Mystere Cirque Du Soleil VS Ka

Mystere Cirque Du Soleil VS Ka: Which is Best for Kids?

Whether you are headed on a family trip to Las Vegas, going solo, or checking out the world-famous city with friends, there is one thing you are sure to do while you are there – check out the show! Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most highly regarded entertainment companies in the world, and they have at least five shows running on The Strip at one time.

Should you choose Cirque Du Soleil Mystere vs. Ka? These two are a couple of the most well-known Cirque Du Soleil shows and have almost certainly made it on your list. Knowing the differences between Mystere vs. Ka Cirque Du Soleil and determining which one is the best fit for you is the key to choosing between Cirque Du Soleil Ka vs. Mystere.

When trying to determine which show you should see, it is important learn so much more about each show’s distinctive features, costs, and other considerations. Below, we have broken down a few factors that everyone considers as they pick out the Vegas show they want to see, which will help you figure out which one you’ll love the best.

In addition, you’ll discover detailed descriptions of each performance, as well as information on whether it’s suitable for children and which nights it performs. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know so that you can pick the absolute best show to see during your trip!

What Is Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere?

Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere, which is the first contender in the Ka vs. Mystere Cirque Du Soleil argument, is unlike anything you have ever seen before! All of Cirque du Soleil’s shows are known for creating a truly unique world, but Mystere is exceptionally bizarre – in an amazing way! With a giant snail and a massive baby, we are sure you won’t be able to peel your eyes away from the stage.

Mystere was the first Cirque Du Soleil show to find a home at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. Unlike the other Cirque shows, it doesn’t have a distinct story line. Instead, it is an artistic piece that lets the audience’s imagination run wild!

 With a huge internationally sourced cast of over 65 people, there is no shortage of “WOW” moments. As you watch the show, you will see them fly, climb, and perform tricks that don’t even seem humanly possible! One thing is for sure, you will see tricks in this show that you have never seen before.

What Is Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka?

In our battle of Mystere Cirque Du Soleil vs. Ka , Ka is the other show we are going to explore! One of the greatest things about Cirque du Soleil is that this entertainment group has a show to fit everyone’s personal taste. If you prefer epic tales of war between good and evil, than this may just be the perfect show for you!

Ka’s theater is specifically built to ensure every audience member gets a prime view of all of the action. The stage is comprised of two massive platforms that move, fly, and even suspend within the air. You have never experienced an action-packed show quite like this before.

Every trick within Ka could stand on its own, but between the flying acts and the ones performed firmly on the ground, you won’t be able to choose a favorite – just wait until you see the Wheel of Death. Ka is a whole new level of entertainment, with a plot of a ferocious fight and a question of triumph or failure that carries through to the end. It’s also worth checking Mystere vs. O vs. Ka, to see how these two shows compare with O.

Cirque Du Soleil Mystere Vs. Ka: Best Prices

Since each of these performances are unique in nature and takes place at unique host resorts, it’s only natural that their pricing would change considerably. When it comes to deciding what kind of entertainment to attend while visiting Las Vegas, budget and pricing typically play a key part. The good news is that one of these shows will most likely match your budget.

Mystere Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

You can catch Mystere at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. The show has its own theater, appropriately named the Mystere Theater. When purchasing directly from the show’s venue, ticket prices start at $75 and rise to $136 as you move closer to the stage. Purchasing tickets straight from the show’s digital box office has quite a few perks! You can get a full view of the stage from your potential seats and get discounts for seniors, military members, and children, making it a perfect show for larger groups on a budget. Mystere discount tickets can also be found on websites throughout the web.

Ka Prices

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Ka tickets start at $40 for the 9:30 p.m. performance and $50 for the 7 p.m. performance at the MGM Grand Resort and Casino. Keep in mind that depending on where you sit, tickets for each performance can cost significantly more. For those interested in the many ways to find Ka Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets, or any other Vegas show, it helps to search around the resort’s website to find unique deals for students, veterans, and other special groups.

Mystere Vs. Ka Cirque Du Soleil: The Winner For The Best Prices

The truth is that both shows offer very affordable pricing options for their many shows. Not only can you choose the showtime that best fits your budget, but you can also check around the web to see if any shows are currently offering a deep discount. Either way, there has to be a winner! In the battle of Cirque Du Soleil Ka vs. Mystere for the best price, there is one show that takes the crown! If you don’t mind a limited perspective and are looking for the most cost-effective choice, a trip to Ka is your best chance!

Ka Vs. Mystere: Which Show Is Most Family-Friendly?

The majority of Cirque Du Soleil shows are suitable for all ages. But it is important to point out that certain Cirque shows have some tricks and visuals that may be frightening to younger audience members. While both of these shows offer unique tricks and storylines that people of many ages can enjoy, it is important to know what younger audience members can handle, so you don’t end up having to leave before the show ends.

So, in the debate of Ka vs. Mystere Cirque Du Soleil, which show is best for the whole family? Before you bring the kids along, here’s what you should know.

Mystere Cirque Du Soleil

Perhaps one of Cirque Du Soleil’s top family-friendly shows is Mystere. There is no minimum age to attend the show and most parents with young children agree that it is suitable for kids older than four years old.

Mystere has some of the most affordable Cirque Du Soleil ticket rates – which is fantastic if you plan o brining the entire family. The storylines are also wildly different when considering Cirque Du Soleil Mystere vs. Ka. Mystere is known for its circus theme with all of the traditional circus acts elevated to a level you could never imagine possible.

Ka Cirque Du Soleil

Ka, like many other Cirque Du Soleil shows, demands that attendees be at least five years old. While children younger than five cannot attend, this is often a favorite for those who are a bit older. One of the primary reasons it may not be suited for those who are younger is because of some its scarier and more action-packed sequences.

When comparing Cirque Du Soleil Ka vs. Mystere, it is important to consider how well your kids handle the excitement. For example, some six-year-olds love action-packed fight scenes, while other children, even those who are older, would rather not watch.

Mystere Vs. Ka Cirque Du Soleil – The Best Family Show Is…

When considering Ka vs. Mystere Cirque Du Soleil shows, the truth is that both can be a fun outing for most family members. However, there is one show that is much more inclusive than its competitor on this list. If you’re looking for a concert to take the whole family to, Mystere is probably your best bet. There is no upper age limit, and there are no intense sequences like the ones found in Ka.

FAQs About Ka And Mystere Show

What Cirque Du Soleil Show Is Better, O or Mystere?

While everyone certainly has their own tastes when it comes to checking out Vegas shows, there is something to be said about the number of awards that one of these shows has. Mystere has won the award for best production show eight times in a row, despite competition from other programs. In a one-of-a-kind celebration, this stage performance of great comedy, stunts, and feats delivers the big top to the world.

Which Cirque Du Soleil Show Has The Most Acrobatics?

Among the greatest Cirque shows, Mystere has a distinction for being the best. This Cirque du Soleil show transports you to the realms of your imagination. It immerses you in a world of brilliant colors, jaw-dropping acrobatics, and unusual circus interpretations.

What Is The Cirque Du Soleil Show Mystere About?

Life itself is a mystery, full of beauty, wonder, and surprises, as Mystere reveals. Mystere is spectacular and mesmerizing, with strong men, aerialists, dancers, trapeze artists, and gymnasts all sharing the same platform.


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