Aquamermaid Birthday Parties - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

28 Best Kids Birthday Party Places In Las Vegas for 2024

Your child’s birthday party is that special time of year when you get to celebrate another turn around the globe; family, friends and loved ones gather together to share gifts, eat cake, and of course, have plenty of fun.

If you’re looking for Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas, you’re in luck: there are plenty of great birthday party places in the city that will leave you, your child and every single guest enjoying themselves for the duration of the event and even afterwards.

There are many different options when it comes to Las Vegas kid’s birthday parties—from shows to play places to unique experiments and more.

It’s thanks to all this Las Vegas variety that Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas have the potential to be fun, exciting, unique—and definitely memorable.

Best Places to Have Kids Birthday Parties In Las Vegas 

If you’re ready to find out more about the very best places to have Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas, consider the following guide to the very best places for kid’s birthday parties in Las Vegas.

The hours on each venue may vary from what is on the official website—if you are unsure about the hours; contact the company to confirm whether or not they will be open. The following are some of the most notable Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas.

1- King Putt Miniature Golf

King Putt Miniature Golf - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

Some of the best Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas have been thrown at King Putt Miniature Golf and your child will definitely love this exciting and vibrant indoor golf venue.

Birthday parties thrown here include packages that have options for hiring professional magicians, packages that include a private party room with set-up and clean up included in the cost, along with a complimentary round of glow in the dark golf.

Kids will love the glow in the dark golf and the ability to retreat to a party room for snacks and down time in between games.

2- Jumpers Jungle

Jumpers Jungle - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

This fun and exciting option for Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas is perfect for children from toddler age all the way up to about 10 years old at the most.

This venue features a ton of bounce houses and bounce equipment that will leave your child jumping–and leaping!–for joy.

Jumpers Jungle does offer a party room for guests; the party room includes decorations as well as seating for the family and the friends.

3- Red Rock Climbing Center

Red Rock Climbing Center - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

If your child’s idea of a great Kid birthday party in Las Vegas involves promises of adventure and excitement, then you can do little better than Red Rock Climbing Center.

Kids will love the different rock climbing walls, available for a variety of skills and experience levels. This rock climbing center even features birthday party packages, which include a party room with an assistant and 2 hours of climbing time.

All food must be brought in separately as there is no food served or sold on site.

4- Bonnie Springs Ranch

Bonnie Springs Ranch - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a less traditional Kid birthday party in Las Vegas, then Bonnie Springs Ranch is a great option.

The site doesn’t offer birthday party packages and you can’t host parties on site, but it’s the perfect place to take your birthday child and their friends for an exciting family-friendly adventure.

The activities at Bonnie Springs ranch include horseback riding, train rides, and a Wild West show. This is a great option for small birthday parties, since costs can add up when you factor in a larger group.

5- BattleBLAST Las Vegas

BattleBLAST Las Vegas - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

If you have older kids, then battleBLAST is definitely one of the best options for birthday parties. BattleBLAST is a laser tag arena that spans 2 stories and can host 37 players at a single time.

All players at battleBLAST Las Vegas need to be at least 42″ tall, to this venue is best geared towards your older children and their friends.

The battleBLAST venue also includes an arcade with winnable prizes, an extensive snack bar, as well as spacious private party rooms.

6- GameWorks Las Vegas

GameWorks Las Vegas - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

GameWorks Las Vegas is a great place for kids birthday parties, especially parties that will be attended by pre-teens and up. GameWorks is an arcade, bowling alley, pub and restaurant all in one, meaning there is something for everyone who attends.

GameWorks features multiple classic and new arcade games, a total of 8 bowling lanes, 2 pool tables, as well as 30 TVs sprinkled throughout the restaurant for maximum viewing.

GameWorks does offer private party rooms but the reservations tend to book up in advance, so make sure that you all ahead to confirm availability.

7- Paint & Party Las Vegas

Paint Party Las Vegas

Painting parties aren’t just for grownups! If you have an artistic child who loves to draw and paint, then a Kid birthday party in Las Vegas at the Paint & Party venue is a great option.

At Paint & Party, guest will paint along with a teacher, creating their own unique works of art. Birthday party packages here include a private party room that you can decorate, along with an open-food policy in the private party room that allows you to bring whatever snacks, drinks, cake and ice cream that you want.

Paint & Party crew will clean up after the party as well.

8- Discovery Children’s Museum

Discovery Children's Museum - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Discovery Children’s Museum is an exciting option for a Kid birthday party in Las Vegas.

