Best Non-Smoking Hotels in Las Vegas

15 Best Non-Smoking Hotels in Las Vegas for 2024

Great for Travelers Who Want to Enjoy Smoke Free Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has transformed into more of a family-friendly city throughout the last few decades. Since many tourists bring small children to Vegas now, the local hotels have decided to create stricter smoking policies to accommodate the health and safety of their guests. Some of these hotels have designated smoking areas outside or on private balconies, but they prohibit smoking inside the rooms.

You’ll find that some of the best hotels in Las Vegas are now smoke free hotels in Las Vegas. Their new policies forbid guests and employees from smoking anything, whether it’s tobacco or marijuana cigarettes. Not only that, but the use of vapors and e-cigarettes are also off-limits at these hotels too. That way, they can become kid friendly hotels in Las Vegas to attract more families and tourists.

Guests who ignore these non-smoking policies will get charged hefty cleaning fees. Some of the best non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas will charge up to $500 if a guest smokes in their room. The smoke or vape mist in the air will be more than apparent to the hotel staff when inspecting the room. If the aroma is detected, the maids will have to clean the upholstery and purify the air to remove the foul aroma. That is mainly the reason why the hotels charge a lot of money in cleaning fees. It takes more time to convert a smoky room back to a smoke-free room.

You may come across a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas that doesn’t allow smoking in the rooms, but they may allow it in certain designated areas of the hotel. You must learn about these smoking rules before booking your reservation to stay at a particular hotel. Some hotels restrict smoking entirely, while others have designated smoking areas. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you unknowingly break the rules because that could lead to trouble.

The best smoke free hotels in Las Vegas will ask you to leave if you are caught smoking in your private room or anywhere else inside the hotel. If you refuse to leave the hotel, the manager has the authority to call the police and have you arrested. Therefore, you should follow the hotel rules and obey their smoking policies and restrictions.

The Top 15 Non-Smoking Hotels in Las Vegas for 2022

Below are the top 15 best non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas. It is recommended that you review each hotel listing carefully. Not only should you focus on the specific smoking restrictions of each hotel, but you should also review the features and amenities offered too. Every hotel makes its own rules as to how their business is run. Don’t assume that all of them are the same. For example, if you don’t want to be in a hotel with gambling, make sure the listing states “non-gaming” or “non-gambling.”

1) Trump International Hotel

Trump International Hotel

The Trump International Hotel is a popular smoke free hotel in Las Vegas for obvious reasons. You probably recognize the “Trump” brand name immediately. It is associated with the famous real estate mogul and former President of the United States, Donald Trump. The Trump International Hotel has been in Vegas for a long time and attracts tourists because of the celebrity brand name attached to it.

One of Donald Trump’s character traits is that he doesn’t smoke. He has instilled this trait into his hotel because it is a 100% smoke free hotel in Las Vegas. There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the premises. You can enjoy a clean and pleasant-smelling atmosphere that includes luxury spa services, kitchenette facilities, Wi-Fi high-speed internet, and an outdoor pool.

The Fashion Show Mall is right across the street from the Trump International Hotel. And if you want to visit the local shopping center, the hotel offers free shuttle services to the best stores in Vegas. Guests can take advantage of these shuttle services without needing to hire a taxi or use a rent-a-car. If you prefer to walk on foot, you can walk to the Las Vegas Strip from the hotel in about 5 minutes.

The Trump International Hotel features a sophisticated gym, nine spa treatment rooms, a full-service salon, an iPod docking station, and the Trump signature restaurant with the best American cuisine choices. You will have a pleasant stay at the Trump International Hotel. It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings are about Donald Trump himself. Just focus on the hotel’s luxurious accommodations because the staff definitely knows how to take care of its guests.

2) The Signature at MGM Grand

The Signature at MGM Grand

MGM Resorts owns several smoke free hotels in Las Vegas. The MGM Signature is a popular smoke free hotel in Las Vegas that connects to the more prominent MGM Grand Hotel. Guests of the MGM Signature are allowed to use the swimming pools and specific other amenities of the MGM Grand. So, you get a lot of luxury for an affordable price.

