Discount Las Vegas Show Tickets: Save Up To 70%

Want to know the best way to get cheap Vegas show tickets? There are several ways to save money on cheap Las Vegas show tickets for all of Sin City’s top acts, regardless of whether you’re a resident or an out-of-town visitor. The good news is that you don’t have to spend your money on high-profile residencies, Cirque du Soleil productions, magic shows, concerts, and everything else in between. Although the days of unending freebies are (essentially) over, there are still a number of ways to save money on performances in Vegas, a city based on bargains. So take advantage of the following tips to have some fun in Sin City without going over budget.

If you haven’t explored local discounts to help you score discount Vegas show tickets, then you are missing out! In Las Vegas, having a Nevada-issued ID or driver’s license is frequently the key to discounts, whether it be a few dollars off a spa experience or a few hours of free parking at a major casino.

Being a local occasionally also entitles you to discounted show tickets. For instance, use promo codes for Las Vegas shows to get a better rate on popular acts like the Comedy Cellar at the Rio. In the past, Cirque du Soleil has provided discounts to residents; be on the lookout for their return soon. Another approach to finding out about promo codes is to follow a show’s or theater’s social media page.

Have you ever heard about preview performances for cheap Vegas show tickets? Broadway productions in New York frequently have preview performances, but new Vegas shows can also occasionally provide less costly preview performances prior to an official grand opening date. You’ll have a terrific experience as long as you keep an open mind and realize that these concerts are made to iron out the wrinkles.

The most recent instance is Mad Apple, a brand-new performance by Cirque du Soleil at the New York-New York casino, which begins previews on May 12 (starting at $49) before the premiere on May 26 (beginning at $59). This isn’t always someone’s favorite way to get discount Las Vegas show tickets. But, if you keep a close eye on upcoming shows, it may be the perfect strategy for you!

Some Las Vegas shows discount ticket vendors offer options both online and in person at conveniently located kiosks.In addition to selling tickets online, Tix4Tonight also operates physical booths on the Strip. The business once had the title of greatest cheap ticket vendor in Las Vegas, but now there are just three booths left. You can find them located in Casino Royale, Showcase Mall, and the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s.

Although Tix4Tonight promises to have tickets for “every performance on the Strip at one point or another,” the inventory of more than a hundred shows fluctuates daily – with the most current options for Las Vegas discount show tickets advertised on digital boards. Make a purchase on two separate days to get into the VIP queue the next time you come in. You will be given a voucher for your discounted Vegas show tickets, which you can use to purchase a ticket at the event.

There is no need to stress if you have a large group that needs discount shows tickets in Las Vegas. Especially if they are in a hotel, most Las Vegas shows provide a contact number for “group sales.” Don’t worry about how many people are in your group and if it’s enough.  Even if you simply need a pair of tickets, give them a call. 

As opposed to the fixed numbers on a Ticketmaster website, the salesperson might be more flexible with rates. You can be given tempting discount tickets for shows in Vegas, so they can fill more seats in their theater. This is especially helpful if the performance is only partially sold out. And after all, asking never hurts!

One of the easiest ways to score Las Vegas shows discounts tickets is by taking advantage of the rewards programs offered by the casinos, hotels, and resorts throughout Las Vegas. These reward systems are the best option for everyone, but there are a few creative ways to save with them. 

The Venetian offers Grazie Rewards, MGM Resorts offers MGM Rewards, Caesars Entertainment offers Caesars Rewards, Wynn offers Wynn Rewards, and so on. Do you get free tickets to events just for signing up? No. However, many memberships have a system for accumulating points, which can then be used to purchase things like discount Vegas show tickets, meals, and hotel stays.

Sure, you’ll earn a few points for eating at a restaurant on-site, but these clubs are actually targeted at gamblers who earn points by playing at the casino. Additionally, if you’re a big spender and an active gambler, you’ll acquire a lot of things for free.

There are a few additional benefits, though. Pre-sale invitations to purchase Las Vegas shows discounts tickets before they go on sale to the general public may be sent to rewards members, as well as other exclusive promotions. MGM Rewards is particularly helpful in this regard.

One of the most effective ways to snag a few of your own discounted Las Vegas show tickets (which also happens to be one of our favorites) is! You can find nearly every single one of the Las Vegas shows on this site, and you’re likely to find much more than just ticketing information.

Sure, is the place that is going to give you Las Vegas cheap show tickets at some of the deepest discounts – but there is so much more to find. Each show has its own page with important information about what happens during the show, when it performs, where it performs, and even age restrictions.

To make finding your discount Vegas show tickets even easier, provides important show info like when the last ticket was sold and even the show’s total sell-out rate – which lets you know which shows are on the verge of filling all of their seats. There truly is no better resource for your Las Vegas vacation than, which is the best place to buy discount Vegas show tickets.

