The Magic Attic Theater Seating Chart

The Magic Attic at Bally’s seating chart has three sections: General Admission, Premium, and VIP. The General Admission section is in the far rear of the showroom, which has the most distance from the center stage. People choose General Admission seating to save money on tickets or simply because no other tickets are available.

The Premium section is behind the VIP section and in front of the General Admission section on the Magic Attic theater seating chart. It offers a healthy balance of quality seating and affordable ticket prices. Although it is not the closest section to the center stage, it is still closer to the stage than the General Admission section.

The VIP section is in front of the Premium section and closest to the center stage on the Magic Attic Las Vegas seating chart. So if you want the best seating possible in the Magic Attic, look for seating in the front rows of the VIP section. The tickets may be more expensive, but the viewing experience is better for those who can afford it.

The Magic Attic at Bally’s Las Vegas seating chart divides the sections equally on the right side, left side, and middle. In other words, the VIP, Premium, and General Admission sections are on the right, left, and center of the Magic Attic. In fact, the left and right sides have one more section called “General Admission Rear” behind the standard General Admission section.

How many seats are in the Magic Attic?

The Magic Attic has approximately 300 seats available to reserve for shows held in the showroom. Its low seat capacity means the Magic Attic is an intimate showroom with quality seating in every section. The total size of the Magic Attic is 3,685 square feet.

What are the best seats at the Magic Attic?

The best seats on the Magic Attic theater seating chart are in the VIP Section of the showroom. The ideal viewing experience would be from the center front rows of the VIP section because they would put you closest to the center stage. The center front rows align you directly in front of the center stage.

Is there a dress code for the Magic Attic?

The Bally’s Las Vegas hotel has no formal dress code for attending shows at the Magic Attic. Therefore, you can wear any comfortable or casual clothing that you want. Some examples of casual attire are jeans, sweatshirts, or t-shirts.

What are the best shows in the Magic Attic?

The best Bally’s Las Vegas shows in the Magic Attic are Paranormal Mind Reading Magic, Farrell Dillon, and Potted Potter. There is a lot of demand to see these shows because they are popular amongst Vegas locals and tourists. The Magic Attic is the best place to watch them.  

The Magic Attic Theater Discount Tickets

Farrell Dillon

Potted Potter

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic