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13 Great Ways to Get Shin Lim Discount Tickets in 2021

While it may seem impossible to find Shin Lim discount tickets as you plan for your entertainment on your next Las Vegas trip, we have found many different ways for you to save big! Without having to spend hours of your time and too much energy searching through countless websites and unknown promotions, you will able to take the whole family to see the entire show without breaking the bank!

This guide makes it so easy to figure out how you can save the most money while booking your tickets. No lines, no searching on the web, and absolutely no wasted time as you try to find the biggest discount. With the extra money you save from the tickets, you can check out more shops, hit more games on the casino floor, and enjoy a nice meal at one of Las Vegas’ world-renowned restaurants! Keep reading to learn more!

What Is The Sin Lim Limitless Show?

LIMITLESS is the world’s newest and most thrilling magic show. You will be amazed by Shin Lim’s extraordinary sleight of hand and his ability to manipulate items like a modern-day magician. He is the first person to ever win ‘America’s Got Talent’ TWICE. Shin will be joined by special guest Colin Cloud – The Real-Life Sherlock Holmes, an ‘AGT’ finalist who is sure to shock your mind with his mind-reading talents.

The show is suitable for the entire family, and you will all be able to witness the magic from your front-row seat. Every night, it sells out, so you will need to know all of the best ways to save! The show performs at the Mirage Theater on Monday and Thursday through Sunday at 7:30 PM.

13 Easy Ways To Save on Shin Lim Las Vegas Discount Tickets!

One approach to try to get the greatest Las Vegas show discount tickets is to spend all of your time sifting through website after website, or you can read the quick and comprehensive list below to find the best way to save the most money on show tickets! You’ll find all you need to know, from cheap tickets found on websites to discounts you simply can’t pass up.

#1 Shin Lim Vegas Discount Tickets On

Shin Lim Discount Tickets is well-known for offering some of the best deals on tickets, and it never disappoints when it comes to finding some of the most competitive prices. With a best price guarantee, you can rest assured that you are paying the lowest possible price for your tickets.

Tickets start at $77 on right now. Not only can you compare tickets across dates and showtimes on, but you can also discover which performances are sold out and which are on the verge of selling their final ticket. Many of these showtimes have either sold out or are close to selling out – now is the time to visit!

#2 What About Promo Codes?

We strongly advise you to prepare a backup plan if you are relying on promo codes to get Shin Lim Vegas discount tickets. Typically, promo codes appear out of nowhere, expire quickly, and have a reputation for concealing information in the tiny print.

If you do locate a promo code (which we haven’t seen recently), please proceed with caution and read all instructions and restrictions carefully. Of course, you can always go to for everyday low prices and guaranteed tickets!

#3 Shin Lim Tickets For Vegas Locals

Residents of the Las Vegas area will occasionally receive special discounts on tickets to certain Las Vegas concerts! While this is one way to attend the best Vegas shows for cheap, there do not appear to be any current discounts for locals. is an excellent site for keeping up with all of the best local deals. No matter where you are from, we recommend checking out for excellent prices – you’ll be sure to save money on the top Vegas shows!

#4 Save Big By Planning Ahead

When looking for low-cost tickets to any Las Vegas show, one way to avoid overpaying is to plan early! It’s possible that if you wait too long to acquire tickets to a performance, they’ll sell out. Demand is strong, and supply is low as it approaches too close to showtime, resulting in price gouging.

Don’t overspend on your tickets! Make sure you have your tickets booked and ready to go before you go on your trip. Spending too much on a ticket just because you waited too long to book is such an avoidable way to ensure that you don’t pay too much for your Shin Lim Show seats!

#5 Check Out Vegas During The Off-Season

Even Las Vegas has an off-season, believe it or not, and this is a great opportunity to obtain Wow Las Vegas discount tickets to the show! For a few weeks each year, fewer visitors and travelers converge to Las Vegas, the famous city in the desert. This includes the week after Thanksgiving, as well as a number of weeks in December and January.

#6 Buy Tickets In Advance For Better Seats

Finding the right price for your seats is important – but so is finding the seats that are going to help you most enjoy the show! You should buy your tickets ahead of time to guarantee that you get the seat you want, just as you should plan ahead of time to ensure that you get a good bargain on your ticket!

You’ll have to pick from the few seats that aren’t already taken if you wait until the last minute. Instead, purchase your tickets in advance and watch the show from wherever you choose! This ensures that you get the seat that you actually want without having to shell out too much cash for the tickets!

#7 Can You Really Save On Tickets From StubHub?

Shin Lim Las Vegas Discount Tickets

While StubHub might be a good option for last-minute ticket purchases, we strongly advise you to look for tickets elsewhere! StubHub is a ticket resale website, meaning that people who have already bought tickets can resell them for a profit. Unfortunately, this implies that you will almost always have to pay a premium for your tickets – not the best way to find Shin Lim discount tickets.

