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26 Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas for 2022‏

Do you love comedy shows in Las Vegas? Perhaps you have never seen comedy shows in Vegas before, but would like to see at least one? Well, you should definitely check out several of the Las Vegas comedy shows available because they’ll make you laugh out loud throughout the entire performances.

There are numerous styles of comedy performed by these comedians, ranging from political humor and cultural humor to stereotyping and ventriloquism. Las Vegas comedians are the funniest performers in the country. Some of these comedians are already well known because of their successes on television and film.

The most notable Las Vegas comedians include George Lopez, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Carrot Top, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ralphie May. In addition, you’ll discover comedians who are more exclusively well known in Las Vegas, such as Piff the Magic Dragon and Terry Fator.

Top 26 Comedy Shows in Las Vegas for 2022

Below are the top 26 best comedy shows in Las Vegas, according to our research. You may love some of them or all of them, depending on your comedic tastes.

1) Penn & Teller

Penn Teller

Penn and Teller are the number one comedy duo in Las Vegas. They brilliantly combine the arts of magic and comedy into one glorious stage act that keeps audiences tuned in for every minute of their performance. Audiences are left guessing how Penn and Teller did their magic tricks because the secrets of them are never revealed. Their magic comedy acts are performed at the Penn & Teller Theater of the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Of course, Penn and Teller are both known for their personalities too. Penn is the one who delivers commentary to the audience as he and Teller perform their magic comedy act in real-time. Teller, on the other hand, is the quiet of the two who never utters a single word. Instead, Teller performs more of the physical comedy and actions that are required to make their tricks so successful and funny.

2) Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment

Terry Fator - Best comedy shows in Vegas

Terry Fator is what you might call an illusionist rather than a magician. His brand of humor comes in the form of impressions and illusions rather than magic tricks. You’ll see him sing like an array of notable singers and entertainers, including Elvis Presley and Cher. The amazing thing is that he doesn’t even move his lips when he sings like them.

This ability can be attributed to his skill as a puppeteer. Without having to talk, his actions literally speak louder than his words. He has puppets on stage with him to assist in his comedy acts. When Fator does sing like other entertainers, his vocal range is close to the real people. He can sing songs like “Friends in Low Places” as Garth Brooks, “I Got You Babe” as Cher, and “At Last” as Etta James.

If you’re on the Las Vegas Strip and you’re going to be near the Mirage hotel, then check out Terry Fator’s act. It is something you will never forget.

3) Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar - Las Vegas comedy shows

Comedy Cellar originated on the East Coast in New York City. It is the place where famous comedians normally go to perform their stand-up comedy routines to live audiences. For 36 years, Comedy Cellar shows could only be seen in New York City. Now that has changed because it is now in Las Vegas on the West Coast of the country.

Come to the Rio Resort Hotel in Las Vegas to see the comedians at the Comedy Cellar. Some of the common comedians who go there include Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Ray Romano, Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart and so many others. Each nightly show consists of five stand-up comedians who come on stage and make audiences laugh. You’ll see some legendary comedians and possibly discover a few new ones too.

4) Tape Face

Tape Face - Comedy shows in Las Vegas

Tape Face might freak you out when you look at him. He steps out onto the stage with black eyeshadow and a large black piece of tape over his mouth. As you can imagine, this comedian does not speak at all. His style of comedy comes in the form of hilarious stunts and actions through the use of props and music. Tape Face is almost like a gothic clown who has a great sensor of humor, but no facial expression. Come to Harrah’s Las Vegas and get some very affordable tickets to see Tape Face live and in-person.

5) Menopause the Musical

Menopause the Musical - Best comedy shows in Las Vegas

Menopause the Musical might sound like a horror show if you’re a woman who has experienced weight gain, memory loss, mood swings, or hot flashes. Fortunately, the performers of Menopause the Musical find a way to turn these misfortunate symptoms of aging into funny comedy routines that’ll make anyone laugh.

The musical consists of four outrageous characters who reminisce about their favorite songs from the 1970s, 1960s, and 1950s. As they move onto the conversations of hot flashes, overeating and, Prozac, you’ll hear chorus tunes that make this honest representation of menopause much more hilariously fun.

6) Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon - Las Vegas Comedians

Piff the Magic Dragon was made famous on the reality TV series America’s Got Talent. He is a magical dragon that performs a unique style of magical comedy with his sidekick, Mr Piffles. The venue is an engaging theatre where audience members sit a mere 30 feet or less away from the stage. You’ll love the comedy routines that these two wonderful characters perform at the Flamingo Hotel in Bugsy’s Cabaret.

7) Carrot Top

Carrot Top - Comedy shows in Vegas

Carrot Top is the red-headed comedian that is easily identifiable. He has been popular for over 20 years now and is best known for his use of props as a comedian. In fact, he combines over-the-top prop comedy with hilarious commentary on recent events that are happening in the country.

Audiences get to witness Carrot Top use wacky items and inventions as part of his comedy routine. He also tells some pretty funny jokes as well. Carrot Top has received numerous accolades, including “Best Male Stand-up Comedian,” “Comedian of the Year,” and “Entertainer of the Year” in Las Vegas.

8) Atomic Saloon

Atomic Saloon - Best comedy shows in Vegas

Atomic Saloon combines thrilling comedy with a wild west theme. You’ll see attractive actors and acrobats performing a variety of funny stunts as gunslingers of a saloon. You can only find the Atomic Saloon at Kraken Music Hall of The Venetian Resort’s Grand Canal Shoppes. Boozy Skunkton and her unusually sexy troupe are a fun sight to see, so don’t miss it. You must be at least 18 years of age or older because of the mature humor of this comedy show.

9) Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club - Las Vegas comedy shows

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at the MGM Grand will make you laugh profusely. If you were a fan of the television sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” then you might remember Brad Garrett from the show. However, he is no stranger to Las Vegas because he got his start in comedy by performing opening acts for a number of legendary Vegas performers in the 1980s. Some of which include Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli, and Frank Sinatra.

Garrett doesn’t always perform at the Comedy Club show because he lets other upcoming comedians perform there. But he may make a special appearance there if he’s in town. Come and see for yourself.

10) Potted Potter

Potted Potter - Comedy shows in Las Vegas

Potted Potter merges the world of Harry Potter with the world of comedy. If you’re a fan of the seven different Harry Potter books, then you will love Potted Potter at Bally’s Las Vegas. In just 70 minutes, the show rehashes the entire Harry Potter series in a hilarious and creative way. You’ll hear jokes and see all kinds of interesting props and costumed characters from the series, including a fire-breathing dragon. The tickets are very inexpensive too. Children as young as 6 years old may attend.

11) Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show treats audiences to an array of wonderful illusions, comedy routines, and gorgeous showgirls. Nathan Burton performs family-friendly comedy and has an engaging personality. That is why there are no age restrictions for audience members of the show. Everyone ends up amazed by Burton’s intriguing illusions whenever they see them. Since 2001, Burton has made a name for himself on the Las Vegas Strip and on television show specials like “The World’s Wildest Magic” and “World’s Greatest Magic 3.”

12) Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory - Las Vegas Comedians

Laugh Factory is a famous comedy club that is known throughout the world. The first Laugh Factory came to Hollywood in 1979. It was the place where so many famous comedians got there start in the business. Soon after, the Laugh Factory expanded to Las Vegas, and its tradition of introducing new comedians to the world had continued.

Some of the most notable comedians to ever perform at the Laugh Factory include Jay Leno, Rodney Dangerfield, Bob Saget, George Carlin, Richard Pryor Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Jeff Foxworthy and the list goes on. Nowadays, you’ll see a whole new generation of stand-up comedians at the Laugh Factory and maybe some of the classic comedians who are still alive and kicking.

One thing is for sure, and that is that you’ll laugh the entire time when you see these stand-up comedians perform on stage. The Laugh Factory is at the Tropicana Las Vegas hotel.

13) Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis - Comedy shows in Vegas

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is a whole new style of comedy that is fun and exciting to witness. Savard is a hypnotist who takes random volunteers from the audience and hypnotizes them on stage. Through the power of hypnosis, these volunteers end up doing funny and ridiculous things for the rest of the audience to witness.

