Shows at The Linq Las Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

The shows at The Linq in Las Vegas feature comedy and magic at the highest level! After all, Jimmy Kimmel has his own comedy club in this famous hotel and casino! Whether you’re staying at the hotel or just want to venture out on the Strip for a night of unmatched entertainment, these shows will certainly satisfy your need to experience a true Las Vegas show. Keep reading to learn more! 

You may come right up close to the stage to see if you can find out how Mat Franco accomplishes all of his magic feats in this intimate showroom performance. The remaining 85 minutes of magic will undoubtedly leave you speechless. This is certainly one of the most perplexing shows at The Linq Las Vegas.

We’ll probably never know how he performs his magic, but Mat does share some personal anecdotes with us. He takes time to describe how his fascination with magic originated, and trust us when we tell him you’ll be hanging on every word he says. It’s quite cool, and it’ll stick with you for a long time. Watch Franco’s magic happen right in front of your eyes. Perhaps you’ll be the first to figure out what’s going on with his magic.

Jimmy Kimmel is a Las Vegas native, in case you didn’t know. Yes, you read it correctly: he may be making it big in Hollywood now, but he grew up in the midst of the Strip’s pulsing neon. And now he’s returned home to open his own comedy club to pay it forward. But he isn’t simply sticking his name on the structure and calling it a day. He knows what it takes to optimize talent because he started out as a comedy. One thing is for sure – this is one of the best hotel shows in Las Vegas!