There are a few online subscription providers in Las Vegas that offer an innovative way to get discount Vegas show tickets: pay a flat membership fee and receive notifications when free tickets to performances become available. There is no catch, but the first-come, first-serve policy applies to the distribution of the tickets. The most popular service is House Seats, with a two-ticket maximum for each show, and the most recent prices show a rate of $49 for six months or $109 for a year. Therefore, the service quickly makes up for its cost.

There are many other services you can use to find discount Las Vegas show tickets, and they each offer different rates and perks. Many of these plans give deals on tickets to some of the best shows in Vegas. Be sure to check out a few before making a decision so you can find the one that works best for your tastes. This is a way to save money, but if you don’t frequently visit Las Vegas, it may not be worth the cost.

Make friends with the concierge desk at your hotel if you’re hunting for a hookup. Just keep your expectations in check. Normally, a concierge won’t be able to secure your discounted Vegas show tickets. Instead, they help you get tickets for face value for events that are popular or sold out, rather than paying a premium. All of the hotel concierge desks in Las Vegas have relationships with one another, and much of their success comes from helping each other.

The concierge may be able to save you time and money depending on the show, performance, or event—valuable resources when acting the tourist in Las Vegas. Just don’t forget to tip. You can decide how much to tip, but generally speaking, the greater the request, the larger the tip.

Here’s some sound advice that isn’t often discussed: Contacting the concierge should be done before you visit and check in. As soon as you book a hotel reservation, get in touch. The earlier you can plan ahead and build that relationship, the sooner you can use the concierge’s services.

Contact as many destination management companies, also referred to as DMC services, as you can if you truly want to be an insider. There is a large list of them online, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. 

These businesses provide visitor and tourist logistics, typically serving big groups like wedding parties, trade fair attendees, or representatives from the travel industry. They handle everything from local transport to itinerary creation and, yes, even cheap Vegas show tickets.

DMCs frequently have excellent connections in Las Vegas, making it possible for them to get in-demand tickets and gain admission to events at discounted prices. Some companies give sporadic free and Las Vegas shows discounts tickets to subscribers of their mailing lists or online newsletters. This frequently occurs when a show is attempting to fill a space thanks to slow ticket sales.

All signs point to Groupon when it comes to Las Vegas ticket discounts. The simplest approach to attract an audience for a concert that needs to fill seats is with an alluring offer on an online shopping site. The prices frequently indicate the lowest “going rate” at the moment, but here’s how to save even more cash.

Reach out to the box office directly if you see an offer on Groupon; they’ll often match or top the price. They would much rather you spend your money directly with them than through a service provider who gets paid a commission. Either way, you are sure to score a few cheap Las Vegas show tickets. 

When trying to determine the best time to buy Vegas show tickets, there are usually two approaches to strategizing and saving big on discount shows tickets in Las Vegas. The first is planning ahead. 

Basically, purchase your tickets as soon as you can. Nowadays, Vegas performances are incredibly popular, making it difficult to get tickets at a reasonable price. If your dates are flexible, choose a different day or time, and you’ll frequently get a far better deal. Early shows typically feature better prices and are simpler to purchase discounted Las Vegas show tickets rather than later shows. 

Additionally, because it is less crowded on Sunday through Thursday, it will be less expensive and easier to find performance tickets on those days. Check the show schedules before you watch anything because many shows aren’t on certain weekdays or at particular seasons of the year, such as holidays.

The other school of thought is to grab your Las Vegas cheap show tickets is to purchase them at the last minute. Here’s what you’ll need to do if this is your approach. Get there roughly two hours before the show of your choice. You can check whether there are any last-minute discount tickets for shows in Vegas at the box office. 

If you only need one or two seats or don’t mind taking up separate seats, this works best. Excellent seats are frequently available for a small fraction of the price of a standard show. You run the danger of not acquiring any tickets, though, as big events tend to sell out quickly. 

Even while last-minute tickets frequently originate from “no-shows,” they may also be in fantastic locations. On the other hand, there may be some unattractive seats that are still available. If you can’t get tickets, come prepared by understanding the seating arrangement and having some backup shows to ensure you still get a good deal on a Las Vegas shows discount ticket.

FAQ About Discount Las Vegas Show Tickets

How to get cheap Las Vegas show tickets?

Getting your own discounted Las Vegas show tickets requires a bit of research and inside knowledge – all of which we have already provided above! Take a look and find the method that best suits your trip and has the best price! Getting cheap Las Vegas show tickets is always easier and more effective when you compare a few different methods to find the very best price. 

Where to buy cheap vegas show tickets?

There are countless places to get cheap Vegas show tickets to all of your favorite shows. We have found provides some of the best deals and the most comprehensive information while looking for tickets to a show. Always be sure to do a bit of research before choosing which show you should see and where you should purchase your tickets.