Michael Jackson ONE Las Vegas Show

15 Ways to Get Michael Jackson One Discount Tickets in 2021

The Michael Jackson tribute show by Cirque Du Soleil is one of the top shows in Vegas, making it difficult to secure cheap Michael Jackson One tickets. But this won’t be a challenge for you -especially with these 15 need-to-know tips to keep you in the loop on how to score big tickets for a low price!

What is The Michael Jackson One Show?

Playing at Mandalay Bay, the Michael Jackson One show features state-of-the-art visuals combined with the classic music from the King of Pop. As the audience follows four misfits on a captivating Cirque Du Soleil Journey, they get to do so while enjoying some of this century’s most famous hits. On average, these tickets will typically set your back over $500, with some reaching well over $800. Here is how you can score your Michael Jackson One discount tickets.

15 Incredible Ways to Get You MJ One Discount Tickets in 2021!

Why spend time searching the internet for cheap Michael Jackson One tickets when you can read our comprehensive guide to getting yours at a steal? Whether it is through vetted discount ticket sites, finding deals for locals, or using one of our insider tips, you are sure to find the best way for you to save on these, typically, expensive tickets!

Tip#1 Unbelievable MJ One Discount Tickets At Vegas.com

MJ One Discount Tickets

Remember a few seconds ago when you read that the MJ One tickets can near $1,000 per ticket? How could you forget? Vegas.com can get you tickets for as low as $95 – yes, you read that right. However, because of this incredible deal, these tickets do move fast! You can book yours almost instantly at Vegas.com. Don’t sleep on these deals. Some showings have less than ten tickets left per show. Book yours now!

Tip#2 Picking The Right Show Time

Each night, the Michael Jackson One show is performed at 7 PM and 9:30 PM, and the time that you choose can greatly impact the price of your ticket. Most Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets are more easily found for the later show. The 7 PM showtime is very popular with families – especially during parts of the year with a larger number of travelers, such as Spring and Summer breaks.

Of all of the Cirque Du Soleil shows in Vegas, this one seems to draw in the most families. During periods with more family-centered travel, opt for a 9:30 PM showing. However, during other times of the year, the later showing can experience higher demand. To ensure you are getting the best price, check out both times on Vegas.com.

Tip#3 Check-in With The Box Office

If you plan on staying at Mandalay Bay for a longer stay, it may be a good option to check in with the box office. While tickets typically sell out quickly for the show, it is possible to find good seats at a reasonable price. This option isn’t typically recommended during peak travel periods, as shows tend to sell out prior to their performance date.

Tip#4 Discounts For The Kids

Michael Jackson One is one of the most kid-friendly shows in Las Vegas, and also one of the few Cirque Du Soleil shows that offers discounts to children. While children under the age of five are not permitted to attend the show, those under the age of 12 can nab tickets at a deep discount. Provided there is availability, children 12 and under are eligible for tickets at a 35% to 50% discount, but there are some restrictions. These tickets must be purchased at the Cirque Du Soleil box office, are subject to availability, and cannot be combined with any other discount offers.

Tip#5 MJ One Discount Tickets At Vegas4Locals.com

Many Las Vegas shows provide additional discounts for those who live in the local area. While tickets can be purchased for the Michael Jackson One show for just $95 at Vegas4Locals.com, anyone, regardless of their residency, can use the site’s coupon. Believe it or not, this site redirects to Vegas.com to provide this deal. Tickets to the show have been purchased within the last hour, so be sure to head to Vegas.com to ensure you get your $95 show ticket!

Tip#6 Big Groups Can Score Discounts!

Michael Jackson One discount tickets are available to those who are attending the show with a group of 10 or more people. If you are your friends or family have enough people to qualify for this offer, you can grab a bunch of tickets for up to 30% off! Groups even have the option to reserve a spot for the pre-show reception. If your group has less than ten people, you can still grab tickets at a discount from Vegas.com. Heading to the site as quickly as possible will help you find tickets next to each other or within the same section.

Tip#7 Finding Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets On Groupon

Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets

While Groupon does offer deals on Cirque Du Soleil tickets from time to time, there are no current discounts for Michael Jackson One tickets. Even when there are available ticket deals on Groupon, they often sell out very fast and don’t always provide the most extensive seating options. If you do come across a Groupon deal for these tickets, be sure to check any restrictions and seating choices.

