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15 Ways to Get Penn And Teller Discount Tickets in 2021

Located in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, you will find the Penn And Teller Theater – home of the famed Penn And Teller show. Although the show is regarded as one of the best magic shows in Vegas, there are many ways that you can score discount Penn and Teller Tickets. We’ve compiled 15 of the easiest ways to get your own Penn and Teller discount tickets – keep reading to learn more!

What Is The Penn And Teller Show?

There are many comedians in Las Vegas, but none combine magic and comedy quite like Penn And Teller. This show includes mystifying spectacles, plenty of magic and illusions, and a dash of comedy to top it all off. Performed by the comedy duo that has been working together since the 1970s, the Penn And Teller Show is sure to delight the entire family! The show usually performs Saturday through Wednesday, so you will have plenty of options when choosing a date!

15 Ways You Can Get Your Own Penn & Teller Discount Tickets!

From the best discount ticket sites to little-known tips and tricks for scoring cheap tickets, we have listed all of the best and easiest ways to ensure you get the best deal on tickets for the show. So don’t waste any more time scouring the internet for promo deals and discount codes that rarely work or expire too quickly. By the end of this list, you’ll know exactly how to get the best Penn And Teller Las Vegas tickets discount.

#1 Cheap Penn And Teller Tickets From $70 On Vegas.Com

Penn And Teller Discount Tickets always finds its way on our list, and for a good reason – they usually have the most unbeatable prices! Not only does the site allow you to compare prices across different dates and showtimes, but you can also see the sellout percentage for each show, and rest assured knowing that you are never overpaying with their best price guarantee. These tickets move fast on, so be sure to check out the site now!

#2 Military Discounts

Although The Rio Hotel And Casino offers military discounts on various events and entertainment options, they, unfortunately, do not offer discounts for military personnel for show tickets. However, if you plan on staying at the hotel, you can receive up to 45% off of room rates. This deal also includes teachers, first responders, students, and government employees. Our suggestion is to take advantage of the room discount and use to get your Penn And Teller discount tickets.

#3 Discount Penn And Teller Tickets On Groupon

Cheap Penn And Teller Tickets

Even though Penn And Teller is one of the best Las Vegas shows, they often offer discounted rates via Groupon. Unfortunately, their most current deal is sold out, but we recommend keeping an eye out for this show! The last deal offered tickets for less than $50. You’ll have to stay on top of this potential deal as they sell out fast and may include restrictions. Be sure to check any restrictions and stipulations attached to the deal before purchasing.

#4 ShowTickets.Com

Honestly, this is one confusing website to navigate. Although they claim to offer Penn and Teller tickets at a deep discount, clicking on the link brings you to another page that is completely unrelated to the show. Rather than wasting your time trying to figure it out, we recommend steering clear of and heading to instead. It’s trustworthy, reliable, and guaranteed to offer the best price!

#5 Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card

Do you currently use a Caesars Rewards Visa Credit card? If so, you may be in luck, especially if you are looking for Penn & Teller discount tickets. Cardholders can receive up to 5x reward credits, as well as a $50 discount on purchases of more than $250. Better yet, you can use the rewards towards your Penn And Teller tickets!

#6 Can You Get Penn & Teller Discount Tickets From Ticket Master?

To put it simply, anyone looking for Las Vegas show discount tickets should typically avoid Ticketmaster. Not only are their rates less than competitive, but they also charge a hefty amount of fees and service charges to the face value of their tickets. If you are in a bit of a jam or waited until the last minute to purchase your tickets, then this may be a viable option. However, with ticket prices starting at $65 plus nearly $30 in additional fees, this site hardly provides a steal. If you can, check out first to determine if you can get a better deal!

#7 Pay Attention To Your Seats

Luckily, there really are no bad seats in Las Vegas theaters – they know you come to see the shows! However, seats that are closer to the stage tend to come with a much higher price tag, and honestly, they don’t always provide the best view. Seats in the mezzanine area tend to offer the lowest prices, and they still ensure a great view of the performance. Be sure to check out tickets in this section to take advantage of a great price.

#8 Penn And Teller Family Discounts

Although Penn And Teller are one of the most well-known Las Vegas family shows, they sadly do not offer a discount for kids or family groups. It is important to note that children under the age of five are not permitted to attend the show. If you want to score tickets for you and your family at a great price, be sure to check out – they always have the deals!

#9 Penn And Teller Tickets On Stubhub.Com

Penn And Teller Tickets

For those who do not know, StubHub is a resale platform for people like you and me who already purchased tickets but, for whatever reason, are looking to get rid of them without losing any money. However, there are also people who purchase the tickets at face value and then use StubHub to resell them for a profit.

