Best Cheap Shows in Las Vegas

28 Best Cheap Shows in Las Vegas (Under $60)

Learn About the Best Affordable Shows in Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of lights, entertainment, and glamour. You might not assume there are cheap shows in Las Vegas, but many of them do exist. In fact, some of the best shows in Vegas are priced under $60. These shows feature comedians, magicians, illusionists, singers, dancers, acrobats, musicians, impersonators, and so much more.

Another thing people don’t realize is that Las Vegas is becoming a more budget-friendly tourist destination. It is no longer a city for merely wealthy individuals to enjoy high-priced entertainment. Now there are inexpensive shows in Las Vegas for families, couples and single people to enjoy. So, why not reserve tickets to see some of these Las Vegas cheap shows before you arrive in the city?

The Top 28 Cheap Las Vegas Shows In 2024

Las Vegas is home to a variety of talented performers and entertainers. Their shows are original and unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else. They truly define the essence of Las Vegas and why so many people come to the city each year from different cities, states and countries. The talent that you see in Las Vegas is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fact that they offer affordable shows in Vegas makes them even better. Below are the top 28 best cheap shows in Las Vegas.

1) Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Some comedy shows in Las Vegas are geared more toward adults than children. But if you’re looking for cheap family shows in Las Vegas that are kid-friendly, then you can feel safe purchasing tickets for Nathan Burton Comedy Magic. The leading performer, Nathan Burton, is a master illusionist with incredible energy and a fabulous sense of humor. His range of live magic tricks includes making beautiful showgirls vanish and reading people’s minds.

The show is open to people of all ages. It is the perfect event to spend an afternoon with your friends and family. Nathan’s magic tricks are clever and mysterious at the same time. He will keep you guessing on how he performed his tricks because he doesn’t give anything away. If you want to see an entertaining combination of illusions, comedy, and beautiful showgirls in one event, then book your tickets to see Nathan Burton Comedy Magic at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

Nathan has been performing magic ever since he was five years old. He started his magic career on the world stage during his teenage years after appearing on the hit NBC TV series “The World’s Greatest Magic.” Since then, Nathan has performed many wonderful illusions and tricks. He’s made elephants disappear, levitated people, and once spent 7 days sealed inside of a giant box with 7 different showgirls. You won’t find a resume like his anywhere else.

2) Terry Fator

Terry Fator

Are you interested in affordable shows in Las Vegas with ventriloquism and puppetry? If so, you should check out Terry Fator’s performances at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas. Terry Fator’s claim to fame was winning “America’s Got Talent” with a combination of comedy, singing, celebrity impressions and ventriloquism.

Terry is a familiar face in the Las Vegas entertainment community. He headlined at the Mirage Hotel for over ten years and acquired a loyal fan base in the process. Now he has an entirely new show at the New York New York Hotel entitled “Who’s the Dummy Now?” If you’ve ever wanted to see a ventriloquist make a dummy sing, then you won’t want to miss this show.

You’ll quickly learn why Terry won “America’s Got Talent.” He can do over 200 celebrity impressions with voices that sound nearly identical to the actual celebrities. These celebrities include Bruno Mars, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Garth Brooks and Elton John. When you hear these voices come out of the dummy’s mouth, you will think those celebrities are really in the room.

3) Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Frederic Da Silva can best be described as a French international mentalist with a unique ability to read people’s minds. He could take one look at you and guess which items you have stored inside your pocket. What about his ability to guess the name of someone who is on your mind at that moment? Frederic has an exceptional and rare talent that few mentalists wish they could showcase to a live crowd.

If you love interactive cheap Las Vegas shows, then you should enjoy the experience of seeing Frederic Da Silva in the Magic Attic at the Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel. You can find the Magic Attic on the hotel’s mezzanine story level, previously known as the Windows Showroom. Frederic uses a combination of hypnosis and magic to scan people’s thoughts and reveal them in front of a live crowd.

The Paranormal Mind Reading Magic show offers both mystery and suspense to audiences. When you walk away from the show, you will be a true believer in paranormal mind-reading. Frederic is enthusiastic, funny, charming, entertaining, and mysterious all at the same time. Just be careful what you think of around him because he may learn your deepest darkest secrets!

4) Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon

Many people consider Piff the Magic Dragon to be the best cheap magic shows in Vegas. Piff the Magic Dragon features a magician wearing a dragon suit and performing magic tricks with his chihuahua sidekick, Mr. Piffles. Where else can you see a magical dragon and dog perform magic on stage together?

Piff the Magic Dragon was introduced on the popular reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” He achieved nationwide popularity from his appearances on the show. Then he brought his magic routine on the road and toured the country with his delightful and unusual style of magic humor. Now, Piff is one of the biggest headliners in Las Vegas. You can find him perform at the Flamingo Showroom in the classic Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel.

There are some occasions where Piff the Magic Dragon will perform on stage with other entertainers and magicians, such as Penn & Teller. But for the most part, Piff and Mr. Piffles are the only two on stage performing magic. Their show is suitable for families with children over the age of 13. However, you cannot bring children under 13 years of age to see the show.

Jade Simone is a showgirl and frequent assistant who can be seen at the Piff the Magic Dragon show. She is more of a professional hostess, dancer, actress, and comedian. But the magic and trickery are left to Piff and Mr. Piffles. She is just there to help them with the humor and beauty of the show.

5) The Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory gives you access to the best cheap comedy shows in Las Vegas. Many of these comedians built their comedy careers at the Laugh Factory and then moved on to bigger and better things in Hollywood. Some of these comedians still come back to the Laugh Factory periodically and continue to make live audiences laugh out loud.

Las Vegas is not the only location of the Laugh Factory. However, it is the one location to be frequented by A-list and B-list celebrities. But, for the most part, it is a place where you can see a lot of rising comedic talent. Perhaps you may spot the next Rodney Dangerfield or Robin Williams if you visit the club. You never know who will perform when you go there.

After all, the Laugh Factory was the home to many rising stars back in the day, such as Roseanne Barr, Bill Maher, Nick Cannon, and Jim Carrey. The diverse range of comedy and talent you will see at the club is unmatchable anywhere else. That’s what makes the experience so unique to the audience. You could visit the Laugh Factory every month and see new performances and humor.

The Laugh Factory is hosted at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas (A Doubletree by Hilton). The hotel provides a list of celebrity guests who will be there in the coming months. Book your tickets accordingly in case you want to see any particular celebrity performers at the Laugh Factory.

6) Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is certainly familiar to New Yorkers. It is one of the oldest and most successful comedy clubs to ever exist in New York City. Many famous comedians performed at the Comedy Cellar when they started in the entertainment world, including Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart and Ray Romano. Now it can also be seen in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel on W. Flamingo Road.

In 1982, the original Comedy Cellar started in the basement of a Greenwich Village restaurant. The comedy club is named the “Cellar” because it is an underground environment with brick walls and stained glass. And, of course, standup comedy routines are performed in the cellar. It is a wonderful hangout spot for spending quality time with your friends as you enjoy some good comedy.

In 2018, the Comedy Cellar expanded its live shows to Las Vegas. The Rio All-Suite Hotel is the Vegas-based venue of the Comedy Cellar. It features 300 seats in an energetic and intimate environment. The usual ticket prices are $5, but you may find ticket prices as low as $23 in Vegas. If you like cheap shows to see in Vegas with various comedians and comic styles presented, you should check out the Comedy Celler the next time you’re in Vegas.

7) LA Comedy Club

LA Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club is an award-winning comedy club in Las Vegas. It is a great place to discover new comedians and rising talent in the entertainment industry. Many famous comedians started their careers at the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas, including Loni Love, Aziz Ansari, James Michael, and Felipe Esparsa. Perhaps you will spot the next famous future comedian when you visit the club. All their Las Vegas cheap shows are wonderful.

The STRAT Hotel (Stratosphere Hotel) is the host of the LA Comedy Club. There is no one specific comedian who headlines for the event each week. Instead, different comedians from all around the country come to Las Vegas and headline for the LA Comedy Club every week. This means you’ll likely have a unique experience at the club during each trip you have to Las Vegas. How great is that?

