15 Simple Ways to Get Jabbawockeez Discount Tickets!

There is no doubt that as more people begin traveling again and flocking to Las Vegas, they will be on the hunt for Jabbawockeez discount tickets. Unfortunately, while they will look for great prices on excellent seats in all of the obvious places, they are likely to miss out on some of the biggest discounts.

But not you! You are here, and that is great news! We have put together a comprehensive list that shows you all of the ways that you save big on tickets to the show. From finding the best discounts on ticket websites to insider tips, we left no stone unturned to ensure that you can find the discount that saves you the most money.

What Is The Jabbawockeez Show?

From awe-inspiring choreography to stunning special effects and heart-pounding music, the Jabbawockeez effortlessly brings hip-hop and unmatched dance skills to the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Known for their signature white masks and head-turning dance moves, this show brings the audience up close and personal with one of the world’s most influential dance crews. The show has won both the “Best Family Show” and the “Best All Ages Show” for the past three years”! Keep reading to learn more about how you can get Jabbawockeez Vegas discount tickets and experience all of the magic for yourself!

16 Easy Ways to Find Jabbawockeez Discount Tickets!

Spending all of your time rifling through website after website is one way to try and find the best Las Vegas show discounts tickets, or you can read the quick and complete list below to find the best way to save you the most money on tickets to the show! From cheap tickets found on websites to deals you simply can’t miss out on – you will find everything you need to know.

#1 Jabbawockeez Discount Tickets From Vegas.com

Jabbawockeez Vegas Discount Tickets

Known for having some of the biggest discounts, Vegas.com always delivers when it comes to finding tickets at some of the most competitive prices. With a best price guarantee, you can be sure that you are truly getting the best possible rates for the tickets you are looking for.

Currently, tickets at Vegas.com start at $99. Not only does Vegas.com allow you to compare tickets across dates and showtimes, but you can also see what shows are sold out and those that are close to selling the last ticket. You better move quickly as many of these showtimes have already sold out or are very close to – time to check out Vegas.com!

#2 Jabbawockeez Tickets From StubHub

While StubHub can sometimes be an okay choice for last-minute ticket purchases, if you can find tickets elsewhere, we highly recommend it! StubHub is a ticket resale site, which means that those who have already purchased tickets resell them for a profit. Unfortunately, this means that you usually pay a markup for your tickets.

Currently, ticket prices begin at $107 – and that is before the added fees and taxes. These usually reach up to $30. If you are in a bind and can’t find tickets anywhere else, then purchasing from this site is understandable. But please check out Vegas.com first!

#3 Military Discounts

Luckily, you can score discount Jabbawockeez tickets in Las Vegas with a military discount! Active, retired, and spouses of military members can enjoy 15% off of seats to the Jabbawockeez show. This discount is extended to seats in categories B and D. However, there are a few requirements that you should know about. These include:

  • An active duty, reserve, guard, or spouse identification card
  • Form DD-214, Certificate of Release
  • Valid state-issued identification card or driver’s license with veteran designation
  • Department of veteran affairs identification card

#4 Saving Big With Kids’ Discounts

Jabbawockeez is one of the best shows for kids in Las Vegas! While most shows do not allow children under a certain age to attend or don’t afford discounts for children at all, the Jabbawockeez show gives an outstanding discount for children!

Not only can children of any age attend, but those under the age of four enjoy a steep discount.

And by steep, we mean free! That’s right! Kids under the age of four can be admitted to the show as long as they sit on someone’s lap. Those over the age of four must purchase a ticket.

#5 Cheap Jabbawockeez Tickets For M Life Members

The M Life Club affords many perks and savings opportunities! This members’ club is for those who prefer to frequent the hotels and casinos of the MGM Grand. Through this loyalty program, you can save big on Jabbawockeez discount tickets.

Savings depend on your standing with the M Life Club. To find out more, contact your M Life Club representative or the desk at the casino to learn how you can save big on tickets to the show or even get them for free!

#6 Groupon Deals

Discount Jabbawockeez Tickets in Las Vegas

From time to time, Groupon offers fantastic deals on Jabbawockeez Vegas discount tickets. Currently, there are no promotions through the site, but here is what you should know for next time!

  • All ticket sales made through Groupon are final
  • You may not be able to use any additional discount codes for the offer
  • To pick up your tickets, you will need a government-issued ID

Another important thing to mention is that Groupon deals require a quick and constant watch! Once these tickets go on sale, they sell out very quickly. If you happen to catch a deal, be sure to take advantage of it quickly. If you have missed out, no need to worry! You can still catch a great price at Vegas.com

#7 Tickets From Viator

Cheap Jabbawockeez Tickets

We hate to break it to you, but Viator has some of the least competitive prices on the internet for Jabbawockeez tickets. Starting at $112, there are just so many better ways to save that we’d hate to see you waste your money here.

