The Rat Pack is Back

15 Ways To Get Discount Tickets For The Rat Pack Is Back!

Even though finding the Rat Pack Is Back Las Vegas discount tickets is a challenger, we have all of the tips and tricks you need to snag your seats at a great price! Finding low-cost tickets takes a lot of time, effort, and money. We’ve uncovered a few ways for you to save money while watching the show, fortunately!

There are many great performances to watch in Las Vegas, but the Rat Pack Is Back is one of the most entertaining shows on the strip! This event, which features the award-winning music of the Rat Pack, will have the entire audience singing and dancing along to many familiar favorites.

What Is The Rat Pack Is Back Show?

Is that Dean, Frank, and Sammy?  Relive the Rat Pack era with Las Vegas’ most famous entertainers and their live big band, who performed live in the Copa Room of the Sands Hotel. The only performance in Vegas with national touring companies and a “Congress of the United States” award. With over 8,000 performances in over 40 states, four foreign countries, and over three million tickets sold, the show is now in its twenty-third year of success.

Tuscany Suites & Casino is hosting a live performance. The Rat Pack is Back has been acclaimed as the next best thing to witnessing the actual Rat Pack themselves, thanks to a spectacular cast of some of the top performers in the business. Come relive the Rat Pack’s glitz and glam!

15 Ways to Save On Tickets to This Amazing Show!

It doesn’t have to be hard to find the Rat Pack Is Back discount tickets in Las Vegas! We’ve done all of the legwork and heavy lifting, so you can take advantage of all of the top show ticket discounts. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about discount websites and promotional coupons.


The Rat Pack is Back Discount Tickets

It’s no secret that one of our favorite places to locate cheap tickets to the best Las Vegas tribute shows is Tickets begin at $110. On the other hand, has much more to offer than cheap tickets.

This website has a wealth of information on all of Las Vegas’ most popular concerts. You can find out important details like the show’s last scheduled time, which was barely an hour ago! You can also compare ticket prices for other days and times with ease. Don’t forget to view how many tickets are still available and how many are sold out for each concert – you won’t want to miss out on a deal like this!

#2 Promo Codes

We looked far and low for good the Rat Pack Is Back discount codes, but none appear to be available right now. It’s uncommon to use a discount code to save money on top Las Vegas acts, and it’s not always the best option.

While discount codes appear to be the most cost-effective method of saving money, they aren’t always dependable or come from trustworthy sources. If you find a promotional or discount code, we recommend you closely read the fine print and that the codes come from a reputable source.

#3 Discount Tickets For The Rat Pack Is Back For Locals

Unfortunately, no special savings appear to be available for residents for tickets to this Las Vegas event. While tickets for Las Vegas locals sometimes go on sale, we couldn’t find any deals – but we will keep an eye out!

Just because you can’t snag a local’s discount doesn’t mean we haven’t found other ways to save. Tickets for the show are still available for a low price at Visit the website immediately to avoid losing out!

#4 Save On Hotel Discounts

So, this may not be a way to directly save on The Rat Pack Is Back Las Vegas Discount Tickets through discounts provided by the Tuscany Suites and Casino (where the show performs), but you can still save on the room! By booking directly with the hotel, you can enjoy various discounts.

These specials include rewards points that you can use for other purchases and deals at the hotel. We recommend booking your reservation directly with the resort to save on your room and then heading to to save just as much money – or maybe even more on your tickets to the show!

#5 Save Big By Planning Ahead

Another way to avoid price gouging is to purchase tickets in advance. There are fewer tickets available and more people searching for them if you wait until the last minute. As a result, ticket providers, particularly third-party ticket sites, have the ability to demand substantially higher per-ticket prices.

Our advice is to plan ahead of time. If you need a last-minute ticket, keep an eye on for great offers. You’ll be able to save a lot of money on tickets to one of the best impersonator shows in Vegas.

#6 Check Out Vegas During The Off-Season

Even the famous desert city of Las Vegas has sluggish seasons when fewer tourists arrive. Because ticket prices are determined by demand, fewer individuals purchasing tickets means lesser demand and lower prices.

The week following Thanksgiving, as well as a couple of weeks in December and January, are slower times and much better for scoring your own the Rat Pack Is Back discount tickets. If you happen to be in Vegas during this time, you might be able to purchase tickets for a much more reasonable price.

