Best Las Vegas Hotels with Smoking Rooms

15 Best Las Vegas Hotels with Smoking Rooms in 2024

The Best Hotels in Vegas That Allow Guests to Smoke Cigarettes

Are you looking for the best smoking hotels in Las Vegas? Well, the best hotels in Vegas usually have private smoking rooms available for guests. These hotels aren’t necessarily luxury hotels with swimming pools and brand-name recognition. However, they can easily accommodate tourists traveling on modest budgets, such as families, couples and individuals.

Many Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms are located near the Las Vegas Strip, which has the city’s best entertainment shows. So, you won’t miss out on the fun when you’re there if you book a hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip. Some hotels in Vegas with balcony access let you smoke outside and watch the city of lights at night. There is no better experience than that for anyone new to Vegas.

Hospitality accommodations come in many forms. Smokers undoubtedly adore Las Vegas hotels that allow smoking because it gives them comfort and relaxation in the privacy of their hotel rooms. On top of that, these hotels offer numerous other accommodations to keep guests preoccupied and entertained in their hotel rooms, such as Wi-Fi, room service, and cable television. Every hotel has different amenities, so make sure they satisfy all your needs before booking a room.

The Top 15 Hotels With Smoking Rooms in Las Vegas for 2024

Below are the top 15 hotels with smoking rooms in Las Vegas. Check to see whether you have to use the balcony attached to the room for smoking, or if you can smoke anywhere you want in the room. Don’t assume you can smoke anywhere inside the room because some of the smoking hotels forbid it. They might want you to smoke in designated smoking areas only. So, be on the lookout for that.

1) Flamingo Hotel

Flamingo Hotel Smoking Rooms

The Flamingo Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas. It has both smoking and non-smoking rooms available to accommodate guests with either preference. There are also entertainment options available for families and adults. So, it doesn’t really matter what type of guest you are because the Flamingo Hotel has something for everybody.

Every room is air-conditioned and includes a work desk, entertainment center, cable television, and safety deposit box. In addition, guests have access to a state-of-the-art gymnasium and an outdoor pool that consists of a water slide and waterfalls.  And if you enjoy food variety, there is no shortage of food options at the Flamingo Hotel. Visit the Center Cut Steakhouse for seafood and steaks, or Carlos ‘n Charlie’s Restaurant for some tasty Mexican cuisine.

Do you love wildlife? Bring your family to the 15-acre on-site Wildlife Habitat, where guests can see exotic turtles, fish, birds, and more. Most people have a great time when they stay at the Flamingo Hotel and you surely will too. It is three miles away from the McCarran International Airport. Lots of magic shows and entertainment performances are available within the area too.

2) The Stratosphere Hotel

The Stratosphere Smoking Rooms

The Stratosphere Hotel has earned a reputation for its SkyPod. It has 360-degree views through its panoramic windows over 1,000 feet above the ground. You definitely won’t find other smoking hotels in Las Vegas quite like this one. Guests can get a wide perspective of Las Vegas like they have never seen before.

When you book one of the smoking rooms in Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel, you will get the same great views from your room as well. It is located on the Las Vegas Strip, where you can have quick access to the best restaurants and shows in the city. The smoking room and picturesque views are a powerful combination. If you enjoy both, then you will enjoy your time at the hotel.

There is free parking located outside of the building for guests only. When you visit the top of the tower, you’ll find a number of high-quality eateries and culinary options available. Not only do you get a stunning view of the Las Vegas cityscape, but you also get to enjoy good food at the same time. If you love to smoke and are not afraid of heights, your time at the Stratosphere Hotel will be memorable for a long time to come.

The Stratosphere Hotel has some of the lowest room prices too. Some guests have gotten rooms for as little as $25 per night. Whether or not you can get the same price depends on the time of year and availability of the rooms presently.

3) The Tropicana Hotel

The Tropicana Smoking Rooms

The Tropicana Hotel is another one of the fun smoking hotels in Las Vegas. Although it is not on the Las Vegas Strip, the hotel is positioned on the Atlantic City boardwalk in downtown Vegas. The boardwalk is filled with entertainment venues, stores, restaurants, and shops. You can find so much to do at the hotel, even if it is just walking around and browsing all day.

