Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

15 Of The Best Ways to Get Nathan Burton Discount Tickets!

Nathan Burton magic show tickets can be acquired in a variety of locations, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them from the first website you come across. It’s difficult enough to choose which of the best Las Vegas shows you should see during your trip! You won’t have to spend any more time exploring costs and seats in order to enjoy the show.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of 15 simple methods to save money on tickets to get your own Nathan Burton comedy magic tickets! We’ve assembled a thorough guide that includes everything from website-based discounts to promotional codes and even lesser-known ways to save. You don’t have to hop from one website to the next. Everything is in one location so that you can book your tickets and get psyched about your show!

What Is The Nathan Burton Magic Show?

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic relocated to the Saxe Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops of the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in 2012. Nathan’s show is one of the only family-run acts on the Strip, and he’s been headlining for 14 years. The Nathan Burton Magic Show is one of the best Vegas afternoon shows that will astonish and entertain audiences of all ages.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic, widely regarded as one of the most entertaining acts on the Las Vegas strip, mixes fantastic illusions, funny comedy, stunning showgirls, and Burton’s incredibly charming personality to create an unforgettable 75-minute whirlwind of a show. Burton’s wild onstage exploits leave audiences of all ages in awe and delight, from escaping from a big microwave to bringing a five-foot Barbie to life.

15 Ways To Save On Nathan Burton Discount Tickets!

We have all you need to know about finding inexpensive Nathan Burton tickets on discount sites, as well as promos and deals that can help you save money. We’ve done all of the legwork and compared the options, so you don’t have to. Continue reading to find out how to get a great deal on tickets to the show!

#1 Find The Best Deals At

Nathan Burton Discount Tickets is one of the best sites for discount Las Vegas show tickets! Did you know that you can get Nathan Burton Magic Show tickets starting at just $20? What a steal! has some of the bargain tickets, but that’s not all they have to offer.

This website makes it easy to find out how many tickets for each show are still available — some shows are already sold out. It also tells you how long ago the most recent ticket was purchased, which was only 40 minutes ago. So go ahead and visit the site now!

#2 Forget The Promo Codes

Unfortunately, we were unable to identify any discount coupons that could be used in conjunction with any of the other offers we found on other websites. If you come across a coupon or discount code that seems too good to be true, we recommend doing some research to ensure it’s from a credible source and that you won’t be able to save more on cheap shows in Las Vegas elsewhere.

#3 Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Tickets For Locals

Residents of the Las Vegas area will occasionally receive special discounts on tickets to certain Las Vegas concerts! Unfortunately, while this is one way to attend inexpensive shows in Las Vegas, there do not appear to be any current discounts for locals to the Nathan Burton Magic Show. is an excellent site for keeping up with all of the best local deals. No matter where you are from, we recommend checking out for excellent prices – you’ll be sure to save money on the top Vegas magic shows!

#4 Make Use Of The Hotel’s Military Discounts

Even though you won’t be able to use a military discount on Nathan Burton Comedy Magic tickets, you will be able to save a lot on hotel accommodations! Retired and active military people can save money on hotel accommodations at Caesars Entertainment locations.

You could save a lot of money on your accommodation reservations because the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, which is part of the Caesar’s Entertainment Group, has a unique loyalty program for military members. We suggest that you use your discount to save money on your hotel room and then head to to save money on your tickets!

#5 Save Big By Planning Ahead

When looking for low-cost tickets to any Las Vegas show, one way to avoid overpaying is to plan early! It’s possible that if you wait too long to acquire tickets to a performance, they’ll sell out. Demand is strong, and supply is low as it approaches too close to showtime, resulting in price gouging.

Don’t overspend on your tickets! Make sure you have your tickets booked and ready to go before you go on your trip. As always, we recommend checking out for the best prices on all of the best shows on the Strip!

#6 Save Big With Student Discounts!

Students and instructors can use this Caesar’s Entertainment site to save money on hotel stays, just like they can with their military discount program. The discount does not include show tickets, unfortunately. But, you don’t need to be concerned. Tickets are still available at a terrific price! Tickets start at $20 on, and then you can use the student and teacher discount to book a room at a reduced rate!

#7 Check Out Vegas During The Off-Season

Even Las Vegas has an off-season, believe it or not, and this is a great opportunity to obtain tickets to all of your favorite Vegas comedian shows! Here is what you need to know! For a few weeks each year, fewer visitors and travelers travel to Las Vegas, the famous city in the desert.