While StubHub may be an option for those who need to buy their tickets quickly, there are rarely great prices on tickets found on this platform. Currently, prices start at $125 – and that is before adding the obligatory fees and taxes. That price is more than double the price of the tickets sold on!

#10 Check Out The Show During The Off-Season

Yes, even the world-famous Las Vegas has a few weeks out of the year that tend to be slower than others! Each and every year, Las Vegas experience a decrease in visitors during the week after Thanksgiving, as well as a couple of weeks during December and January – it seems like people prefer to stay home for the holiday.

But these cold months are great for a quick getaway to the city famous for being located in the middle of a desert! Because show ticket prices are usually based on demand, finding great Penn And Teller Las Vegas tickets discounts is much easier during slower periods. If you are traveling during one of these weeks, check out various sites and vendors to compare prices effectively. Because of the slower season, you are likely to nab your tickets for a great price!

#11 Discounts For AAA Members

Vegas show discount tickets are usually easy to find for AAA members. However, the Penn And Teller show does not offer any discounts to AAA members. Which is quite the bummer as AAA members usually save up to 10% on tickets to all of the best shows. Unfortunately, you will have to your discount Penn And Teller tickets somewhere else if you were counting on an AAA membership discount.

#12 Penn And Teller Group Discount Tickets

Sometimes it pays to travel with a big crew, and saving big on show tickets is usually one of those ways! Those traveling in a larger group and who are looking forward to catching a performance of this famous comedy and magic duo are in luck. If you visit, you will find a submission form for group ticket sales.

This form is sent to the Director of Group Sales and Marketing. Those with larger groups can score cheap Penn And Teller tickets without putting in too much work. Just be sure to give the director of group sales and marketing the correct information – which included the number of guests. This will ensure that you and the other members of your group can enjoy the show while sitting in the same section. Groups of ten or more qualify for this offer.

#13 Penn And Teller Discount Tickets From BestOfVegas

Penn And Teller Show Discount Tickets is another platform that offers Las Vegas show tickets. Those on the hunt for Penn And Teller discount tickets will be happy to find out that current prices at start around $76. Though not as cheap as, this is still a great rate for Penn And Teller tickets.

Like, this site provides competitive ticket prices. However, it does not provide the same amount of information for the show as does. For example, users can’t compare ticket prices across different dates and showtimes. The site also does not provide information regarding sellout percentages and consumer activity – meaning, those purchasing tickets can’t be sure whether they have more or less time to purchase their tickets before a complete sellout.

#14 Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!

If you want to pay as much as possible for your show tickets, then you should wait until just a few hours before the show to buy your tickets. Assuming that no one wants to pay more than they have to, we highly recommend planning in advance when purchasing your tickets.

Among many other factors, finding discount Penn And Teller tickets can rely heavily on demand for the show. The higher the demand, the higher the ticket prices, and the less likely you are to find tickets within your price range.

#15 If You Must Wait…

If for some reason, you are stuck or need to wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets, there is one possible silver lining-type miracle that you can try. Tix4tonight is a ticket vendor in Las Vegas that offers discounted tickets through their website and their booth locations throughout Las Vegas.

While there is not a Penn And Teller Las Vegas tickets discount available on the website, you can go to one of the company’s booths to see if you nab a couple of tickets. While you can purchase these tickets at a deep discount, you’ll have to get to the booth quickly to ensure you can score your tickets. At 50% off, it may be worth it! As always, check out first to ensure you are getting the best price on your tickets, and use the site if the booths sold out of their discount tickets.

FAQ About The Penn And Teller Show

How much are Penn And Teller tickets?

Prices for the Penn And Teller Show vary based on showtime, dates, demand, and the platform you use to purchase your tickets. While these factors significantly contribute to the ticket price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $65 to almost $140 per ticket. Keep in mind, some ticket vendors charge taxes and fees on top of their stated prices.

Can you meet Penn And Teller?

Luckily, Penn And Teller are known for saying hello to their guests after the show! Typically, they meet guests in the lobby immediately following the show, and they allow guests to take pictures with them. Many claim that the comedy duo is friendly and very gracious with audience members.

How long is Penn And Teller Vegas show?

The Penn And Teller Show lasts about 90 minutes, and ticketholders must be older than five years old. This show does not include an intermission.

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Get Penn And Teller Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)


Get Penn And Teller Discount Ticket

(Save Up to 50%)