Discovery Children’s Museum is filled with kid-friendly interactive exhibits, such as a mock village where children can learn to change a tire, fix plumbing, as well as a faux airport complete with airplane and so much more.

Birthday packages for the Discovery Children’s Museum include unlimited use of the museum for the entire day plus access to a party room where food and drinks may be served.

This is a great option for both big and small groups, though parents will likely find it easier to manage small groups in the museum.

9- Adventuredome (Circus Circus)

Adventuredome (Circus Circus) - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

Adventuredome is one of the best places for kid’s birthday parties in Las Vegas thanks to its exciting attractions and customizable space that allows for parties with anywhere from 10 to 1000 guests.

(The second figure is highly unlikely for most children’s birthday parties, but it never hurts to have the space available!) Adventuredome features rides, carnival games, and plenty of play-based excitement that is perfect for children’s birthday parties.

Adventuredome offers birthday packages that include all day wristbands for rides along with a designated helper who will help set up the party and clean up when it is finished.

Best of all, Adventuredome can be tailored towards birthday parties of any age, whether your kid is 15, 8 or 5. Parties at this venue tend to book the quickest on the weekends, so aim for a weekday party or make sure you reserve well in advance for weekend dates.

10- Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas

Wet n' Wild Las Vegas - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas is the perfect option for children that love to swim, get wet and enjoy some fun in the sun! The birthday party, available at a retail price of $36.99 per person, is an excellent deal that includes admission to the park, a dedicated party host, delicious food made on-site, festive balloons/decorations and more.

There is a 12 guest minimum for parties and payment must be made 14 days prior to the event.

11- GloZone Las Vegas

GloZone Las Vegas - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

GloZone is a unique interior play space that includes many different activates perfect for kids who need to run around: bowling, indoor zip lining, laser tag, rock wall climbing, rope course, mini golf and an obstacle call.

Glozone does have designated party events for birthday parties, along with the option to upgrade to a private VIP room.

The most basic party package includes 10 party guests with 2 hours of seating in the party room zone; these 2 hours include unlimited attractions, a party host shared with the rest of the birthday parties held in the room, along with two large pizzas with 1 topping, and bottled water.

For an additional cost and a higher-tier package, guests can ensure more play time, a private host, and more.

12- Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas that offer a range of different activities for the birthday kid and guests to enjoy, then the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix is a great option for you.

This unique destination includes everything from arcades to multiple go kart tracks and an on-site restaurant with pizza and other classic American fare that will appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

The birthday party packages available for the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix include 6 tokens to the on-site arcade, 2 hours of playtime, as well as pizza and a drink.

This is an excellent deal that will help your birthday kid make the most of their party at this fun and memorable venue.

13- Mad Science Las Vegas

Mad Science Las Vegas - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

This is a perfect option for those Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas that are designed to provide something a little more unique than standard birthday fare.

The birthday parties put on at Mad Science Las Vegas include zany interactive shows designed specifically to help spark and keep an interest in science.

Guests will enjoy a special tour given by a scientist who is on hand to answer questions from both young and old.

14- Kids Quest

Kids Quest - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Kids Quest is certainly the most versatile of the many Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas.

Kids Quest features numerous attractions and great times, including but not limited to: an arts and crafts room, video game options, indoor play maze, Wii game arena, karaoke, and much more.

Although Kids Quest doesn’t have a full-fledged party package, it is still an excellent option for guests who want something fun and exciting for their child’s birthday beyond typical cake and ice cream in the backyard.

Best of all, Kids Quest is an indoor venue, so you won’t have to worry about cold weather, storms or other weather getting in the way of your child’s birthday party.

15- Child’s Play

Child’s Play - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

Child’s Play is a play area that makes for perfect kids birthday party places in Vegas. Child’s Play includes a massive playset complete with slides and forts; a computer room with educational games; a mini game on the basketball court; and playing unique games with an interactive projection wall.

Adults can sit aside and enjoy coffee and free Wi-Fi, o head to the adult room to get a real break. Child’s Play offers the ability to book entertainment on site, including balloon artists, magicians, and a professional photographer.

16- Shark Reef Aquarium

Shark Reef Aquarium - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

If you’re little one loves fish, sharks or other aquatic wildlife, then they will definitely get a kick out of having their birthday party at Shark Reef Aquarium. The aquarium is filled with everything from stingrays to horseshoe crabs to sharks, pufferfish and much more.

The venue does offer a birthday package which includes access to a private party room, decorations, invitations, and even plates/cups/napkins and silverware.

