14 Best Red Rock Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon tours may not be on your best things to do in Las Vegas list till now because you may not have Sheppard about them yet, but they are really amazing.

The Red Rock Canyon in Nevada’s Mojave Desert is located just a few minutes away from the Vegas, and it is considered one of the Mojave Desert’s most beautiful areas which attract tourists and visitors from everywhere.

We all know about the Hoover Dam tours and Tours to Grand Canyon which are so exciting and can be booked online easily, but you also have to know about the Red Rock Canyon tours as they are charming.

This area is known for its magnificent geological features, as you can find a lot of extraordinary things there including towering red sandstone peaks, Native American petroglyphs, the Keystone Thrust Fault and many others.

There are many Red Rock Canyon tours from Las Vegas to explore this amazing location. These tours are done by bus, car, helicopter, etc. You may also book Red Rock Canyon scooter tours as these are marvelous too.

Most of these tours offer interesting features like picking up from the hotel as well as offering a meal and bottled water. To know more about them, let’s check this article.

1- A Red Rock Canyon Tour

If you like natural beauty, especially the deserts, then you have to add one of the Red Rock Canyon Tours to your list of best things to do in Vegas. This tour will give you the chance to explore the Red Rock Canyon as well as the natural beauty of the desert.

The tour also includes several stops at certain sites like the visitor’s center and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. Additionally, you can also enjoy a drive around the scenic loop as well as take some interesting photos along the way.

When you reach your destination, the Red Rock National Conservation area, you will stop for a short time at the visitor center and go around the 13-mile scenic loop.

Here, you will explore the pictographs at Willow Springs, the amazing red and cream sandstone Calico Hills, and many more.

Enjoy the tour with the help of your guide walks you through the fragile and fascinating history of the desert.

If you liked Red Rock Canyon tours, book this tour now.

More Details:

  • Special Requirements: This tour is not available on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Locations: Red Rock Vegas, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.
  • Tour Length: 6 hours/ 360 minutes
  • Phone number: 1-866-983-4279
  • Transportation Type: Bus
  • Meal Included: Lunch
  • Best Price: 75$

2- A Red Rock PM Express Tour

What is up on your list for the things to do in Las Vegas? What do you think about taking a trip out to Red Rock Canyon? Believe me, you will enjoy the best afternoon ever especially with the colorful splendor that this area entails with Red Rock Canyon tours Las Vegas.

First of all, you have to leave your hotel and reach our the spectacular Red Rock Canyon. The first thing to amaze you in this tour is the Red Rock National Conservation Area.

Here, you will learn a lot about the history of the past explorers, animal life and the canyon’s unique geography.

The second step is taking a smooth ride around the 13-mile scenic loop. It is so enjoyable as you will get the chance to explore several ancient Indian roasting pits and pictographs.

You will see magnificent views so make sure to bring your camera and capture these early representations of Native American life.

Don’t be surprised if you become charmed with the radiant beauty of the red and cream sandstone cliffs.

Eventually, you will be taken back to your hotel.

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More Details:

  • Special Requirements: This tour is not available on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Location: Red Rock Las Vegas.
  • Transportation Type: Bus
  • Phone: 1-866-983-4279
  • Tour Length: 4 hours
  • Meal Included: None
  • Best Price: 70$

3- Vegas Balloon Rides

Here, you can enjoy the best chance to go up, yes I really mean up as this tour offers a chance to go away on a hot air balloon ride.

The Red Rock Canyon, and the whole city including residential and desert areas can be explored from the sky by Vegas Balloon Rides.

You can choose between being picked up from the hotel or meeting the group at the Vegas Balloon Rides office which is located at 4390 Polaris Ave to start this adventure.

At The office, the guide will tell you all the safety rules and some guidelines then you have to sign a waiver before your balloon ride.

You can also view the 10-story-high balloon inflate right before your eyes.

The real adventure starts when you climb into the gondola once it’s ready. Don’t freak out, nothing wrong will happen as they are professionals and they can promise you that it’ll be smooth sailing.

