Piff the Magic Dragon

12 Easy Ways to Get Piff The Magic Dragon Discount Tickets

Vegas is full of shows that are entertaining and wildly interesting to see, and here you will find the best ways to get discount Piff The Magic Dragon Las Vegas tickets! While different sales and promo codes pop up from time to time, there are some solid ways that you can save on tickets regardless of whether there are flash sales or not. After all, who doesn’t want to save a bit of extra money so that you can have some extra money to shop or gamble with?

Rather than waste too much time, energy, and resources trying to find the best deal, you can find everything you need to know here! We haven’t left a single stone unturned while trying to find the deals that will help you save big on Vegas discount show tickets to a great show. Here is everything you need to know about the show!

What Is The Piff The Magic Dragon Show?

Yet again, one of the best shows in Vegas begins with a star getting their start on America’s Got Talent. Piff The Magic Dragon stars a British comedian and his electrifying canine sidekick, Piffles. Performing at the Flamingo Showroom at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Piff The Magic Dragon showcases all of the greatest hits from Piff’s previous shows.

Performing on Mondays and Thursdays thru Sundays at 7 PM, Piff The Magic Dragon is one of the best family shows in Vegas! However, even though everyone enjoys checking out all of the best shows when they go to Vegas, there is no doubt that tickets to the shows can quickly add up. Luckily, we have put together all of the best ways that you can save big on Piff The Magic Dragon show tickets!

How You Can Save Big On Piff The Magic Dragon Tickets!

There are so many great and easy ways to save on Piff The Magic Dragon Show tickets, and we have put them all in one quick and convenient list! From amazing discount sites (and even those that you should avoid) to little-known discounts that can help you save big – everything that you will ever need to know is right here!

#1 Piff The Magic Dragon Show Tickets On Vegas.com

Piff The Magic Dragon-Discount Tickets

Vegas.com is a favorite here, and for many good reasons! Not only does the site offer a best price guarantee, but it also gives plenty of information on different rates for both dates and showtimes, sell-out rates, and even when the show was last book – just one hour ago!

Starting at just $44, you can grab a set of tickets for one of the cheapest available prices we found! We recommend heading to the site quickly! Some of the dates have less than ten tickets available for sale! So don’t waste any time, and make sure you get the tickets you want by heading to Vegas.com.

#2 Tickets At Showtickets.com

While Showtickets.com usually doesn’t compare to Vegas.com, you can actually find a great deal here! Tickets to Piff The Magic Dragon start at just $44 – like Vegas.com! However, there are a few things that we’d like to point out.

While the prices may be similar, there are a few different things that Vegas.com offers that you won’t find at Showtickets.com. These include no best price guarantee, no information regarding sell-out percentages, and it is harder to compare prices among different dates and times.

#3 Can You Get Piff The Magic Dragon Discount Tickets For Locals?

Many Las Vegas shows offer special discount tickets for locals and those living within the region. This is a great way to save big for those who live nearby and are looking to take a long weekend trip to the bright lights of the big city! If you are looking for an easy way to find local discounts, we recommend checking out Vegas4locals.com.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any special discounts for Vegas locals to the Piff The Magic Dragon Show at the moment. However, if you do visit the site, you can redirect to Vegas.com for tickets that start at just $44! We certainly recommend keeping an eye out for any specials for locals, but it will certainly be hard to beat $44!

#4 Rewards Members Can Save Big!

Sure, it is nearly impossible to find cheap shows in Vegas! But it isn’t that hard to find awesome discounts if you know where to look! Saving big on Piff The Magic Dragon Show tickets is that much easier if you are a Caesar’s Rewards member. Caesars Rewards holders can use their membership cards for various discounts and perks.

And since the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is part of the Caesars family, you are in luck if you are a rewards member! You can use your card to accrue points that can be racked up at slot machines, table games, and through other expenditures made at the casino. Once you have enough points, you can use them for discounts on things such as show tickets!

#5 Choose Your Seats Wisely

The great thing about Las Vegas magic shows, and all Las Vegas shows, is that there is usually never a bad seat! While some seats may be closer to the stage, each seat in the house usually gets an uninterrupted view. So while you will certainly pay more money to sit closer to the stage, you can still sit further away and get an excellent show experience.

