Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

15 Ways to Get Mystere Las Vegas Discount Tickets in 2022

While this is a show that is enjoyed by all ages, it is no wonder that everyone is on the hunt for discount Mystere tickets. After all, who doesn’t want to save a little extra cash to play with on the casino floors? Luckily, you won’t have to look far to find all of the essential tips and tricks needed to score Mystere discount tickets. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is The Mystere Las Vegas Show?

Known as one of the best family shows in Vegas, Mystere is Cirque Du Soleil’s longest-running Vegas show, premiering on the strip in 1993 and the longest-running show for the company. Performed at a custom theater at the Treasure Island, Mystere features a combination of dance, opera, worldbeat music, comedy acts, and of course, circus skills. Featuring a cast full of fantastic and mysterious characters, this show plays to a theater of over 1,500 audience members.

15 Little-Know Ways to Get Mystere Discount Tickets!

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Did you know that Mystere is one of the only Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas that offers discounts for kid’s tickets? You’ll learn more about that here – along with which sites offer the cheapest Mystere discount tickets (without sacrificing great seats) and how you can save loads of cash with the right hotel knowledge.

#1 Active Military Personnel

Great – GREAT news for those currently serving in the United States military. For cheap Mystere Las Vegas tickets, active military members can get tickets up to 50%! To use your military discount, you must visit a Cirque Du Soleil box office in Las Vegas or call at 1-866-712-9308. This offer is subject to availability.

#2 Mystere Las Vegas Discount Tickets + A Room

Not many Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets are available with room purchases. Luckily, this is not the case for Mystere. Booking a room at the Treasure Island hotel can help you nab a package with show tickets and free parking. Options start at $79 and require a hotel stay of at least three nights.

#3 $85 Tickets From Viator

Mystere Las Vegas Discount Tickets

Although Viator offers a lowest price guarantee, Viator does not offer the lowest prices for the Mystere show. Just because Mystere has been honored as the best production show in Las Vegas eight times, that does not mean you have to empty your wallet for tickets. Buying Mystere tickets on Viator may be a good choice if you are in a pinch, but has a consistent record of offering the cheapest ticket prices.

#4 Discount Tickets For Kids

Fortunately, there are Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets for kids! As one of the only shows, Cirque shows that offers discounts for kids, this is a true steal. Children under the age of twelve are able to get tickets at an up to 50% discount. This offer can’t be combined with any others and is subject to availability. While the discount is deep, tickets must be purchased at the Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil box office and are not available online.

#5 $81 Mystere Discount Tickets on

Mystere Discount Tickets

It is no secret that often provides the best prices for show tickets – after all, they do promise a best price guarantee. While you do have to move fast, as tickets typically sell out for nearly all of the showtimes, comparing prices and seats is easy on this genius ticket platform! Tickets to Mystere have already been booked over 490 times in the last 48 hours, so hurry on over to to snag yours!

#6 $140 Tickets From

Mystere Las Vegas Tickets

Despite containing the phrase cheap tickets, certainly does not have the best prices for Mystere’s show. If you are looking for cheap Mystere Las Vegas tickets, there are much better ways to score discounted Mystere tickets. Before purchasing tickets on, check out for more competitive rates.

#7 Cheap Mystere Las Vegas Tickets For Locals is a great place for locals to find tickets to Las Vegas shows at a discount. Those living in the Las Vegas area can usually nab a few tickets at much lower prices than tourists have to pay. Currently, there is no deal for Vegas residents, but anyone can get discount Mystere tickets at a great rate from

#8 Score With The TI Players Club

Those who are members of Treasure Island’s TI Players Club enjoy various benefits with their memberships. In addition to perks on table games, and free rooms, members can earn Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets – or even score them for free! Lucky members can even nab some tickets to a free-show buffet. The best way to see if you are eligible for free or discounted tickets is by contacting the member’s desk or phone number.

#9 Saving Big With Groups

Most Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas shows offer deep discounts for large groups. If you are traveling to the city with ten or more people, this is a great option! Currently, groups can save up to 20% on tickets and have the luxury of sitting together! The best way to learn more about group discounts is by contacting the show directly at

#10 Buy Mystere Las Vegas Discount Tickets Direct

Surprisingly, you can find competitive rates by purchasing tickets directly from Cirque Du Soleil’s website. Purchasing tickets through this portal will redirect you to Treasure Island’s website, where you can find tickets starting at $75 and choose your rates based on available seats and sections. If you can’t find tickets within your price range on the show’s website, look for great rates at

#11 Check Out Upper-Level Rates

Many people searching for the best shows to see in Las Vegas believe that they have to sit front and center to get the best view. However, the truth is that Vegas theaters are built with every seat in mind – so, you likely won’t find a bad seat in the house. If you are hoping to save some extra cash when looking for Mystere Las Vegas discount tickets, don’t be afraid to check out the seats on the upper levels. They likely provide excellent views.

#12 Consider Traveling During Slower Seasons

Even Las Vegas has an off-season or two! Finding discount Mystere tickets is much easier during these slower times with fewer travelers. Typical off-seasons include weeks at the end and beginning of the year, such as the week after Thanksgiving and the last couple of weeks of December into January. Because ticket prices are based on demand, prices tend to be lower during periods of slow travel.

#13 Mystere Tickets From

While it is true that sometimes has great deals on Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil discount tickets, their rates are not currently very competitive. With the lowest rates coming in around $123, you can find much better prices elsewhere. For consistently low prices and a best price guarantee, check out

#14 Plan Ahead

From time to time, certain sites will offer same-day ticket deals for show tickets, but we do not recommend relying on this method. If they aren’t available on the day you want to see the show, you could end spending way more cash on a ticket. Our best advice is to plan ahead and shop around for your tickets before committing to a reservation. is known for its unbeatable prices, but you can also find other deals by checking out the other tips that we have provided!

#15 You Can Save On Showtimes!

Much like planning to see the show during the off-seasons in Las Vegas, there are also periods of time throughout the year in which some showtimes are busier than others. For example, during spring break and the summer months, many families plan their trips around school schedules. Because of this, the 7 PM show is usually in higher demand, resulting in higher ticket prices. Outside of these periods, the 9:30 PM show tends to experience higher demand.

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    I would like to surprise my sister for her birthday the end of Sept. when we will go to Vegas, I am looking for a Show and dinner. It will be a party of four and we will be staying at the Embassy Suites on University. My daughter which is in the military, I understand will maybe be eligible for a discount. My sister and I are seniors. And I am wondering if we will get a discount also, I am thinking about the ultimate variety show. Any suggestions?

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