The LA Comedy Club opened in 2007. It can be found in the “Dragon Room” of the Strat Hotel. There are only 160 seats in the room, but it creates a more intimate environment for guests and the performers. Everyone who is seated will get a perfect view of the performers on stage.  You are definitely going to remember the performances as well as the sights inside the room. It is truly the most unique looking comedy club you will ever witness.

8) Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

The comedy clubs in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world. When you attend Vegas comedy clubs, such as the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, you may see famous comedians and newcomers performing on different nights. There is such a blend of varying comedy styles that you cannot help but get entertained by them. Just be ready for adult-oriented humor because the stand-up comedians at the club are not afraid to give hilarious commentary on political events, world news, and everyday activities.

Some comedians who perform at the club are from major comedy cities like New York City and Chicago. The club’s wide range of unfiltered comic geniuses never holds back, especially when discussing controversial issues. They will keep you on the floor laughing from start to finish throughout their 75-minute shows.

The Las Vegas Live Comedy Club has affordable Las Vegas shows for guests ages 16 and older in the V Theater Upstairs Showroom of Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel. Adult language and content are common in most stand-up routines performed at the club.

9) Carrot Top

Carrot Top Show

Carrot Top is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable comedians in Las Vegas. His long red curly hair has become a trademark of his live standup routines. In addition, people love him because of his unique style of prop-based comedy. Rather than standing in front of a microphone and telling jokes for 75 minutes, Carrot Top has trunks filled with sophisticated props and inventions to assist in his humor. No other comedian has mastered prop comedy like him.

Carrot Top does make fun of people and uses props to make his jokes funny. For example, he may use a combination of music, pyrotechnics, and lasers to illustration his sense of humor about prominent figures in our society. He has everything from an Operation Game of former Vice President Dick Cheney to a steroid-filled Mark McGwire baseball bat.

You can see Carrot Top perform at the Atrium Showroom of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Carrot Top’s real name is Scott Thompson, and he got his start in comedy while attending Florida Atlantic University. The young Thompson experimented with standup comedy as a freshman at the school. He eventually took his humor on the road to various clubs throughout Florida and the rest of the country.

After a 1992 appearance on the Tonight Show, Carrot Top skyrocketed to fame and fortune. He has headlined at the Luxor Hotel since 2005. He is one of the city’s favorite modern comedians of all time.

10) Wow The Vegas Spectacular

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

Wow the Vegas Spectacular is a variety show suitable for audience members of almost any age. Since the minimum age requirement is four years or older, you can bring your young children to the show. The entertainment elements featured in Wow the Vegas Spectacular are everything you could want, such as acrobatics, theatrical lighting, 3D multimedia projections, and water stages. The performers demonstrate superb athleticism, energy, determination, and courage while performing stunts for the crowd.

Out of all the cheapest shows in Las Vegas under $50, Wow is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Audiences are treated to an immersive experience in the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. The seats are up against the stage, allowing you to witness the stunts and performers showcasing their impressive moves up close. You’ll even see the performers flying into the air and coming down to make perfect landings without incurring any scratches.

You’ll want to see Wow the Vegas Spectacular at the Rio Hotel if you like thrilling stunts that leave your heart pounding from start to finish. This 90-minute production has a starting ticket price of $49 and up. The show offers a plethora of entertainment for such a low starting price.

11) V – The Ultimate Variety Show

V - The Ultimate Variety Show

V – The Ultimate Variety Show gets its name for a reason. It has some of the broadest range of variety compared to all the other cheap shows to see in Vegas. The production has a rotating cast of performers with many different talents, including comedians, magicians, acrobats, athletic performers, and skaters. All the entertainment you could ever want is packed into this 75-minute variety show at the V Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.

What are some of your favorite variety shows in Las Vegas? Once you see V – The Ultimate Variety Show for the first time, you’ll want to add it to your list of favorites. Since the show has a rotating cast of performers, the audience sees unique performances every night. For instance, if you were to attend the show on two different nights, you would likely have two different experiences watching the show because it wouldn’t be 100% the same. That will make you want to see V – The Ultimate Variety Show again and again.

There is no minimum age requirement for admittance. The lowest ticket price is $47, which puts it under the $50 range as a cheap show to attend in Vegas.

