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18 Different Ways to Get Laugh Factory Discount Tickets!

Laugh Factory Vegas tickets can be found in many different places, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them from the first website you find them on. Finding the best shows to see in Vegas is hard enough. You don’t need to add any additional hours of researching prices and seats so that you can see the show.

Luckily, we have put together 18 easy ways that you can save big on Laugh Factory discount tickets! From discount tickets you can find on websites to promotional codes and even little-known ways to save, we put it all together in a comprehensive guide. There is no need for you to jump from site to site. It is all here in one place so that you can book your tickets and start getting excited about your show!

What Is The Laugh Factory Show?

The Laugh Factory Las Vegas is one of the best places to see all of the funniest Las Vegas comedians. Performing at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, the Laugh Factory showcases famous comedians like Jon Lovitz, Jeremy Piven, Pauly Shore, Maz Jobrani, and so much more! One of the best things about the show is how many different showtimes they provide – which is great for those who need a bit of flexibility in their itineraries.

One thing this stand-up show is sure to promise all of its audience members is countless laughs and an abundance of comedy! As the Laugh Factory showcases different comedians throughout the year, this is a show that you can catch each time you come to Las Vegas while never seeing the same show twice! Finding tickets at a great price is not as hard as it may seem. Here is what you need to know!

18 Easy Ways to Get Laugh Factory Discount Tickets!

Whether you are trying to find cheap Laugh Factory tickets on a discount site or for promotions and deals that can help you save big – we have everything you need to know right here! We have done all of the research and made comparisons so that you don’t have to. Keep reading to learn how you can save big on your Tropicana Laugh Factory discount ticket.

#1 Las Vegas Show Tickets Discounted On

Laugh Factory Discount Tickets

While you may not find Laugh Factory Hollywood discount tickets on, you will certainly be able to find great deals for the Laugh Factory shows in Vegas! not only provides awesome prices for their tickets, but they also provide a great deal of information regarding the show! Currently, tickets to the show start at just $37 – one of the best prices we have been able to find! But you better move quickly. This show has been booked within the last hour and tends to sell out fast.

#2 Save Big By Visiting During The Off-Season

Many websites that sell show tickets to the various shows in Vegas set their prices based on demand. Believe it or not, even Las Vegas has a slow season. During this period, you may find that ticket prices are much lower compared to peak traveling seasons. For some of the best prices, try visiting Las Vegas during the week after Thanksgiving or during December and January.

#3 Laugh Factory Deals On Groupon

Laugh Factory Las Vegas Tickets

Groupon can be a great source of Las Vegas cheap show tickets. However, the deals are inconsistent and can sell out soon after going live. While there are no current Laugh Factory deals on Groupon, it doesn’t hurt to check the site from time to time. The last deal available on the site had tickets starting at just $37 – the same as If you don’t see anything on Groupon, check out for more great deals!

#4 Laugh Factory Hollywood Discount Tickets At

They might have the word cheap in their name, but if you are looking to save big on tickets to the Laugh Factory show, you will want to look elsewhere first. Tickets at start at $119! That’s almost $100 more than the tickets available at If you are in a bind and need last-minute tickets, then it may be worth the extra cash, but we recommend checking out other sources first.

#5 Laugh Factory Las Vegas Tickets For Locals

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you will have much luck finding Laugh Factory discount tickets for locals. While plenty of Vegas shows offer steep discounts for those who live in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas, there doesn’t seem to be any currently available for this show. But that doesn’t mean locals can still save big! Check out for great prices no matter where you are from.

#6 Tickets On

Laugh Factory Vegas Tickets may have a lowest price guarantee, but we were able to find tickets for almost $20 cheaper. At $54.99, Viator’s prices aren’t terrible, but they aren’t necessarily going to save you the most money. For those who are looking for last-minute tickets, this isn’t the worst place to purchase a set. However, there are a few other options on our list that may offer better prices, so be sure to check those out first!

#7 Discounts For AAA Members

Great news for AAA members! Not only can you score Tropicana Laugh Factory discount tickets, but you can also save up to 30% off on your room and other perks throughout the hotel and casino. Currently, AAA members can snag two-for-one Laugh Factory tickets – not a bad deal at all! To use this discount, you will have to book your tickets through the casino. Check out Tropicana’s website for more information and booking.