Some are really afraid of heights? But don’t worry, here you are in good hands. You can be so sure and comfortable that pilots are also very personable, so the fast take-off will happen smoothly.

If you liked Red Rock Canyon tours, book this tour now.

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More Details:

  • Special Requirements: Passengers must be at least 8 years old to ride, having good health and capable of climbing in and out of the balloon basket. Passengers must be under 250 pounds.
  • Locations: The starting point is at Vegas Balloon Rides office which is located at 4390 Polaris Ave, right off the Strip, Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.
  • Meal Included: Snack and champagne toast.
  • Time in Air: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Transportation Type: Balloon
  • Phone: 1-866-983-4279
  • Tour Length: 3 hours
  • Best Price: 199$

4- Destination Wedding: Red Rock Canyon Ceremony

Here you have the chance to make your wedding truly unique by enjoying this wonderful day surrounded by the mystical scene of Red Rock Canyon and exchanging vows in this marvelous site.

Red Rock Canyon is really the perfect place for special occasions away from all the bustle of Vegas. This tranquility, romance destination is so suitable to make the moment when you say “I do” so unforgettable.

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Your ceremony, the cake, and the photos, of course, are so special of taken here against the backdrop of dramatic painted hills.

For me, I really recommend this simple yet exceptional way to get married. I will even think of booking Red Rock Canyon tours for my wedding.

This tour also includes Hotel pickup and drop-off, Limo service, Minister, Professional photographer guide, the Video archive of a ceremony (for 30 days), HD DVD of Ceremony, Souvenir Certificate Holder and many other features.

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More Details:

  • Location: Red Rock Vegas
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Best Price: $1,098.99

5- Red Rock Canyon Hiking Tour

When you go to Las Vegas, you feel amazed by the casinos, clubs and pool parties for days, but sometimes, it just feels like you need a change in mood.

So what about a Red Rock Canyon Hiking Tour? Yes, I guess it would be a good opportunity to enjoy your time as well as the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon.

At the Red Rock Canyon Hiking Tour, you will be picked up from your hotel to take a break from the casinos and enjoy a few hours in nature in a favorite local getaway from Las Vegas.

The Red Rock Canyon Hiking Tour offers some free drinks with a hike through Red Rock Canyon. You won’t be wandering alone as a guide will accompany you to help you choose from three trail options, your choice must depend on your hiking level and interests.

As you explore the wilderness of Nevada, enjoy every minute viewing the sandstone scenery and desert vegetation.

Don’t forget to take some bottles of water, as the weather may be too hot for you. The hotel pickup and drop-off are limited for certain hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

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More Details:

  • Location: Red Rock Las Vegas
  • Best Price: $129.99

6- Red Rock Canyon Helicopter Tour and Twilight Picnic From Las Vegas

Unlike all other tours, this helicopter tour makes exploring the bunch of red rocks which are scattered throughout town more interesting.

If you are planning this tour with your friends or beloved one you are taking the best choice.

Additionally, the tour delivers the best views ever, so bust your photography skills, and take few photos for the best unforgettable memories.

After you land, .ut your pinkies up because it’s time to pop open the bottle of champagne (or champs as the cools kids say). Next, crack open the picnic basket and stuff your face – or take small bites if you’re trying to impress someone – we know we aren’t.

More Details:

  • Special Requirements: Regarding helicopters, you have to purchase another seat if you weigh over 275 pounds (A-Star) or 300 pounds (EC-130). So, you have to.mention your body weight during the check-in procedure.
  • Meals Included: Yes, a picnic with lunch, champagne, and water.
  • Location: Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas
  • Transportation Types: Bus, Helicopter.
  • Tour Length: 2 hours, 30 minutes
  • Phone number: 1-866-983-4279
  • Time in Air: 30 minutes
  • Best Price: 250$

7- Morning Maverick Horseback Ride with Breakfast

Start by being picked up from your hotel. For this incredible tour, the expert wranglers will help you go for a scenic and leisurely Wild West horseback ride through Red Rock Canyon.