The Tropicana Hotel uses a Skybridge to connected to the Chelsea Tower. Some of the rooms inside the Chelsea Tower allow smoking to take place in them. Look for the word “smoking” in the title of the room listing before you make your reservations. Many of the rooms at the Tropicana Hotel do not allow smoking, but some do. You just have to book the smoking rooms in Las Vegas.

One of the most awesome features of the Tropicana Hotel is the glorious IMAX movie theater. It has a silver screen phenomenally larger than a traditional movie theater screen. You can enjoy some of the newest and most thrilling movies as if you were inside of them.

The hotel itself has 20 restaurants, a nightclub, salon, spa, cable television, Wi-Fi, beachfront access, coffee maker, tea maker and fitness center. It only takes 5 minutes to drive to the Atlantic City Convention Center from the Tropicana Hotel. All of the best attractions are minutes away from the hotel. You don’t have to travel far to see the very best that Las Vegas has to offer.

4) Tuscany Suites

Tuscany Suites Smoking Rooms

The Tuscany Suites is one of the Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms that will impress you tremendously. It has a combination of non-smoking rooms and smoking rooms. The smoking rooms are reserved for some of the executive suites of the hotel. When you go to book your reservation, it will indicate whether the room is smoking or non-smoking. So choose the room that you prefer.

The hotel is under a mile away from the Las Vegas Strip. You could literally walk to the hotel from the strip or vice versa. The Tuscany Suites is gorgeous all around. It has a beautiful landscape with spa, fitness center and outdoor pool accommodations. The rooms come with coffee makers, refrigerators, ironing boards, showers, bathtubs, cable television, Wi-Fi and seating.

Do you want to dance with your spouse or partner? The Piazza Lounge is reserved for all those who want to dance to live music and have a good time. If you want a cup of gourmet coffee, you can visit Café Bottega for a wonderful coffee tasting experience. You will love every minute that you’re in the Tuscany Suites, whether you’re in your private room or somewhere else in the hotel.

5) Treasure Island Hotel

Treasure Island Smoking Rooms

The Treasure Island Hotel offers smoking rooms in Las Vegas, but you have to look for rooms labelled as “Smoking Deluxe Room.” Most of the other rooms in the hotel do not allow smoking, so you have to book the deluxe room if you plan to smoke during your stay there. The deluxe rooms are the only rooms where smoking is permitted.

There are numerous amenities and entertainment options at the Treasure Island Hotel. It includes a seasonal swimming pool, spa, restaurants, air-conditioned rooms, laptop safe, small refrigerator, work desk, makeup mirror, flat-screen LCD television, pay-per-view channels, and digital cable channels.

The Marvel Comics universe is embraced at the hotel. Guests can visit Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., which offers a comprehensive educational and interactive experience for anyone who loves the Avengers. It is available to all ages, so families are encouraged to make their reservations. You can even access the Avengers’ intelligence files and train to become one of the Avengers too.

The on-site Phil’s Italian Steakhouse offers a lovely dinner menu of Italian dishes, steaks and seafood meals. If you prefer Mexican cuisine, stop by the Senor Frogs Las Vegas restaurant for some of the tastiest Mexican food you’ve ever eaten. But if you’re more interested in live dancing, honky-tonk music, saloon dancing, and mechanical bull riding, head on over to Gilley’s BBQ.

6) The Palazzo Resort Hotel

Palazzo Resort Smoking Rooms

The Palazzo Resort Hotel prides itself in offering hotel rooms twice the size of the average hotel room in Vegas. If you enjoy smoking rooms in Las Vegas with a lot of space to relax, you will love your stay at this hotel. The staff continuously upgrades the hotel’s accommodations, so guests have a different experience each time they stay there.

Do you enjoy swimming in pools? The outdoor areas have swimming pool accommodations with warm temperatures throughout the year. In addition, spa and body treatment services are available if you want to experience enhanced relaxation and comfort during your stay at the hotel.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to all its guests. The meals can get delivered right to your hotel room from the many on-site restaurants in the hotel. And when you want to smoke cigarettes, you can step into the on-site smoking room and puff your favorite cigarettes for further relaxation.