12) The Mentalist

The Mentalist

When you can find cheap shows in Vegas priced at $25 per ticket, you should never resist the urge to see them. Cheap Vegas shows like The Mentalist are entertaining and memorable because they surprise and wow audiences. The Mentalist stars master mentalist Gerry McCambridge who showcases his unique mind-reading acts at the V Theater Upstairs Showroom in the Miracle Mile Shops of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. This 75-minute production has a starting price of $25 and up.

The Mentalist is the perfect show to attend if you love performers who interact with audiences. Gerry can read anyone’s mind from the audience and predict what will happen to them in random situations. So if you want to become part of his act, you could volunteer to have him read your mind. Don’t worry, though, because his mind-reading is all in good humor and fun. He won’t embarrass you too much, but you should still have a sense of humor about the whole thing. It will make the experience more pleasurable and memorable for you and the rest of your party.

Several celebrities have hired Gerry to entertain them at parties with his mind-reading abilities. Some of his biggest clients have included Courteney Cox, Donald Trump, Lisa Kudrow, and Howard Stern. He also had an NBC primetime television special seen by millions of people around the world, including in the United States, Africa, South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

13) Australian Bee Gees

Australian Bee Gees

The Australian Bee Gees recreates the legendary Bee Gees band with a group of impersonators who have nearly identical vocals as the famous Gibb brothers. They will sing the Bee Gees’ greatest hits, including “You Should Be Dancing,” “Staying Alive,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” and more! Fans of the Bee Gees will enjoy sitting through this 70-minute show at the Thunderland showroom of the Excalibur Hotel because it is a nostalgic journey from beginning to end.

The Australian Bee Gees makes the list of the top cheapest shows in Vegas because the minimum ticket price is currently $39. That is a reasonable price for attending a musical tribute show to one of the most legendary bands in music history. The Australian Bee Gees have already performed live for over one million people in over 40 countries. Every time they book a concert hall or theater, it gets sold out within weeks. You’ll understand why once you witness the Australian Bee Gees show for yourself.

Audience members must be five years or older to attend the Australian Bee Gees show at the Thunderland. If your family members or children are unfamiliar with the Bee Gees’ music, they will become huge fans by the end of this 70-minute musical tribute show.

14) Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Maker

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer is a former performer of the famous Cirque Du Soleil entertainment company, which is known all around Las Vegas. Xavier was the first performer from the company to leave them and perform a solo act in Las Vegas under his own name. He has been headlining at the STRAT Hotel for the last five years with his mesmerizing magic performances. The visuals alone are out of this world.

The Dream Maker is a magic show with a combination of original illusions, creativity, comedy, poetry, and drama. You will never see another magic show quite like this one. Xavier creates a literal dream world filled with magic and wonderment. Any fans of the Cirque Du Soleil should feel right at home watching this show in the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel.

Xavier has made a name for himself outside of Las Vegas too. His claim to international fame was an appearance on “America’s Got Talent” after winning a Gold Star at the European magic festival “L’Eau d’Olle.” He also posts videos of his magic tricks on social media. These videos have acquired more than two billion views. That is a record for any online magician.

However, it is always more thrilling to see Xavier in person at his Las Vegas cheap shows. If you plan to stay at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, then you should buy a ticket to see Xavier Mortimer: The Dream Maker during your stay. It will be an experience you will not forget.

15) Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show

Here is another example of cheap Las Vegas shows involving magic and guest interactions. The difference is that the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show takes the interactions to a more extreme level. Not only does Mike have the ability to read people’s minds, but he can also swallow sharp razor blades too. Don’t worry, though, because it is a family-friendly magic show. Guests remain entirely safe. But you have to be at least 13 years of age or older to attend.

You can catch the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show at the Four Queens Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Since it is a “comedy magic” show, you can expect to see a combination of comedy and magic coming from Mike. It is a 70-minute show that goes by very quickly because the magic and stuns keep coming quickly.

The Pick Pocket Booth of Solitude is where all the Mike Hammer magic happens. Come see his performances for yourself at the Four Queens in Las Vegas and prepare to be stunned and amazed at the same time. His show has been voted as the most interactive magic show in Vegas. So, get ready for lots of opportunities to have interactions with Mike if you want them.

