Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Nightly

15 Easy Ways to Find Mat Franco Discount Tickets in 2021

Cheap Mat Franco tickets are easier to find than you may think! While searching for the best ticket prices and good seats may seem like a long and tedious chore as you plan for an unforgettable Las Vegas vacation, these tips can help you quickly locate the seats you want and the prices you love. No need to spend hours at your computer looking for comparisons and affordable Mat Franco Las Vegas tickets. We have all you need to know right here!

What Is The Mat Franco Show?

Mat Franco performs his interactive magic show at the LINQ in Las Vegas. He may have started out on America’s Got Talent, but since then, he has become one of the most favored Las Vegas magicians! Performing at the Mat Franco Theater, this show full of mind-boggling illusions plays on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, And Sundays at 7 PM, with a 9:30 PM show on Saturday. Mat Franco’s shows are regarded as exciting and entertaining as he combines traditional tricks with innovative new magic and perfectly melts improv with illusion.

Here Is How You Can Get Your Own Matt Franco Discount Tickets!

From discount ticket sites that give you straightforward low prices (and even those that are pulling your chain) to little-known tips and tricks that can help you score deep discounts, this list provides a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to all of the ways that you can score your own cheap Mat Franco Tickets!

#1 Matt Franco Discount Tickets From Vegas.Com – Just $50!

Matt Franco Discount Tickets is always our first go-to spot for finding Las Vegas shows discount tickets at an unbeatable price! Not only do they let you compare ticket rates across different dates and showtimes, but they also show you how full the shows are – which is great information since the show’s prices are typically determined by demand.

Did we mention that has a best price guarantee? Tickets for the show currently start at just $50! We recommend checking out first since the show has been booked in just the last 22 minutes! To get you the best ticket prices for the seats that you actually want, head over to

#2 Viator Tickets Starting at $57

Viator may be one of the best-known names when it comes to selling tickets for many different kinds of shows and attractions. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you are likely to find the best price on this site. If you’re in a jam and other sites are showing a lot of sold-out shows, it may be worth checking out – but beware, these tickets can skyrocket in price as demand increases and the time before the show decreases.

Currently, the lowest price available for Mat Franco discount tickets at is $67. However, if you happen to find a better price after picking up your tickets from, you will have to cancel with at least 24 hour’s notice, or you may not get your money back. For this reason, we urge you to check out comparable seats at before booking.

#3 Mat Franco Las Vegas On Groupon

Cheap Mat Franco Tickets

Usually, finding discount tickets for some of the best shows in Vegas is a challenge on Groupon. However, from time to time, they do offer some pretty sweet deals on ticket prices! For example, just a little while ago, there were discounted tickets available for the show starting at just $19.99 – here’s what you need to know.

These tickets were only for the general seating area, which includes sections 208 to 210. You could only purchase eight tickets per person, and tickets must be purchased at the same time if you plan on sitting together. ADA seating is not guaranteed with this deal. We are sure a similar deal for the show will pop up again but be advised that these deals usually run out very quickly, so be sure to keep an eye out.

#4 StubHub Tickets From $87

Oh, StubHub, we commend you for trying. StubHub is a resale platform. This means that those who have already purchased tickets to the show are trying to resell them and make a profit. If you must purchase tickets from here, we can only hope that it is because you have exhausted any and all other options.

Before purchasing a set of tickets from StubHub (which also tends to have high fees and taxes), please check out trusted discount ticket sites like just to be sure that you can’t find a better rate and possibly even better seats.

#5 Are There Any Promo Codes For Tickets?

Honestly, there are some pretty great discount codes that pop up for the show every once in a while! Currently, we don’t see anything that is available. However, from time to time, there are promos and discount codes that offer up to 20% off of Mat Franco ticket prices.

If you happen to come across a discount code, please be sure to read all of the fine print. You want to be sure that the discount code comes from a trusted source so that your information isn’t compromised, and you can be sure that you are purchasing a valid ticket. While there aren’t any current codes, be sure to check out for competitive prices without the codes!

#6 Don’t Forget About The Las Vegas Pass!

Though we have seen some rumors going around that you can gain admittance to the Mat Franco show for free with the Las Vegas Go City Pass, we could not find the information to back up that claim. If you are already considering purchasing the pass, then we recommend calling to confirm with the company.

However, it is important to point out that calling tickets that may be included for the show “free” is somewhat misleading. The tickets may be included, but the actual pass costs money, with most prices starting around $100. If you plan on seeing many different things throughout the city when you go, this may be a great way to save money!