Savard will hypnotize up to 25 people in one show by lining them up and having them come on stage. It is the one comedy show in Vegas where the host is not the main attraction. That’s what makes it so incredible. 

14) Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club - Best comedy shows in Vegas

You know Jimmy Kimmel from his ABC late show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Did you know he has his own comedy club in Las Vegas at the LINQ Promenade? It is a comedy club where a lot of aspiring comedians and talents come to try out their comedy in front of live audiences.

Perhaps you’ll be able to find the next future comedian that’ll become a big Hollywood star. Kimmel designed the venue that is 8,000 square feet high. You must be 18 years of age or older.

15) Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King Comedy Magic Show - Las Vegas comedy shows

In Las Vegas, Mac King is known for being the longest-running magician to perform shows there. His show, Mac King Comedy Magic Show, takes place at the Harrah’s Hotel in a classic-themed showroom. King’s brand of comedy involves sleight-of-hand tricks and good humor that people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy.

He even does masterful impersonations of legendary Vegas performers like Liberace and Elvis Presley. You won’t see much use of technology other than music and lighting. Most of the time, you’re just seeing him perform tricks and that’s enough to keep audiences entertained.

16) Jeff Dunham: Seriously?!

Jeff Dunham: Seriously?! - Comedy shows in Las Vegas

Jeff Dunham: Seriously?! is a standup comedy act by comedian Jeff Dunham. He performs his show at the Colosseum of the world-famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. His brand of comedy includes having intriguing conversations with puppets and giving brutally honest opinions about various topics. He is the only Las Vegas comedian who has been in the comedy business since they were 8 years old.

17) Wallace at Westgate

Wallace at Westgate - Best comedy shows in Las Vegas

George Wallace is an actor and comedian who has taken his comedic talents across the world for decades. He got his big break in the 1970s and has since appeared in several movies and television shows. However, his on-screen appearances don’t do him justice because his presence on stage in-person is so much better. He will have you laughing so hard that you’ll want to come back again and again to watch him perform.

18) John Caparulo Madcap Comedy

John Caparulo Madcap Comedy - Las Vegas Comedians

John Caparulo certainly stands out from other comedians of his generation. He uses a lot of curse words in his comedy routines, so if you like that sort of thing then come see his Madcap Comedy show at the Harrah’s in Las Vegas. Caparulo makes regular appearances on the television show Chelsea Lately and several other late-night shows. Some of his comedy tours have included the “Blue Collar Comedy” group, actor Vince Vaughn, and other notable performers of the entertainment industry.

19) Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream - Comedy shows in Vegas

Xavier Mortimer used to be part of the Cirque du Soleil group that is famous in Las Vegas. Mortimer has since gone solo as a magician and illusionist by creating his own Las Vegas show entitled “Magical Dream.” It is a great blend of comedy, illusions and magic that’ll have you guessing, wondering, and laughing the entire time. Mortimer made notable appearances on America’s Got Talent and the European magic festival known as L’Eau d’Olle. You can see “Magical Dream” performed live at the Bally’s Las Vegas hotel.

20) Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club - Best comedy shows in Vegas

The top comics and stand-up comedians in show business perform in the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club show, which is located at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in the famous V Theater. The comedians you’ll see come from all over the country, including New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, and Los Angeles. You never know who is going to perform on stage when you come to the show. That is what makes it very exciting. 

21) The Mentalist

The Mentalist - Las Vegas comedy shows

Gerry McCambridge is what is known as “The Mentalist,” which is also the name of his show at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops. You won’t find another comedy act quite like this one because he uses the power of the mind to entertain people. When audience members come to his show, he selects random people and reads their minds.  If you’re interested in participating in a comedy show rather than simply watching it, then The Mentalist is the show to see.

22) Rich Little

Rich Little - Comedy shows in Las Vegas

Rich Little is a master impressionist who has decades of experience in show business. He can perform comedic impressions of Frank Sinatra, Kermit the Frog, and Ronald Reagan. Some of his past notoriety included appearances on The Judy Garland Show, The Tonight Show, and Hollywood Squares. If you like impression-based comedy, then come see Rich Little live at the Tropicana Las Vegas.