This includes the week after Thanksgiving, as well as a number of weeks in December and January. During these weeks, demand for show tickets is low, meaning you can likely get your show tickets at a highly competitive price!

#8 Buy Tickets In Advance For Better Seats

You should buy your tickets ahead of time to guarantee that you get the seat you want, just as you should plan ahead of time to ensure that you get a good bargain on your ticket! If you wait too long to reserve your tickets, you’ll have to pick from the few seats that aren’t already taken.

Instead of waiting until the last minute, purchase your tickets in advance and watch the show from wherever you choose! If you’re looking for a great deal on your favorite seats, be sure to check out!

#9 Should You Try StubHub?

Nathan Burton Magic Show Tickets

StubHub isn’t generally our first choice for locating inexpensive tickets to any of the shows in Las Vegas.  Because StubHub is a resale platform, each ticket often comes with a premium, allowing both the sellers and StubHub to profit from the ticket sales. However, StubHub does not seem to currently sell any Nathan Burton tickets for his comedy magic show. No worries – you can still find a great deal on seats at!

#10 You Can Find A Deal On Groupon

While we are excited to share that tickets to the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show are currently available at a discounted price on, it may not be the best deal that you can find! Tickets to all of the featured areas are included in this package, and prices start at almost $70 per ticket. Not the worst price, but also certainly not the best available prices!

As always, when using Groupon, remember to read through all of the rules, limits, and fine print associated with the discount for the concert. If you miss out on this deal because it sells out too quickly, you can still save even more money on show tickets by going to!

#11 Save Big On Tickets For Groups

Are you planning a huge group trip to Vegas? Ticket discounts are available for groups consisting of 20 or more people. This is fantastic news for huge family get-togethers, business visits, and even corporate vacations! While there isn’t much information available on how much group tickets cost, we recommend calling the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino for more information, or you can send an inquiry through Nathan Burton’s homepage!

Remember, tickets on are only $20, so be sure to compare this price with the offer you receive for group tickets. After all, the best way to enjoy Vegas is to keep it as affordable as possible!

#12 Discount Tickets For AAA Members

For AAA members, this is excellent news! In addition to numerous hotel and casino promotions, you can save up to 30% on your hotel stay. AAA members are currently eligible for discounts on additional shows, restaurants, and hotel amenities.

You must purchase your tickets from the resort to take advantage of this deal. Visit Planet Hollywood’s website for more details and to make a reservation. Also, be sure to check out for great deals on Nathan Burton Magic Show tickets!

#13 Take Advantage Of AARP Discounts

This offer will not allow you to save money on concert tickets. However, using your AARP discount, you can save money on hotel rooms at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino and other Caesars Entertainment resorts.

We encourage taking advantage of your AARP membership discount to save up to 10% on hotel reservations. Then, with the help of a discount website like, you can save a great deal of cash on concert tickets! You can get fantastic seats to the event for just $20 – and save money on your hotel room with your AARP discount!

#14 Can You Save With

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Tickets

Believe it or not, is offering Nathan Burton discount tickets that start at just $30 – not as cheap as, but still a great deal! While we do not typically recommend as a great site to use when trying to find affordable show tickets to Las Vegas performances, they certainly do deliver on tickets to the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show.

If you find that there aren’t any available tickets for the date that you would like to see the show, or you’d rather save an extra $10 on each of your tickets, be sure to check out! They offer tickets starting as low as $20.

#15 Don’t Bother With Ticketmaster

If you’re looking for Las Vegas discount tickets, don’t expect to find them on Fees, taxes, and service costs are added to the face value of every ticket sold by Ticketmaster, resulting in extra costs for each ticket costing about $30.

Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about that because the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show doesn’t sell any of their show tickets through Instead, check out for upfront ticket rates with no hidden costs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Show

How Long Is Nathan Burton Show?

The Nathan Burton show performs every day except for Thursday and Friday at 4 PM. The show typically lasts for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Is Nathan Burton A Good Show?

As the “#1 Afternoon Magic Show in Las Vegas,” according to the audience, The Nathan Burton Magic Show is one of the best Vegas shows for kids. The Nathan Burton Magic Show is the pinnacle of family entertainment!   Not only does the master magician produce incredible large-scale illusions at breakneck speed, but he also engages the audience via interactive magic that takes place in their hands! All ages are welcome.

Where Does Nathan Burton Perform?

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic is currently performing at the Saxe Theater, located inside the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Tuesday through Sunday at 4 p.m.

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