Comedy Shows In Vegas This Weekend

Do you want to see some hilarious comedy shows in Las Vegas this weekend? Sin City is full of funny and witty comedians who bring their intelligence, charm, and energy to their weekend shows. Some of the most popular comedians performing on the weekends in Las Vegas include Bill Maher, Adam London, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Dunham, George Lopez, Daniel Tosh, and Carrot Top. You may find comedians who are also brilliant magicians and illusionists too.

Which comedians in Las Vegas this weekend do you want to see? If you’re interested in political comedy, nobody does it better than Bill Maher. His Las Vegas current shows are usually on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM at the Mirage Theatre of the Mirage Hotel. Maher does not hold back on his politically incorrect humor when discussing world events and political news. So if you don’t mind a bit of controversial humor about real-world news, you should enjoy watching and listening to Bill Maher.

Of course, you may want a more family-friendly comedian who doesn’t use obscene language or humor to get laughs. In that case, you should attend Jerry Seinfeld comedy shows in Vegas this weekend at the Colosseum of Caesar’s Palace. You may recognize Seinfeld from the ‘90s television sitcom with the same name. It was one of the decade’s biggest and most critically acclaimed sitcom ever. Now, Seinfeld performs his observational stand-up comedy routine and gives funny opinions about topical events and day-to-day life issues. It is fun for the whole family since there is no age restriction to attend his shows.

How would you like to attend a comedy club in Las Vegas? Many of the best Vegas comedy shows this weekend are at the comedy clubs found throughout the city. These clubs include Laugh Factory Comedy Club, Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, L.A. Comedy Club, Delirious Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar Club, and Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. The Vegas comedy shows feature new and seasoned comedians from all over the country. Perhaps you will discover a funny comedian you have never heard before.

Who doesn’t love a good comedy show with magic added to the mix? Some of the best comedians in Vegas this weekend have magic acts too. These shows include Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, Penn & Teller, Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show, Murray the Magician, Mike Hammer Comedy Magic, and Mac King Comedy Magic Show. The most famous of the bunch is Penn & Teller because they have performed their magic comedy acts for over 40 years. The classic comedy duo can be seen at the Penn & Teller Theater of the Rio Hotel. Their shows in Vegas this weekend are open to guests ages five and older.