established himself. And now, with this riveting experience that’s anything but average, you can watch more than 50 of his most famous illusions as well as a few previously unseen tricks.

With the help of a cutting-edge theater and Criss Angel’s imaginative wizardry, MINDFREAK will overwhelm your senses. His state-of-the-art performance venue has cutting-edge lighting, video, pyrotechnics, and sound systems that produce the most immersive magical experience with lots of audience engagement.

This 90-minute production, which includes many of the audience favorites from his renowned TV show performed live, is a must-see. In 2019 Vanish Magazine named his ‘flying’ levitation skill, which you can only see in this presentation, the “Greatest Illusion of All Time.”

What Is The Mat Franco Show?

During his magic performances in Vegas, Franco exudes vigor and his own sense of comedy. If you’ve never witnessed Franco play live on stage, you’re in for a treat. To compare Mat Franco to other Las Vegas illusionists you might be considering, make sure to view Mat Franco Vs Shin Lim.

On stage at the LINQ Hotel & Casino, Franco performed imaginative magic that was both entertaining and emotional. By becoming the first magician to ever win America’s Got Talent, he defied the odds. It’s not terrible for someone who has been learning magic for nearly 20 years, even at the age of 29.

Which Show Is More Family Friendly?

It should come as no shock that many families travel to Las Vegas. While this town may be known for its risqué entertainment and bouts of debauchery, there are actually plenty of fantastic activities for the entire family to enjoy. Knowing which shows are best for the family and which may be better suited for the adults is crucial to an enjoyable vacation. Here is what you need to know.

Is Criss Angel Family Friendly?

While Criss Angel puts on an amazing and life-defying magic show, the truth is that it may not be very well suited for younger families. Some parents may find that their young children should not watch this show. While several of the acts are excellent, there is a lot of profanity. In one act, a girl is chopped in two, and “blood” is depicted pouring out of his face after “swallowing” razor blades. Other acts feature girls dancing around in their underwear. The show does not allow guests under the age of 10 to attend the show.

Is Mat Franco A Good Show For Children?

Mat Franco’s Vegas shows are recommended for children who are the age of five and older. His blend of easy-going humor and awe-inspiring magic makes this one of the best family shows in town. His illusions are totally unique and will keep you guessing his techniques long after the curtain comes down. This is definitely a show worth bringing the entire family to.

Which Show Is Best For The Entire Family?

When comparing Criss Angel and Mat Franco, it’s crucial to keep in mind that both entertainers put on incredible shows for their audiences, but one offers a mystical experience that young children may find slightly more appealing. Mat Franco’s show not only allows younger children in its show, but it also is a much better fit for the entire family. If you’re also considering Shin Lim’s show, be sure to check out Criss Angel Vs Mat Franco Vs Shin Lim.

Which Performance Is Less Expensive?

When visiting areas like Las Vegas, where there are so many amazing entertainment options and diversions, travelers are frequently concerned about their expenditures. Knowing which illusion shows are the most cost-effective allows you to save money that could be spent on gaming, dining out, or even other shows and entertainment. Below is a list of how much tickets to each performance would cost if purchased directly from the venue.

How Much Do Mat Franco Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

At the Mat Franco event, there were four primary sitting areas. The front, back, preferred, and premium seating options are among them. Fortunately, due to the way it was constructed, every chair in this theater has an incredible perspective!

Starting at $65, tickets for the farthest seats from the stage go up to $150 for those that are closer to the action. Remember that this pricing just represents the price of tickets when purchased directly; there are still additional ways to obtain Mat Franco discount tickets.

What Is The Cost Of Criss Angel Tickets?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

You can visit to purchase discount tickets, which start at $90 before tax and extra fees. In his state-of-the-art theater, Angel presents his legendary and ground-breaking illusions in this mind-blowing, enigmatic immersive spectacular.

While the tickets far from the stage won’t cost you too much, as you move closer, ticket rates quickly increase. Ticket rates closest to the stage can reach up to almost $170. If you’d rather check out some other ways to save, there are plenty of ways to score your own Criss Angel Las Vegas discount tickets.

Criss Angel Vs Mat Franco – Which Show Is More Affordable?

When comparing Mat Franco Vs Criss Angel show ticket prices, there is a clear winner for the most affordable show. While Criss Angel’s Mindfreak puts on a fantastic spectacle, tickets to this show cost over $25 more per ticket. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly show, Mat Franco is the best option.

FAQs About Mat Franco And Criss Angel

Where Does Criss Angel Perform?

At the Criss Angel Theater of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, The Criss Angel Mindfreak is presented.

Is There A Dress Code For The Mat Franco Show?

Nope – no dress code. Go in whatever makes you the most comfortable.

How Long Is the Criss Angel Show?

Criss Angel’s Mindfreak show is a 90-minute long performance.


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