Las Vegas Shows on Saturday

There is nothing better than Saturday shows in Vegas. Saturday is the start of the weekend and the time when many people have the day off. So naturally, they want to spend their time attending the best shows that Vegas has to offer. If you feel the same way, there is no shortage of highly entertaining Las Vegas shows this Saturday. They feature comedy, singing, music, mind reading, tributes, magic, illusions, technological effects, hypnosis, and more. There is a show suitable for all age groups on Saturday in Las Vegas. 

Do you want to see magic or comedy in Vegas on Saturday? How about both? The best Las Vegas current shows with magic and comedy include Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Laughternoon with Adam London, Murray The Magician, Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show, Potted Potter, and Totally Mental. The performers are multi-talented because they are both magicians and comedians. You probably won’t know which one to call them, so choose whichever you feel fits them well.

Las Vegas Saturday shows offer more entertainment variety than shows on weekdays. Since the crowds are more significant in the theaters and showrooms on Saturdays, you need to reserve your tickets quickly and in advance to ensure you have the best seating possible. Otherwise, you may not get your desired seating for your Vegas shows Saturday preferences. The most desired seating is the VIP seats close to the center stage in front of the theater.

Do you prefer comedy routines strictly at shows in Vegas Saturday? The best comedy routines at this time slot come from comedians like George Lopez, Daniel Tosh, Jerry Seinfeld, Carrot Top, and Bill Maher. You should mark these four comedians on your Las Vegas show calendar because their intelligence and humor about real-world issues are surreal. Bill Maher is the best at making fun of politicians and governmental issues affecting the United States. Jerry Seinfeld loves to provide observational comedy instead.

Would you be interested in Cirque du Soleil Vegas shows this Saturday? Cirque du Soleil is a reputable, creative, professional entertainment production company in Las Vegas. They frequently have Saturday shows for their six major productions: Ka, Mystere, Mad Apple, O, Michael Jackson ONE, and The Beatles LOVE. These are fun and entertaining shows with unique storylines, exciting characters, vibrant lighting, and lots of acrobatics and stuntwork. You will have a good time watching any of these Las Vegas shows Saturday.

Wayne Newton and David Copperfield are the two living legends you can still see on Saturday nights. Wayne Newton’s entertainment career started over 70 years ago in Las Vegas and has been going strong ever since. The Legendary Vegas singer can be seen at Bugsy’s Cabaret in the Flamingo Hotel. It is basically like a tribute show to his own body of work. You don’t see that often from Las Vegas shows Saturday night performers.