53 Best Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids, Rides, Parks and More

Ibn Battuta the famous traveler once said: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Let me speak in details about Best things to do in Las Vegas with Kids.

Many people think of Las Vegas only as an adult playground, but what they do not know is that the Sin City actually have plenty of Family-friendly places like the electric museum, Fun Aquariums, and outdoor parks.

So stay put, you have got lots of places to have fun, here are a list of things to do in Las Vegas with kids

1- Discovery Children’s Museum

This interactive place features 7 floors with rotating themes that include the following dinosaurs, emergency rescue services, and a modern city.

Best thing in the place, there is a column in the center that kids can climb thoroughly to move from the floor to the other, where lots of adventures await them.

This is one of the great things to do in Las Vegas with kids. The address of the Museum is in 360 Promenade PI, Las Vegas. Ticket price is 8$.

2- Shark Reef Aquarium

Do you love fish and sea creatures and this magnificent world beneath the sea, in Shark Reef Aquarium you will get to see exotic scenery, Tropical fish, some giant sea turtles, stingrays, alligators, and, of course, sharks! The huge aquarium located on the side of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino is a magic land for all various types of marine life.

There’s a touch pool in which visitors can get close and personal with these creatures. Do not forget it among things to do in Las Vegas with Kids.

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3- Cowabunga Bay

In this place, Cowabunga Bay, 25 acres of happiness, you and your kids will certainly be happy because this is one of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids. The water park is colorful, well maintained and clean. The park presents parties so vibrant and borrowed from the 50s and 60s.

There are games like Wild Surf will make older teens thrilled, and for younger kids, there is Kids cove which is a beach area with shallow water and warm.

4- The Las Vegas Farm

On the northern outskirts of town, this animal rescue has turned into an animal sanctuary. The entire staff of this place is made up of volunteers and is funded by donations. Sales are at the small market.

You will find chickens, Pigs, cows, horses, bunnies, and goats are the funny faces that people will get to interact within his wide open area. Some of these animals can be pet and fed.

5- Topgolf Las Vegas

This place was one of the favorite things to do in Las Vegas with kids. You don’t have to be a golf expert to enjoy this place. The New place is located behind the MGM Grand resort, offering a three-level driving range and a wonderful view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Skill level is unneeded. Just sit back and hit some balls while ordering food and drink. If you want, there are golf lessons which last only one hour for beginners and intermediates but for an extra fee.

6- Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

In this place, you are going to fly inside the Sky Diving Wind tunnel and to do that you must be geared with strap into the suit, goggles and helmet, surely you be briefed with some training at first.

The session is 15 minutes and there are discounts for repeats if you want to book again.

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7- High Roller Observation Wheel

The high roller is 550 feet above the ground, it is the tallest observation wheel in the world. Its cabins large enough to let 40 people while serving as observation decks that slowly rotate through the sky.

It’s one of the best chances to see the beauty of the Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas in General with its mountains and airports.

It never stops, guests are hopping on and off. Prices are costly at night (after 5 p.m.) but there are discounts for these ages 4-12 while children 3 and under free. The full ride takes 30 to 40 minutes.

The High Roller can be seen while you walk in The LINQ promenade, which is a tourist attraction with its own shops, restaurants, and activities.

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8- Tournament of Kings

This resort which called “Excalibur” is designed like a castle from King Arthur’s Camelot, so it makes you feel like it is home to Tournament of Kings.

The show is about medieval warriors on riding horses, jousting and doing battle with swords, shields and swinging chains. All this require plenty of athleticism and carefully crafted choreography.

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Meanwhile, the audience gets to feast on a three-course meal with their bare hands. This show is featured under the family-friendly atmosphere. Tickets begin with $55.95 including the meal.

Kids under 3 are free but they must sit in their parent lab and share the meal. Fun fact about The Excalibur the place is considered the largest single buyer of Cornish game hens, imagine why? to be able to serve it during this show.