#7 Buy Tickets In Advance For Better Seats

It’s important to not only discover fantastic seats at a reasonable price but also to find tickets for the seats you want. Looking for performance tickets in advance ensures that you get the best seats at the best price!

This is one of the greatest methods to get discount tickets to the Rat Pack Is Back for the best seats in the house! Check out for fantastic deals and seats while you’re arranging your trip.

#8 Will You Find Discount Tickets On StubHub?

Discount Tickets for The Rat Pack is Back

StubHub isn’t our first pick when it comes to finding low-cost concert tickets in Vegas. StubHub is an online ticket reselling service. As a result, each ticket often comes with a fee that benefits both the seller and StubHub. StubHub may be able to assist you if you have been unable to discount shows tickets in Las Vegas.

We doubt you’ll be able to find them for a good price. Tickets for the performance begin at $179 and increase in price as you get closer to the show. Be sure you check before buying tickets from this site to make sure you won’t find a better offer!

#9 Any Chance Of Saving On Ticketmaster?

We recommend avoiding Ticketmaster wherever possible, as it is rarely our first choice when looking to save money on tickets to the best shows in Vegas. Their pricing may appear to be reasonable, but their additional costs are not. Taxes, fees, and service costs are usually added to each ticket by Ticketmaster. We recommend that you visit before purchasing a Ticketmaster ticket bundle.

The Rat Pack Is Back tickets are presently on sale for $109 at While the initial price appears to be reasonable, the $30 in additional fees will quickly mount up! Visit to purchase concert tickets without incurring any additional costs! By visiting the website, you will be able to acquire all of the necessary information for the show.

#10 Buying Tickets Directly

The Rat Pack Is Back Las Vegas discount tickets are available at many different retailers. To make a profit, third-party providers can tack on additional costs and pricing. Luckily, this show sells tickets directly through the venue. Purchasing tickets straight from the venue may not always be the most cost-effective option. This is not the case with concert tickets.

Buying tickets directly from the source does not always mean getting the best deal. However, tickets for the show are available on the show’s website for a very reasonable price! Tickets for general admission cost $100 – not a bad deal at all!


You’d think that purchasing tickets from a site like would be the most cost-effective alternative. This is not the case with this website, which has tickets starting at $163!  This is barely a respectable price for tickets to one of the most popular Las Vegas dinner shows.

If you’re looking for cheap tickets in Las Vegas, this is not the place to go. We recommend that you check before purchasing tickets through this site to guarantee that the seats you want are not available for a lower price.

#12 Tickets On Groupon

The Rat Pack is Back Las Vegas Discount Tickets

Great news! You can currently score a deal on The Rat Pack Is Back tickets at! For general admission tickets, those hoping to reserve their seats can pay just $110. Considering some of the other deals found online, this is one of the best.

Because Groupon deals aren’t often as clear as they appear, read the deal’s instructions, restrictions, and fine print thoroughly. You’ll also want to get your tickets as quickly as possible, particularly if the offer is really enticing! Tickets are still available through for a great price, as always!

#13 Can You Save With Vivid Seats? is a ticket resale site. This means that people like you and me, who have already purchased tickets to the show, are trying to sell them for some reason or another. While some are simply trying to get rid of tickets to a show they can’t attend, others strategically buy tickets in bulk to sell at a premium – not great news if you are looking for a deal.

However, there are no tickets to the Rat Pack Is Back show currently available through Vivid – we guess everyone who has purchased tickets is holding on to them. However, there is no need to worry! You can still score awesome tickets at an amazing price at!

#14 Saving With Viator – Not Likely is not the place to go for cheap tickets in Las Vegas unless you can’t find them anyplace else. Tickets for the performance start at $110 and go up from there on this site.

While this is certainly not a bad price, Viator is notorious (much like Ticketmaster) for tacking on massive fees to the face value price of each ticket. At the very least, customers are expected to pay an extra $30 in fees and taxes for each ticket they purchase – not nearly as sweet of a deal as you would think.

#15 AARP Discounts

Even though you can purchase your Rat Pack Is Back tickets at the AARP website, they are not currently offering any discounts. Like many of the other sites listed above, their ticket prices start around $110. Which is a fantastic deal!

As always, we recommend checking out before making a decision on where to purchase your tickets. While the prices are currently very similar, you never know when a new deal on the site will show up – and who doesn’t want to save on tickets to one of the best Las Vegas dinner shows?

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