Las Vegas Magic Shows in February 2025

February is the month of love in Las Vegas and throughout the rest of the country. So why not take your spouse or partner to see the thrilling and energetic Las Vegas magic shows in February 2025? Any couple will love to spend time together watching the extraordinary magic shows of Sin City because they have mind games, teleportation, sleight of hand trickery, hypnosis, and so much more. Perhaps you might see a mentalist who’ll read the mind of your better half and tell you if they love you.

The best Vegas shows fall into the magic category in February. For instance, if you like comedy and magic together in one show, take your loved one to see Hypnosis Unleashed at the Four Queens Resort Hotel. The leading performer, Kevin Lepine, is an actual certified hypnotherapist who puts his professional credentials to work as a hypnotist and entertainer. His training as a hypnotist combined with his comedic talents has earned him the nickname “Rock Star of Hypnosis.” You or your partner may be lucky enough to experience his mind-reading or mind “bending” abilities in front of a large crowd.

The Valentine’s Day season may make you look for more adult-oriented magic humor at Vegas magic shows in February 2025. Well, you can see a combination of beauty, magic, hypnosis, and comedy if you attend the Late Night Magic show at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort. It is a 21 or older event featuring a sweet hypnotist named Annarose, a macabre named John Shaw, and a funny optical illusionist named Bizzaro. The show’s rotating cast of interesting characters will make you and your partner want to see it repeatedly.

Do you want to see classic illusionists and performers at magic shows in Las Vegas in February 2025? Some of the most popular Las Vegas magicians available to see include David Copperfield, Criss Angel, and Penn & Teller. They will all continue hosting their own magic shows in Vegas in February 2025. Criss Angel brings over 75 unique and innovative illusions to the center stage in Planet Hollywood. Penn & Teller have been around for decades and love going beyond the norm to perform their illusions. As for David Copperfield, he is one of the longest-running performers in Vegas. You cannot go home without seeing his Las Vegas shows in February. Then you can feel good knowing that you saw a legendary magician.