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Hear ye, hear ye! Those looking for cheap Tournament of Kings tickets have come to the right place! There is nothing better than Las Vegas dinner shows that the entire family can enjoy – especially if you can get the tickets for a great price, also known as cheap! The last thing anyone traveling to Las Vegas wants to do is to spend all of their money on tickets to just one show. After all, there are simply too many to only check out one!

However, while discounted tickets are always a coveted treasure, they usually require a great deal of time, resources, and energy – especially if you are looking for a steep discount! Luckily, you will be able to have the best of both worlds. While our guide provides the best ways to save big on your Excalibur Tournament Of Kings discount tickets, we also save you so much time in the process. Here is what you need to know!

15 Ways to Get Tournament Of Kings Discount Tickets!

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

From discount sites to little-known promotions and discounts, we give you all of the information and resources that you need to ensure that you get your Tournament Of Kings Excalibur discount tickets at the best possible price. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to save big!

#1 Buying Tickets Directly

Unfortunately, buying directly from the casino or hotel hosting the show doesn’t always provide the best rates. However, buying your cheap Tournament of King tickets on Excalibur’s website is actually quite beneficial! There are two different ways that you can choose from regarding how to reserve your tickets. You can choose your seats using the map of the theater or find seats by price. There are three different seating sections at the Tournament of Kings show – categories A, B, and C. They are priced at $66.56, $64.36, and $61.14, respectively. If you can’t find the seats you are looking for here, head to for comparatively great prices!

#2 Can You Find Excalibur Tournament Of Kings Tickets On Groupon?

Tournament of Kings Las Vegas Discounts

From time to time, you can find deals on the best Vegas shows on Groupon! The last available deal occurred during the beginning of August. Unfortunately, there are no current deals, but here is what you need to know for next time! Groupon deals for Tournament of Kings usually include zone seating, which means that you will know which section you are in, but possibly not which seats. Also, these deals tend to move very quickly. So, we recommend keeping an eye out and moving quickly if you find something you like!

#3 Save Big On Tickets For The Little Ones!

Not many Vegas shows offer discounts for children if they permit them to attend, but Tournaments of Kings does – making them one of the best Vegas shows for families, in our opinion! While any child over the age of four must have their own ticket, kids under the age of three can see the show for free if they sit on a parent’s lap and share the same meal! Of course, you can certainly get them their own ticket, but if you want to save a little extra cash, then this is a great way to do it!

#4 Can You Save With StubHub?

If you are looking for Tournament of Kings Las Vegas discount tickets, we don’t recommend starting with StubHub. Because StubHub is a resale platform, you will likely end up paying a premium of tickets that are being resold for a profit. Tickets for the show on StubHub start at $109 – quite a steep price to pay for those looking to save! If you can’t find tickets anywhere else, then we understand using StubHub. But, we recommend checking out first to make sure that you aren’t overpaying.

#5 Tournament Of Kings Excalibur Discount Tickets On

Tournament of The Kings Discount Tickets is our favorite place for Las Vegas discount tickets, and for many good reasons! First and foremost, did you know that you can get Tournament of Kings discount tickets for just $77? Plus, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting your tickets for the best possible rate with the best price guarantee at! In addition to providing competitive and transparent prices, also lets you know when tickets to the show were last booked (just an hour ago!) and how many tickets are left for each show. If a show is particularly in demand, they will notify you of that, as well. We recommend starting at when trying to find the best Tournament of Kinds Las Vegas discounts!


Even though doesn’t always provide excellent rates – which is ironic as they have best and Vegas in their name, their prices for Tournament of Kings aren’t bad! Tickets to the show start at $76. They offer a best price guarantee, and we can only hope that they stick to it! The $76 Tournament of Kings Excalibur discount tickets are for category C seating, which is the section furthest from the stage.

#7 Choosing The Right Seats

No matter where you decide to purchase your tickets from, there is one way you can ensure that you are always getting the lowest price. Luckily, in Las Vegas, there is usually never a bad seat in the theater. They want you to enjoy every show! So, if you are looking to save big on tickets to the show, don’t shy away from tickets for seats that are further from the stage. You will still get an excellent view of the show and have an amazing time!

#8 Tournament Of Kings Discount Tickets For Locals

At one point, MGM Grand – the parent group of Excalibur Hotel and Casino, was offering a locals discount for tickets. Those living in the Vegas area could save up to $15 on each ticket! There was a limit of four tickets per transaction, so if you were part of a larger group that wanted to see the show, you had to purchase tickets in groups of four and possibly not sit with your entire group. Currently, it doesn’t look like there is any available locals’ discount, but we will keep an eye out for you in case anything comes up!

#9 Saving Big With Big Groups!

Another way to score Tournament of Kings Las Vegas discounts is by purchasing tickets for a group! If you find yourself traveling with a large group, then you may qualify for group savings. You will have to reach out to the group reservations office, but Tournament of Kings provides deep discounts for those wanting to see the show with 15 or more people!

#10 Visit During The Off-Season

Tickets to the show, especially those on third-party platforms, are heavily influenced by demand. This means that the more people that want to see the show, the higher the price goes! If you are looking to score Excalibur Tournament of Kings discount tickets, we recommend trying to catch a show during the off-season when demand is lower. Las Vegas experiences a slow in the number of visitors and travelers that it receives towards the end of the year. Those traveling during the week after Thanksgiving or during a few select weeks in December and January will notice that they can save big on tickets to the show!

#11 Military Discounts

There are plenty of Las Vegas shows that offer military discounts for both active and retired military members. If you are trying to get your hands on a few cheap Tournament of Kings tickets, you may not be able to get them through a military discount. Though we have searched high and low for a military discount on the show, we can’t seem to find one. If you are a retired or active member of the military, you can still save big! Head to to score a set of tickets at some of the best rates found!

#12 Buy In Advance For Great Seats!

Even though every seat in the house is a good seat, everyone certainly has their preference on where they would like to sit in the theater as they enjoy the show. As you search for your Tournament of Kings Las Vegas discount tickets, you may realize that you can’t find the seats that you want – especially if you are searching for last-minute tickets. To ensure that you get the tickets for the seats that you want while still paying a great price, we recommend looking for tickets well in advance so that your desired seats aren’t sold out or selling for higher prices due to last-minute increased demand.

#13 Any Available Promo Codes?

Every once in a while, you may come across promo or discount codes for many different Las Vegas shows. While these codes may seem like a fantastic way to save, and some of them can be, we always urge you to use caution. Currently, we haven’t found any Tournament of Kings Excalibur discount tickets through promotional codes. But, if you happen to come across a code, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always ensure that it is a legitimate code and make sure that you will be able to receive real tickets. Also, these codes tend to expire quickly, so be sure to use them shortly after you find them.


Cheap Tournament of Kings Tickets may not be the best place to find discount Tournament of Kings tickets, although it is also not the worst. Currently, tickets to the show on start at $96.32. The site says that they offer a best price guarantee, but we were able to find prices much lower than $96. Before purchasing tickets from, we highly recommend trying out another discount site like to ensure that you are getting your tickets at the best possible price!

#15 Always Plan Ahead

If there is one thing that greatly affects the price of tickets to Las Vegas shows, it is demand. The longer you wait and the more sold out a show becomes, the more you will pay for each ticket. We always recommend planning ahead and trying to buy your tickets well in advance of your desired show date and time! Check out tickets on when planning your Tournament of Kings experience. At just $77, you can be sure that you are getting tickets at a fair price and for excellent seats! Be sure to head over to now, as the show was last booked just an hour ago!

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