Best Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas

13 Best Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas for 2024

Pets are more than just protectors and guiders. They are also companions and friends to their owners. That is why people take pets on vacation with them in the first place. Pet owners do lots of things together with their pets, everything from taking walks in the park to eating at fine restaurants.

Did you know there are more than 200 pet-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas? In fact, there are dog-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas where you can bring your dog to an outdoor patio or let them eat at the table with you.

They may get served a doggie menu while their human master decides what they want to eat. Las Vegas is truly a pet-friendly city, so come and see for yourself.

How to Prepare for a Dog Restaurant in Las Vegas

Some dog-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas require reservations but most of the other dog-friendly restaurants do not. It is important that you do your research ahead of time to find out which restaurants actually accept dogs.

You’ll also want to know if the restaurants allow dogs to eat and have a place outside where they can relieve themselves. Otherwise, your dog will want to eat your food the entire time and possibly run the risk of making a mess on the floor.

Here are the main considerations to make when choosing pet-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas:

  • Does the restaurant only accept dogs? Are cats welcomed too?
  • Do the dogs have to be on a leash the entire time?
  • Does the restaurant serve dog food or have some kind of dog menu?
  • Is there an outdoor area for the dogs to relieve themselves?
  • Are there any weight restrictions on the dogs allowed in the restaurant?
  • Does the restaurant allow more than one dog per party?
  • Does the restaurant require any special reservations for parties with dogs?

If you can get answers to all these questions, then you’ll know what to expect when you enter certain Las Vegas dog-friendly restaurants. You’ll probably want to choose at least 5 or 10 dog-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas because you’ll be doing a lot of eating out during your trip. 

To save you the trouble of conducting endless research in order to find suitable restaurants for your dog, we’ve put together a list of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas. Look through the details of each restaurant and see if they have what you’re looking for.

If you need to make reservations or have any additional questions about a particular restaurant, you should visit Vegas Lens. They are a Las Vegas travel guide which offers information and discounts on various venues in Las Vegas, such as restaurants. They can help guide you further.

Below are the top 13 pet-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas.

1) Tacotarian

Tacotarian - Dog Friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

Tacotarian is a dog restaurant in Las Vegas which merges veganism and Mexican cuisine together. All of their tacos and other Mexican dishes are plant-based. No beef or chicken is used at all in the creation of their meals.

Their vegan tacos are some of the best in Vegas too. Some people even say they taste better than regular beef tacos. The restaurant has a comfortable patio for your dog to rest while you’re eating.

2) Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise Coffee - Pet friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

Sunrise Coffee is more than just a standard coffee shop. It is a restaurant which offers many different vegetarian-style meals and food items. Their foods contain no gluten or hormones either.

You can enjoy a nice gluten-free breakfast on the patio with your dog by your side. Many people love the alien burrito meal and espresso drink. Try them out when you get a chance.

3) The Egg & I: Breakfast & Lunch

The Egg & I: Breakfast & Lunch - Dog restaurant in Las Vegas

Bring your dog to the patio of the Egg & I: Breakfast & Lunch restaurant. If you’re someone who loves egg dishes, then you’ll find every egg dish imaginable served here.

As you and your dog sit on the outside patio, you’ll both stay cool because of the mist machines and fans they have there. This will feel good during those hot summer months in Vegas.

4) Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar - Las Vegas dog friendly restaurants

Judging by the name of the restaurant, you can probably guess that it is a pet-friendly establishment. They have a designated patio dining area for customers with dogs to dine in comfort.

The waiter will bring over a doggie menu with a wide variety of healthy snacks and meals to choose for your dog. You can find Lazy Dog Restaurant on Las Vegas Blvd in the Town Square shopping mall, which is a completely pet-friendly mall.

5) Crepe Expectations

Crepe Expectations - Dog Friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

Crepe Expectations is a pet-friendly restaurant which serves variations of savory galettes and sweet crepes. Their famous “Little Italy” dish includes pepperoni, tomato-garlic sauce and mozzarella.

If you prefer a Turkish version, you’ll enjoy the sautéed turkey, black olives, guacamole, and jack cheese. Not all the tables accept dogs, but there are some tables in the front of the restaurant where dogs are permissible.

