Best Hypnotist Shows in Las Vegas

7 Best Hypnotist Shows in Las Vegas for 2022

Learn About the Most Fascinating Las Vegas Hypnosis Shows

We have all seen hypnosis demonstrated in movies and television shows. It may seem like something out of fantasy or science fiction, but the hypnotist shows in Las Vegas bring it to real life. You can see performers with extraordinary abilities to scan people’s thoughts and get them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Las Vegas hypnosis shows are a special treat for guests. Not only are these shows designed for entertainment purposes, but they can also be interactive as well. The hypnotist on stage will usually ask members of the audience to participate in their hypnosis act. So if you’ve ever had a desire to be hypnotized in front of a live audience, you may get your chance at any hypnosis show in Las Vegas.

Some of the best shows in Las Vegas are hypnosis shows. They feature a combination of magic, comedy, trickery, illusions, and mind-reading abilities. When you put all these elements together, they create a highly entertaining and interactive show for audiences. You will find hypnosis shows in Las Vegas suitable for adults or families with children. Just choose the show that is suitable for all the members of your party.

The Top 7 Hypnotist Shows in Las Vegas in 2022

Hypnotist shows are similar to magic shows in Vegas because the performers demonstrate special abilities that defy logic and scientific reason. Magic shows may use more visual effects to entertain audiences, whereas hypnosis shows rely on the power of the mind to impress people.

Every hypnosis show in Vegas has something original to offer its guests. If you attend all the Las Vegas hypnotist shows available, you will have a different experience with each one. The reason is that each hypnotist brings their own personal abilities, talent, and style to their performances. That is what makes them so unique. Below are the top 7 hypnotist shows in Las Vegas.

1) Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Frederic Da Silva performs his “Paranormal Mind Reading Magic” hypnosis show in Las Vegas at the Bally’s Hotel. His daytime shows in Las Vegas are the top choices amongst tourists who come to the city. They cannot get enough of Frederic’s unique and mysterious talent of reading minds and getting into the heads of his audience members.

The feeling of mystery never leaves its audience members. Frederic is a master of mind-reading because he merges it with hypnosis, magic, mystery and a bit of paranormal activity. Audience members can never figure out what happened or how Frederic made it happen. So, it should be no surprise that Frederic was voted the “Best Mentalist in Europe.”

Frederic has all sorts of impressive tricks up his sleeve. For example, he can guess which items you have in your pocket. And if Frederic asks you to visualize a specific time in your head, he will stop his watch at that same exact time. His mind-reading powers are so strong that he can even think of the name of a person who is on your mind.

The secrets behind his tricks are never revealed. That is okay because the mystery makes this hypnosis show in Vegas more entertaining. He will keep you guessing on how he did his tricks for the rest of your Vegas trip. Some people think his mind-reading is part of some greater illusion, while others believe his powers are real. We’ll let you be the judge.

2) Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Show

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is a hypnosis show in Las Vegas that offers a mixture of chaos, hypnosis and good humor to its live audience. Marc Savard is an award-winning performer who knows how to entertain people without scaring, shocking or humiliating them. He makes his audience members feel comfortable so they won’t be afraid to volunteer and participate in his hypnosis acts.

When audience members get selected, they are invited to come on stage to get hypnotized. He may pick as many as 25 participants from the audience to get on stage together. Then, Marc uses his hypnotic powers to make the participants perform strange, unusual, and hilarious actions. He can make them fall asleep, wake up, fall over in their seats, play instruments intensely, and do unexpected and wild things.

No one is humiliated, so the participants don’t feel embarrassed after coming out of their hypnotic state. Instead, they end up feeling good about being part of a funny comedy act in front of a live crowd. It almost makes them feel like star performers as well. If this sounds like something you would like to do personally or watch other people do, purchase your tickets to see this incredible hypnosis show.

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is held at the V Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops in the renowned Planet Hollywood of Las Vegas. All attendees must be at least 18 years old to be allowed into the show. It is one of the few hypnosis shows in Las Vegas where teens and kids are not allowed inside.