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9- Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

This Museum is dedicated to the Marvel superheroes, kids, as well as adults, will get to see the costumes used in the actual movies. The Marvel Avengers STATION is one of the favorite things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

The place is located in Treasure Island Resort which will not charge you for parking and will leave a few extra dollars to buy souvenirs

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10- Lion Habitat Ranch

The Lion Habitat Ranch was mainly made to be home for the animals that perform in shows and attractions on the Strip, it is open since 1975 but started to welcome people in 2012. It’s a kid-friendly and safe environment among things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

In the ranch about 36 lions, ostriches, a 3-year-old giraffe, emus, and exotic birds. The place is nonprofit and depends on donations and admission fees to take care of the animals, due to the expenses that cost them more than $60,000 a month.

Kids under the age of 4 are free while kids under the age of 14 are free when accompanied by an adult.

11- Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas

Wet’n’Wild is an aqua park that does its best to please both teens, youngsters, and adults with about 27 slides and 10 unique attractions. Games like The Tornado and Canyon Cliffs. Some of the intense rides require adult supervision like Constrictor.

About to enter its fifth season, Wet’n’Wild operates in the year about 125 days, the prices depend on date and crowded periods. This place is the definition of fun so consider it among kids activities in Las Vegas.

12- Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a great method for children to learn about the history of Las Vegas casino, without stepping a foot anywhere close a slot machine, it is a two-acre campus that presents more than 200 vintage signs from old Vegas years.

The Neon Museum is suits kids of age 10 and older during the day but during the night it is a bit more expensive. Don’t miss it among your family things to do in Las Vegas.

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13- Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio Gardens is a top candidate place for the most photographed spots in Las Vegas. It is considered one of the best free attractions on the Strip.

The display is changed every few months according to the season, the holidays or whatever seems to be a perfect scene.

Each one of the gardens presents thousands of plants and flowers, carefully crafted into designs and well-taken care by more than a hundred employees. Consider it among your family things to do in Las Vegas

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14- Downtown Container Park

This beautiful place features bars, shops, and restaurants made completely from old shipping containers. It’s unique in itself and fun to take a walk through. In the middle of This Park, there is a Treehouse, an energetic playground with stairs and slides.

There’s also an area in the side with real grass (which is rare in Vegas) that features outdoor movies, games, and a stage for family activities. Put it in your list of kids activities in Las Vegas.

15- Madame Tussauds

We Know that there are few of Madame Tussauds locations in the world, The Las Vegas Version is the first in The USA and Most of the places that feature the American celebrity culture.

It is open all year round and located at the Venetian resort, this attraction has lots of room for large-scale exhibits with more than 100 lifelike celebrity wax figures, like The Rock and Will Smith, Sammy Davis Jr., and Elvis Presley.

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The best section for the kids is a Marvel Superheroes like The Hulk and Spider-Man. There you will get up-close to meet Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna.

Kids of age 2 and under are free and 6 year and above can get a wax replica of their hand to be made, which will be a fun souvenir to take home. So let your kids try it among things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

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16- Ethel M Chocolate Factory

The factory for Ethel M Chocolates is in the east of the Strip and can be found just over the Henderson border. Built by the Mars family about four decades ago, the facility famous for the production of gourmet chocolates that are made with high quality ingredients, it is included in gift collections.

The factory recently underwent an impressive upgrade, it had a tasting room where samples are handed out to guests. There is a Self-guided tour that allows the guests to see the workers in action through windows.

Step outside the factory and you’ll get to find the Botanical Cactus Garden, it about four acres of the desert like landscape and more than 300 species of plants. The garden and factory tour are totally free. So enjoy it among family things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

17- The Adventuredome

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino has been here in Las Vegas since the late 60s, providing families the best time ever in a traditional way with themes based on bright colors, clowns, and rides. The best thing about the Hotel is a place called Adventuredome.

It’s about five-acre indoor park present games like roller coasters, bumper cars, these sorts of fun stuff. Families and kids can pay per ride or pay for the all-day pass.

The best time of year to visit the Adventuredome is during Halloween. Circus Circus is also the only Strip location that does not charge for parking.