16) Tape Face

Tape Face Show

You might be a little frightened of Tape Face when you first see him come out on stage. Tape Face, also known as Sam Willis, is a silent comedian with a pale face, electric hairstyle, heavy eye shadow, and a black piece of tape over his mouth. So what could a comedian like this possibly do to entertain people?

Well, you’d be surprised how funny and mysterious this man can be without saying a word. Try to imagine a gothic mime with a weird and remarkable sense of humor. If you’ve never seen Tape Face perform before, then you’ve never seen a performance quite like it.

Tape Face made his first international appearance in the 2016 season of “America’s Got Talent.” He was one of the only guests to ever make it to the finals on the show without ever speaking a word. That alone requires talent. Although he didn’t win the season, Tape Face got a regular gig at the Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel. His show is held in the House of Tape Theater.

Sometimes Sam Willis goes on tour and doesn’t have time to appear for the Vegas shows. When this happens, his doppelganger takes his place without anyone suspecting it. That is just one more benefit of not having to talk.

17) Murray the Magician

Murray the Magician

Do you love to see funny magicians with inexpensive shows in Las Vegas? Dean Cain, the former host of “Masters of Illusion,” said that Murray the Magician was the funniest magician performing in Las Vegas. Murray is a master of illusions, pranks, comedy and audience interactions. He brings all these elements together for a unique and original magic show at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

Like many young and talented magicians, Murray achieved national fame on the reality show “America’s Got Talent.” He also creates magic videos that have circulated the internet and acquired millions of views. People love Murray’s magic tricks because they involve large objects and living things rather than small things.

Where else can you see a beautiful showgirl get turned into a nearly quarter-ton tiger? Sometimes Murray will go out into the middle of the audience to perform his magic tricks. There are no secret contraptions or spaces for him to hide while performing these tricks. Audience members are always baffled in wonderment over how he made large objects disappear and appear out of thin air.

Come to the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel to see Murray the Magician live on stage. Maybe you can figure out the secret behind some of his most incredible magic tricks.

18) Mac King Comedy Magic

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Some of the day shows in Las Vegas are better than the night shows. Mac King Comedy Magic is one example of this concept. His magic performances at the Excalibur Hotel are extraordinary. The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is a great family event that includes humor, trickery, creativity and masterful sleight-of-hand.

Mac King is famous because his afternoon cheap shows in Las Vegas have been running for a long time now. But more importantly, his humor is perfect for kids, adults, men, women, boys, and girls. He is a traditional comedian and magician with fantastic speed and timing. You will laugh at his performance from beginning to end.

Mac doesn’t have one particular style of comedy. Instead, he uses all kinds of tricks to entertain his audiences. You will see everything from live animals and hand shadow puppets to rope tricks used on stage. Sometimes he’ll even pull out some excellent Elvis and Liberace impressions.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show can be seen in the Clint Holmes Theater at the Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel. His ability to connect and interact with audience members is a big part of his success. He even stands by the exit door after the show and greets guests as they leave the theater. What other performers do that for their guests at such affordable shows in Vegas?

19) Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

If you’re looking for the best value shows in Vegas featuring comedy and pets, you won’t find another production better than Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater. It offers plenty of value and cuteness to audience members at the V Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood Resort. This 60-minute production features all the best animals that people love as pets, including cats, dogs, and doves. What’s even more incredible is the animals act like people in various scenarios, such as students in school, patients in a doctor’s office, and passengers on a train. It is truly adorable. 

How many animal shows in Las Vegas feature more than 30 pets in 60 minutes? Gregory Popovich and his cute cast members do a fantastic job entertaining the crowd with comedy, cuteness, and circus acts. In addition to Popovich and the animals, human performers do various circus acts like jump roping, gymnastics, and juggling. You’ll even see Popovich’s daughter Anastasie on stage dancing, twirling a baton around, and guiding a group of cute dachshunds to do specific acts for the crowd.