#8 Don’t Count On StubHub

If you have checked out any of our other articles on how to save big on Vegas tickets, then you know that StubHub is not the best place to start. StubHub is a resale site that lets people like you and me resell the tickets they have already bought to various shows. This means that there is usually a fairly substantial markup. Currently, tickets for The Laugh Factory in Las Vegas start at $66. Those trying to find Laugh Factory Hollywood discount tickets won’t have any luck at all on this site, as there are no current events.

#9 Tropicana Laugh Factory Discount Tickets For Military

While we couldn’t find any specific discounts on tickets for military personnel, we did find an excellent perk that the Tropicana Hotel and Casino extends to their guests. Active-duty military and veterans can apply for the Tropicana’s Myheroes loyalty program. This rewards program provides discounts on rooms, dining, shopping and offers exclusive promotions. If you can’t use points or promotions for the show, we recommend using the hotel discount to book your room and checking out for cheap tickets to the show.

#10 Are There Discounts For Police Officers Or First Responders?

Fortunately for first responders, the Tropicana’s Myheroes loyalty program extends to those who fall into this group, as well! While the rewards program may not explicitly detail whether or not it offers Laugh Factory Las Vegas discount tickets, it can be used to enjoy awesome discounts on many other experiences throughout the hotel and casino – leaving you more cash to play with and catch a show!

#11 Not Likely To Find Laugh Factory Las Vegas Discount Tickets On Ticketmaster

Tickets for The Laugh Factory on Ticketmaster start at $48 – not a terrible price, but certainly not the best that you will be able to find. However, Ticketmaster is known for charging hefty fees and service charges on each of their tickets. These additional costs can add up to $30 – on each one of your tickets! We recommend checking out a site like first to ensure that you are getting the best possible price before purchasing your tickets.

#12 Choosing The Right Seats

The great thing about theaters in Las Vegas is that every seat has a great view! Sure, there are seats that are closer to the stage and may offer a more intimate experience, but you are likely to pay much more for these tickets. If you are trying to save big on your tickets to the show and don’t mind sitting a few rows back, we recommend checking out seats in sections that are further from the stage.

#13 Prices For Tickets From

Laugh Factory Las Vegas Discount Tickets doesn’t offer the most competitive rates for tickets to the show, but they aren’t terrible either. Starting at $48, tickets in general admission offer the lowest prices, while booths and VIP seating can reach up to $63 per ticket. While these tickets don’t offer the best prices that we found, it may be a good site to check out if you can’t find cheaper tickets elsewhere.

#14 Where To Find Laugh Factory Vegas Tickets Promo Codes

From time to time, you may come across available discount codes for tickets to The Laugh Factory show. Please keep in mind that these codes tend to expire quickly and aren’t always legitimate. With so many great deal options, we recommend trying a trusted site like instead. If you do want to use a code that you found, be sure that it comes from a trustworthy source.

#15 Buy Your Tickets In Advance To Avoid Price Gouging

Waiting until the last minute to score discount Laugh Factory Las Vegas tickets is never a great idea. As it gets closer to the show date and time, the number of available tickets decreases, which can cause demand to increase. As most Vegas shows base their rates on demand – so the higher the demand for the tickets, the more you may pay for your reservation.

#16 Buying Tickets Directly

Buying tickets directly from the Tropicana website is a great way to find a competitive rate for your reservation for the show! Starting at just $37.95 (plus taxes and fees), this is one of the better deals we have found! There are also tickets for VIP seating starting at $44.95, plus tickets for the VIP Booths, which start at $54.95.

#17 Kids’ Tickets To The Show

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for children regarding tickets to the show. This is likely because the Laugh Factory does not permit anyone under the age of 18 to attend performances. If you are 18 years or older, you can find a great deal on tickets at! Be sure to check it out now so that you don’t miss out on discounts for the date that you would like to attend!

#18 Plan Ahead For Better Seats

No matter how much you plan on paying for your Laugh Factory Vegas tickets, finding the right seats is just as important as paying a fair price. The further ahead you plan for your show, the more likely you are going to find the seats that you would like to sit in for the show! Don’t miss out on booking great seats at a great price, and be sure to plan ahead!

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