Afternoon Shows In Las Vegas Today

Afternoon shows are pretty popular in Las Vegas. Families often prefer afternoon shows because their children need to sleep in the evening. Couples may also prefer afternoon shows because they want to enjoy a nice dinner and time alone together in the evening. Whatever the case is for your situation, there are plenty of excellent afternoon shows in Las Vegas today for you and your family to enjoy. You’ll find everything from comedy and magic to mind reading and music at these afternoon shows.

What kind of afternoon shows would you and your family want to see in Las Vegas? The current performers in Las Vegas on afternoons include the Australian Bee Gees, Blue Man Group, David Copperfield, Banachek, Adam London, Mac King, Nathan Burton, and Jen Kramer. These performers are well-known throughout Vegas and around the country. They offer family-friendly comedy, magic, music, and entertainment that are suitable for most age groups.

Would you enjoy some comedy and magic for your afternoon shows in Vegas today? If so, you should consider booking reservations to see Laughternoon with Adam London, Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Murray The Magician, and Paranormal Mind Reading Magic. These shows will make you laugh and leave you mesmerized and stunned at the fantastic magic tricks performed. The magicians have a good sense of humor and know how to add comedic elements to their illusions, magic, and hypnosis demonstrations.

Of course, not all of the daytime shows in Vegas today have family-friendly themes. Some shows feature more adult-oriented content, such as Menopause the Musical at Harrah’s Cabaret of Harrah’s Hotel. It stars four funny middle-aged women who make fun of menopause and its unpleasant side effects, such as mood swings and weight gain. It is undoubtedly one of the shows to see in Las Vegas today if you are an adult man or woman with a fabulous sense of humor.

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter fantasy series? Potted Potter is a humorous and speedy retelling of the famous Harry Potter series of books. Jefferson Turner and Daniel Clarkson are the funniest Harry Potter experts you will ever witness because they know the storyline of every Harry Potter book. The best part is they use wacky props and costumes to retell these storylines on stage at the Magic Attic in Bally’s Hotel. Potted Potter’s daytime shows in Vegas are available to guests ages six and older.

The most popular daytime performer is David Copperfield. He may not be a comedian, but he is one of the world’s most talented magicians. His magical performances have spanned over four decades, starting with the televised vanishing of the Statue of Liberty. Copperfield has continued to be a household name ever since then. You can still see his day shows in Las Vegas today in the David Copperfield Theatre of the MGM Grand Hotel. Guests only need to be five years of age or older.