The MGM Signature has a concierge service and business center for anyone coming to the hotel as a professional person rather than a tourist. But if you’d rather lie outside next to the swimming pool, you’ll find the lounge chairs are incredibly comfortable. It is easy to fall asleep on the chairs as you enjoy the radiant sunlight shining down on your body.

Every Signature suite comes equipped with flat-screen televisions, a DVD player, a spa bath, an iHome clock radio, and a kitchenette. If you’d like an in-room massage, you can request a masseuse to come to your room. All guests are treated with kindness and superb customer service. And if you ever get hungry, visit the Delights deli restaurant for a nice breakfast or lunch meal.

3) Vdara Hotel

Vdara Hotel

The Vdara Hotel is conveniently positioned on the Las Vegas Strip. It features a boutique grocery store, market café, lounge, and a rooftop swimming pool. Yes, you can experience the excitement of swimming at the top of the hotel rather than at the bottom. The views of the city from the rooftop pool are simply breathtaking. The best part is that you don’t have to be bothered by smokers anywhere because there are none.

If you are interested in shopping during your stay at the Vdara Hotel, it only takes a few minutes to walk to the nearest shopping venues. The stores along the Las Vegas Strip sell every type of product you can imagine. Check out some of the gift shops and take a souvenir back home to remember the experience.

Another admirable quality of the Vdara Hotel is its acceptance of dogs. The Vdara Hotel is one of the few pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas, with special suites reserved for guests with dogs. If you plan to bring your dog with you to the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, make sure you request a room where dogs are permitted. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to find another hotel after you get there.

4) Hilton Grand Vacations Suites

Hilton Grand Vacations Suites

Some people call the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites the most romantic hotel in Vegas. We’ll let you be the judge after you arrive and experience the beauty and amenities of the hotel for yourself.

Its outdoor pool area has gorgeous running water fountains and tall palm trees that will make you feel like you’re on a private island. In fact, the entire hotel sits on 10 acres comprised of trees, green landscape, and a hotel filled with comfortable and luxurious suites.

The Hilton Grand Vacations Suites is perfect for families and couples who don’t smoke. Guests have access to cable television (including HBO), Wi-Fi internet, a steam room, coffee makers, refrigerator, microwave, beauty treatments, and the Waves Pool Bar and Grill. Since the hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll be a short walking distance from nearby shows and attractions.

For example, the famous concert venue “The City of Rock” is only 0.3 miles away from the Hilton Grand. The Fashion Show mall is approximately 1.2 miles from the hotel, while the Las Vegas Convention Center is around 1 mile away. There is no shortage of things to see and do in this area of the city.

5) Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel is a 5-star hotel found in numerous big cities across the country, including Las Vegas. It is one of the best non smoking hotels in Las Vegas because of its luxurious amenities and unique indoor aesthetics. Each room comes fully furnished with coffee makers, flat screen television, floor-to-ceiling windows, marble bathrooms, and more.

Each room provides breathtaking views of the mountain range in the distance and the Las Vegas Strip. There is always activity on the Las Vegas Strip, so nothing is ever boring there. The Four Seasons Hotel is a 10-minute drive away from the McCarran International Airport. It won’t take you long to get to the hotel after your arrival.

The Four Seasons is more than a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas. It offers a number of suites with disability access to accommodate guests with mobility issues. If you’d like to dine on some American cuisine, visit the Veranda, PRESS, or Charlie Palmer Steak restaurants. Outdoor seating is available at the Veranda.

The most popular attraction at the hotel are the eight private cabanas that offer gorgeous views of the waterfall and swimming pool at the hotel. If you want to enhance your outer beauty, you can request facial treatments, body treatments, nail services or massages.

