MJ Live Vs Mj One

MJ Live Vs Mj One: Which MJ Show Should You See In Vegas?

Las Vegas is a city that has some form of entertainment for everyone – especially those hoping to relive the magical music of bellowed artists that have passed. Few can deny that the music of Michael Jackson is something that can be enjoyed by just about anyone! Those headed to Las Vegas are in for a treat as there is not only one but two Michael Jackson tribute shows to enjoy. But which one should you choose?

Each show is incredibly entertaining and features characters inspired by the King of Pop himself, as well as countless fan-favorite tunes to sing and dance along to. When it comes to comparing MJ One vs. Michael Jackson Live, there is much to be celebrated for both shows. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few differences between these shows that can help you better determine which one you should see when you visit the Vegas Strip! Keep reading to learn more.

What Is The Michael Jackson One Show?

Michael Jackson One is a Cirque Du Soleil show that performs at the Mandalay Bay on Thursday through Monday at 7 PM and 9:30 PM. The show follows a group of young kids on an adventure and is celebrated for its family-friendly fun. While this show beautifully showcases the music and stories associated with Michael Jackson, it does so in a very creative way with a compelling story sure to keep audiences interested throughout the entire show.

Michael Jackson One delves into Cirque du Soleil’s vivid world with visual imagery and stunts. The program takes you through all of your favorite hits while following the four teenage explorers, along with high-flying acrobats and, of course, dance sequences unlike any other. This Las Vegas spectacle has so much going on that you’ll be star-struck by all of the intricate details. There are trampolines, slacklining, and aerialists flying in from above, and the greatest part is that they do it all with ease while listening to some of the best music on the Strip. Just when you think this show is larger than life, it adds just a little bit more!

What Is The Michael Jackson Live Show?

Michael Jackson Live is a tribute performance show that performs at the Legends in Concert Theater at the Tropicana Las Vegas. This show performs every evening at 5:30 PM. This show is a treat for fans of Michael Jackson! They can see everything they love about the King of Pop. MJ Live is a tribute to one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

A rotating cast of impersonators performs classic hits like Billie Jean, Bad, Black and White, as well as a Jackson 5 segment, to capture the energy, excitement, spectacle, and pure joy of this legendary superstar and his music.

Fans of Michael Jackson will not want to miss this brilliant collection of tribute performers who recreate the experience and feelings of a true Michael Jackson concert. MJ Live is a family-friendly concert with an onstage band and an entourage of dancers that is appropriate for both those who grew up with the King of Pop and those who are just hearing his music for the first time.

MJ Live Vs. MJ One – Which Show Has The Best Prices?

Price is often a strong determinant of whether you plan to see a show – nobody wants to go over budget! After all, it is often not as simple as a quick glance at a ticket prices. Prices can vary vastly between showtimes, dates, and even the demand for the tickets! Take a look below too see which show is the best fit for your trip budget.

Michael Jackson One Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

To start off, our MJ One Vs. Michael Jackson Live battle, we are going to look at the prices for Michael Jackson One tickets. The ticket prices to Michael Jackson One fluctuate based on which show you are seeing, the 7 PM or 9:30 PM performance, as well as which section you choose. Tickets towards the back of the venue, furthest from the stage, start at about $87. As you move closer towards the stage, tickets will cost upwards of $199.

Cirque Du Soleil shows are known for having some of the higher ticket prices on the Strip, but this is usually a result of the caliber of the show they put on. After all, not every Vegas show features the music of one of the world’s most famous pop stars while world-class entertainers perform tricks. Also, with a bit of digging, there are many ways to find discount Michael Jackson One tickets. The venue also provides group discounts for those seeing the show with ten or more people.

Michael Jackson Live Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Next up, in the MJ Live vs. Michael Jackson, One battle are the prices for the Michael Jackson Live show! Did you know that this show is the largest Michael Jackson tribute show in the entire world? Now, that is impressive! Of course, like almost any other Vegas show, the tickets to Michael Jackson Live vary in price related to the seating section that you choose to sit in for the show.