Hospitality is taken seriously at the Palazzo Resort Hotel. If you like to be served in your room or by the poolside, then you’ll come to the right place.

7) Caesar’s Palace

Caesars Palace Smoking Rooms

Caesar’s Palace is probably the most reputable of all the Las Vegas Hotels that allow smoking. People know the name “Caesar’s Palace” from numerous movies and television shows about Las Vegas. It is also a place where celebrities love to visit and talk about in interviews. So even if you have never been to Las Vegas before, you’ve likely heard the name Caesar’s Palace at one time or another.

Many celebrity-owned restaurants are featured at Caesar’s Palace, including Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, and Restaurant Guy Savoy. It is located right on the Las Vegas Strip and features seven swimming pools, a premium spa, a 500-piece Bacchanal Buffet, the Omnia nightclub, Cleopatra’s Barge (a floating lounge), and the Qua Baths & Spa.

Room service is available to all guests 24 hours per day. The hotel rooms include a flat-screen television, cable channels, a private bathroom and free complimentary toiletries. When you walk around the Palace, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to Ancient Rome. The interior aesthetics and Roman columns pay an excellent tribute to classic Roman architecture. You will love every second of being there.

Many of the rooms in Caesar’s Palace are non-smoking rooms. However, it does have some of the most beautiful smoking rooms in Las Vegas too. Make your reservations to stay in the Augustus Premium Rooms with smoking permitted.

8) Four Queens Hotel

Four Queens Smoking Rooms

The Four Queens Hotel treats you like royalty as soon as you arrive. Why else would it be called the Four Queens? Its world-class accommodations include an on-site smoking room, tasty culinary choices, a flat-screen television, cable, air conditioning, a coffee machine, ironing facilities and a safety deposit box.

The dining options include a 24-hour eatery featuring all the best American cuisines and meals you can imagine. The Cigar Lounge is where guests can come together to smoke and relax. The leather furniture in the lounge is soft and comfortable. There is not much smoke in the air either because the room is well circulated. The lounge really has a classic old-school feeling when you’re in it.

The Four Queens Hotel is about 6.5 miles away from the McCarran International Airport. It is not on the Las Vegas Strip, but you can access the strip about 1.3 miles from the hotel. If you’d like to go swimming, the seasonal outdoor pool is available to hotel guests. It is not a fancy pool, but it will satisfy your basic swimming needs.

9) Linq Hotel

Linq Hotel Smoking Rooms

The Linq Hotel is one of the closest Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms to the McCarran International Airport. Once you leave the airport, it is only a three-mile drive to get to the Linq Hotel. You’ll find it located right along the Las Vegas Strip next to other popular attractions. In fact, it is only a 10-minute walk from the hotel to get to the Colosseum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. You don’t need to stay at Caesar’s Palace to shop at the Colosseum Shops.

When you want to find smoking rooms in Las Vegas’ Linq Hotel, search for the deluxe rooms and suites that permit smoking. You’ll see several rooms in the hotel where smoking is not allowed, so you must search out the rooms that do allow smoking. There should be several choices available on Vegas Lens or any other booking website. Other room amenities include 24-hour room service, USB charging stations, 47” LED flat-screen television, cable channels, and more.

The Linq Hotel is a modern Vegas resort hotel with on-site restaurants and entertainment venues at the LINQ Promenade. It even has a humungous Ferris Wheel called the “High Roller’ that is approximately 550 feet tall. This Ferris Wheel takes the traditional Ferris Wheel experience to a whole new level and height. And if you stay in one of the more upscale rooms at Linq, you can get amazing floor-to-ceiling window views of the Ferris Wheel and the Las Vegas Strip.

10) Planet Hollywood Resort

Planet Hollywood Smoking Rooms

Planet Hollywood is undoubtedly a recognizable brand name because it has been around for a while. It is one of the most popular smoking hotels in Las Vegas because of its world-class accommodations and less restrictive policies. All guests have easy access to the renowned Zappos Theatre, which has top-rated entertainment shows for your enjoyment.

When you get hungry, feel free to visit the on-site Spice Market Buffet or Earl of Sandwich for some delicious food. They have so much good food at the buffet that you won’t know what to eat first. The resort has a total of nine different restaurants and a full-service spa to enhance your guest experience.