Currently, tickets start at $91 — and that’s before any additional fees or taxes. These can cost up to $30 in most cases. If you’re in a pinch and can’t locate tickets anyplace else, it’s reasonable to buy from this site. But first, have a look at!

#8 Any Chance Of Saving On Ticketmaster?

We were surprised to learn that Shin Lim Las Vegas discount tickets are currently available for $50 on Ticketmaster. While Ticketmaster isn’t normally one of our first options for cheap tickets based only on price, it appears that they have offered a decent value for this concert. When purchasing tickets from Ticketmaster, however, we recommend exercising caution.

They frequently impose additional fees, service charges, and taxes, despite being one of the most reputable and popular distributors of tickets to shows and events. As a result, we strongly advise that you review your total before making a purchase as these added costs and fees can tack on at least an extra $30 to each ticket.

#9 Buying Tickets Directly

Sometimes buying tickets directly from the theater is surprisingly not the best method for saving big on your reservation to the show. One of the great things about the Shin Lim Limitless show is that it offers different prices for each section of the theater – which is great for those who prefer to shop by price and are trying to find Shin Lim tickets within their budget. Currently, there are four seating sections for the show:

Category D

Category D offers some of the most affordable prices, with tickets starting at just $39.99. These seats are usually located towards the back of the theater.

Limited View

Limited View tickets may be closer, but they typically offer a view that may be obstructed or slightly affected. These tickets start at $54.99.

Category C

Category C tickets are located between sections B and D. These tickets begin at $59.99.

Category B

Category B is much closer to the stage than sections C and D. Tickets in this section start at $79.99

Category B+

Category B+ are some of the best seats in the house for those who like to sit near all of the action of the show. Of course, they cost more as they are much closer, with prices starting at $99.99.

Meet And Greet

For those who want an experience that goes beyond the usual confines of the show, there is a Meet and Greet package available for $229.99.

#10 Tickets On Groupon

Groupon occasionally has great bargains on Shin Lim discount tickets. There are now no promotions available on the site, but here’s what you should know for the future!

  • All sales are final
  • You may not be able to use any extra discount coupons for the deal
  • You will need a government-issued ID to pick up your tickets

Another thing to keep in mind is that Groupon offers need frequent and rapid attention! These tickets sell out very quickly once they go on sale. If you happen to come across a good deal, make sure you take advantage of it as soon as possible. If you have missed out, no need to worry! You can still catch a great price at

#11 Discount Tickets For AAA Members

This is great news! While AAA members aren’t able to use their membership to save on Shin Lim Las Vegas discount tickets, they can use it to save on their room reservations! When booking, AAA members can save 10% off any of the associated MGM Grand hotels, which includes the Mirage!

We recommend using your AAA membership to save on your hotel room. While it won’t directly apply to your show tickets, you’ll still be able to find great deals with our other tips! Imagine what you could do with all of that extra cash. To save big on your tickets to the Shin Lim Show, be sure to visit for all of the best rates on bookings!

#12 AARP Discounts

While there are no specific AARP discounts for those searching for Shin Lim Vegas discount tickets, the MGM Grand entertainment group does offer senior discounts! Here is the thing, the discount does not apply to show tickets. Instead, AARP members can save 5% on their hotel reservations.

Like our AAA members’ tip above, we suggest using your senior discount on the room and combining it with one of our other tips. The best way to save is to use your 5% senior discount for your hotel reservation, and then head to to get the cheapest price on your tickets – after all, they do offer a best price guarantee!

#13 Can You Save With

Shin Lim Vegas Discount Tickets

We hate to break it to you, but Viator has some of the most expensive Shin Lim tickets on the internet. There are so many better methods to save money, starting at $92, that we’d hate to see you spend your money here.

It is usually a goal when visiting Las Vegas to see and experience as much of the city as possible. Unfortunately, while this is normally somewhat costly, but there are numerous ways to save money here and there so that you can see as much as you want. Instead of wasting your money here, go to!

FAQ About The Shin Lim Limitless Show

How Long Is Shin Lim Show?

The Shin Lim show performs on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 7:30 PM and lasts for about one hour and fifteen minutes.

How Much Do Shin Lim Tickets Cost?

Finding a single ticket price to accurately estimate how much your Shin Lim ticket will cost is hard to determine because when, how, and from where you buy your tickets can have a significant impact on their cost. Some tickets cost as low as $77, while others can reach up to $200.

Is Shin Lim Show Kid Friendly?

Luckily, one of the best magic shows in Vegas is completely family friendly and will bring you and your kids joy! Those with kids who are hoping to catch the Shin Lim show can bring children over the age of five. Please be advised that anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by an adult.

Where Can You See Shin Lim?

You can see the Shin Lim show at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The show performs at the Mirage Theater, which is located in the convention area.

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