6) Triple George Grill

Triple George Grill - Pet friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

People love the Triple George Grill for its delicious seafood dishes and outstanding customer service. If you want to bring your dog with you, they have a dining area outdoors.

This is a popular thing to do in the summertime when the warmth and beauty of Las Vegas truly reveal themselves. No one wants to stay inside during a nice Las Vegas summer.

7) Las Cazuelas

Las Cazuelas - Dog restaurant in Las Vegas

Las Cazuelas serves classic Mexican dishes that’ll make your mouth water. They have an outdoor seating area for dogs too.

Some of the food choices on the menu include gluten-free nachos, stuffed corn tortillas, quesadillas, stuffed empanadas, shrimp ceviche, fiesta platter, and more.

There are so many delicious ingredients in these food dishes that you won’t be able to get enough of them.

8) Brio Tuscan Grille

Brio Tuscan Grille - Las Vegas dog friendly restaurants

The Brio Tuscan Grille is an Italian restaurant with two locations in Las Vegas. One is found at Tivoli Village, and the other is in the Town Square. If you love to eat Italian food, then you’ll be happy with the variety of Italian dishes on the menu.

There is a beautiful outdoor patio with tables for anyone who is accompanied by their dogs. The ground surface is cool and comfortable enough for them to lie down on.

9) PublicUS

PublicUS - Dog Friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

PublicUS can be found in Downtown Las Vegas. It has a very welcoming atmosphere for anyone who wants to stop in for a healthy meal or a fresh cup of coffee. If you enjoy vegetarian meal options, delicious natural juices, or freshly brewed coffee, then you will want to stop by PublicUS.

In addition, the interior contains gorgeous natural décor to accommodate your dogs. This is one of the few Las Vegas dog-friendly restaurants that allow you to bring dogs indoors.  

10) Madhouse Coffee

Madhouse Coffee - Pet friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

Madhouse Coffee offers more than just a comfortable patio to your dog. It can also serve water and tasty treats to your dog as well. As for humans, they get to choose from a huge selection of premium quality coffee, teas, espresso, and lattes.

If you’re in the mood for a nice meal or snack, you can try their French macarons and sandwiches. Right next to the Madhouse Coffee is the Desert Breeze Dog Park. 

11) Griddlecakes

Griddlecakes - Dog restaurant in Las Vegas

Griddlecakes offers breakfast and lunch meal choices. Their breakfast menu includes French toast, omelets, and hot cakes. Their lunch menu includes melts, burgers, and wraps. The highlight of the restaurant is its griddle cakes.

This is a breakfast dish that consists of baking soda, flour, kefir butter, and sugar. If you would prefer to dine with your dog, then you can eat at the tables that are out in front.

12) Egg Works

Egg Works - Las Vegas dog friendly restaurants

Egg Works is a restaurant that specializes in brunch and breakfast meals. Their best food choices include wraps, cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, and omelets.

People can sit outside on the patio with their dogs if they wish. This is perfect for people who like to walk their dogs in the morning and enjoy a nice breakfast with them midway through.

13) Crown and Anchor British Pub

Crown and Anchor British Pub - Dog Friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

The Crown and Anchor British Pub brings the heart of Great Britain to Las Vegas. You can enjoy a style of food which resembles the same type of food that you can find in a British pub overseas.

The pub serves kidney pie, steak, chicken curry, bangers and mash, and more. There is an outdoor patio for dogs too.

Final Tips

Las Vegas is known for many things, and pet-friendliness is one of them. Remember to bring a good leash and some doggy snacks with you when you visit Las Vegas. Not every dog restaurant in Las Vegas serves doggie food, which is why you should have snacks readily available for them.

Of course, you could always feed some human food to your dog, but that is not a good thing to do too often. Most Las Vegas dog-friendly restaurants won’t mind as long as you feed your dog bite-size amounts and not entire portions.

If you’re staying at a pet-friendly hotel, ask if they have a dog menu. Then you can find healthy foods for dogs which is easier for them to digest.


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