6) Marriott Hotel

Marriott Hotel

The Marriott Hotel is a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas. Guests who wish to smoke can do so outside because there are no rules against it. But no one is allowed to smoke inside the Marriott Hotel, not even in private designated areas. The hotel management maintains an environmentally friendly and healthy place for guests to stay and enjoy themselves.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization has certified the Marriott Hotel for its energy efficiency. The Marriot Hotel still has all the amenities you would expect from a high-class Las Vegas hotel. They offer spacious rooms with a massive 42” flat screen television, safe, cable, bathroom, Wi-Fi, coffee maker, tea maker, seating area, small refrigerator, decorations, and so much more.

All guests have access to the on-site fitness center, outdoor heated swimming pool, whirlpool, iPod docking station, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the delicious “Cafe325” restaurant. Room service and laundry facilities are available whenever you need them as well. The McCarran International Airport is about 3.5 miles away from the Marriott Hotel. It is a short drive, but definitely worth the trip.

7) Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria is in the core of the Las Vegas Strip. You can expect contemporary five-star amenities and accommodations that include a yoga room, gym, spas, flat-screen television, cable channels, an electric kettle, free toiletries, slippers, robes, air conditioning, and the list goes on. Many of these amenities you cannot find at other hotels in the city.

Guests have the ability to control the lighting and air conditioning levels in their rooms too. Each room has highly innovative and advanced technology for controlling these features. There is an 8-floor terrace that is completely furnished and contains two lap pools, two hot tubs, and one plunge pool.

You’ll know this is a five-star hotel because the staff members go out of their way to make you feel more comfortable. They will come around every hour onto the terrace to see if you need any refreshments or frozen fruit. If you feel like dining at the hotel, visit Pierre Gagnaire’s Twist restaurant. It offers the finest modern French cuisine in Las Vegas. But if you’d rather have Asian-style cuisine, go to the on-site Zen Kitchen. And if you’re a tea lover, don’t forget about the Tea Lounge. It is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a tasty cup of tea.

8) Wyndham Grand Desert Resort

Wyndham Grand Desert Resort

The Wyndham Grand Desert Resort is a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas with no resort fees. It is not located directly on the Las Vegas Strip, but there are two easy ways to get there. You can take one of the free shuttles or go on a five-minute walk from the hotel to the Strip.

The hotel accommodations include three outdoor swimming pools, full kitchens, flat-screen television, Wi-Fi internet, DVD player, living room, spaciousness, sofa bed, laundry machines, four hot tubs, on-site gym, massage services, business center, luxury shops, gift shop, and restaurants.

McCarran International Airport is 0.5 miles from the hotel. If you don’t mind walking, you could skip the rent-a-car and walk from the airport to the hotel. Of course, you would need a shuttle to transport the luggage if you have a lot of it with you.

Wyndham is very popular with couples who want to have a romantic getaway. The rooms have cozy furniture for two people to snuggle together and get close. But if you’re going to take your family to the hotel, that is okay too. The rooms are 100% smoke free and family-friendly.

9) Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel

Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel

The Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel is one of the more underrated smoke free hotels in Las Vegas. It is right across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center. People love the Renaissance Hotel because of its spacious smoke free rooms, smart televisions, and outdoor swimming pool. The suites have a 70” smart television, while the standard rooms have a 55” smart television.

Do you enjoy retro decorations? Every room of the Renaissance Hotel has a stylish retro appeal to it. Yet, at the same time, they have modern conveniences like coffee facilities, marble bathroom décor, microwave, and refrigerator. Some of the other on-site hotel amenities include a Starbucks Coffee, UPS Store, fitness center, and the Ego Café for breakfast and lunch.

The UPS Store is convenient if you plan to visit Vegas for business purposes. However, you can still enjoy all the other amenities no matter your reason for visiting Vegas. The hotel staff is kind and courteous to all guests. They can help you find whatever you need to make your stay more comfortable.

10) Delano Hotel

Delano Hotel

The Delano Hotel is only 650 feet away from the prestigious Mandalay Bay Convention Center and approximately 1.3 miles away from the Las Vegas City Center. When you stay at the Delano Hotel, you’ll be in the heart of everything. The hotel staff offers 24-hour room service and front desk assistance, so you can request help whenever you need it. Everyone is friendly and accommodating to the needs of their guests.