#7 Mat Franco Las Vegas Tickets For Locals

While you can certainly find information for Matt Franco discount tickets at, you don’t need to provide your residency to get a great price! Actually, the link provided as will take you to! Here you can purchase tickets for as low as $50.

Even though there are not any current additional discounts for locals, it is always a good idea to check out these types of discounts and promos if you live in the Las Vegas area. There are many different opportunities for locals to score big show tickets at deeply discounted rates throughout the year.

#8 Visit During The Off-Season

There are a few times throughout the year in which Las Vegas experiences a slowdown regarding the number of visitors and tourists who make their way to the city. These off-seasons usually occur right after Thanksgiving and during a few weeks in December and January. Because many Las Vegas shows base their tickets rates on demand for the show, this can be a great way to score tickets!

#9 Ticketmaster.Com Tickets – Just Stay Away…

Mat Franco Discount Tickets is usually regarded as the place to pick up a few tickets for a show, but those who are constantly on the hunt for discounted tickets, or even just tickets at an affordable price, know better! Not only does have a habit of tacking on service fees and taxes at the very end of the transaction, but they also make it difficult to compare ticket prices across different dates.

If you have absolutely no other choices, then feel free to purchase your tickets here. However, we HIGHLY recommend checking out for better ticket prices before you commit.

#10 Mat Franco Tickets On is usually a decent source for cheap Mat Franco tickets. Their tickets start at $60 for rear table seating and can reach $131 for premium seating. They make it easy to compare prices across dates and different seating sections. They also offer a best price guarantee, but considering they are currently priced higher than, you will likely have to show proof that you can find better ticket rates before they alter the price.

Honestly, this site has some great prices and is very transparent! We recommend comparing them with ticket prices to ensure you are getting the best rates for your desired seats.

#11 Please Plan Ahead!

There is nothing worse than trying to find tickets for a show that will be performing in a few hours and realizing that it is either sold-out or experiencing an intense price surge! Even though Las Vegas is home to a massive amount of shows and entertainment, performances sell out all of the time!

Planning ahead not only ensures that you can actually find seats, but it also helps to provide the best possible prices. As time gets closer to the show, ticket prices can dramatically increase as a response to demand. It is just not worth the extra headache – please plan ahead!

#12 Can You Save With A Military Discount?

Currently, there are no military discounts for the Mat Franco show. However, military personnel, first responders, students, teachers, and government employees can get up to 35% off when they book a room at the LINQ – which is where the Mat Franco theater is located!

While you can’t use a military discount on the tickets, we recommend using it to save on your room and then heading to a great discount ticket website like to save big on your tickets!

#13 Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative With Seating Sections

There are four main sections for seating options at the Mat Franco show. These include premium, preferred, reserved, and rear table seating. Rear table seating tends to have the lowest prices. Fortunately, Las Vegas theaters are built with the thought that every seat should have a great view!

If you are trying to save big on Mat Franco tickets, consider lower-priced seating sections. Not only do they provide a great view, but you don’t have to pay an unnecessary amount of money for a seat that is marketed as being better than any others.

#14 What About Savings For Families?

Mat Franco’s magic show is touted as one of the best family shows in Vegas. Children over the age of five are allowed to attend the show. However, there are unfortunately no active discounts for families or children.

Luckily, you can still nab some great seats at for just $50! If the kids are over the age of five and want to check out one of the best up-and-coming magicians in Vegas, you can save big and still bring the whole family.

#15 Book Early For The Best Seats!

Not only is the price of the ticket an important factor, but so is the actual seat! How many times have you wanted to attend a show, and the only tickets left are the ridiculously expensive seats? It’s the worst!

Booking your favorite shows early ensures that you get the seat that you want at a competitive price. Trust us when we tell you that it does not pay to wait to book your seats when trying to see a Vegas show – especially if you are only on vacation for a couple of days. You may miss out!

FAQ About The Mat Franco Show

How Much Does Matt Franco Make?

Born in Johnston, Rhode Island, Mat Franco has an estimated net worth of somewhere between $3 and $7 million! He is listed as one of the wealthiest contestants to start on America’s Got Talent. While we may not know how much he makes per show, we can assume that this magician is doing very well for himself!

How Long Is The Matt Franco Show?

The Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly show has a run time of 90 minutes.

Is Mat Franco Magic Real?

That certainly depends on what you consider “real” magic! Will you be entertained and mystified? Absolutely! Mat Franco usually relies on sleight-of-hand magic and other forms of illusion.

Where Does Matt Franco Perform In Vegas?

Since 2015, Mat Franco’s show headlines at the LINQ Hotel and Experience. You can catch his magic at the Mat Franco Theater.

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Get Mat Franco Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)


Get Mat Franco Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)