Gregory Popovich is a 5th generation circus performer born in Russia. He received his extensive circus training at the Moscow Circus School before touring with the Moscow Circus and gaining notoriety in America, Europe, and Japan. Popovich also made appearances on the reality T.V. series “America’s Got Talent.” Now, you can see him at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. The minimum price of admission is $24 and up.

20) Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Kevin Lepine is an intelligent and funny hypnotist who likes to have “off-topic” discussions with his audiences. His Hypnosis Unleashed show is for mature audiences and not for children. So, if you or your partner want to have a good time and laugh at some adult humor, then you should purchase tickets to see Kevin Lepine’s Hypnosis Unleashed show in the Canyon Club at the Four Queens Resort Hotel.

You can choose to remain a spectator in the crowd, or you can volunteer to become part of his act. But if you decide to volunteer to get hypnotized, get ready to do some crazy things on stage. You may do everything from fighting for napkins with your friends to transforming into Britney Spears.

Kevin knows how to take hypnosis and comedy to a whole new level. When he is not hypnotizing and making people laugh in Las Vegas, he is touring the country with witty humor. His most frequent stops are in New Orleans and Detroit.

21) Rich Little

Rich Little Las Vegas Show

Rich Little is considered to be a master comedian and impressionist in the entertainment field. He has been entertaining audiences with his celebrity impersonations for nearly 50 years now. Some of his most extraordinary impressions are Frank Sinatra, Kermit the Frog, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart and numerous other politicians, actors, and singers from popular culture.

Some people call Rich the “Man of a Thousand Voices.” His latest one-man show is entitled “Rich Little Live!” You can see it in the popular Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. It is an autobiographical show about his 50-year career as an entertainer, but with humor and impressions added into the mix. Affordable shows in Vegas rarely give you story and humor together like this.

Rich is one of the only comedians still alive who got his start in the mid-1940s. He has appeared on several famous television shows throughout the decades, including the Judy Garland Show and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. When you hear about his stories in the autobiographical show, you will develop a great respect for his long career and all the legendary entertainers and public figures he met throughout his life.

22) Jen Kramer

The Magic of Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer is not only a beautiful woman, but she is also a brilliant magician. Her beautiful smile and fast sleight-of-hand make her one of the most popular young comedians and magicians working today. Her inexpensive shows in Las Vegas headline in the Westgate Cabaret at the Westgate Resort Hotel.

Jen didn’t have to be a magician. She had a degree from Yale University and could have done anything she wanted in her life. However, she chose to use her abilities as a magician to build a career that made other people laugh and feel happy. What could be better than that?

Jen loves to invite audience members to participate in her illusions and magic tricks. Her favorite trick is to turn a one-dollar bill into a one-hundred-dollar bill. Therefore, you might want to participate in her act because you could end up with ninety-nine extra dollars if you’re lucky!

23) Gordie Brown

Gordie Brown

Gordie Brown is best known for his Las Vegas impersonator shows. He delivers a hilarious and captivating performance filled with live music and the funniest celebrity impressions ever. You may sing songs with the voice of other legendary singers like Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Gordie brings energy and excitement to his performances that are both thrilling and electrifying at the same time.

His numerous television appearances over the years have included A&E’s Evening at the Improv, NBC’s Friday Night Videos, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Hollywood Squares. You can witness his incredible talent in the Showroom at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas.

24) Adam London

Laughternoon with Adam London

Do you want to see inexpensive Vegas shows in the afternoon? Adam London Laughternoon is the best show for budget-friendly tourists because it features comedy, magic, and ultra-affordability. The minimum ticket price for this afternoon show is only $15, which is probably affordable to just above every tourist who visits Las Vegas. There is not even an age restriction to attend the show, making it suitable for families with young children.

Adam London Laughternoon is a 60-minute comedy magic show with classic and modified magic tricks. You’ll see London demonstrate his clever sleight-of-hand card tricks, many of which his grandfather taught him when he was a kid. London always knew he wanted to be a magician growing up, but he didn’t want to be the typical magician. So while attending college musical theater, London performed his magic routines in comedy clubs to test his comic abilities. He eventually performed in the Improv Comedy Club and the L.A. Comedy Club.

