Tournament Of Kings Vs Medieval Times

Tournament Of Kings Vs Medieval Times!

In Las Vegas, there are many unique and famous shows that will captivate the audience and transport them through a fascinating and entertaining experience. Unfortunately, most of us won’t be able to attend every performance on the Strip while visiting the city known for its countless world-class shows. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, you’ll almost certainly hear about at least a few of the acts that make the city’s entertainment so distinct.

Both Tournament of Kings and Medieval Times are known for their historic and entertaining spectacles. But, who puts up the better performance? Naturally, this is a question of personal preference. However, there are a few things to think about before you set off on your adventure. After reading this guide, you will have a much better idea about which shows best fits your budget and your taste.

What To Expect In Tournament Of Kings?

The first show we are going to explore in the Medieval Times vs. Tournament of Kings Debate is Tournament of Kings! Return to the Middle Ages for a feast fit for a king. Jousting, dancing, singing, and a kingly feast are all part of this meal and show.

Guests are placed in an arena-style setting, with each section representing a distinct “country” and guests urged to root on their section’s monarch. Knights compete in horse races, jousting, sword fights, and gladiator-style conflicts, among other events.

Utensils are not given, and clients must eat with their hands, much as actual lords and ladies would have done back in the Middle Ages. A drum processional files into the arena to announce King Arthur’s entrance after a hearty dose of merriment from Merlin and the jester.

Cornish hen, roasted potatoes, corn, an apple square, and a fresh dinner roll are served during this period. While the audience is seated, a large circular table is lowered into the arena’s center, where King Arthur and the other knights join in the feast.

What Happens During Medieval Times?

Next up in our Medieval Times Vs. Tournament Of Kings competition is Medieval Times. This show is a fun, family-friendly event based on a feast and tournament from the 11th century. Guests are treated to a four-course meal while cheering on one of the six knights competing in the joust and other skill tests.

In a compelling drama set in Medieval Spain, expect nearly two hours of horsemanship, swordplay, thrilling hand-to-hand fighting, and falconry. Medieval Times also has a great bar, gift store, Hall of Arms with medieval antiques, and a Torture Museum.

Garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet, buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, dessert of the Castle, coffee, and two rounds of choice non-alcoholic beverages are served to noble guests during Medieval Times. Adult customers can also enjoy a full-service bar. On request, vegetarian dishes are offered.

While this show does not currently play in Vegas, you can catch it in select cities throughout Canada and the United States; it certainly helps to know how it compares to Tournament of Kings. Let’s take a look at which of these shows has the best prices and will make the whole family happy!

Which Show Has The Best Prices?

It doesn’t matter which show you see; you have to know how well it fits in your budget. Luckily, Las Vegas has many different shows, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect one that won’t break your bank. Let’s take a look at how the Tournament of Kings vs. Medieval Times compares when considering prices.

Ticket Prices For Tournament Of Kings

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Tournament of Kings is a Las Vegas dinner show that performs at the Excalibur, which is an MGM resort. On Mondays and Fridays, the show performs at 6 PM, while Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday shows perform at 6 PM and 8:30 PM. Ticket prices to the shows remain unchanged related to dates and times. For category C seating, which is furthest from the stage, ticket rates start at $61, which category B tickets cost $64, and category A costs $66. Of course, before you purchase your tickets, we recommend checking out Tournament of Kings Las Vegas discount tickets to ensure you can’t find a better price elsewhere.

Ticket Prices For Medieval Times

As we continue to compare Midevil Times Vs. Tournament Of Kings, it is essential to look at how much a ticket to this show will cost. Medieval Times has 10 locations, including:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Buena Park, California
  • Lyndhurst, New Jersey
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Atlanta, George
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Toronto, Canada

Medieval Times recommends reserving your tickets online with a credit card or traveler’s check. Children under the age of three are permitted to attend the show for free if they sit on their parent’s laps. While the venue does provide discounts for groups of 15 or more, ticket prices can vary based on which location you attend. Typically, adult tickets cost anywhere from $60 to $70, while tickets for children aged 12 and under cost between $36 to $40.

The Winner

While both shows offer affordable prices considering they each provide dinner and a show, there is one that stands out. Even though Medieval Times offers cheaper ticket prices for children, this is often offset by the higher ticket prices for adults attending the show. Therefore, the Tournament of Kings is a much better option when choosing between this show and Medieval Times. The lower ticket costs will likely help you save more money overall.

Which Show Is The Most Family-Friendly?

Honestly, both of these shows make for great family entertainment! Even adults who attend the shows with their kids find themselves wrapped up in all of the action and excitement. With that being said, there is one show that stands out from the other when considering how entertained it will keep the entire family.

How Family-Friendly Is Tournament Of Kings?

First up in the competition for the most family-friendly show between Tournament Of Kings Vs. Medieval Times is The Tournament of Kings. The Tournament of Kings supper performance is a great event for the whole family. It has jousting, dancing, audience involvement, humor, singing, sword fights, actual horses, fireworks, and competing kings, one of which is “your” king based on your seat location, which adds to the enjoyment of rooting for your monarchy to win the many games. You can take a look at which king you will cheer for with the Tournament Of Kings Seating Chart.

How Family-Friendly Is Medieval Times?

You’ll meet lords and ladies, knights, and a pleasant king during your time at the castle. You’ll be divided into teams and root for the knight who wears the color of your team during jousting fights. Loud cheers are encouraged in the arena, just as they are during a sporting event. In other words, children are free to use their natural voices outside of the classroom and will delight as they eat their food without utensils. One of the great things about Medieval Times is that they charge less for kids’ tickets!

The Winner

Although both of these shows provide a dinner full of entertainment and interactive displays, when determining the difference of family-friendliness between Medieval Times Vs. Tournament Of Kings, there is one show that has a slight advantage – Medieval Times. What gives this show an edge over the other is that it offers discounted tickets for children. Because both shows offer very similar means of entertainment, it is difficult to judge them on just that. But, Medieval Time’s cheaper ticket rates for kids make it just a bit more suitable for families. If you want to check out more family shows, be sure to check out Jeff Dunham Vs Terry Fator.

FAQ About Excalibur Tournament Of Kings Vs Medieval Times

What Is Served At Tournament Of Kings?

Tournament of Kings treats audience members to a full course meal that is perfectly suited for the show! While you watch the show, you will feast on Cornish game hen, roasted and seasoned red bliss potatoes with lemon pepper, apple square, and corn on the cob. There are additional menus that offer more items for those who follow a special diet.

Is Dinner Included In Tournament Of Kings?

The Tournament of Kings menu caters to a wide range of needs, allergies, and preferences. The price of the ticket includes a full supper meal. To satisfy specific show-goers’ demands, meal styles range from a conventional menu to vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and other menu selections.

How Long Is Excalibur Tournament Of Kings?

The Tournament of Kings Show, performing at the Excalibur Resort and Casino, runs for 90 minutes.


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