Their smoke free rooms in Las Vegas include a coffee machine, flat-screen television, satellite channels, air conditioning, hairdryer, work desk, hot tub, private bathroom, and wardrobe. All hotel guests are invited to use the sun terrace and business area if needed. Many people love the sun terrace in the summertime if they are trying to improve their seasonal tan.

Even though the Delano Hotel is on the Las Vegas Strip, it is in a quieter area of the Strip with less commotion and noise. The nearby attractions include Crystals Shopping Center (1.5 miles away) and the Shark Reef Aquarium (1,000 feet away). If you are bringing kids with you, they will love seeing the Shark Reef Aquarium. It is an attraction where families love to visit.

11) The Platinum Hotel

The Platinum Hotel

If you’re looking for smoke free hotels in Las Vegas, the Platinum Hotel offers a lot of conveniences for your pleasure. They have family rooms, pet-friendly rooms, free Wi-Fi, safety deposit boxes, sofa bed, free parking, two swimming pools, tea makers, 42” flat-screen television, cable channels, and coffee makers.

There is no smoking permitted at the hotel at all. The Platinum Hotel goes out of its way to promote itself as a 100% nonsmoking hotel. Some of its most popular on-site features include the fitness center, meeting rooms, business center and gym. There is also an on-site restaurant with all American food. It is great for travelers who like to stick with food they love when away from home.

If you come to the hotel on business, you can use the meeting rooms and business center. They give you all the space and communication tools you need to take care of basic business needs when you’re away from the office.

12) The Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel is another one of the best non smoking hotels in Las Vegas. If you want to get away and relax in Vegas, the hotel offers on-site dining, spas, and a heated swimming pool for its guests. You can even visit the Hibiscus Spa for a relaxing and comforting massage. But if you’d rather get a good workout done, you could visit the advanced fitness facility with technologically advanced exercise machines.

Do you love to feast on fine American cuisine? The on-site Jake & Eli restaurant serves various American food dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if you’d rather have a private meal in your hotel room, you can use the 24-hour room service to have your meals brought to your room.

Guest are allowed to bring a pet to their smoke free room in Las Vegas. The rooms have all the standard amenities you would expect, such as a flat-screen television, Wi-Fi, and cable channels. The Westin hotel chain is known worldwide, which is why you can trust the integrity of the facility and the professionalism of the staff.

13) NoMad Hotel

NoMad Hotel

The NoMad Hotel is probably a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas that you are not familiar with too much. However, it is located on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, so you would still be close to many notable attractions in the city. The McCarran International Airport is approximately 2.7 miles away. Other nearby accommodations include the Botanical Gardens, T-Mobile Arena, The Park, and Bellagio Conservatory.

The hotel’s smoke-free rooms include air conditioning, flat-screen television, cable channels, and a private bathroom. The front desk is available 24 hours per day if you need assistance. And if you’re someone coming from overseas, the currency exchange service and ATM is available to convert your foreign currency into American dollars.

Many people describe the NoMad Hotel as having the feel of a European residential home. Yet, it pays tribute to the Las Vegas landscape and is reflective of the natural desert surroundings. If you want to feel like you’re in Europe and Las Vegas at the same time, you will definitely have a good experience at the NoMad Hotel.

14) Park MGM

Park MGM

Park MGM is another hotel of the MGM Resorts family. MGM, of course, offers some of the best non smoking hotels in Las Vegas because of their dedication to providing high-quality customer service and deluxe accommodations. The Park MGM is adjacent to the T-Mobile Arena, which holds 20,000 seats for live events.

The hotel also has an on-site theater called the Park Theater, an arena with 5,200 seats. Some of the most famous international music artists perform at the Park Theater. So if you make reservations to stay at the Park MGM, you might get to witness your favorite musicians singing and playing their favorite instruments. But that is only the beginning of what the hotel offers its guests.