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18- Smith Center

This place opened in 2012 and instantly became one of the main destinations for art and culture in Las Vegas. The building is like a work of art that is inspired by the Hoover Dam’s art and it is easy to identify by a 17-story bell tower. It is beside the Discovery Children’s Museum.

The Smith Center consists of Reynolds Hall (for large events), Troesh Studio Theater and the Cabaret Jazz Theater. The Smith Center offers some educational programs that include Camp Broadway – a summer program for kids who have an interest in theater. This is among kids activities in Las Vegas that you should consider.

19- Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is a great chance for you and your family to step outside Las Vegas and enjoy science, nature, and history in an educational atmosphere. The property consists of the Origen Museum which exhibits live animals and the Nevada State Museum.

Let the visit express more than talk, you and your family will be thrilled with such experience. Don’t miss among family things to do in Las Vegas.

20- Slotzilla

Some people will thing that the best way to see Fremont Street is from the sky. Through Slozilla. There are no age restrictions for the game but your weigh should be 60 pounds for the higher zipline and 50 for the lower one.

21- Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

This place can be described as more intimate and community driven other than Shark Reef, it is located in the East of the Strip a new addition to the recently renewed Boulevard Mall.

The purpose behind the place is to focus on the exhibits, which include Amazon rainforest, the deserts of Egypt, and Caribbean islands.

Through the way, you get the chance to get close to exotic sea creatures, birds, and reptiles – and maybe you could be feeding a shark or two.

Swimming with the stingrays could be an exciting experience for some. The attraction is a great place for family things to do in Las Vegas.

22- Silverton Aquarium

It is a short drive south of the Las Vegas Strip, the Silverton Hotel and Casino has a great free aquarium for all family to enjoy. It is about 117,000-gallon reef aquarium with 4,000 tropical fish and stingrays plus sharks. One of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

23- Gondola Ride at the Venetian

One of the wonderful experiences you will go through is The Gondola Ride At the Venetian Hotel and Casino, the place is man-made, the gondolas go through canals and it is guided by the gondolier who sings for you wonderful Italian songs like this song for example “That’s Amore”. The tour is 14 minutes. One of rocking Las Vegas Attraction for kids.

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24- The Eiffel Tower Experience

Only in Vegas, you will find a replica of famous landmarks all over the world. Like the Eiffel Tower. It is located outside the Paris Hotel and Casino. The top of the Eiffel Tower has a wonderful and enchanting view.

You go up high by a glass elevator to reach 460 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Despite opening in the morning, its experience is radiant at night when all the Vegas lights light up the city. This one of kids attractions in Las Vegas and Adults too.

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25- Mirage Hotel Volcano, Aquarium and Atrium

The Mirage Hotel Offers the Family three free Las Vegas attractions to enjoy. When you see the front desk, you will find behind it a beautiful 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with artificial corals plus 450 tropical fish.

Near by the aquarium in the lobby is the atrium which has waterfalls, lagoons, lofty palms and beautiful plants. While outside the hotel there is the volcano show which is one of kids attractions in Las Vegas.

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26- The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade

It is in the outside of the New York New York Hotel, this roller coaster will certainly give your family a nice view of the Las Vegas Strip. The Big Apple Coaster’s opening drop is 144 feet, speeding to reach 67 mph and inverts you with a loop and 180-degree twist. One of the fun things to do in Las Vegas with Kids.

27- Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

This animal sanctuary is located inside of The Mirage Hotel and Casino and focuses on dolphins and big cats. The Dolphin Habitat is a 2.5 million gallon tank that houses the bottlenose dolphins and is surrounded by lush foliage and palms. There are no “shows”, but there are times when the dolphins do tricks with the trainers.

There is also an underwater viewing which is a great place to watch the dolphins play and interact with one another. The Secret Garden is where the variety of big cats are housed.

Among the beautiful greenery and waterfalls, you will see panthers, tigers, leopards and lions. Not only will the kids have fun watching these animals, but they will also learn about them.

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28- Tastes of The World at the Coca-Cola Store

In the north of the MGM Grand on the Strip, there is the Coca-Cola Store,  Everything Coca-Cola, like a vast array of Coca-Cola housewares, brand, accessories, and other novelty items. This store definitely among our list of things to do in Vegas with kids.