23) Anthony Cools – The Uncensored Hypnotist

Anthony Cools - Best comedy shows in Las Vegas

Anthony Cools is called the “Uncensored Hypnotist.” That is because he hypnotizes audience members to do hilariously outrageous things that they would never do otherwise. Some of the humor is clean, while some of it is on the dirty side. For this reason, audience members must be at least 18 years of age or older to attend. The show is held at the Paris Las Vegas hotel in the Anthony Cools Showroom.

24) The Eddie Griffin Experience

The Eddie Griffin Experience - Las Vegas Comedians

Eddie Griffin has been a stage comedian for nearly 30 years now. He’s toured the world, acted in movies, and performed comedy specials that have gotten rave critical reviews. The Eddie Griffin Experience at the SAHARA Las Vegas in the Sayers Club is worth checking out if you’re at least 21 years of age or older.

25) Mike Hammer Comedy

Mike Hammer Comedy - Comedy shows in Vegas

Mike Hammer has been a comedian for over 25 years. He blends magic and comedy together in order to make people laugh. You’ll see him perform pranks, gags, mind-reading of audience members, and his unique ability to swallow a double-edged razor blade. His Vegas show is held at the Canyon Club in the Four Queens.

26) Ron White

Ron White - Best comedy shows in Vegas

Ron White is known for his charisma, but also for his scotch drinking and cigar smoking. He is the ideal American comedian from the south who tells relatable but funny jokes that’ll have you laughing in your seat the entire time. The way he executes his jokes is what really makes them funny. You might know him best from the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” that he did for 3 years with Jeff Foxworthy. The Ron White solo comedy act can be seen at the Mirage Hotel.

How to Select The Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

There are so many different comedy shows in Las Vegas to choose from. If you’re like most travelers to Sin City, you’ll have limited time in your schedule to see everything there is to see there. Most people want to have time for helicopter rides, canyon hikes, magic shows, and so on. Therefore, you need to choose the best shows in Vegas as you prepare your itinerary. But what constitutes as the “best” might not be the same for everyone who is going to Vegas.

Like mentioned above, people have different tastes when it comes to comedy. Some people may get offended by jokes about stereotypes of various demographics, while others may not care so much about them. And, of course, political humor is always controversial in one form or another. Do you think you can tolerate someone making fun of your political party or favorite politicians? These are the kinds of considerations you need to make.

Here are the top things to consider before you choose which comedy shows you’re going to see in Vegas:

  • Do I find any humor in ventriloquism and dummies? If so, is it okay if there are obscene jokes made by the ventriloquist?
  • Do I prefer a straightforward stand-up comedy act or a comedian who uses props and stunts in conjunction with his or her jokes?
  • Am I interested in seeing famous comedians perform or do the level of their fame matter at all?
  • Can I have an objective mind about political humor without getting offended or walking out?

If you have a good sense of humor and are not easily offended, then all of the comedy shows in Vegas should be tolerable for you. Once you pick out the Las Vegas comedy shows that interest you the most from the list in this guide, the next step is to book your tickets for them.

We recommend you book your comedy show tickets with Vegas Lens because they offer special discounts on these tickets at various times throughout the year. You may find exclusive deals on some comedy shows in Vegas that you cannot find anywhere else.


We may live in the age of political correctness, but many of the Las Vegas comedians are still willing to push the envelope and go the extra mile to make people laugh. All of the jokes are made in good faith without trying to insult or bully any particular group of people. Your opinion of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas may be more geared toward certain types of humor and political preferences, and that’s okay.

We’ve provided a comprehensive list of comedy shows in Vegas to give you a lot of different choices of comedy entertainment. Simply choose the type of humor that you find most appealing and book your reservations for those shows. If you feel like taking a chance, try attending the comedy shows of comedians that you’ve never heard before. You may surprise yourself by how much you’ll end up enjoying their comedy.

Good luck and enjoy all the laughter that comedy shows in Las Vegas can bring to you.

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