Tickets to Michael Jackson Live start at $75 for seats in the Mezzanine, $82 for General Admission, $92 for Preferred, and $109 for VIP seating. There are many ways to find MJ Live discount tickets, with some retailers selling them for as little as $57 per ticket. One thing is for sure, no matter where you sit, you will be dancing throughout the entire show!

The Winner

If you aren’t willing to splurge on both shows, then you need to know which Michael Jackson Las Vegas show offers the best value! The truth is that there are many ways to get discount tickets to both shows, which is great for those who prefer to plan ahead and compare prices across multiple platforms. Who knows – you may just be able to find such a great deal that you can see both shows, which is great news for the super fans!

However, there does have to be a winner in the MJ Live vs. Michael Jackson One price war. And when it comes to comparing ticket prices, MJ Live offers a better deal. Even though ticket prices to the show are very close for areas further from the stage, those hoping to get a seat close to the front will likely pay almost $90 more at the Michael Jackson One show. Therefore, Michael Jackson Live may be a better option for those looking to keep a smaller entertainment budget on their trip to Las Vegas.

MJ One Vs. MJ Live – Which Show Is Best For Families?

One great thing about Michael Jackson is that most of his songs can be enjoyed by the entire family! They are fun to dance to and have very little use of explicit language and content. But the music is not the only reason you take your family to a show – you need to have that wow factor. Take a look below to learn more about how these shows take their audiences on a fun escape!

Michal Jackson One

When it comes to comparing MJ Live vs. MJ One, it is important to point out that both shows require attending guests to be at least five years old. But, if your kids are over the age of five, they are sure to love the show!

The interesting thing about the Michael Jackson One show is that it features the pop star’s music while also telling a story, which is great for keeping young audience members interested throughout the entire performance! There are some exciting stunts and strobe lights, but most children will find these spectacles thrilling and entertaining!

Michael Jackson Live

There are many things to consider when trying to determine which is the more family-friendly show between Michael Jackson One vs. MJ Live. Of course, they are different types of shows – Michael Jackson One is a Cirque Du Soleil show with acrobats and circus entertainers, while Michael Jackson Live features multiple impersonators and dance numbers.

If your child is already obsessed with the King of Pop, then this may be the better show for them to see as it performs much like a concert. However, if your little ones aren’t as familiar with his music, they may find themselves a bit bored or disinterested. Michael Jackson Live can be a great show for the entire family, but if you wouldn’t take your kids to a concert, you may want to rethink this show.

The Winner

Truthfully, when it comes to debating which shows to take the family to in the MJ One vs. Michael Jackson Live debate, both shows can be a fantastic source of entertainment on your trip. But there can only be one winner, and that winner is Michael Jackson One! The show’s diverse entertainment and storytelling may keep your kids more interested than its tribute show counterpart. If you are looking for other family-friendly Las Vegas music shows, be sure to check out Michael Jackson vs. The Beatles.

FAQ About MJ Live Vs. Michael Jackson One

Which Michael Jackson Show Is Better In Vegas?

When it comes to tribute performances, the Michael Jackson Las Vegas concerts are among the greatest in the city. A rotating list of tribute artists and impersonators play at MJ Live at The Tropicana, faithfully recreating Michael Jackson’s biggest performances throughout his career. Both shows are fantastic, and it just depends on what kind of show you think you would enjoy more.

Who Plays Michael Jackson In MJ Live?

MJ Live features a rotating cast of Michael Jackson impersonators, including James Franca and Santana Jackson.

How Long Is MJ Live And MJ One?

When comparing MJ Live vs. Michael Jackson One showtimes, the shows have a 20-minute difference to their run times. MJ Live’s performance lasts for 70 minutes, and the MJ One show is 90 minutes long.


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