Strat Theater Seating Chart

The STRAT theater seating chart features three primary sections: Rear, Preferred, and VIP Table. The sections consist of either tables or booths, offering a quality viewing experience for audience members. You could sit anywhere in the STRAT Theater and enjoy watching the show.

The Rear section on the STRAT theater seating chart features standard seating and booth seating. If available, reserve booth seating in the Rear section because it gives you a more discreet and private viewing experience. The ticket prices are also lower in the Rear section, which is perfect for anyone on a budget.

The Preferred section of the Stratosphere theater seating chart features standard seating and booth seating. However, the Preferred section is closer to the center stage because it is in the middle of the STRAT Theater. It is positioned in front of the Rear section and behind the VIP Table section.

The VIP Table section of the STRAT seating chart is the closest section to the center stage. There are no booths in this section, but tables are available for every seat. So you can still enjoy comfortable seating while getting closer views of the performers on stage. That is why VIP tickets cost the most.

How many seats are in the STRAT Theater?

The STRAT showroom seating chart outlines approximately 640 seats available to reserve for shows at the STRAT Theater of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. Many shows performing in the STRAT Theater have high demand, so you should book your tickets in advance to secure a quality seat on your preferred date and time. The STRAT theater seating capacity applies to all the shows at the STRAT Theater.

What are the best seats at STRAT Theater?

The STRAT theater Las Vegas seating chart indicates the best seats are in the VIP Table section because they are the closest seats to the center stage. There is a table next to every seat for added comfort and convenience. You can place your beverages on the table to comfortably watch the show. The best part is that you get to see your favorite performers up close and personal.

Is there a dress code for STRAT Theater?

The Stratosphere Las Vegas hotel has no formal dress code for the STRAT Theater. Therefore, you can wear any clothing that makes you happy and comfortable, such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Some people even wear suits and ties, but they are not required.

What are the best shows in STRAT Theater?

The best Stratosphere Las Vegas shows in the STRAT Theater are Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, iLuminate, and Banachek’s Mind Games. The STRAT Theater is perfectly equipped and designed to enhance the viewing experience of these magical and illuminating Las Vegas productions. You won’t be disappointed with the experience.

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