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12 Easy Ways to Get Carrot Top Discount Tickets in 2022

Headed to Vegas and curious as to how you can grab a set of Carrot Top discount tickets? Well then, you have come to the right place! Known as one of the most famous Vegas comedians, Carrot Top continues to delight audiences that come to see him from all over the world. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways that you can save if you want to see the show, and we have included all of them here!

Searching for discount tickets to some of the best shows in Vegas is not always easy and can take up a lot of your time, energy, and resources. But there is no need to spend hours trying to find how to grab a set of Carrot Top Vegas cheap tickets when you can find everything that you need to know right here!

What Is The Carrot Top Show Like?

The Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino features Carrot Top as their Best Male Stand-Up Comedian! This show does not disappoint those excited to see the award-winning comedy sketches of Carrot Top – who is known for leaving his audiences in stitches with his crazy trunk full of props and nutty inventions.

One thing is for sure, and you will enjoy every minute of this 90-minute comedy show! We know that there is so much to do when visiting Vegas, and the last thing that you want is to spend too much money on your show tickets! So keep reading to learn how you can get discount Carrot Top tickets.

12 Easy Ways to Get A Carrot Top Tickets Discount!

Everyone traveling to Las Vegas wants to know how they can score Las Vegas shows deals and promotions! Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to find great discounts, and they aren’t always legitimate. Luckily, we have put together 12 easy ways you can save big on your tickets to the show! Keep reading to learn more!

#1 Get Carrot Top Vegas Cheap Tickets At

Carrot Top Discount Tickets is one of our favorite places to find tickets to some of the most affordable shows in Vegas. Here is a place that you can be sure to find Carrot Top Las Vegas cheap tickets. Not only do their Carrot Top tickets start at a great price – just $53, but they offer plenty of other services, as well! offers its customers a best price guarantee and shows you when the most recent tickets of a show were booked (just 22 hours ago for Carrot Top!). The site also displays how many tickets are left for each show, what the sell-out rate is, and it allows you to easily compare prices across showtimes. Many of the shows are close to selling out, so be sure to check out to purchase your Carrot Top Las Vegas discount tickets!

#2 Carrot Top Deals On Groupon

While there are not any current deals for Carrot Top tickets on Groupon, they do pop up from time to time. Here is what you should know if you are trying to find Carrot Top discount tickets on Groupon.

The last time a deal was available on Groupon for Carrot Top, tickets were priced at about $71 for category A tickets. Much of the information regarding restrictions and how to obtain your tickets are available at checkout, so be sure to read everything closely before confirming your purchase. Also, the price usually does not include any additional ticketing fees. As with any other discount, be sure to read all of the relevant information before spending your money.

#3 Schedule A Carrot Top Meet And Greet!

While this is an additional cost to the main show, those who are big fans of Carrot Top can schedule and book a meet and greet with of the most famous Vegas comedians! In addition to finding many different Carrot Top tickets discounts, we also found an affordable meet and greet event that superfans can book!

For just $43.50 per ticket, fans of Carrot Top can meet the comedian before the show! It takes place on the same nights as his performances at 7 PM. To get your tickets, head to the Luxor Hotel and Casino website. For discounted tickets to the show, head to

#4 Carrot Top Vegas Cheap Tickets on Ticketmaster?

Carrot Top Tickets Discount

Are you looking for discount Carrot Top tickets at Ticketmaster? Before you get too excited, here is what you should know. Tickets on the site cost anywhere from $48 to $84. While Ticketmaster does allow you to compare tickets between seats and sections, you can’t easily compare rates across different dates.

Also, Ticketmaster is a popular ticket selling website that is known for its high fees. Each ticket is charged taxes, fees, and service charges that can reach up to $30 or more per ticket. Be warned that these extra costs are not reflected in the face value price and aren’t applied until checkout, so be sure to carefully read through all of the extra fees.

#5 Can You Save On Tickets For Kids?

There are plenty of Vegas family shows to check out while visiting the famous city in Nevada! However, anyone hoping to catch Carrot Top’s performance must be 16 years of age or older. Since there younger children aren’t admitted to the show, it is not possible to get discounted tickets for children.

If your kids are older and want to check out the show, they will have to purchase an adult ticket. While there are many different places to find tickets to the show, we recommend checking out Here, you will find transparent ticket prices and plenty of seating options.

#6 Carrot Top Las Vegas Cheap Tickets Direct

One of the best things about purchasing your tickets directly from the Luxor Hotel and Casino website is that you can easily compare prices in different seating sections. Currently, there are four different sections to choose from – A, B, C, and D. The prices for each section are as follows:

  • Category A Seating: $75
  • Category B Seating: $65
  • Category C Seating:$55
  • Category D Seating: $40

If you are looking for Carrot Top Vegas cheap tickets, this is definitely a source with fair and competitive prices. Also, if you have any perks or reward points from the hotel, which is part of the MGM family, you may be able to use them by buying direct.

#7 Choosing The Right Seats

As you can see above, where you sit in the theater plays a major role in how much you pay for your tickets. The great thing about Vegas theaters is that they are designed so that every seat in the house has a great view! While there are certain sections that provide a closer or more intimate look of the show,

Those seats that are closer will cost more per ticket. However, if you are trying to save big on tickets to the show, you can certainly choose seats that are further back in the theater and still have a great experience at the show. As always, we recommend comparing tickets with to ensure that you are getting the best price for your seats!


Carrot Top Vegas Cheap Tickets is another good site to check for tickets to the show. However, they do not offer as many features as some of the sources you can get tickets from. Currently, prices for Carrot Top Las Vegas discount tickets on start at $51. These tickets are for seats found in category D seating. Tickets in category A seating cost $87.

While the prices on are fair, it does require quite a bit more work to compare prices and get information regarding how sold out each of the shows are. If you want to compare prices or gather more information, you have to click on each of the dates. For an easier way to compare ticket prices, check out

#9 Don’t Forget To Plan Ahead!

One of the easiest ways to pay a huge sum for each ticket is to wait until the last minute to book your seats. Demand is a significant factor in the rates for tickets to show, so if you want Carrot Top Las Vegas cheap tickets, it is highly recommended to plan ahead!

By planning ahead and booking your tickets well before the performance that you would like to see, you can ensure that you are paying a competitive price and saving big on your tickets to the show. We recommend securing your tickets before your trip so that you are all set to go by the time you go on vacation. Check out for great tickets at an affordable price!

#10 Can You Save With StubHub?

StubHub can be a decent source if you have waited until the last minute to book your seats. However, as a ticket resale website, you usually end up paying a premium for seats that you could find much cheaper elsewhere. In addition to multiple fees and service charges, these tickets are sold by people who are trying to resell tickets that have already been bought – which means they are trying to get a profit for their tickets.

Currently, prices on StubHub for the Carrot Top show start at $99 – not exactly a great price. If you can’t find tickets anywhere else and need to see the show on a specific date, then this may be a good option. However, we recommend checking other sites like just to be sure that there aren’t available tickets at a better price.

#11 Buy Your Carrot Top Las Vegas Discount Tickets In Advance

While price is certainly important for those looking to book tickets to a show, so are the seats! Whether you want to sit front and center or prefer a seat further from the action, sitting in the seats that you want can make or break your show experience.

By searching for and purchasing tickets well in advance of your show, you not only ensure that you pay the best price, but you also are much more likely to get the seats that you actually want. As you compare prices and seating availability, be sure to check out!

#12 Check Out The Show During The Off-Season

Believe it or not, even Las Vegas has a few periods throughout the year when fewer people travel to the city. With fewer tourists, there is a lower demand for tickets to various shows throughout Las Vegas. The city’s slower periods include the week after Thanksgiving, as well as a few weeks in both December and January.

If you find yourself in Vegas during this time and want to see the Carrot Top show, then you will likely be able to find tickets at a very competitive price. On the other hand, if you go during a busier time, you may have to pay more for your tickets as demand increases.

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