KÀ Cirque du Soleil Show

20 Ways to Get Cirque Du Soleil KA Discount Tickets in 2021

KA Las Vegas discount tickets are in high demand as shows make their way back to the world-famous strip. The show tells the story of a young man and young woman coming of age through the enthralling encounters of love and conflict. With jaw-dropping stunts and remarkable visuals, KA has accumulated a massive audience from around the world since its premiere in 2004.

What Happens in KA?

Telling a story of conflict and love, KA tells the story of a set of twins who must embark on a journey of self-discovery and overcome a rite of passage. As the twins forge their path, they encounter KA – a fire that has both the power to destroy and illuminate. Seen by over a million spectators since its opening in 2005, KA is sure to delight audiences as they follow the story of the twins of KA.

Of all the Cirque Du Soleil shows in Vegas, KA is the last one to return to strip after the shutdown caused by the pandemic. With much anticipation, the show is sure to rack a pretty penny for its tickets. Though there is no need to worry about finding seats at a great price! Keep reading for 20 surefire tips to help you score the perfect seats at a price that can’t be beat.

20 Ways to Get Your Own KA Discount Tickets in 2021!

The truth is that there are many misleading websites and promotions that claim to offer discount tickets but end up wasting your time. Finding KA Cirque Du Soleil tickets does not have to be a challenge. Below, you will find 20 unique ways to save big for your show! From deep discounts at Vegas.com to special promotions for military members and hotel guests, there is something on this list for everyone!

Tip#1 Visit Vegas.com First

KA Discount Tickets

Finding KA Las Vegas discount tickets is simple with a visit to Vegas.com. With tickets starting at just $69, this deal provides tickets at an absolute steal! While this price may not always be available, trying to find a last-minute deal on this site still helps to secure tickets at a low cost with a Best Price Guarantee. Head to Vegas.com now to purchase tickets for your desired show date.

Tip#2 Ka Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets For Military Personnel

Everyone wants to know the best shows to see in Vegas while visiting, and luckily, you will have to look no further than KA! As an added bonus, military members can check out the show at a discount. Active-duty military personnel can catch the show with tickets that are discounted up to 35%. While this discount is subject to availability, parties of up to four people can use the 35% discount on tickets that cost $99, $125, or $150. To learn more about this deal, visit the MGM Grand Website.

Tip#3 KA Las Vegas Discount Tickets On Stubhub

Stubhub doesn’t always have the most competitive prices for show tickets. Because it works as a platform used to resell tickets from those who have already bought them, prices are sometimes set at a premium so sellers can make a profit. However, last-minute deals can sometimes be found on the platform. While ticket prices on Stubhub fluctuate, prices have started as low as $100. If you’d rather not take your chances on finding a great deal, it is best to reserve your tickets through Vegas.com.

Tip#4 Discount Cirque Du Soleil Tickets On Groupon

KA Las Vegas Discount Tickets

Groupon is another option to explore when trying to find a KA discount ticket. Although deals are not always available, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot! A previous deal for KA tickets found on Groupon provided a 35% off price – just $85. However, seating options on Groupon can be limited, and deals tend to sell out quickly, so you must be well-informed and quick.

Tip#5 Purchasing KA Tickets Through The MGM Grand

Tickets to KA can also be purchased directly with MGM Grand, the resort that hosts the show. While viewers will have to book their tickets at least seven days in advance, by booking directly with the resort, you can save up to $65 on the tickets you book. While tickets start at $69 on MGM Grand’s website, the longer you wait to book, the less likely you are to find a great deal.

Tip#6 KA Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets On BestOfVegas

KA by Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets

BestOfVegas, another ticketing site dedicated to selling seats for shows in Vegas, also offers deals on the Cirque Du Soleil Show, KA. While prices vary, this site is very similar to Vegas.com. However, it is smaller, meaning that it may not have the same range of options found on Vegas.com

Tip#7 Check Out KA 360!

Technically, KA 360 is a different experience from the show itself, but it is a great way for those who want to see the show to learn more about its production. Guests can get a first-hand look at the technology and artistry behind this $165,000,000 production show in Vegas. The best part is that it is free! No need to search for discounted tickets. Be sure to check with MGM Grand for an updated schedule as this experience has blackout dates. Did we mention that you don’t have to make a reservation?

Tip#8 No Luck With Locals’ Discounts

Many Las Vegas shows and activities offer discounts to the area’s local residents. However, KA does not currently run any ticket promotions for those living in the region. But no need to worry – you can still get your KA show discount ticket without any hassle! Vegas.com offers deals on show tickets that are just as affordable, if not more competitive, than those provided for locals. All you have to do is click here to view prices for the show!

Tip#9 Leave The Little Ones Home

While there are plenty of family shows in Las Vegas to check out during your trip, those under the age of five are not permitted to enter KA’s show. No worries – you can make it a date night with your significant other! Also, leaving the younger kids behind can help you save on additional tickets that quickly rack up a hefty price tag.

