Sky Zone Trampoline Park - Jumping Places in Las Vegas

Top 8 Jumping Places in Las Vegas (Trampoline Parks) at 2022

Children love to jump around and have fun. Jumping helps children calm down and redirect their energy toward something positive and uplifting.

After all, children have more energy than adults. That is why you don’t see adults jumping up and down as often as children. However, when adults visit a Las Vegas jumping place, then everyone starts to feel like a kid again.

Did you know Las Vegas is home to several reputable jumping places? Many of these places have trampolines available for children and adults to use.

There is nothing more fun than jumping on a trampoline and trying to make yourself go as high as possible. Commercial trampolines are safe for most children to use too.

Below are the top 8 jumping places in Las Vegas.

1) Flip N Out Extreme

Flip N Out Extreme - Jumping Places in Las Vegas

Flip N Out Extreme is the number one jumping place in Las Vegas. It is also the biggest indoor trampoline park as well.

You’ll find only the very best trampolines available for children to jump on there. The environment is perfectly safe for families, and the friendly staff goes out of their way to keep it clean at all times.

In addition, the facility also contains laser tag, arcade games, rock climbing walls, and plenty of other family-friendly activities.

2) Xplozone Trampoline Park

Xplozone Trampoline Park - Trampoline Places in Las Vegas

Xplozone Trampoline Park has all the trampolines you could ever want. There are seven Olympic size trampolines that will surely entertain adults and children. You can even take trampoline lessons at the facility. The lessons range from beginner-friendly to advanced.

People who really love to jump can use the tramp walls too. You must be a true ninja to master the tramp walls. Lessons on the tramp walls are available as well.

3) Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park - Jumping Places in Las Vegas

The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is part of an indoor trampoline park chain that exists throughout the world. The Las Vegas facility gives you all the deluxe jumping options you could ever want.

You can do freestyle jumping on huge wall-to-wall trampolines inside of a large room. Even if you lose your balance and fall the wrong way, the trampoline will bounce you right back up. You can never miss the trampoline because they are everywhere.

If you want to add some sporting activities to your jumping, you can participate in a SkySlam basketball game or an Ultimate Dodgeball game.

4) Uptown Jungle Fun Park

Uptown Jungle Fun Park - Trampoline Parks in Las Vegas

The Uptown Jungle Fun Park can offer you trampolines, obstacle courses, climbing walls, ninja courses, spider towers, mini zips, and so much more.

You could spend the whole day at Uptown Jungle Fun Park with your family and have a good time. The trampolines aren’t the only activity that involves jumping too. The facility can be rented for birthday parties and special events too.

5) Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center

Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center - Jumping Places in Las Vegas

The Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center is another family-friendly jumping place with bouncers, obstacles, sporting activities, and slides. It doesn’t have any trampolines, but the bouncers are suitable for younger children to jump on.

If you want to have birthday parties for younger children five and under, then the Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center would be perfect for it.

6) Lost Worlds Myth and Magic

Lost Worlds Myth and Magic - Trampoline Places in Las Vegas

The Lost Worlds Myth and Magic is an exciting environment with 30,000 square feet of amazing activities and attractions.

There is a ninja warrior agility course, tube slides, climbing walls, mini-bowling, and laser tag. You’ll do plenty of jumping around if you take the ninja warrior course. It teaches you to be light on your feet.

7) Las Vegas Circus Center

Las Vegas Circus Center - Trampoline Parks in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Circus Center serves as a circus training center. They offer classes in a variety of exciting activities, such as trampolines, tramp walls, flying trapeze, aerial arts, tumbling, parkour, and ninja warrior.

If you like to move around and jump, then you won’t be bored at the Las Vegas Circus Center. In fact, you may even want to join a circus after you take enough classes.

8) Gravady

Gravady - Jumping Places in Las Vegas

Gravady is a massive 30,000-square foot facility with world-class trampolines that make up more than 12,000 square feet of the facility.

All of the 60 trampolines are connected together, so you can jump around half of the facility like a bunny rabbit. The angled wall trampolines are a nice unique feature of the facility too.

There are even launching decks to help get your jumping off to a good start.

Plan Your Itinerary

It is not difficult to plan your itinerary where jumping is concerned. You simply need to find places in Las Vegas that offer jumping-related activities. Trampoline parks are the most popular jumping places in Las Vegas.

The city has some of the most popular trampoline parks in the entire country. Some of them are kid-friendly, while others are geared more for adults who want to challenge themselves.

Book your reservations at a jumping place which accommodates the needs of your party. If you’re bringing young children to a jumping place, then something like the Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center might be more appropriate for them.

But if you want an upscale jumping experience for adults, then Xplozone Trampoline Park might be better for you.

You may want to book reservations at more than one jumping place if you’re interested in some of the other activities that are available in them too. Find discounts on your favorite jumping places in Las Vegas with Vegas Lens.


Jumping is obviously something that we can all do anywhere. However, it is better to visit jumping places because they make jumping so much easier and more fun.

It is actually much safer to jump on a trampoline than on a flat surface. If you were to jump up and down on a flat solid surface, then it could slowly hurt your knees.

But when you jump up and down on a trampoline, there is virtually no pressure put on your joints whatsoever.

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