It will be an amazing experience. Start your day with a delicious breakfast including pancake, a choice of bacon, sausage or ham, hash browns, eggs, toast, coffee . to fuel up before your 60-minute expedition.

Then, your tour starts at 5.5-hour. It includes some fascinating activities like enjoying a round-trip hotel transport from the Las Vegas Strip to a working horse ranch. At the Ranch, you will enjoy your time as well as the gorgeous views of the desert landscape.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ride a horse, as these amazing horses are friendly and tame Take a horseback ride through the Wild West

Keep in mind that you are using this single file trail ride.

More Details:

  • Special Requirements: None
  • Location: Red Rock Vegas
  • Best Price: $119.99

8- Old Spanish Trail Horseback Ride with Lunch

This tour gives every passenger a hotel pickup for certain hotels in the strip. Here, you can enjoy a horse ride to wander through Red Rock Canyon National Park.

Then it is te to enjoy the gorgeous Nevada desert landscape away from all the hustle and bustle of the Strip.

End this amazing trail ride, and prepare yourself to enjoy one of the best cowboy-style lunch you’ve ever eaten.

In few words, many features are included in this tour like round-trip transportation from specific Las Vegas hotels, riding a horse and enjoying a wild West adventure along the trails of Red Rock Canyon National Park as well as eating a delicious cowboy-style lunch.

More Details:

  • Transportation Type: Car and horse ride.
  • Location: Red Rock Las Vegas
  • Best Price: $119.99

9- Red Rock Canyon with Rocky Gap Adventure Tour

Start your tour with a short, enthralling drive in an open-air pink Jeep and cruise through the 13-mile loop at Red Rock, it will be so fruitful as you will be accompanied with a guide and will stop at many scenic sites along the way.

Explore some incredible locations like the Red Rock Visitor Center, Calico Hills, High Point Lookout, Willow Springs, and many other exciting lookouts, and take some interesting photos at each one.

At this park, you will wander through the are and explore some memorable, ancient sites.

Get amazed with the views of the 65-million-year-old Keystone Thrust Fault, fossilized sand dunes and Limestone Mountains. Additionally, you will head to the Willow Springs to view the Native American cultural resources.

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More Details:

  • Special Requirements: Make sure to prepare yourself for such trip, so wear comfortable walking shoes, hat, and layered clothing. Use sunscreen. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women and people with mobility issues.
  • Location: Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas
  • Meal Included: Bottled water provided
  • Transportation Type: Jeep
  • Phone: 1-866-983-4279
  • Tour Length: 3 hours
  • Best Price: $133

10- Red Rock Canyon Luxury Tour Trekker Experience

While staying at Las Vegas, take a break of the city and visit the nearby Red Rock Canyon to enjoy its natural beauty.

Choose one of the best tours like the Red Rock Canyon Luxury Tour Trekker Experience to get a guide throughout the trip as well as many facilities like some off-road adventure and a drive along the area’s scenic loop.

This four-hour SUV tour will help you explore a site located only minutes from the Strip called Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This amazing place is so dramatic that it’s often selected as the backdrop for movies and commercials.

You will get the opportunity to view the impressive Wilson Cliffs, part of the 65 million-year-old Keystone Thrust and visitor center You will also explore the fossilized sand dunes of the brilliantly colored Calico Hills and a variety of numerous geological features abound.

For the best experience, this tour uses a 10-passenger Tour Trekker. This vehicle is designed specifically to sightsee locations and try off-road adventures.

More Details:

  • Transportation Type: SUV
  • Location: Red Rock Vegas
  • Phone: 1-866-983-4279
  • Tour Length: 4 hours
  • Meal Included: None
  • Best Price: $102

11- Guided Mountain Bike Tour of Mustang Trail in Red Rock Canyon

Like most of the tours, “Guided Mountain Bike Tour of Mustang Trail in Red Rock Canyon” offers a hotel pickup from some hotels on the strip.

This amazing adventure takes place on the bike in Red Rock Canyon mountain along the Mustang Trail from the Las Vegas Strip.

