Mat Franco Vs Penn and Teller

Mat Franco Vs Penn and Teller: Which Show Should You See?

Las Vegas is a town full of various types of performers. But one thing everyone enjoys and loves to see when they visit the Strip is magicians! Las Vegas magicians don’t perform your run-of-the-mill party tricks. These illusionists do the impossible while delighting your senses and making you laugh.

Whether you plan on only making room for one show on your trip or you want to see other kinds of shows, you will need to make a choice regarding which magic show to add to your itinerary. Whether it is Mat Franco Or Penn And Teller, you are sure to have an amazing time. However, it helps to know which show is better for your budget and which is better for the entire family.

What Is The Mat Franco Show?

At the LINQ Hotel & Casino, Franco’s stage magic attracted and moved the audience. By being the first magician to ever win America’s Got Talent, he defied the odds. Not bad for a person who has been studying magic for almost 20 years when they are only 29 years old.

Franco performs magic in Vegas with enthusiasm and his special brand of humor. If you’ve never watched Franco play live on stage, you’re in for a treat. His performance is fascinating, and the audience is continually left wondering how he manages to pull off all of those incredible stunts!

Who Are Penn And Teller?

In their performance at the Rio Hotel and Casino, Penn and Teller successfully defy all of these rules and more, and it’s brilliant. Even while the presentation contains some elements of traditional magic and sleight of hand, the majority of the tricks are very inventive, creative, and occasionally verging on creepy.

Penn and Teller have their skills and flaws, just like any other incredible team, and when they work together, they produce the ideal combination of humor, magic, and entertainment. Teller handles most of the show’s action while the tall, lanky Penn acts as a narrator and offers a running, humorous monologue on just about everything they accomplish.

Which Show Is More Family Friendly?

It shouldn’t be shocking that many families travel to Las Vegas. There are many fantastic family-friendly activities to do in Las Vegas, despite its reputation for coarse entertainment and crazy behavior. Understanding which shows are ideal for families and which could be more suitable for adults will help you have a successful holiday. Which is more suitable for families, Mat Franco or Penn and Teller?

Penn And Teller

The Penn And Teller show allows children over the age of five to attend the show. However, some parents have recommended that it is better suited for kids who are over the age of ten. Much of the subject material contains matter that may go over the heads of young kids, but teenagers are sure to get a kick out of the show. Even so, there is very little use of foul and offensive language, and everything within the show is relatively clean for families with children of all ages.

Mat Franco

Mat Franco’s Vegas performances are recommended for audience members aged five and up. Due to his blend of casual humor and amazing magic, this is one of the best family shows you can see in Las Vegas. His illusions are entirely new, and long after the performance is over, you’ll be wondering how he manages them. This show should absolutely be attended by the entire family. Even adults will experience a sense of childlike wonder as they try to figure out how Mat Franco accomplishes his magic.

Mat Franco Vs Penn And Teller – Which Show Is Better For Families?

There is no doubt that both of these shows are entertaining without using vulgarity, suggestive material, or stunts that may scare away younger audience members. Also, both shows allow children who are five years of age or older, which is great for families that plan on bringing their young children to Las Vegas. However, in the spirit of any good competition, there is one show that prevails as a winner when comparing Penn and Teller and Mat Franco. Because of Penn and Teller’s more intellectual content, Mat Franco may be the better option for families with kids who are younger than teenagers.

Which Show Is More Affordable?

Because there are so many fantastic entertainment options and attractions in cities like Las Vegas, travelers typically worry about their costs while there. By finding out which shows are the least expensive, you may save money and use that money to play games, go out to eat, or watch other shows and entertainment. Below is a list of how much tickets for each concert would cost if purchased directly from the venue.

Penn And Teller

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Penn and Teller tickets are available on through the casino’s website, but you will be redirected to to make a purchase. Tickets to the show range from $80 to $130 without fees or taxes. Ticket rates are based on which seat section you choose – seats closer to the stage are higher in price, while those further away are available at a lower price. OF course, there are many ways to find Penn and Teller discount tickets.

Mat Franco

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Tickets to the Mat Franco show work much in the same way as seats at Penn and Teller. Fortunately, this theater’s design ensures that every seat has a spectacular view! The most distant tickets from the stage cost $65, while seats closer to the action cost up to $150. It’s crucial to bear in mind that this pricing just represents the price of tickets when purchased directly; there are still additional ways to purchase Mat Franco discount tickets.

Matt Franco Or Penn And Teller – Which Show Has The Best Prices?

So, what magic show is kinder to your budget – Mat Franco or Penn and Teller? While the seats closer to Penn and Teller’s stage are slightly more affordable, you can snag a seat at the Mat Franco show for almost $15 less than the cheapest section at Penn and Teller. You can compare the same kind of information with Penn and Teller Vs David Copperfield.

FAQs About Mat Franco and Penn And Teller

Where are Penn & Teller performing in Las Vegas?

Penn And Teller perform at the Rio Las Vegas.

How long Is The Penn And Teller Show?

About 90 minutes are spent on The Penn and Teller Show. There isn’t a break between acts in this performance.

How long is the Mat Franco Las Vegas show?

Mat Franco’s show runs for about 90 minutes with no intermission.


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