The store’s second floor has a beverage bar with a seating area where you can ask for an Around the World Tray. It consists of eight sodas that are popular soda drinks from various parts around the world.

29- M&M’s World

This place is heaven to candy lovers all types of sweets you can imagine with colors you may never know.  The floors are packed with M&M clothes, mugs, luggage, stuffed animals, office supplies cookware, and a whole lot more. They even let you personalize your own. Put it in your list of family things to do in Las Vegas.

30- Valley of Fire State Park

The trip to the Valley of the fire state park is an hour’s drive northeast Las Vegas it is perfect time for a family to explore and hike Nevada’s largest state park.

The attraction is filled with naturally beautiful views in every turn and can easily explore the wonder of hundred years ago. this is definitely among of our list of things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

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31- Voodoo Zip Line

This Game is a pure adrenaline rush it is called the Voodoo Zip Line. You are going to the Voodoo Lounge, it is on the 51st floor of the Rio Hotel.

The game will send you soaring higher than 500 feet in the air and at speeds of up to 33 miles per hour. We recommend the Voodoo Zip Line among Las Vegas Attractions for kids.

32- Red Rock Canyon

This place is only 22 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, a beautiful place for families to enjoy the desert of Nevada. Visit it among Las Vegas Attractions for Kids.

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33- UTV Off-Road through the Desert

Another unique experience to get through the Las Vegas desert is UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle). It is no like other off-roading vehicle it doesn’t has a clear trail to follow. So take a seat and have a company with you, speed up and take any course you like.

There is age restrictions here, you must be 16 years old and own a driver’s license plus passengers must be 12 years old. I guess this is one of the family things to do in Las Vegas.

34- Hoover Dam and Colorado River Float

It will be such a nice experience when you take the family to the Hoover Dam and learn about its construction, and how they operate it. Visit it among kids attractions in Las Vegas.

35- The Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a very large play space with about 200 pinball and arcade games. When you enter this non-profit museum you will find aisles and aisles of fully restored pinball machines that foes back to the 1950s to the 1990s plus the arcade games from the 80s and 90s.

Adults will be able to play some of their favorite old childhood games while introducing their kids to a whole new group of games. You can go and have fun there without spends lots of money. This is one of the kid’s activities in Las Vegas.

36- Pole Position Raceway

If your family seeking a little bit of speed, this indoor raceway will let you fly around the track at 45 MPH. Race against your family or friends on high tech electric go karts that blaze through the turns, when you curve and straightaway’s. I would not miss that at all among things to do in Las Vegas with Kids.

37- The Nevada State Railroad Museum

Nevada State has lots of stories about trains, and to preserve this history, they established the Nevada State Railroad Museum. It is located in Southern Nevada, the Railroad Museum is outside of Boulder City.

Visitors the area and even take a ride on one of these old historic trains. The ride on the train lasts 40 minutes. Don’t miss this wonderful experience among things to so in Las Vegas with kids.

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38- Children’s Park at Town Square

This place consists of a hedge maze, a Pop Jet fountain splash pad, a tree house and a bakery playhouse, among other kid’s attractions in Las Vegas.

39- Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The place is a private museum and non- profit too, it is located in downtown and presents exhibits on the natural wildlife of Nevada, dinosaurs, the Treasures of Egypt, geology, plus more. So put it in your list of family things to do in Las Vegas.

40- Atomic Testing Museum

This place exhibit the history of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas. The museum in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution has a wide range of activities that suits all ages. So consider it among kids attraction in Las Vegas.

41- Bodies: The Exhibition

This place is in the Luxor Hotel & Casino, it exhibits 13 preserved human bodies and more than 250 organs for an educational purpose.

Here, if your kids re not squeamish, they can see how our muscles intricate and our organs in addition to getting educated a little bit about what happens if we neglect of our bodies. Best of kids attractions in Las Vegas.