Children who love animals will especially love wandering the aquarium gallery to spot the many different sharks, fish and other aquatic wildlife that fill the professional-grade tanks at this popular aquarium.

17- Kids Planet

Kids Planet - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

This is a great option for children’s birthday parties that need to be done indoors, all thanks to a wide range of activities available indoors at Kids Planet.

Kids Planet features everything from sides, swings, a jump house, as well as a ball pit. Guests who are interested in a party package will find that the space comes with a designated party rom, a helper for setting up and cleaning up, as well as a pizza, drinks and a napkin.

This is an exceptional deal especially considering that everything normally needs to be paid for separately, so you will be saving money in the end.

18- Aquamermaid Birthday Parties

Aquamermaid Birthday Parties - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

If your child loves mermaids, then they will love Aquamermaid Birthday Parties! This is one of the most unique of the Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas; it includes a private class with a professional mermaid instructor which includes interactive mermaid games, mermaid photo shoots, and enough time to learn how to swim with a real mermaid tail.

Aquamermaid Birthday Parties can be held at the Aquamermaid Birthday Parties pool or at your home if you have a pool which can accommodate the mermaids. Each party includes up to 7 guests, so it’s an excellent value if your child and their friends are big fans of mermaids and are ready for the excitement of a Kid birthday party in Las Vegas.

19- Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Bay - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

Cowabunga Bay is one of the most happening Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas.

Cowagunga Bay is a water park that includes pools, water slides, and plenty of water-based activities that will help create an exciting and memorable birthday for your child.

Cowabunga Bay offers birthday party packages which include discounted admission to the park, a slice of pizza and a drink, ice cream cups, a reserved party table which can seat up to 20 people, as well as a birthday server on hand to help with serving drinks, food and the cake that you bring.

Guests who purchase a birthday package at this Kid birthday party in Las Vegas will also receive a souvenir beach ball and “bounce back” ticket for the birthday boy or girl.

20- Las Vegas School of Dance and Music

Las Vegas School of Dance and Music - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Your child will definitely love the dance based party experience held at the Las Vegas School of Dance and Music, which is the perfect choice for Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas.

This energetic, fun and highly unique features one of the neatest Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas; the fun and energetic feature is great for kids who love to dance, move around–and groove! This party experience includes a dance instructor who can help children learn a specific style of dance or play fun dance-based party games–or both! There are multiple party packages available so parents can curate the best birthday party experience for their kids as possible.

This is the perfect party package if your kid and their friends love to dance to the beat. Just make sure to leave a little time in between dancing and cake in order to prevent upset stomachs!

21- Sky Zone

Sky Zone - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

If your child loves to run and jump, then they will definitely love to get this destination for Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas held at the popular Sky Zone Las Vegas.

Best of all, sky Zone allows parents to curate birthday parties to their exact needs, whether they are looking to book a private room where they can eat pizza and cake or simply want the birthday kid and guests to have ample time to run, jump and generally play around. Kids will especially enjoy literally bouncing off the walls for their birthday.

This is a great birthday party experience in Las Vegas for older kids who will get a kick out of the high energy atmosphere and thrills that come with jumping higher than you ever thought possible.

22- Water Wings Swim School Parties

Water Wings Swim School Parties - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

If your kid loves to swim but you’re worried about outdoor waterparks or pools being closed due to inclement weather, then worry no more with this, one of the very best Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas: Wings Swim School Parties.

Water Wings Swim School is the perfect venue for indoor swimming, whether your child’s birthday happens to fall in the cooler winter months or you are worried about storms ruining an otherwise perfect birthday party.

The Water Wings Swim Club includes multiple party package options that can include activities such as free swim sessions with pool toys, decorations, and much more. Lifeguards will always be on duty for safety.

This is a great birthday party option in Las Vegas if your kid loves to swim and you want to make sure that nothing–not even the weather–ruins their day.

23- YMCA Parties

YMCA Parties - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

The YMCA is much more than a simple community center–it’s a place where your child can have an excellent Kid birthday party in Las Vegas that all of you will definitely enjoy spicy foods.

The YMCA includes many facility options for birthday parties, including but not limited to: pool parties at the indoor or outdoor pool, soccer parties at the soccer field, rock climbing wall parties and everything in between.

The YMCA will allow you to curate the perfect birthday party package option, which will include a party host to guide your birthday kid and their guests through the day’s events.

24- Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese's - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

There’s a reason why Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of the best Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas: it provides hours of fun, excitement and of course, the company’s trademark delicious cheesy pizza.

