Las Vegas Magic Shows in November 2024

November brings the first of two major holidays to close out the year. If you are thinking about spending your Thanksgiving holiday in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, you will have a lot of entertainment options and activities to keep you busy. Of course, the best way to spend Thanksgiving is to see magic shows in Las Vegas in November 2024. Enjoy a hearty turkey dinner at your hotel, and then grab a few magic shows with your partner, spouse, or family.

Magic productions offer some of the best shows in Las Vegas. They give audiences a combination of several entertainment elements, such as illusions, trickery, comedy, acrobatics, and other thrills and chills you may not expect. The top Las Vegas magic shows in November 2024 include Shin Lim, Paranormal Mind Reading Magic, Mac King Comedy Magic, David Copperfield, and House of Magic. Consider adding any or all of these shows to your list of magic shows in Vegas in November 2024 that you must see. 

Why not see young and legendary magicians when you come to see Vegas magic shows in November 2024? Shin Lim is a young magician who learned how to do magic by watching hundreds of hours of YouTube videos. Then, after he perfected his craft, he won the grand prize on America’s Got Talent with his unique self-choreographed magic routines. Now you can see his talents at the Mirage Hotel, where he manipulates objects and performs sleight-of-hand card tricks that will keep you guessing how he did them.

There is no shortage of Las Vegas shows in November, but the best magic shows in Vegas have something special about them. David Copperfield brings his legendary performance to the MGM Grand Hotel, where you can see him split his torso, levitate, and do other supernatural trickery. Don’t forget this is the same guy who walked through the Great Wall of China and made the Statue of Liberty vanish on live television. His 40+ years of experience as a magician makes him one of the most desirable magicians to watch.