Tip#8 Vividseats.com

If you wait until the last minute to pick up a few tickets to show, you can use a resale site like Vividseats.com. However, this site often does not provide the best discounts and requires more work on the user’s end to learn more about ticket prices. Currently, you likely won’t find a ticket below $170 per seat. These tickets are often sold at a premium because they are being resold by those who have already purchased tickets to the show.

Also, you can only view ticket prices by date – not very helpful for those who are trying to compare prices over a range of days. As one of the best Las Vegas shows, saving money on tickets is much easier by planning ahead and going to a reputable discount site like Vegas.com for the deepest discounts.

Tip#9 Megaseats.com

Tickets on Megaseats.com for the Michael Jackson One show ranges from $200 to up to $1,000. Users have to search by date and time to see applicable ticket prices and tickets are sold by third-party resellers. While the site does sometimes offer additional promo codes, they tend to expire quickly once they appear, so you’ll have to stay in the know to reap the benefits.

Tip#10 Free Seat Upgrades

While there are plenty of ways to score MJ One discount tickets, some viewers would rather upgrade their seats when possible. Vegasdiscountcodes.com currently offers a coupon code for a free seat upgrade to the show. However, it seems that this offer may be fake or has expired. When you visit the site and click to book a reservation, it brings you to an error page at mgmresorts.com. Whenever using discount or promo codes from third parties, be sure to check for restrictions and legitimacy.

Tip#11 You Can Save With Higher Seats

Even though Vegas.com is known for providing the cheapest Cirque Du Soleil tickets, there are other ways to save some money when trying to find tickets to the show. Choosing tickets that are in the upper-level sections can save you a bit on each ticket. While lower-level seats may offer a more immersive experience, they usually carry a much bigger price tag. You can still get an excellent view of the show from seats on the upper levels.

Tip#12 Michael Jackson One Discount Tickets For Military

Unfortunately, there are no current military discounts for neither active nor retired military personnel. But those who are currently serving or are retired can still score tickets at an excellent price! To find tickets starting at just $95, check out the available seats on Vegas.com.

Tip#13 Ticketmaster Tickets

Michael Jackson One Discount Tickets

Finding Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets on Ticketmaster isn’t impossible, but you likely won’t find the best available deal. Currently, tickets in seating sections furthest from the stage are selling for around $120 – and that is without the added fees. Ticketmaster adds a convenience fee, sometimes referred to as a service charge, to the face value of their tickets. In addition to these fees, a processing fee is added to each order. These fees can change for each show and date. Vegas.com does not charge booking fees, so you pay the face value of the ticket displayed. Click here to see the real prices you’ll pay for your tickets.

Tip#14 Michael Jackson One Tickets On StubHub From $99

StubHub allows its users to search by a few different factors. One of which is price, but you may see tickets for a date and time at a great price that you can’t attend. One good thing about StubHub is that it tells you if tickets are running low for a particular show. However, because this site is a resale market, you are often not receiving the lowest prices as resellers are hoping to make a profit. Tickets are initially shown without estimated fees, but you can toggle a setting to see prices with the fees included, which usually adds $30 to the face value – per ticket. When searching for cheap Michael Jackson One tickets, StubHub is not likely to be the place you find the most competitive prices.

Tip#15 Online Promo Codes And Discounts

Every so often, promo codes and discounts pop up around the web for cheaper tickets. These usually offer a percentage off or similar incentives. While these codes may be legitimate, they do often expire quickly. When on the lookout for these codes, we do recommend carefully reading any restrictions and fine print, as well as checking their expirations carefully. For guaranteed best prices that won’t expire, check out Vegas.com.

FAQ About Michael Jackson One Show

How long is Michael Jackson show?

The Michael Jackson One show runs for approximately 90 minutes without an intermission.

How much is Michael Jackson show?

The average resale ticket to the Michael Jackson show sells for around $184. However, seats to the show can reach up to a few hundred dollars depending on seating and added experiences.

Where are the best seats for the Michael Jackson show?

The seats found in section 102 are considered some of the best for the Michael Jackson One show. They have a central view of the stage and provide a direct view of all portions of the show’s production.

Is Michael Jackson ONE family-friendly?

Children under the age of five will not be admitted to the show. However, for older children, the show is appropriate and entertaining. Please be advised that the show does use loud sounds and contains periods of darkness, which can frighten younger children.

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Get MJ One Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)


Get MJ One Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)