Park MGM is a modern resort facility with three swimming pools, poolside cabanas, a 24-hour fitness center, and a French-style restaurant called Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar. The restaurant serves fresh seafood, delicious rib-eyes, homemade desserts, and classic side dishes. Meanwhile, you get the opportunity to enjoy some fine jazz music as you eat.

Another classy on-site restaurant is the Primrose. It is another French-inspired restaurant with garden dishes and an outdoor terrace with trees above it. If you like to dine outdoors in nature, you won’t find too many other hotel restaurants in Vegas that bring such greenery to your dining experience in the middle of the desert.

15) Cancun Resort

Cancun Resort

Cancun Resort is a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas, about 5 miles away from the busy Las Vegas Strip. But you are still close enough to see many of the exciting Las Vegas comedy and entertainment shows.

The entire Cancun Resort Hotel is a smoke free facility. The rooms are the equivalent of villa accommodations because of their homely atmosphere. Your room will include a living room, two bathrooms, full-size kitchen, and queen-size sleeper sofa. These are lovely accommodations for families with children. You can all cook together in the luxurious kitchen and spend time having fun in the process.

If you were to book a 2-bedroom deluxe villa, you could fit as many as six family members in the room comfortably. There is even a whirlpool jet-powered hot tub and a balcony to view the bright city surroundings.

Reservation Tips

You have just learned about the best smoke free hotels in Las Vegas. Now you need to book your reservations to stay at one of these great hotels. Vegas Lens offers exclusive discounts on any smoke free hotel in Las Vegas that you want. Special deals are promoted every week on the platform, so keep checking to see which discounts are available for these hotels.

Are you looking for the best Vegas hotels for teens? Many of the smoke free hotels in Las Vegas are also kid-friendly too. When you browse for the hotel of your choice on Vegas Lens, the listings might not indicate “kid-friendly.” However, the listings should indicate whether the hotels are smoke free or not. Smoke free is synonymous with kid-friendly, so it doesn’t necessarily have to say kid-friendly.

If you are looking for non gaming hotels in Las Vegas, they could also be construed as kid-friendly too. The Vdara Hotel is the only non-gaming hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, but you can find others away from the strip if you look hard enough. And yes, the Vdara Hotel is a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas too, but you already learn that from the list above.

Here are the main tips to consider when searching for a smoke free hotel in Las Vegas:

  • Search for exclusive deals on the best non smoking hotels in Las Vegas with Vegas Lens.
  • You will know if a room is non-smoking because it will indicate “smoke-free” or “no smoking” somewhere on the room description page.
  • Check out the other amenities of the room and see if they meet your satisfaction. For example, look for pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas if you plan to bring a dog or cat with you to the city. Unfortunately, not all smoke free hotels in Las Vegas allow pets, so you’ll have to make sure the hotel you reserve is pet-friendly and smoke-free.
  • Find the lowest price hotel room which satisfies all your other needs. Sometimes the best deals are found months in advance or at the last minute after someone else cancels their reservation unexpectedly. If you want to be safe, it is better to book your room in advance. Then you can plan your trip better.

Sometimes a hotel listing won’t mention whether it allows smoking or not. But if the listing mentions anything about a private balcony, it usually means smoking is allowed on the balcony. But you should check with the hotel just in case you have questions about whether it has smoke-free rooms or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about smoke free hotels in Las Vegas? If so, you might find answers to those questions below.

Which Hotels in Vegas are Smoke Free?

The best non smoking hotels in Las Vegas are promoted as smoke free, even though some still have designated smoking areas near the lobby. A smoke free hotel means they don’t allow smoking in any of its rooms. Some of the most popular smoke free hotels include Trump International Hotel, The Signature at MGM Grand, and Vdara Hotel & Spa.

Is The Mandalay Bay Hotel Smoke Free?

Smoking is prohibited in all the rooms and suites of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. However, there are designated smoking areas throughout the hotel, but they are not in any of the rooms.


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