Tip#10 Discounted Tickets For Groups

If you are traveling with a big bunch, then you and your friends and family can score big time when it comes to catching a showing of KA Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets are offered to groups of twelve or more people for a steep discount. The best part is that you and yours will get be able to sit together. To learn more about these savings and reserve your spot, call the MGM Grand at 702-692-9494. Are you going to Vegas with less than twelve? Check out deeply discounted KA tickets on Vegas.com!

Tip#11 Cheaper Tickets For Rewards Members

MGM Grand’s loyalty program may leave you eligible for purchasing your KA tickets at a discount. If you are an M Life member, it can’t hurt to stop by the MGM Grand M Life desk as you arrive at the hotel. Be sure to take care of this quickly, as reservations can quickly fill up for the show.

Tip#12 Using Discount Codes

Another way to score your KA discounted ticket is through the use of discount and promo codes. Currently, there is nothing available for the show. But, from time to time, promos and discount codes can pop up around the internet. Here is what you need to know:

  • Not all codes work on every platform. While your discount code may seem like a steep discount, it may only be eligible for sites selling the tickets at full price or even a premium.
  • Promo codes tend to appear and expire quickly, so you may miss out if you aren’t quick.
  • Always be sure to read any fine print or restrictions on your codes, which can include blackout dates and discount restrictions, among other things.

Tip#13 Don’t Take Your Chances

Though it may seem like a risk worth taking, we strongly advise against looking for discounted tickets at the last minute. Show ticket prices in Las Vegas are very sensitive to demand. If you plan on waiting until the day, or even the week of the show, you may find that you will have to dig deep into your pockets to nab a seat. If booking your reservation slipped your mind during your planning process, check out Vegas.com and other third-party booking sites – you may just get lucky.

Tip#14 Be Careful With Online Marketplaces

We are all accustomed to checking out consumer marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, and other platforms when trying to find various things at a discounted price. However, we urge you to use caution when trying to find a KA show discount ticket on any of these sites. These tickets are often being resold or auctioned, which does not guarantee that you are getting the best price. Even more importantly, it can be harder to determine if the tickets are legitimate.

Tip#15 Plan Your Vegas Trip During The Off-Season

Believe it or not, even Las Vegas has a slow, well slower, season! Because Las Vegas tickets are so sensitive to the public’s demand, checking out a show during a slower time of the year can help you save BIG! The city usually experiences a slowdown during the first week of January, the first couple weeks of December, and the week after Thanksgiving.

Tip#16 Carefully Select Your Section

While there certainly isn’t a bad seat to be found in the theater, there are some that are better than others. However, this doesn’t mean that the most expensive seat is necessarily the right one. Each section offers a unique viewing experience for the audience of KA. Categories A and B offer premium views, but audience members can still get a great view of the show from categories C, D, and E – often at a much better price. When trying to find a KA show discount ticket, don’t forget to check out the upper levels.

Tip#17 Don’t Expect Much From Ticketmaster

Although it may be easy to find KA tickets on Ticketmaster’s website, you aren’t likely to find a great deal. Ticketmaster is notorious for their added fees and taxes, which are often not added until the end of your transaction – making it seem your tickets are much cheaper than they truly are. Because this site gets a lot of visitors, they often sell out their premium-priced tickets. Don’t be fooled! Head to Vegas.com to find the perfect KA discount ticket.

Tip#18 CheapTickets.com Missing The “Cheap”

KA Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets

Despite their name, cheaptickets.com does not offer the best prices for KA seats. Even the seats located in some of the less preferred sections are more expensive than those sold on Vegas.com. If you are in a bind and must use this site to purchase your tickets, it is worth noting that you will still be able to find great seats, just not at the best deal.

Tip#19 Travelvegas.com

Travelvegas.com does offer some competitive deals on KA tickets. Currently, they are selling tickets for as low as $75. However, they don’t offer tickets for shows playing on Thursdays and Fridays, which may not work with some travelers’ schedules.

Tip#20 Use Other Resell Or Discount Sites When In A Pinch

Though we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute (ahem, check out Tip #13), if you have the urge to see the show on a whim, it does help to check out various other ticketing sites. Some of these are known for providing discounts, while others are simply resale sites that can leave you with a hefty markup. These other resources including:

  • Showtickets.com
  • Tix4tonight.com
  • Viator.com
  • Expedia.com

FAQ About KA Show

How long is KA Cirque du Soleil?

KA has a runtime of about 90 minutes without an intermission.

Where is the KA show in Vegas?

The KA theater and the KA box office are both located at the MGM Grand. Those interested can find this location on the casino floor near Wolfgang Puck and Joel Robuchon.

Is KA by Cirque du Soleil family-friendly?

KA is a great show for kids and actually made it on Ticketmaster’s top ten family-friendly Cirque Du Soleil shows. Although kids under the age of five are not permitted to the show, those five and older will enjoy the visuals and captivating story of KA.

Where are the best seats for the KA Cirque du Soleil show?

For those looking to enjoy the most immersive experience while viewing KA, the seats in section 102 often provide the best views. These seats are typically more expensive, but that is likely because they are close to the stage and centrally located.

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Get KA Show Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)


Get KA Show Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)