If you are hoping to save big on the show, feel free to choose seats that are a bit further from the stage. You won’t have to pay a premium, and you will still be able to enjoy every minute of the show – it’s a win-win situation!

#6 Piff The Magic Dragon Las Vegas Tickets At Ticketmaster

Piff The Magic Dragon Tickets

We don’t like telling you what not to do, but we usually don’t recommend buying your tickets from Ticketmaster.com, and here is why. Ticketmaster is known for its additional fees and service charges. So, while tickets on the site start at around $53, you can be sure that this is not the final price that you’re going to pay for your ticket.

For some shows, these taxes, fees, and service charges can add an additional $30 – per ticket! If you are looking for a few last-minute tickets when everywhere else is sold out, then this can maybe be an option. Ultimately, we recommend trying to find your tickets somewhere else like Vegas.com!

#7 Check Out The Show During The Off-Season

Ticket prices to a comedian in Las Vegas, such as Piff The Magic Dragon, are influenced by demand for the show – especially if you are hoping to score a few last-minute tickets. Believe it or not, even Las Vegas has an off-season. During these periods throughout the year, less tourists and visitors flock to Las Vegas.

If you are trying to save by booking your show during the off-season, consider traveling to Las Vegas during the week after Thanksgiving or during a few weeks in December and January. If you plan on traveling to Vegas during this time, be sure to check out Vegas.com for the most competitive ticket rates!

#8 Finding Tickets On StubHub

Piff The Magic Dragon Show Tickets

We must warn you to please be wary when trying to find Piff The Magic Dragon Las Vegas tickets on StubHub, here is why. StubHub is a resale platform. This means that people, like you and I, have already bought tickets for the show and, for whatever reason, want to resell them! Maybe they had to cancel their trip or just can’t make it to the show while they are here – who knows?

Unfortunately, because these tickets are being resold, this usually means that you have to pay a premium for the same tickets that you can find elsewhere for a cheaper rate – no thanks! Currently, the lowest price you can find on StubHub is $74 for tickets to this show. As you get closer to the showtime, prices tend to increase. If you absolutely have no other way of purchasing tickets, then we understand. But, before booking your tickets through StubHub, be sure to check out Vegas.com for better prices!

#9 Buying Direct

One way many people purchase their Piff The Magic Dragon tickets is through the show’s website. Currently, the tickets on the show’s website start at $63 – not the worst price, but certainly not the best. There are a few reasons you may want to purchase your tickets directly.

If you are using your Caesar’s Rewards Membership Card, you will likely have to purchase your tickets directly to enjoy any discounts from your membership. Also, if you are planning to travel to Las Vegas with a group (21 people or more), you may be able to get a discounted price by booking your reservation with the theater.

#10 Plan Ahead!

As we mentioned above, the higher the demand for the show, the higher the ticket prices. This means that as the showtime grows nearer, more people may be racing to get their hands on a set of tickets, just like you! This is when planning ahead becomes especially helpful!

By booking your tickets well in advance, maybe even before you leave for your trip, you ensure that you won’t have to pay a steep price due to price gouging as you get closer to the show. After all, it can never hurt to head to Vegas with a plan!

#11 Picking Up Tickets On Viator

Piff The Magic Dragon Las Vegas Tickets

Viator.com is another site that we don’t see many great prices on for shows. If you are looking to get your own set of Piff The Magic Dragon discount tickets, you may have better luck elsewhere. Right now, ticket prices for Piff The Magic Dragon start at $65.99. We admit, with prices like that, we are having a hard time understanding their “best price guarantee.”

One important thing we would like to point out is that all tickets purchased on Viator.com are non-refundable. So, if you require some flexibility on your trip, you may want to check out some other site, like Vegas.com, for your tickets. Not only does Vegas.com offer much better prices, but their best price guarantee is legitimate.

#12 Purchase Your Tickets In Advance For The Best Seats!

While it is certainly important to plan ahead so that you don’t pay too much for your tickets, you also want to be sure that you book tickets for the seats that you actually want! All of the seats in the theater provide a great view of the show, but if you want to sit closer or prefer to sit further away so that you don’t pay too much, then you want to be sure that you find the seats that you want to pay for.

Purchasing your tickets well before your desired showtime helps to ensure that you find just the seats you are looking for and aren’t settling for just any old seat in the theater. Plus, if you want to sit with the group that you are traveling with, then it helps to plan well in advanced!

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