Le Reve Vs. Ka

Le Reve Vs. Ka – Which Show Is Worth The Trip?

Las Vegas is a city that is famous around the world for its extravagance and world-class entertainment. The most well-known shows, Cirque Du Soleil Le Reve vs. Ka, are only a few of the performances you are likely to consider for your trip. The key to choosing between Le Reve and the Ka Cirque Du Soleil is to understand how each show is different and whether it is the right fit for you and your group.

Below, we have compared the shows for both price and how well suited it is for families visiting the Strip! We know that these two factors are commonly considered when traveling to Las Vegas. After all, while you want to have a memorable trip, you likely have a budget and want to ensure everyone has an amazing time. Make sure to look through all of the specifics before deciding which one will make your trip truly unforgettable!

What Happens In The Ka Show?

Let’s explore our first show in the La Reve vs. Ka showdown! There are so many great Cirque Do Soleil shows to enjoy, and Ka is certainly one worth visiting. Ka is for those who enjoy a show full of heart-pumping action and classic tales of war and overcoming obstacles. One thing is for sure, you will want to peel your eyes away from the stage for the entire show.Ka has an incredibly innovative theater setup. The stage itself is made up of two massive mobile platforms that move to perfectly suit the performance. Each stunt is amazing, but not all of them are performed in the air – there isn’t a single part of the stage that doesn’t have incredible performances!

The Wheel of Death, for example, is firmly planted on the ground as a daring performer leaps to scary heights. Ka is a whole new level of entertainment, with a gripping war story and the ultimate question of triumph or failure. La Reve vs O is certainly worth a look, but Ka is a must-see for adrenaline junkies.

What Happens In Le Reve?

The second show we’ll look at in the Ka vs. Le Reve discussion is Le Reve. Meaning “the dream” in French, Le Reve is a feisty, luxurious, and awe-inspiring evening of entertainment, look no further than this Cirque Du Soleil show at the Wynn Les Vegas.

Le Rêve is a fantasy that takes you on a journey through passion and heartbreak in a plot that is as spicy as it gets. We’re not even talking about the raging fires and gushing water.

The act’s water elements perfectly highlight the performers’ chiseled physiques, causing the already slinky clothes to cling in all the right places if you catch our drift. The fire and smoke heighten the drama and mystery of the already fantastic, submerged scene.

There will be dancing, gymnastics, synchronized swimmers, diving, and much more. Trust us when we say that once you’ve melted into the colorful aquatic paradise that is Le Rêve, you’ll forget about all your engagements and to-do lists.

Which Show Is The Most Budget-Friendly?

Prices are likely to vary greatly as each of these events is distinct, has a unique story, and will be presented at various host resorts. Knowing what each show will cost is incredibly important information to know as you decide

  • Ka Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Ka tickets start at $ 40 for the 9:30 p.m. show and $ 50 for the 7 p.m. event at the MGM Grand Resort and Casino. However, depending on seat choices, ticket costs for each concert can exceed $200. There are a variety of ways to find Ka Las Vegas discount tickets, but no special offers are available at the theater. As a result, you’ll have to shop around for the greatest deals. When trying to find the best deals on seats, don’t forget to check out the Ka show seating chart.

  • Le Reve Prices

The Le Reve show can be seen at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort. The price of tickets for this show, like all Cirque Du Soleil shows, is determined by the section in which you choose to sit. Le Reve tickets start at $99 for the seats closest to the stage. Tickets to the show are also available for $109 for seats closer to the stage, $124 for seats within the second and third row, and $134 for a special table – which includes a glass of champagne!

Ka Vs. Le Reve – Who Is The Winner?

Le Reve is widely regarded as one of the best spectacles on the Las Vegas Strip. However, the Wynn Las Vegas, the event’s host site, is also renowned as one of the most opulent places to stay, resulting in a higher ticket cost. So, if saving money isn’t a key priority for you, O might be worth the investment.

In the fight of Cirque Du Soleil vs. Ka, Ka comes out on top with the most inexpensive costs. Ka is your greatest bet if you’re seeking the most cost-effective alternative without having to worry about your limited horizons!

Le Reve Or O – Which One Is Best For The Whole Family?

The majority of Cirque du Soleil shows are appropriate for all ages. Keep in mind, though, that certain Cirque performances feature exhilarating elements that may be terrifying to young viewers. Before you bring your kids, here’s what you need to know.

  • Ka Show

Ka is another Cirque Du Soleil show that requires guests to be at least five years old s. The show is not suitable for very young children, but older children will likely appreciate Ka’s antics and storytelling. It’s also worth noting that this action-packed show has a number of dreamlike and often terrifying episodes that may be frightening to young viewers.

Ka is known around the world for its timeless hero’s adventure story. Ka, with its use of fire and movement, sets a new standard for action among Cirque Du Soleil acts, as well as any other show in Las Vegas. While some of the sequences may be frightening to younger viewers, if you have a young child (above the age of five, of course) who appreciates the loud, rough, and tumble world of Ka, this program may be the ideal choice for you and your family!

  • Le Reve Show

Although Le Reve, like Ka, welcomes audience members aged five and above, some parents may find the show inappropriate for their children. Many of the artists are dressed immodestly, which may not be acceptable to all parents.

Le Reve, like any great Las Vegas show, offers plenty of spectacular stunts, incredible gymnastics, and a gripping storyline. Le Reve is a terrific show for adult viewers and teenagers; however, parents with little children may find that another show is a better match for their family.

Cirque Du Soleil Le Reve Vs. Ka: Who Is The Winner?

Unfortunately, children under the age of five will not be permitted to attend either of these events. However, if your children are over five years old, you should take them to a show that they will like! It’s difficult to pick between Ka and Le Reve because they’re both fantastic!

Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, and when deciding between Ka and Le Reve for family-friendly activities, Ka may just be the superior choice. While Le Reve is a fantastic show in and of itself, some of the more adult themes are inappropriate for younger children.

FAQ About The Shows Ka And Le Reve

What Happened To Le Reve?

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 outbreak forced the closure of Le Reve. Last year, Wynn Les Vegas announced that Le Reve, its 15-year-old resident stage show, will no longer be produced at the $75 million Wynn Theater, which seats 1,500 people. The loss of Le Reve is particularly heartbreaking because it is the only major show on the Strip that is wholly owned and operated by its host hotel.

What Is Le Reve The Dream About?

Le Reve commences with a girl falling asleep as her bed lowers into the ocean, takes its title from a 1932 Pablo Picasso artwork. It’s a true voyage into the subconsciousness as she begins to fantasize. During the first few moments of this Vegas production, you’ll see rain, fire, and action everywhere.

Is Le Reve Returning To Las Vegas?

Right now, there do not seem to be any plans for Le Reve to return to Las Vegas. According to a statement from a spokeswoman, Le Reve, the Wynn Las Vegas special that arose from the necessity for a Cirque show without Cirque is ending permanently. Since its debut in 2005, the program has done over 6,000 shows and incorporated acrobatics, dancing, and stunts.


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

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