Michael Jackson One Vs The Beatles Love

Michael Jackson One Vs. The Beatles Love Show

Two of the most celebrated tribute shows on the Vegas Strip are Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson One and The Beatles Love – but these aren’t your typical Vegas impersonator performances. If you are trying to determine which show you should see, Beatles Love vs. Michael Jackson One, it is important to know that each of these shows guides its audiences through a fantastical, winding journey.

Guests of all ages can enjoy some of the world’s most famous pop and rock music while seeing stunts and dances performed by some of the world’s most talented entertainers! Does it get any better (or any more Vegas) than that? We don’t think so! If you can see both shows, then you are in for a truly life-changing experience, but if you have to choose one because of either time or budget constraints, you want to ensure that you make the best choice. No one likes FOMO.

Our guide below lets you know which show has the best bang for your buck and which one is best if the entire family is in town for vacation. Keep reading to find out whether you should see The Beatles Love vs. Michael Jackson One.

The Beatles Love Show

This presentation takes you on a trip through Vietnam’s wartime years, set to the remastered soundtrack of rock ‘n’ roll’s most revered band of storytelling vocalists, The Beatles. And that’s just for starters. There is no doubt that your mind will be blown by acrobatic performances, aerial stunts, and spectacular choreography.

This event, which is performed in a round theater with speakers almost everywhere in the auditorium, including in each and every headrest, redefines surround sound for an incredible auditory experience. Let’s not forget about the set for a moment. The settings and props of LOVE are enough to make you fall in love with them. There are buildings, gardens, a Volkswagen Beatle, and more. The show performs at the LOVE Theater at the Mirage Casino Thursday through Monday at 7 PM and 9:30 PM.

The Michael Jackson One Show

The Michael Jackson One show is known for its larger-than-life performances as it follows a gang of four characters on a musical adventure. While this performance magnificently highlights Michael Jackson’s music and stories, it does so in a unique style that includes a captivating story that will keep viewers engaged throughout the evening.

With visual visuals and feats, one discovers Cirque du Soleil’s colorful universe. While following the four young adventurers, high-flying acrobats, and, of course, dancers unlike any other, you get to relive all of MJ’s greatest hits. With unmatched stunts, there is no limit to how incredible this show truly is. You can catch it at the Mandalay Bay Thursday through Monday at 7 PM and 9:30 PM.

Michael Jackson Vs. The Beatles Ticket Prices

Knowing the prices to each show and how they change depending on where you sit is important! These two shows have incredibly different stages and seating arrangements, which you should understand before choosing the best one to see. So, take a look below to find the show that we think gives you the best deal.

The Beatles Love Ticket Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

How much would you pay to see floating sea life, confetti rain, and a wonderland of bubbles? As we determine the winner of Beatles Love Vs. Michael Jackson One, our first battle comes down to ticket prices. While there are several ways to get your Beatles Love discount tickets, we are going to compare tickets sold directly through the venue.

The LOVE theater provides seating in a 360-degree arena around the main stage and six walkways. Tickets furthest from the stage start at $86, and you move closer to the stage. That price rises steadily to $198 for tickets right in front of all of the action!

The Michael Jackson One Show Ticket Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Prices for Michael Jackson One vary depending on which show you see, the 7 PM or 9:30 PM performance, and which area you choose, just like they do for the Beatles Love Show. Tickets at the venue’s rear row, farthest from the stage, start at around $87. Tickets will cost you about $199 as you get closer to the stage.

Michael Jackson One discount ticket can be found with a little extra time and effort. For groups of 10 or more people attending the show, the venue offers group discounts. You should be aware that this venue differs from the LOVE Theater in that the stage is located on one side, directly in front of all of the seats.

The Winner

When comparing The Beatles Love vs. Michael Jackson One, there is virtually no difference between the show’s ticket prices. After all, they are both Cirque Du Soleil shows dedicated to world-famous musical acts. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t choose a winner. It does mean that your budget likely won’t play a major role in choosing between shows.

But The Beatles Love stage provides a unique 360-degree view of the performance, which makes it a better deal for the cost. With walkways that extend far past the first section of the venue, even those who are sitting further back will feel like they are fully immersed in the action of the show.

Beatles Love Vs. MJ One – Most Family-Friendly

Both The Beatles and Michael Jackson’s music have been passed down generation after generation. So, it comes as no surprise that families can truly enjoy these shows together – but which one is better? Let’s take a look below and find out!

Beatles Love

Most Cirque Du Soleil shows, with the exception of Mystere, do not allow audience members under the age of five to enter their venues. But that doesn’t mean that children six and older can’t have an amazing time while watching the show! Even though little ones may not know much about the Beatles or their music, everything about this show is family-friendly! The bright colors, whimsical sets, and breathtaking performances are sure to capture the attention of audience members of all ages!

Plus, parents won’t find themselves daydreaming during the show as they relive their favorite hits from when they were younger. One aspect of the show that may be uncomfortable for younger audience members is the speakers in the headrests of the seats. Every seat in the venue is outfitted with its own sound system that is installed in the headrest. This can be quite alarming for children who may not appreciate that level of immersion or loud noises.

Michael Jackson One

As we compare Beatles Love Vs. Michael Jackson One, it is important to point out that this show also does not allow audience members under the age of five to attend. So, if you have especially young children, you may want to call the sitter. But older kids and teens will have a fantastic time at the Michael Jackson One show!

Even though Michael’s music is from the past, there is no denying that his pop and RnB hits stand the test of time! Michael’s music accompanies a group of four young characters as they transcend through a fantastical journey full of electrifying stunts, world-renowned iconography, and costumes that are truly sensational. Older audience members will be just as enthralled as they take this journey with the Cirque Du Soleil!

The Winner

We hate having to choose between two incredible shows, but we know that you need the best information when trying to decide which one to see – especially if you are bringing along the kids (and maybe even grandma or grandpa)! Like the pricing of these shows, both have so much in common when trying to determine which one is better suited for the entire family. First of all, both shows do not allow anyone under the age of five to attend, so if you are bringing a baby or young toddler on your trip, you may have to skip these performances.

While both shows feature appropriate family-focused entertainment, there is one thing that sets our winner apart from the other show – those headrests. The Beatles Love show creates a completely immersive sound experience by placing speakers on the headrests of every seat. While this is an incredibly creative way to interact with the audience, it can be a bit too overstimulating for younger audience members. For this reason, we choose the Michael Jackson One show as our winner. For family-friendly shows without any age limits, check out the Blue Man Group vs Cirque Du Soleil.

FAQ About Beatles Love Vs. Michael Jackson One

Who Is More Popular, The Beatles Or Michael Jackson?

Yes, many claim that The Beatles sold and wrote more songs and albums, but at the end of the day, Michael Jackson has the most admirers and remains one of the world’s most well-known artists.

Did Michael Jackson Like The Beatles?

It would seem as though Michael Jackson was friendly with at least one of the former Beatles. Longtime Beatles bassist Paul McCartney and pop icon Michael Jackson had a great connection, which saw the two of them connect artistically.

Does Michael Jackson Still Own The Beatles Rights?

No. Following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, his estate received a 50 percent ownership in the company until Sony decided to buy the remaining half in 2016, reuniting all of the Beatle’s music under one company.


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