You’ve better be strong enough to cycle your way through 7 to 12 miles (11.2 to 19 km) as you will be cycling along on your choice of 3 full-suspension bikes.

You can choose between a Specialized Stumpjumper 650B, the Santa Cruz Hightower or the Specialized Stumpjumper 6Fattie Comp Carbon.

A guide with all necessary equipment will be with you all the way. whatever you need as well as bottled water and round-trip transport from select hotels on the Las Vegas Strip will be offered. It will be amazing don’t miss this.

More Details:

  • Transportation Type: Car and Bike.
  • Phone number: 1-866-983-4279
  • Location: Red Rock Las Vegas
  • Best Price: $139.99

12- Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour

At the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, you can enjoy the view of the sandstone formations on an electric bike tour.

An informative guide will accompany you along the tour. To make this tour more interesting, you will ride a 13-mile (21-km) loop along a paved backcountry byway, and here you can choose between pedaling or make things more exciting and keep driving your bicycle fast.

Along your way, take some breaks as well as photos of the locations you pass by. The tour includes a snack, bottled water, and round-trip transport from the hotels (there is a list of the hotels on the strip which you will be transported from).

A knowledge pedal will be with you at this 4-hour tour to explore Red Rock Canyon by bike to help you explore the Calico Hills, Joshua trees and sandstone formations.

You can stop several times to take some photos of ancient petroglyphs and desert wildlife.

More Details:

  • Location: Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas
  • Tour Length: 4 hours
  • Best Price: $89.99

13- Scooter Tours of Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon scooter tours are one of the top Red Rock Canyon tours in Las Vegas which attract visitors to choose.

These tours usually pick you up from your hotel, if your hotel is one of those listed on their list. Think Of this tour as an interesting way to escape from the hustle of the Las Vegas strip for 4 hours and enjoy a scooter tour of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

There are two options, so you can choose either the morning or afternoon trek to go for your tour. You will pass by amazing desert landscapes, view the red- and buff-colored rock formations, and sandstone before you reach the Red Canyon.

The price includes all entrance fees, the hotel picks up, the use of a helmet and the bottled water as well.

More Details:

  • Location: Red Rock
  • Tour Length: 4 hours
  • Best Price: $135.00 USD

14- Scooter Car Tour of Red Rock Canyon with Transport from Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon is renowned as one of the favorite destinations of Las Vegas locals as well as tourists.

To get all of this tour, you will be picked up from the hotel accompanied by an experienced guide. Then you will travel through the Mojave Desert and the stunning conservation area. Your guide will tell you everything about the location.

Additionally, you will enjoy a scenic 13-mile (21-km) loop around the park, and you will be given some free time to hike on your own.

The scenes are amazing, so take a few incredible photos to show them to your friend at home. Get great photo ops of the rugged scenery and stop at the visitor center to learn about regional plants and wildlife.

Hotel pickup and drop-off, bottled water, and entrance fees are included. Please note: price displayed is based per scooter; see What You Can Expect below for more details.

3.5-hour Red Rock Canyon scooter car tour Explore this beautiful national conservation area aboard a 2-passenger, 3-wheel scooter car Admire unobstructed 360-degree views as you follow your guide on a scenic 13-mile loop Stop at the visitor center and learn about local flora and fauna, wildlife and native Paiute Indians who once lived here.

Have free time to explore on your own and enjoy some light hiking on the trails Hotel pickup and drop-off, bottled water, and entrance fees are included Similar Tours and Activities

Prepare your Red Rock Canyon tours scooters and Let’s go.

More Details:

  • Transportation Type: Scooter – car
  • Tour Length: 3.5 hours
  • Location: Red Rock
  • Best Price: $249.99

This would be a great opportunity for you to enjoy your day in Red Rock Canyon away from the noise and excitement of Las Vegas.

Take it as a break to enjoy your time in nature exploring the Red Rock Canyon and the whole area around. The tours include transportation using a car, bus, helicopter, scooter, etc, so you will find something for you.