If you want to smoke a cigarette, you can use the private smoking facility at the resort. You don’t have to worry about people looking down on you for smoking because many guests who like to smoke will book rooms at Planet Hollywood. The hotel creates a comfortable atmosphere for smokers who merely want to relax and relieve the stresses of traveling.

The Miracle Mile Shops are connected to Planet Hollywood. You can find more than 170 high-end stores, three live theaters, and 15 restaurants at the Miracle Mile. Some people enjoy simply walking around and browsing through the shops because you’ll find an endless variety of products getting sold there.

11) The D Hotel

The D Hotel Smoking Rooms

The D Hotel is located on the renowned Fremont Street of Las Vegas, where people walk and shop on the pedestrian promenade. Hotel guests have access to cable television, a safety deposit box, Wi-Fi internet access, a fitness center, hairdryer, ironing facilities, ATM, hot tub, and outdoor swimming pool. There is a 24-hour reception desk available if you ever need room service or assistance any time of the day or night.

The D Hotel is one of the more unknown Las Vegas hotels that allow smoking. You’ll find several of its room listings with “smoking not permitted” in their descriptions. But if you search hard enough, you can find rooms where smoking is permitted. They aren’t as plainly advertised as you would find at other hotels, but they are there if you search for them.

There are some fabulous restaurants at the D Hotel, including Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. It includes all your favorite Italian cuisines, as well as seafood and premium-quality steaks. But if you’d prefer a more traditional American meal, the hotel has an on-site McDonald’s too. It all depends on what you’re in the mood to eat.

12) Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Smoking Rooms

The Golden Nugget has a name that symbolizes Las Vegas well. Many of its decorations and aesthetics have a golden color to them. The amenities include a pillow-top mattress, marble bathroom, 40” flat-screen television, cable channels, leather furnishings, premium wood furnishings, sauna, and poolside terrace and lounge chairs.

Contrary to popular belief, the Golden Nugget is one of the Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms. Although many of the rooms in the Golden Nugget are non-smoking, you can find smoking rooms available in the Carson Tower section of the hotel. The Carson Tower is connected to the Golden Nugget, and it is home to several smoking rooms in Las Vegas.

The Golden Nugget is one of the few smoking hotels in Las Vegas with two Starbucks coffee shops on-site and nine restaurants. The Las Vegas Strip is a mere three miles away from the hotel. And if you want to visit the Hoover Dam, it is 30 miles away.

13) Rio All-Suite Hotel

Rio All Suite Smoking Rooms

The Rio All-Suite Hotel is one of the finest all-inclusive Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms. It is a 4.5-mile drive from the McCarran International Airport, so it won’t be a far commute after you arrive. And although the Rio All-Suite Hotel is not on the Las Vegas Strip, it is under one mile away. So, you can still enjoy all the best shows that the Las Vegas Strip has to offer.

The Rio is famous for its VooDoo Lounge, which includes a buffet, Indian food, sports-style restaurant, cocktails, and dancing nights. Each hotel room is quite spacious and comes with an in-suite safe and refrigerator full of tasty foods and beverages. Just feel free to help yourself immediately. Whatever you eat or drink will get charged to your hotel account.

The smoking room is discreet and private. You won’t be bothered by anyone giving you a hard time smoking the cigarettes you love. All the rooms are temperature-controlled for added comfort and convenience. The additional amenities include Wi-Fi internet, cable television, furniture, and so much more.

It is not an expensive hotel. When you browse for the best prices at the Rio All-Suite Hotel, you should find some great deals under $50. It is one of the cheapest hotels with luxurious accommodations in Las Vegas.

14) The Venetian Resort Hotel

The Venetian Resort Smoking Rooms

The Venetian Resort Hotel has designated smoking rooms in Las Vegas. Whenever you need to step out and smoke in privacy, the hotel makes it easy for you. You won’t disturb anyone with your smoke after you step into the smoking room.

The hotel is very accommodating to guests and their families. All the rooms are temperature-controlled to ensure a comfortable and relaxing environment with every stay. The amenities include high-definition televisions, cable, standard room service, laundry provisions, glass-enclosed shower, large-sized bathtub, premium toiletries, bedding, and top-notch hospitality from the hotel staff.