3) The Mentalist

The Mentalist

Are you looking for hypnotist shows in Las Vegas that are suitable for older teens and adults? If so, you’ll want to check out Gerry McCambridge’s “The Mentalist” at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops of the Planet Hollywood Resort. His hypnosis show is original and fun because he combines hypnosis with mind-reading and magic. If you’re looking for a fun night with your partner and older kids, then you’ll all have a good time at this show.

The Mentalist has a PG rating. Guests must be at least 16 years old to see the show. Gerry will pick people from the audience and read their minds with his unique powers. He tries to make it mysterious and magical as he interacts with audience members at random. The outcome of his mind reading is different for each audience member, so you’ll never hear the same prediction twice. It should give you an incentive to go back to the show repeatedly because you’ll see new things each time.

Gerry has been a “mentalist” for almost 20 years. Several famous Hollywood celebrities have hired Gerry to entertain them at their parties and events. Some of his most famous clients include Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Howard Stern, David Spade, Tim Burton, and even Donald Trump. If his talent is good enough for these A-list celebrities, then you should definitely enjoy yourself when you attend The Mentalist in Las Vegas.

4) Anthony Cools – The Uncensored Hypnotist

Anthony Cools Las Vegas Show

Anthony Cools is called the “Uncensored Hypnotist,” which also happens to be the name of his hypnosis show in Las Vegas. Anyone familiar with the Las Vegas scene has probably heard of Anthony before. He holds the record for having the longest-running Las Vegas hypnosis shows.

Audience members must be at least 16 years of age or older. When you see Anthony on stage performing his naughty tricks, you’ll understand the need for the age requirement. Anthony likes to incorporate adult-oriented humor in his on-stage performances. He also likes to improvise his performance based on how the audience reacts to his humor. If he believes they will enjoy a particular style of humor, he will move his performance in that direction to please the audience.

The Uncensored Hypnotist is performed in the Anthony Cools Showroom at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. You can tell that Anthony Cools has been around Vegas for a long time because he gets to have a showroom named after him at a hotel. The guest capacity in the showroom is kept small so that participants can have a more intimate experience. Don’t worry, though, because Anthony does not humiliate anyone with his adult humor. Instead, he aims to make people laugh and have a good time.

5) Hypnosis Unleashed

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Kevin Lepine is a nationally recognized hypnotist who stars in a hypnosis show in Vegas called “Hypnosis Unleashed.” It is one of the Las Vegas shows for kids that uses hypnosis and comedy to entertain audiences. Kevin has a particular talent for making people laugh while boggling their minds in wonderment at the same time.

What is unique about Kevin is that he’s actually a certified hypnotherapist in real life. And yet, he uses his hypnosis training to make audiences laugh by making participants do crazy things in front of everybody. Hypnosis Unleashed is a family-friendly hypnosis show open to people of all ages. However, some of the humor is adult-oriented, so parental discretion is advised.

If you choose to participate in Kevin’s comedy routine, make sure you have a good sense of humor. Even though he doesn’t try to humiliate the participants, he does try to embarrass them to some degree. But it is all in good fun for anyone who likes to make people laugh. On the other hand, if you’d rather sit back and enjoy the performance as a spectator, you can do that too. You don’t have to participate.

Kevin Lepine has won several awards for his hypnosis show in Las Vegas. You can see it at the Canyon Club of the Four Queens Hotel in Las Vegas. Once you see him perform live, you’ll understand why people call him “the rock star of hypnosis.”

6) Totally Mental

Totally Mental

Vinny Grosso is a worldwide performer who gained recognition on “America’s Got Talent” after impressing the judges with his unique talent. Now he performs Las Vegas hypnotist shows entitled “Totally Mental” at Notoriety Club in the Neonopolis shopping mall in Las Vegas.

Totally Mental is one of the few hypnosis shows in Las Vegas not hosted at a hotel. Instead, it is at a 250,000 square-foot entertainment complex on Freemont Street. Vinny is literally “totally mental” when he is on stage interacting with guests. However, his interactions are fun and safe for all the participants involved. Vinny can best be described as lighthearted with a good sense of humor.