Kids and their friends will enjoy running around for hours playing arcade games, carnival style games, all while winning tickets that they can redeem for special prizes at the end of the party.

Birthday party packages include shout-outs to the birthday kid during live shows, time with the Chuck E. Cheese mascot, as well as extra tokens and tickets in honor of the birthday’s kid’s special day.

25- Brown’s Gymnastics

Brown’s Gymnastics

Brown’s Gymnastics is a great place to host a Kid birthday party in Las Vegas, especially if your child loves gymnastics and generally being active.

Brown’s Gymnastics birthday party packages include supervised gymnastics games and obstacle courses for a variety of ages, all while supervised by a professional instructor who will make sure everyone is safe and having fun.

The birthday party packages at Brown’s Gymnastics can be tailored to your needs, which make them great when you have specific preferences in mind for your kid’s upcoming birthday party.

And who knows—your birthday kid and friends may have so much fun that they ask to sign up for a class or two!

26- Kidville

Kidville - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Kidville is one of the best Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas, and its uniqueness is what makes it an excellent fantasy birthday destination.

Kidville features tons of activities for children to do, and birthday party packages here can be tailored to suit just about any need thanks to the many different themed play areas already in place at Kidville.

And best of all, Kidville will work with you on planning the party–including planning the theme, decorations, and specific activities you want to happen during the event.

Possible themes for the party include everything from dinosaurs to jungle safaris to superheroes to princesses to ballerinas and much more.

Kidville party packages also come with on-site party games and the possibility to add features like cotton candy, tie dying, jumpy castles and face painters.

27- Fun Lane Indoor Play

Fun Lane Indoor Play - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

Fun Lane Indoor Play is an indoor playground that is perfect for when you’re worried about an outdoor Kid birthday party in Las Vegas being cancelled due to poor or inclement weather.

Fun Lane Indoor Play is a 3,300 square foot indoor venue that include everything from toddler zones for younger children, an extensive play place complete with slides and climbing paths, and much more.

For birthday parties, Fun Lane Indoor Play includes a separate dining area that has tables or, if you need one, a private room for birthday guests.

Fun Lane Indoor Play is the perfect option when the party has guests in different age ranges, since it has areas to accommodate everyone from infants to children up to 12 years old.

28- Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

Children who love race cars will definitely love a birthday party at Pole Position Raceway! This unique raceway features is located is to the Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas.

The on-site go-kart racing, as well as an on-site arcade and of course, birthday party packages, are what make this location is so spot-on.

Birthday party packages at Pole Position Raceway include options to add additional go-kart time, a private room for pizza and birthday cake, as well as the option to add arcade time.

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas children’s birthday party that will appeal to children who love to go fast and furious, then a party package from Pole Position Raceway is definitely the path to take.

Tips for Hosting Kids Birthday Parties in Las Vegas

If you want to host a kids birthday party in Las Vegas, you already know that it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the details that go into picking the perfect venue for their birthday location.

If you want to throw the very best kid’s birthday party in Vegas ever, then you’ll want to take advantage of the following tips.

Tip: Pick somewhere your kid will enjoy themselves

Your child’s birthday party should be about them, above all, so make sure that the venue you’re choosing is somewhere that they will actually enjoy and not somewhere you picked due to your own preferences or convenience.

Tip: Make the guest list as early as possible

If you’re going to a venue that requires a headcount, then you need t make sure that you have the guest listed created as early as possible.

The earlier, the better; many venues require you to submit headcounts for birthday parties in advance so that they can prepare the room and any catering services on hand.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of budget-friendly options

If you are on a budget and you don’t want to have to drain your bank account for birthday party—then don’t! Simply opt for budget-friendly options that run the gamut from a few dollars a head to completely free of charge.

Budget friendly options don’t have to be boring, either: there are plenty of fun and exciting budget friendly options that will leave guests talking about the party for ages to come.

Remember: throwing the best kid’s birthday party in Las Vegas is about so much more than the venue or location of the party. It’s all about having fun and making sure your kid has the time of their life!


The sights and splendors of Las Vegas aren’t limited to casino nights and night life; there are an endless amount of magnificent options for Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas. These birthday party venues can provide fun, excitement, beauty and much more.

The many options available for Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas mean one thing for sure: parents have the ability and the right to choose just about any type of destination for their child’s birthday party.

If you are planning your child’s birthday party in Vegas, then make sure to consult the above guide to kid’s birthday parties in Las Vegas before you settle on the venue.

Don’t forget to call ahead to confirm details in order to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. You may just find exactly what you’re looking for in this guide and save money in the process!


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