You’ll be happy to know that the Venetian Resort Hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip. Once you arrive at the McCarran International Airport, the hotel is only a 15-minute drive away to get there. You’ll be overwhelmed by the 1.2-acre pool and the Grand Canal Choppes with more than 150 boutique stores. You could spend all day browsing these stores and being overwhelmed the entire time.

The Venetian Resort Hotel considers itself to be an environmentally-friendly resort. It gives you the best of everything. The food choices include everything from American and Italian cuisines to tasty Asian dishes. If you’re interested in renting a private cabana or dining by the swimming pool, you can take advantage of those options too.

15) Mirage Resort

Mirage Resort Smoking Rooms

The Mirage Resort aims to provide world-class amenities and luxuries to its guests. Despite the name “mirage,” the hotel offers a truly authentic and affordable experience that everyone who stays there appreciates. You can find some fantastic rates on rooms at the hotel, even if you’re on a low budget. Families and young couples are encouraged to reserve rooms at this beautiful resort hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

There is no shortage of accommodations for guests of the Mirage Resort. If you want to find private and secure smoking rooms in Las Vegas, this hotel does not disappoint. Simply book a hotel room with a private smoking area that doesn’t disturb anyone else. When you’re done smoking, you can enjoy food at some of the many eateries of the hotel. These eateries include Osteria Costa Restaurant and Tom Colicchio Heritage Steak, which has some of the tastiest beef in the city.

The Mirage Resort is only about four miles away from the McCarran International Airport. That means as soon as your plane lands in Las Vegas, you can have a limousine take you directly to the hotel. Your room will include a 42” flat-screen television with cable, modern furnishings and Wi-Fi.

Reservation Tips

You have just learned about the best Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms. The next step now is to book your reservations to stay at one or more of these hotels. There are lots of ways you can receive discounts on these rooms to reduce your overall travel costs. One of the ways is to make your reservations at Vegas Lens.

When looking to book smoking rooms in Las Vegas, you might come across hotels with private balconies rather than smoking rooms. Hotels usually permit guests to smoke on private balconies if their rooms have them. However, they aren’t allowed to smoke inside the actual room connected to the balcony. If you want to smoke cigarettes or marijuana in your private room, the hotel must indicate “smoking rooms” or “smoking allowed” somewhere on the room description page.

Another thing you must consider is whether the smoking room is labeled as a “preference.” Some hotels may decide to add or remove the right to smoke in certain rooms with the preference label, depending on which rooms are sold out and available. If you want to ensure that you book a room that allows smoking all the time, the room page must indicate that smoking is permitted and not merely a preference.

Here is a rundown of how to reserve Las Vegas hotels with smoking rooms:

  • Search for deals on Las Vegas hotels with Vegas Lens guide.
  • Check to see if the room page has “smoking” listed somewhere in the title or description.
  • Find the lowest priced deal and book the reservation. You may have to book at least a month or two in advance, depending on whether it is the busy season.

Cigarettes are sold at local gas stations, convenience stores and supermarkets. Hotels don’t generally sell cigarettes, even if they allow guests to smoke in their rooms. Keep that in mind too. And if you’re looking for the best hotels in Vegas for bachelorette party accommodations, any hotel along the Las Vegas Strip will suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about smoking hotels in Las Vegas? If so, you might find answers to those questions below.

What Hotels in Vegas can you Smoke in?

Most Vegas hotels let you smoke cigarettes in the lounging areas near the lobby. If you want to find smoking rooms in Las Vegas, look for the label “smoking” in the title when you book your reservation. Many downtown hotels in Vegas permit smoking, including The D, Golden Gate, and El Cortez.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes in Vegas?

Yes, you can smoke cigarettes in Vegas if you’re over 21 years old. However, the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits people from smoking tobacco in several indoor establishments, such as movie theaters, schools, grocery stores, and restaurants. Fortunately, this law does not prohibit hotels and specific adult-based businesses from allowing their guests to smoke.

Can I Smoke on The Street in Las Vegas?

Yes, smoking is permitted on the streets and in public outdoor places in Las Vegas. The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act only has rules pertaining to indoor smoking. Outdoor smoking has no public restrictions.


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