Get ready for the mind games if you plan to participate in his comedy and magic act. He invites participants on stage and performs his mind games on them in front of everybody. You will laugh and be surprised the entire time. Vinny is more of a magician than a hypnotist, but who can tell the difference in Vegas, right?

Vinny’s talent allowed him to fool the legendary Penn & Teller duo twice on their own television show. All of his humor is appropriate for children and adults. Guests only need to be five years old or older to attend his show.

7) Banachek’s Mind Games

Banachek’s Mind Games

Banachek’s Mind Games brings audiences into a magical world of mystery and excitement. Your heart will beat rapidly every minute of the show because his mind games are non-stop. Banachek is a mentalist, illusionist, mind reader and magician who ranks amongst the top magicians in the world. He has even consulted legendary magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine and Penn & Teller.

Banachek is an original magician because he thinks differently than other magicians. He has the same skeptical attitude about magic as many other people possess. That is why police investigators have sought his assistance in exposing fraudulent spiritualists, psychics and mediums who lie to people for profit.

Is Banachek the real deal? You’ll have to see his “Mind Games” show to find out. It is held at the STRAT Theater in the STRAT Hotel of Las Vegas. You’ll recognize this hotel because it is a tower building with a 360-degree SkyPod on top. It is the perfect setting for Banachek and his magic act because it is mysterious and thrilling at the same time.

Banachek has made hundreds of television show appearances throughout his career. Every major newspaper and magazine in the world have reported on Banachek and his unique magical and mental powers. See his powers for yourself by attending his hypnosis show in Vegas.

Reservation Tips

Hypnosis shows are the best cheap shows in Las Vegas. You really get a lot for your money after you purchase tickets to see them. The hypnotists demonstrate their rare talent in a magical and comedic manner. When their performances are finished, you will be left wondering how they did it. Perhaps you will become a true believer in the power of hypnosis.

Vegas Lens provides plenty of listings for Las Vegas hypnosis shows. You may even get lucky and find a link to a discount show ticket in Las Vegas. Exclusive deals are frequently available on tickets to hypnosis shows in Las Vegas. Look for these discounts in the listings because they don’t last forever. We recommend that you book your tickets well in advance to get the best deal on shows.

Hypnosis shows in Las Vegas can be found in hotel resorts throughout the city. You don’t have to be a guest at a particular hotel to see the shows it has in it. Just purchase a ticket for the show as you would for any other type of show. When you arrive at the hotel, present your ticket to the usher at the front door of the showroom.

Some hotels have special deals on their Las Vegas hypnotist shows for guests who book rooms with them. Look for these package deals on Vegas Lens or any other travel itinerary website or agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about hypnotist shows in Las Vegas? If so, you might find answers to those questions below.

Is hypnotizing a real thing?

Yes, hypnosis is a real thing performed on people in real life. In fact, the civilian world has licensed hypnotists who are trained and skilled to administer hypnosis as an alternative medical treatment. They are qualified to hypnotize patients in an effort to reduce some of their mental health issues, such as depression, headaches, fears, stress, and anxiety.

However, Las Vegas hypnosis shows are not meant to provide any kind of health benefits to individuals. The hypnotists on stage are entertainers who use hypnosis as a way to excite and entertain their audience. When you visit one of the Las Vegas hypnotist shows, you should go into it with the expectation of getting entertained. Nothing more.

Who is the most famous hypnotist in Vegas?

There are many talented hypnotists, magicians, and comedians in Las Vegas. Many hypnotists combine magic and comedy in their performances to enhance the entertainment value for audiences. However, the best hypnotists focus strictly on hypnosis and magic to entertain crowds. That is why many critics and fans consider Frederic Da Silva to be the best hypnotist in Vegas.

Frederic is one of the few mentalists and hypnotists to achieve international fame for his skills as a magician and mind reader.  He was even given the prestigious award of “Best Mentalist in Europe.” If you have never seen a hypnotist in Vegas before, you should start with Frederic’s “Paranormal Mind Reading Magic” show. You won’t want to miss it.

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