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42- Hershey’s Chocolate World

This place is located in NY-NY Hotel and Casino and consists of 2 floors with 13000 square feet. It showcases 800 type of chocolate and candies. In this place kids can make their own candy bars. One of great Las Vegas Attractions for kids.

43- Lake Mead

It’s about 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip and it is located on the Colorado River, it is considered the largest reservoir of water in the US and it was formed by Hoover Dam.

This Lake serves water to the States of California, Nevada and Arizona. You will enjoy visiting it among kids activities in Las Vegas.

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44- Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

Mystère is one of the shows that emit so many different emotions in one show. For over 20 years, it has entertained a crowd with its mix of music, acrobats, dance, suspense, visual beauty, comedy, and its unique take on various circus acts.

They amaze the crowd with acts on the trapeze, aerial cube, Chinese poles, bungee, trampoline and many others, there is plenty for kids and adults to enjoy. This is among things to do in Las Vegas with Kids.

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45- Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil opened Las Vegas “Michael Jackson: One” show at the Mandalay Bay Resort. The show is a 90 minute journey with about 25 songs or more of Michael’s greatest hits.

Cirque has taken the legendary choreography, style and music of Michael and added it to their Acrobat and performance which will make you feel that you are in one of his musicals.

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46- O by Cirque du Soleil

It is an imaginative show that centers around a gigantic 1.5-million-gallon pool. You will find a unique cast of characters that will help you get the meaning of the story through their dancing, you will see high dive, trapeze, synchronized swimming aerial hoops, and many other acts that are performed on, in, and above the water stage. Certainly, one of the kid’s activities in Las Vegas.

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47- Jabbawockeez

I become a huge fan of the Jabbawockeez when I saw the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew. After performing in a couple of places on the Las Vegas Strip, they have now their own show JREAMS at their new theater at the MGM Grand. The Jabbawockeez, wear white masks, they are incredibly energetic and with mind blowing synchronized dance moves.

Their dance routines is very much fun and there is humorous interaction with their audience. JREAMZ is an amazing show that is sure to please both kids and adults so make it among your list of things to do In Las Vegas with kids.

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48- Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King is a very wonderful magician, with lots of awards, he combines a laugh with his amazing sleights-of-hand. Mac talks with the audience and let them engage in the show, one of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

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49- Blue Man Group

One of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids is the show of Bald and blue pained trio of mimes, they perform in Las Vegas since 2000 at Luxor Hotel and casino. They interact with an audience and its show blend music, comedy, science and art into the auditory and visual treasure.

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50- Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

One of the things to do in Las Vegas Strip with Kids. This family show features, cats, dogs, birds and other pets doing exceptional things you don’t see it outside of an animated film.

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Gregory’s cast of over thirsty pets were rescued and trained to do the coolest animal tricks on the Las Vegas Strip. This Comedy Pet Theater is fit for all ages. So don’t miss it among family things to do in Las Vegas.

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51- Bowling Alley in Las Vegas

For the people who feel the need to bowl while being in Las Vegas, these places are one of the family things to do in Las Vegas. There are about 11 bowling centers in and off the Las Vegas Strip.

Like Texas station Bowling Center in Las Vegas which has 60 lanes, Wildfire Lanes with 18 lanes, Strike Zone at sunset station with 72 lanes, Santa Fe Bowling Center with 60 lanes, Sam’s town Hotel and Gambling Hall & Bowling Center with 56 lanes, and Red Rock Lanes Bowling center Las Vegas with 72 Lanes

52- Big Shot at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas

To make your kids scream a little bit you won’t find a better place than the top of the Stratosphere Tower. There are three rides on top of the tower surely will give you the creeps by just looking at it. This is for the risk-takers in the family and one of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

53- The Auto Collection in Las Vegas

In this place there a collection that is so impressive and you’ll roam the showroom fantasizing about them. This fantasy will slowly develop as you spot your favorite cars.

I’ll tell you something, I’m not a big car guy but when I made my way through the showroom I soon felt like I needed to own some of these classic cars.

The showroom display changes because either cars are bought on a daily basis. This is could be one of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids and the whole family of different ages.