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Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Discount Tickets | 73% Off

Are you trying to score tickets to Jeff Dunham at an amazing price? If so, then you don’t need to look any further! We have scoured the internet to find all of the best ways for you to save big on tickets to the show. From membership discounts to websites that you need to check out (and those you should avoid), we have included everything you need to know about finding Las Vegas show discount tickets to see Jeff Dunham at Caesar’s Palace.

Finding tickets to Las Vegas shows at great prices can cost you a great deal of time, energy, and resources. Luckily, you won’t have to waste all of that like everyone else, and you found our guide! We are excited to show you all of the great ways that you can save. Keep reading to learn more!

Jeff Dunham Discount Tickets

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18 Ways To Score Jeff Dunham Discount Tickets!

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

From discount sites to promo codes and plenty of little-known ways to save, we have created this guide as a way to help you save big on tickets to the Jeff Dunham Las Vegas show! Keep reading to learn more about how easy it is to save big on tickets to the show!

#1 Tickets For Jeff Dunham For Locals

From time to time, many Las Vegas dinner shows will offer special discounts to those who live in and around the city! While this is a great way to save on tickets to shows on the strip, unfortunately, there are no special savings for locals to the Jeff Dunham show. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still save a ton of money on tickets to the show! One of the best places to start looking for discounted tickets is!

#2 Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Show Military Discounts

Even though you won’t find a military discount for tickets to the show, Caesars Las Vegas offers military discounts on room rates, which can be used at almost all of their resorts and casinos!  You can use the military discount to save big on your room and use one of our other tips to save a big ton of money on Jeff Dunham Las Vegas tickets. It’s the best way to take advantage of the discount!

#3 Save Big By Planning Ahead

One of the easiest ways to pay too much for a ticket to any Las Vegas show is to wait until the last minute to buy them! The longer you wait, the fewer available seats to choose from. With fewer tickets left, demand for the show begins to skyrocket along with ticket rates. Don’t get stuck paying too much for the same seats when you could have gotten a much better price with a little planning. Buy your tickets well in advance at a site like to save big!

#4 Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Show Student Discounts

Students and teachers can save up to 30% off their hotel stay with a Caesars Rewards card. Now, that is a hard deal to beat! Unfortunately, that discount does not extend to tickets to the show. But you can still get Jeff Dunham Las Vegas tickets for cheap from any one of our discount sites like! This way, you can save big on the room and find fantastic prices for your show tickets!

#5 Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Show Discount Codes

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any discount codes available for the Jeff Dunham show. This does not come as a surprise, especially since the show is only performing on selective dates at the end of 2022. While this may be a bit frustrating, we can assure you that there are many other great ways to save on your tickets – just keep scrolling to learn more!

#2 Skip The Codes And Head To | Lowest Price Guaranteed!

If you are trying to score Jeff Dunham Las Vegas tickets at the best possible price, then we recommend checking out has tickets to the show starting as low as $50! And these tickets have been booked in just the last four hours, so you better move fast! Not only does offer fantastic ticket prices, but they also promise a best price guarantee. So, now you know that you will never over at

#7 Check Out Vegas During The Off-Season

If you can believe it, even Las Vegas has an off-season! Certain periods throughout the year see fewer travelers visit the famous city. During these periods, it can be much easier to score tickets at a cheaper price as demand decreases. If you are visiting Las Vegas during the week after Thanksgiving or one of the off-season weeks in December and January, be sure to check out show tickets, as they will likely be much cheaper.

#8 Buy Tickets In Advance For Better Seats

Finding great prices is not the only thing to consider as you purchase tickets to a Las Vegas show. It is just as important to get the seat that you want for the show! While there is usually never a bad seat in a Las Vegas theater, some people prefer to sit in certain sections to ensure that they have the experience that they want. We recommend buying your tickets before leaving for your trip so that you can be sure you get tickets for the seats that are best for you! Head to to ensure you get the best prices on fantastic seats to the Comedy Cellar.

#9 Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Discount Tickets On StubHub?

It is not that StubHub is necessarily a bad site. We just never seem to find discount tickets here. The reason for that is that StubHub is a resale website, so they rarely are selling tickets without tacking on extra costs for both profits and fees. Currently, tickets on StubHub start at about $88, which is not terrible, but it is not much of a deal either. Before purchasing any tickets from StubHub, be sure to check out to make sure you can’t get a better deal on Jeff Dunham discount tickets!

#10 Any Chance Of Saving On Ticketmaster?

If you are looking for cheap tickets, Ticketmaster is usually not the best place to visit. Tickets for Jeff Dunham start at $50 before adding extra fees to the tickets – which can reach up to $30 per ticket! While this is still not the highest price you will find for tickets to the show, we recommend checking out some of our other ways to save before settling for Ticketmaster.

#11 Buying Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Show Las Vegas Tickets Directly

Oh no– we hate when resorts use Ticketmaster to sell their tickets. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find a great deal on tickets to the show through the website as they use Ticketmaster to sell their tickets. Tickets to the show start at $50 – not the worst price, but you can do much better! And, as we mentioned before, Ticketmaster is famous for adding hefty fees to the price of each and every ticket that they sell. Before buying tickets directly, be sure to check out for much better prices.


Don’t let the name fool you! Jeff Dunham Las Vegas discount tickets can be found elsewhere at much better prices! Unfortunately, is not our go-to spot for finding tickets to the best Las Vegas shows at a reasonable price. Starting at $87, just proves that there are better ways to get discounted tickets to the show. Rather than waste your money buying tickets at this website, we recommend checking out for great prices all year round!

#13 Jeff Dunham Las Vegas Show Tickets On Groupon

Sadly, there do not seem to be any discounted tickets or deals to the Jeff Dunham Las Vegas show available on Groupon. However, that doesn’t mean that there will never be a deal for the show. Groupon is known for its flash sales. When a ticket deal pops up on Groupon, it tends to move fast and is often sold out shortly after being introduced. If you find a deal on Groupon, we recommend moving quickly and paying close attention to the various instructions, restrictions, as well as the fine print.

#14 is another site that offers Jeff Dunham Las Vegas tickets at the price that is easy to forget about. Tickets on the site start at $84 and only move up from there. It may not be the worst price, but we certainly recommend checking other sites first!

#15 Discount Tickets For AAA Members

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any available discounts for those who are AAA members. But there is no need to worry – there are still many different ways to get Jeff Dunham Las Vegas tickets at a fantastic price! We recommend checking hotels, shops, and restaurants for possible AAA discounts. The best way to still save big on the show is to check out They provide great deals on tickets all year long, regardless of various memberships.

#16 AARP Discounts

We have some great news! You can use your AARP discount to save big on hotel rooms at Caesars Palace and other resorts and casinos that are part of the Caesars group. However, you cannot use this discount to save on tickets to the show. We recommend using your AARP discount to save up to 30% off your hotel room reservations. Then, you can head to a discount site like to get tickets to the show for almost half off! At just $50, you can score great seats to the show at a fantastic – plus save on your room using your AARP discount!


Darn, it doesn’t look like is currently selling tickets to the Jeff Dunham show. No need to fret! You can still get tickets at a great price from Be sure to head over to the site soon as they sell tickets just about every hour for this show! With the best price guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting tickets with some of the most competitive prices for the show!

#18 Can You Save With

Aw man, it doesn’t look like currently has any tickets available for the Jeff Dunham show in Las Vegas. No worries, we have plenty of other ways for you to save! Check out for some of the best prices you could possibly find on tickets to Jeff Dunham show in Las Vegas. You can shop tickets across different dates and showtimes, and rest assured that you are getting the best price with’s best price guarantee.


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