London is an improvisational comedy genius. Some say he is a comedian before being a magician because humor is a bigger theme in his shows. Either way, you’re guaranteed to be entertained for the 90-minute production at The Venue of the Orleans Hotel.

25) Delirious Comedy Club

Delirious Comedy Club

The Delirious Comedy Club is the place to see affordable Vegas shows with comedy. The club is in the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel. You have to be at least 21 years of age or older to attend. For a minimum ticket price of $28, you get treated to 90 minutes of pure entertainment. You and the rest of the crowd will laugh out loud for the entire show. 

Each night at the Delirious Comedy Club is a different experience for audience members because it has a rotating cast of comedians who perform there. These are comedians from throughout the country, some well-known and some unknown. But even the aspiring comedians and newcomers offer a high level of comedy that you can only see at a comedy club in Las Vegas. They are bound to make names for themselves in show business with their hilarious jokes and adult-oriented humor.

Try to have a good sense of humor when attending the Delirious Comedy Club at the Downtown Grand Hotel. Some of the comedians may joke about controversial topics. And if you sit close enough to the center stage, one of the comedians may call you out and make a few random jokes about you too. Nothing is off-limits when you hear these comedians perform for 90 minutes.

26) House of Magic

House of Magic

The House of Magic is the perfect place to see a variety of magicians performing various magic acts at the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Since it features a rotating cast of magicians, you will likely see different magic acts every time you attend a live performance at the House of Magic. Each 75-minute show will have you guessing and wondering how the magicians did their amazing mind-boggling tricks.

The House of Magic is among the cheapest Las Vegas shows because the minimum ticket price is $28. The cheap ticket price doesn’t diminish the quality of the magic performances, though. You will receive 75 minutes of pure entertainment from magicians who also know how to make people laugh too. They are comedy magicians who love incorporating humor into all their magic routines. So you will laugh and be amazed at the same time.

There is no minimum age restriction to attend the House of Magic at the Downtown Grand Hotel. It is a budget-friendly family show with illusions and comedy suitable for all ages to witness. Many comedy magicians at the House of Magic have been featured on Comedy Central, Netflix, America’s Got Talent, and other television network specials.

27) Totally Mental

Totally Mental

How would you like to find affordable shows in Las Vegas with comedy, magic, and humor in them? If you answered “yes,” you’ll want to see the Totally Mental show at the Renkus-Heinz Theater of Notoriety at Neonopolis. The Renkus-Heinz Theater is on the third floor of Neonopolis and offers the perfect setting for such a hilarious and fantastical comedy illusion show. The minimum ticket price is $20.

The Totally Mental show has a roundup of special guest magicians and illusionists on different nights of the week. Vinny Grosso is one of those performers and a master of comedy illusions who will boggle your mind and make you laugh simultaneously. He likes performing traditional magic acts while incorporating a modern twist to make them more attractive. If you love magic, you will love the magic routines of Gross and the other magicians at the Totally Mental show.

Many of the show’s special guest magicians have performed for television audiences, corporate staff, and celebrities. Perhaps you will recognize some of these performers when they appear on the night of your attendance. Audience members only need to be five years or older to attend Totally Mental. You can expect the performers like Grosso to encourage audience participation, so get ready to volunteer to become part of his act if you wish.

28) Banachek’s Mind Games

Banachek’s Mind Games Show

Banachek is the world’s greatest minder because he has a gift to read people’s minds like no other magician or illusionist. Banachek’s Mind Games offers 75 minutes of nonstop entertainment showcasing Banachek’s skills as a magician, hypnotist, illusionist, and mentalist. He can read the minds of random people from the audience and accurately make predictions about them and their lives. Admission prices start at $27.

Many inexpensive Las Vegas shows feature magic acts, but none like those you see at Banachek’s Mind Games at the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. Banachek is an original magician because of his unique mind-reading abilities. He even convinced a group of researchers from Washington University’s McDonnell Laboratory for Psychical Research that his psychic abilities were real.

Banachek has received numerous accolades and awards, including the Psychic Entertainers Creativity Award and the International Magicians Society Award. Other Las Vegas magicians like Penn and Teller have complimented Banachek on his deep magical thinking and ability to pull off his tricks flawlessly. Even though Banachek has exposed the truth about his mind-reading tricks, many top researchers still believe he has a unique gift of the mind.