When vacationing, especially in Vegas, it is always a goal to see and experience as much of the city as possible. Unfortunately, while this usually costs a fair amount of money, there are many ways to save here and there so that you can see as much as you’d like. Rather than spending your hard-earned cash here, check out Vegas.com or another discount site.

#8 Scoring Discounts For Groups

Are you headed to Vegas with a large group? Groups of 15 or more people can save on tickets. This is great news for large family gatherings, work trips, or even group vacations! While there is not much information on how much group tickets costs, we do recommend contacting the MGM grand to learn more.

#9 Local Jabbawockeez Vegas Discount Tickets

Quite honestly, there are plenty of great deals for Jabbawockeez, so there is no need for an additional local’s discount. At certain times, you may be able to find Jabbawockeez tickets at a 50% discount for locals. However, this deal is not currently active.

For tickets starting at just $99, you can head to Vegas.com to score cheap Jabbawockeez tickets! You do not need to provide any proof of residency to score these big price cuts! If anything changes regarding a discount for locals, we will be sure to let you know!

#10 Competitive Ticket Prices At Showtickets

Showtickets.com is another website that usually offers very fair prices for tickets to the Jabbawockeez show. While they are not typically as low as Vegas.com, if you have waited a bit too close to the date and time you wish to see the show, the good news is that you can still find tickets at a competitive price.

Currently, tickets to the Jabbawockeez show at Showtickets.com start at $95. You will be able to receive your tickets immediately as the site sends you etickets after your purchase is complete.

#11 Shop By Ticket Section

One of the great things about the Jabbawockeez show is that they offer different prices for each section of the theater – which is great for those who prefer to shop by price. Currently, there are four seating sections for the show:

Category A

Category A is typically the most expensive and consists of the first few rows of the theater.

Category B

Category B is usually the most popular choice as they are very affordable and are located directly behind category A – which has the best views of the stage!

Category C

Category C still offers awesome views of the stage and provides a more affordable price than A and B.

Category D

Category D seats are found at the far ends of the theater. While they may not provide the very best view, they still make for a great show and are the cheapest tickets that you can find for the show.

#12 Plan Ahead!

Planning to see one of the best shows in Vegas requires planning! By planning ahead, you not only ensure that you are getting the seats that you want most but also that you aren’t overpaying for them.

The longer you wait, the more ticket prices increase and the less chance you will have of finding the best seats for the right price. We always recommend checking out a few outlets, like Vegas.com, to ensure that you are receiving the lowest price for your tickets.

#13 Can You Save With Ticketmaster?

We are pretty shocked to find this, but right now, you can find Jabbawockeez tickets at Ticketmaster for just $59. While Ticketmaster is not usually one of our top choices for discount tickets – based only on price, it seems that they have provided a fairly good deal for this show.

However, we do advise using caution when purchasing from Ticketmaster. Although they are one of the most trusted and popular providers for tickets to shows and events, they do typically charge multiple fees, service charges, and taxes. For this reason, we highly recommend taking a close look at your total before purchasing.

#14 Check Out The Show Around The Holidays

Certain periods throughout the year bring a slower tourist season to Las Vegas. If you can believe it, there are a few weeks throughout the year in which even Vegas see fewer people than normal. This usually occurs during the week after Thanksgiving, as well as a few weeks between December and January.

Because ticket prices, especially those on third-party vendors, are based on demand, you can score much more affordable tickets when there are fewer people trying to see the show. If you are traveling during one of these periods, be sure to check out any of the other methods to see how you can score discount Jabbawockeez tickets in Las Vegas.

#15 What About Promo Codes?

If you are counting on promo codes to score your Jabbawockeez Vegas discount tickets, we urge you to have a backup plan. Typically, promo codes pop up unexpectedly, expire quickly, and sometimes have a reputation for hiding things within the fine print.

If you do find a promo code (we haven’t found anything recently), please use caution and ensure that you carefully read all instructions and restrictions. OF course, you can always check out Vegas.com for everyday great prices and tickets that you can trust!

FAQ About The Jabbawockeez Show

How Much Do Jabbawockeez Tickets Cost?

While prices are determined by many different factors and vary significantly depending on how and where you buy your tickets, usually Jabbawockeez dance tickets are priced from as low as $99 to as high as $171 per seat.

Where Are The Jabbawockeez Performing In Vegas?

The Jabbawockeez perform at the Jabbawockeez Theater on the MGM Grand Casino floor in Las Vegas. The Jabbawockeez Theater is located near the cashier on the casino floor.

Where Can I Buy Jabbawockeez Tickets?

Honestly, there are plenty of different places where you can find Jabbawockeez tickets. We recommend starting with a highly reputable and affordable website like Vegas.com, but for all of the ways that you can purchase tickets, be sure to read our complete guide above!

How Long Are The Jabbawockeez In Vegas?

The Jabbawockeez Vegas show lasts for 90 minutes.

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