Mike Hammer Vs Mac King

Mike Hammer Vs Mac King: The Battle Of Comedy Magic Shows

There are much great comedy magic shows in Las Vegas. This should come as no surprise as the Las Vegas Strip is a world-renowned city for world-class entertainment. If you’re trying to decide which comedy shows to see between Mac King vs Mike Hammer, then you’ll need to learn a little more about each show, especially for things like price and whether you can bring the entire family. Keep reading to find out more about each show and determine which one you should see on your next trip!

What Is The Mike Hammer Show?

Hammer amused audiences all around the country with his participatory show before moving to Las Vegas. Hammer is an expert at producing rapid retorts and experimenting with the crowd, having performed for more than 25 years.

The unique program from Hammer includes mind-reading, swallowing a double-edged razor blade, jokes, pranks, and general mayhem. Every performance is distinct and features a significant level of audience interaction. Be prepared. It’s time for the audience at his event to get Hammered.

What Is The Mac King Show?

At the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, the longest-running magician in Las Vegas performs a variety of amazing magic acts that delight the audience with amusing surprise. People of all ages find his jokes to be clean and entertaining.

He uses his special inventiveness and dexterity to perform his magic tricks while maintaining his sense of humor. Throughout his act, King employs a variety of props and gimmicks. Live animals, Fig Newtons, hand shadow puppets, rope stunts, and other items are among them. You might even encounter some Elvis and Liberace impersonators.

Which Show Is More Affordable?

For many people visiting Las Vegas, budget plays a large role in how they spend their free time on vacation. While both of these shows are excellent, if cost plays a significant role in your trip, then you may be more inclined to choose the show that offers the most competitive ticket rates. Here’s what you should know about Mike Hammer vs Mac King prices.

Prices For Mike Hammer

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Tickets for the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show, one of the top magicians in Vegas, are offered by a variety of different sellers, but we’re just going to look at rates via the show’s box office. The cost of tickets on the show’s website is very affordable! The price of tickets for general admission is $29 plus costs, while tickets for VIP seating are $39 plus fees. There are also many convenient ways to snag your own Mike Hammer discount tickets.

Prices For Mac King

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Here is what you need to know if you are buying Mac King discount tickets directly from the website! The first is that there are several separate sections for the show’s tickets. Section A is the first and is located nearer the stage than Section B. Ticket prices for section A begin around $55, while those for section B begin around $45. Purchasing straight from the Excalibur website still represents a good value even though it does not have the lowest prices.

Mac King Vs Mike Hammer – Who Has The Best Prices?

Both Mike Hammer and Mac King put on amazing shows for their guests, but there is one that provides a comedy magic experience at a more affordable price. When purchasing directly, the Mike Hammer comedy show offers lower rate tickets. In fact, the VIP tickers for Mike Hammer are cheaper than the general admission tickets to the Mac King show – and for that reason, Mike Hammer wins for the best ticket prices. With all of those savings, you may even be able to check out Mat Franco vs David Copperfield.

Which Comedy Magic Show Is Better For Families?

Bringing the family to Vegas is great! Believe it or not, there are plenty of activities for kids to take part in, but can you bring them to one of these shows? Luckily, comedy magic shows tend to generally be family friendly, but let’s take a look at which one is best suited for every member of the family. Let’s take a look!

Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer puts on a great show – you will not be disappointed! His show has been described as fresh, funny, and full of amazing tricks that are sure to surprise and delight his audiences. While he is known as having one of the more family friendly shows on the Las Vegas strip, Mike Hammer’s comedy magic may be better suited for families with older children. If your group is all 12 years of age or older, then this is the perfect show for you! Anyone with younger children may find the subject matter a bit too risqué.

Mac King

Mac King is a humorous, gifted, and nimble individual. Although he doesn’t have the same edge or level of excitement as some of the other magicians in Vegas, he puts on the ideal presentation for young families.

The comic magic show by Mac King is ideal if you’re looking for a family-friendly performance. There are some jokes that may be lost on your children, but there is also a lot of humor that both children and adults find to be amusing.

Mike Hammer Vs Mac King – Which Is Better For The Kids?

While both shows can be a great fit for the entire family, there is one that is more flexible. Mike Hammer’s show is excellent for families with older children, but Mac King’s magic comedy is clean enough for all ages – without sacrificing laughs and wonderment at all of the magic tricks.

FAQs For Mac King And Mike Hammer

Where Does Mike Hammer’s Show Perform?

At the Canyon Club in Downtown Las Vegas’ Four Queens Hotel and Casino, the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show is presented.

How Long Is The Mike Hammer Vegas Show?

Hammer’s fast-paced 70-minute presentation combines biting humor with genuinely astonishing magic, pushing the boundaries of audience involvement.

How Long Is The Mac King Comedy Magic Show?

The Excalibur Resort and Casino in Las Vegas hosts performances of The Mac King Comedy Show! With the exception of Sunday and Monday, it airs every day of the week between 1 PM and 3 PM. The performances go for 70 minutes.


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