Reservation Tips

Vegas Lens provides listings of some of the best cheap shows in Las Vegas. You may have an idea of which performers you would like to see already. In that case, go to the listings of those performers’ shows and see when they are available in Vegas. Try to organize your schedule around the dates of the performances so that you don’t miss them. Look for links to exclusive discount offerings too.

Several cheap Las Vegas shows use the performer’s name in the title, such as Carrot Top or Nathan Burton Comedy Magic. However, you may come across other shows that don’t use the performer’s names in the titles, such as Tape Face and Piff the Magic Dragon. When you see these listings, focus on the details of the performances rather than on the performers. You may discover new performers that you will end up liking after you watch their shows.

Here are some other tips for finding the best inexpensive shows in Las Vegas for your budget and interests:

  • Contact different Las Vegas hotels and travel agencies to inquire about the latest cheap shows to see in Vegas. You may not have a particular show in mind, so they can always recommend a cheap show that you might be interested in seeing. Las Vegas hotels are known for offering discounts on shows to people who book rooms with them. Sometimes you can strike a good deal on rooms and shows if you negotiate with the hotel staff directly.
  • Do you want to see multiple shows in different hotels? Most Las Vegas hotels don’t require people to be their guests in order to see one of their hosted shows. You can simply purchase tickets for the shows and visit the hotel for the specific purpose of seeing the shows at their scheduled times. The only difference is that hotel guests may be entitled to discounts on shows that non-guests are not entitled to receive.
  • The best cheap shows in Las Vegas are on the Las Vegas Strip. If you plan to see a lot of cheap Las Vegas shows, you might be better off booking a room at a hotel on the Strip. Then you won’t have to travel very far from your hotel to see all the best inexpensive shows in Las Vegas.

The important thing is to have a good time. If a show gets canceled unexpectedly, you can still find amazing discounts on “last minute” tickets. These are unsold tickets for shows about to take place within the next few hours. Hotels love to set huge discounts on these tickets because they want to fill up the empty seats at the events before they start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about cheap shows in Las Vegas? If so, you might find answers to those questions below.

How to get cheap tickets to shows in Las Vegas?

Vegas Lens has a specific category called “Discount Las Vegas Show Tickets.” Click on the link of that category to see the latest discount shows tickets in Las Vegas. If you don’t see a discount for the show that you would like to see, try some of these other techniques to get the cheapest tickets possible.

First, purchase your tickets a few months in advance. Second, look for shows on weekdays rather than weekends, because weekday shows are usually cheaper. It is best to get tickets for shows on Monday through Thursday while avoiding Friday through Sunday.

Sometimes, Las Vegas hotels will offer discount deals on shows to their guests, especially if they host the shows. You may find some package deals on a few travel agency websites where you can book your hotel room and show tickets simultaneously.

What cheap shows are in Las Vegas?

There are plenty of cheap shows to see in Vegas. You can usually find shows priced in the $20 to $55 range during the off-season months. They include Gordie Brown, Mac King, Carrott Top, Murray the Magician, and La Comedy Club. There are literally dozens of good quality and affordable shows in Vegas if you know where to look for them. The list above should be an excellent place to start.

What kind of cheap shows in Las Vegas?

There are all kinds of cheap Las Vegas shows. You can find a mixture of cheap shows featuring magic, illusions, comedy, music, singing, and everything else in between. And these are not newbie entertainers giving mediocre performances. Instead, they are professional and experienced entertainers with years of experience in the industry. So you will get a lot of good quality entertainment for the small prices you pay for the tickets.


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the glamour and magic of Sin City. It was unlike any other city I had ever visited because of its bright lights, beautiful hotel resorts, and the variety of entertainment shows and tourist activities.

One visit was all it took for me to move to Las Vegas and make it my primary residence. Since then, I have made it my mission to share everything beautiful and outstanding about Las Vegas with the rest of the world. That way, people will be encouraged to visit Las Vegas and experience the city’s magic for themselves.

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