The STRAT Hotel - Best Vegas Hotels for Teens

7 Best Las Vegas Hotels for Teens in 2024 | Guide & Tips

Are you looking for the best Las Vegas hotels for teens? Some Las Vegas hotels are better than others as far as teenagers are concerned. Teenagers are very sensitive at their age as you probably know, they don’t want to be told that they’re too young to do something.

Since many Las Vegas hotels have adult-oriented activities in them, it can be very sad to tell a teenager they cannot participate in those activities. Fortunately, there are teenager-friendly activities available in many of these hotels.

7 Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas with Teenagers for 2024

These activities may involve family-friendly activities like swimming, arcade gaming, comedy shows, magic shows, restaurant dining, shopping, walking, and other cool activities. You just need to find the best hotels in Vegas for teenagers. That is what we have done for you here.

Below are the seven best Vegas hotels for teens.

1) The STRAT Hotel

The STRAT Hotel - Best Vegas Hotels for Teens

You might recognize the STRAT Hotel by its previous name “The Stratosphere Hotel & Tower.” Guests and visitors can go all the way up to the top of the tower, which is 1000 feet from the ground. There are adrenaline-thrilling rides on top of the hotel, such as the X-Scream and Big Shot.

If your teenage son or daughter is looking for excitement, the STRAT Hotel will give them what they want. The Big Shot blasts riders up another 160 feet from the roof until they get to the top of the needle. Then it brings them back down again quickly. This process repeats multiple times to give them the thrill of a lifetime. The X-Scream is a large seesaw that brings guests to the very edge of the tower and then back up again.

The hotel rooms are beautiful too. The amenities include a lovely swimming pool and a top-quality spa.

2) Mandalay Bay Hotel

Mandalay Bay Hotel - Best Las Vegas Hotel for Teenagers

Do your teenagers want to go to the beach? If so, then you can bring them to the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas because they have their very own manmade beach. It consists of 11 acres of terrain that includes golden sand and aqua blue water. The water, of course, is really a large swimming pool but you don’t need to think of it that way. Just enjoy the beach design that is provided.

The swimming pool certainly acts like an ocean, though. It actually generates tidal waves that flow right into the beach sand. Sometimes the waves can go as high as 6 feet and splash down on you. Now your teenagers have no excuses for not wanting to come to Las Vegas because the beach is there waiting for them.

3) Circus-Circus Hotel

Circus-Circus Hotel - Best Hotels in Vegas for Teenagers

The Circus-Circus Hotel is a hotel made for families. It offers a plethora of activities for teenagers and families alike. If you’re a family on a budget, then that is another reason to choose this hotel. It is economically friendly with its 3,773 rooms available as well as 339 parking spaces for recreational vehicles.

Teenagers will want to immediately visit the Adventuredome theme park inside the hotel. It contains everything that you would want at a theme park, such as an arcade, roller coaster, mini-golf course, laser tag arena, log flume ride, carnival games and more, which makes it one of the best amusement parks in Vegas.

What’s even better is that trapeze artists are doing their act above your head as you’re enjoying the games and fun down below.

4) The Mirage

The Mirage - Best Vegas Hotels for Teens

The Mirage is a perfectly positioned hotel. It is right in the center of the Las Vegas Strip where all the action is located. The very best entertainment shows and options are all around this location.

If you stay at the Mirage, you’ll be treated to modernized rooms that include blackout shades, flat-screen televisions, Bluetooth speakers, dining tables, room service and more. If your teenagers want any alone time, they can certainly find plenty of things to do in their hotel room.

When they’re ready for some excitement, they can watch some of the Cirque du Soleil stunt shows and become amazed throughout the entire performance. The Mirage also has puppet shows and comedy night specials too. They are appropriate for teenagers.

5) The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel - Best Las Vegas Hotels for Teens

Teenagers love to shop, especially teenage girls. If you want to give your teenagers the ultimate shopping experience, then you should bring them to the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Hotel.

It contains every type of shop you could ever imagine. When they need to take a break from shopping, they can grab a delicious meal at the huge food court. It has every type of food you can imagine too.

6) Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa - Best Las Vegas Hotel for Teenagers

The Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa has amenities for children of all ages. The smaller kids of your family can find fun and entertainment at the KidsQuests program. Meanwhile, older teenagers can have a good time at the movie theater and bowling alley in the hotel.

Red Rock Canyon is a short distance away too. If you have teenagers who like to go horseback riding, then this is the perfect opportunity for them to get in touch with nature.

7) The Park MGM

The Park MGM - Best Hotels in Vegas for Teenagers

The Park MGM was formerly known as the Monte Carto Hotel. It underwent a major renovation into a family-friendly 4-star hotel with plenty of amenities for families and teenagers to enjoy. The hotel features four swimming pools, a theater with 5,200 seats, delicious food, and plenty of in-house entertainment options.

The hotel is best known for its restaurant and food selection. Some of the eateries available include an Italian café, steakhouse, noodle shop, and more. A bike rental shop is also available at the hotel. This is perfect for teenagers who want to explore Las Vegas on their own by riding bikes along the sidewalks.

Plan Your Itinerary

You’ve been presented with the best Las Vegas hotels for teens. If you’re planning a future trip to Las Vegas, then you’re probably going to stay at only one hotel. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit other hotels and enjoy the shows, attractions and other amenities that they have to offer. Most of these hotels allow guests to attend their attractions, even if they’re not staying in one of their rooms.

Of course, your first order of business should be to choose the very best Las Vegas hotel for teenagers and book your reservations to stay in it. After that, you can start looking at the attractions of other hotels and see if you can reserve tickets or spots to participate in them.

If you want to save money on your reservations to these attractions, then you should book your reservations on Vegas Lens. If there are any special deals available, you will see them presented to you on the list.

Here is a reminder of the most important factors when choosing a hotel:

  • 1) The hotel must have entertainment options available for people 13 years of age or older.
  • 2) The hotel must be as family-friendly as possible.
  • 3) The hotel must have as few adult-only activities as possible.
  • 4) The teenage-friendly activities must be available to everyone, not just guests of the hotel.
  • 5) The hotel must have areas where teenagers can enjoy themselves without needing their parents around them.

If you can find hotels that come close to matching these requirements, then you will increase the chances of your teenagers having a good time.


Teenagers tend to get anxious very quickly on a family trip. If they don’t have something to do in Las Vegas, then they are likely going to get into trouble. That is why you must bring them to hotels which have teenager-friendly activities, such as swimming, entertainment shows, restaurants, theme park rides, and so on. If you can keep your teenagers busy with fun-filled activities, then they will never get bored or anxious during the entire trip.


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the glamour and magic of Sin City. It was unlike any other city I had ever visited because of its bright lights, beautiful hotel resorts, and the variety of entertainment shows and tourist activities.

One visit was all it took for me to move to Las Vegas and make it my primary residence. Since then, I have made it my mission to share everything beautiful and outstanding about Las Vegas with the rest of the world. That way, people will be encouraged to visit Las Vegas and experience the city’s magic for themselves.

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