Las Vegas Magic Shows in December 2023

December marks the final month of the year. Many people plan to take vacations to Las Vegas to celebrate the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays. If you have similar plans, make sure you attend any of the magic shows in Las Vegas in December 2023. The magic shows productions throughout December are unlike any you’ve seen before. They bring visual effects, innovative technology, hilarious comedy, and eye-stunning trickery and illusions.

The best shows in Vegas to close out the year are magic shows. There are Las Vegas magic shows in December 2023 with family-friendly themes and others with adult-oriented themes. If you’re interested in family-friendly Vegas magic shows in December 2023, take your family to see the legendary duo, Penn & Teller, at the Rio Hotel. The minimum age requirement for attendance is five years old, making it suitable for kids and adults.

Penn & Teller offers a hilarious magic routine consisting of a silent trickster and a talkative narrator. The duo’s decades of magic comedy shows have spanned several generations. Teller’s mimes and nonverbal gestures are just as funny as the magic tricks themselves. You’ll love their magic shows in Vegas in December 2023, so check them out.

Now, if you have teenagers at least 13 years of age, you can take them to see Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo Hotel. Piff takes audiences on a hilarious adventure with a Chihuahua called Mr. Piffles. You’ll see the dog get laminated, put into a straight jacket, and levitated across the stage. Mr. Piffles is the world’s only magic-performing Chihuahua. This cute dog knows more magic than most humans do. In addition, you’ll get to enjoy the sight of beautiful showgirls dancing around the dog as he levitates. Where else can you find entertainment like this in December?

Who is your favorite Las Vegas magician? Many people would say David Copperfield is their favorite, who you can see perform at the MGM Grand in December 2023. But if you want to see newer magicians at Las Vegas shows in December, book your tickets to see Shin Lim at the Mirage. Shin Lim can help you close the year with his 100% self-choreographed magic routine. After taking inspiration and education from YouTube, he mastered his magic craft uniquely and interestingly.