Aces of Comedy Club

The Aces of Comedy Club Delivers The Funniest Comedians From The Stage and Screen

Aces of Comedy Club

The Aces of Comedy Las Vegas show is one of the best shows at the Mirage Theater of the Mirage Hotel. It features world-class standup comedy at its finest, with different comedians performing on Fridays through Sundays. Each 90-minute performance features a famous standup comedian who delivers the funniest jokes, one-liners, and stories you’ve ever heard. Aces of Comedy only features world-class comedians with name recognition. You won’t find any newbies or unknown comedians like at other comedy clubs in the city.

Aces of Comedy Club Review

The Aces Comedy Club in Las Vegas is conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip. Therefore, you won’t need to travel far to get to the comedy club after you arrive in Las Vegas. The Mirage Hotel and the club are near the most notable attractions and hotels in Las Vegas. So, if you book your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll have easy access to the Aces Comedy Club. Then you could see shows on multiple nights during your trip.

You may recognize many of the comedians who perform at Aces of Comedy. The most notable names are George Lopez, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Jeff Jefferies, Kevin James, Ray Romano, David Spade, Tim Allen, Chelsea Handler, and Tom Segura. All their shows in Las Vegas at the Aces of Comedy Club are about 90 minutes long. However, their standup material couldn’t be more different because each comedian offers their own brand and style of comedy to audiences. It creates a unique entertainment experience each time you attend a show at the club.

The average Aces of Comedy Las Vegas review is positive. The reviews praise the roster of famous standup comedians performing at the club on select dates of the year. If you plan your Vegas schedule right, you could see one of your favorite comedians at the Aces of Comedy Club. Tickets are available for rear or front seating at late and afternoon showtimes. If you sit close to the center stage, you may have a comedian call you out for whatever reason. This creates an even better time if you have a strong sense of humor.

Everyone has their favorite Vegas comedy clubs. But when you look at the typical Aces of Comedy review, you will see why many people love this comedy club the most. It is a club with fantastic comedians, creating a relaxing environment for audience members to unwind. Since sightseeing and traveling throughout Las Vegas can be tiring, you can easily sit back and have a good time at the Aces of Comedy Club.

FAQs About Aces of Comedy Club

How long are the Aces of Comedy Club shows?

The Aces of Comedy Las Vegas show is approximately 90 minutes long. There is no intermission during the show. The current showtimes are 10:00 PM on Fridays through Sundays, with an extra 4:00 PM showtime on Sundays only. So give yourself an additional 30 minutes before the scheduled showtime to arrive at the Mirage Theater and find your reserved seat.  

Is Aces of Comedy Club family friendly?

Aces of Comedy is not a family friendly show because the minimum age requirement for admittance is 18 years or older. Additionally, any guest under 16 must have an adult 21 or older accompany them to the show. These age requirements are necessary due to the adult-oriented comedy performed at the club by the comedians on stage. So if you’re considering visiting Las Vegas with your family, you may want to schedule some alone time with your spouse or partner away from your kids. Then you can come to the Aces of Comedy Club without any setbacks.

Where does the Aces of Comedy Club play in Las Vegas?

The Aces of Comedy Club plays at the Mirage Theater of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Different standup comedians perform Mirage Las Vegas shows at the Aces of Comedy Club, including David Spade & Ray Romano, Daniel Tosh, Iliza Shlesinger, Chelsea Handler, Tom Segura, Tim Allen, Jim Jefferies, and Bill Maher. However, these comedians are only available on select dates, so you must schedule your attendance date accordingly.

Is there a dress code for Aces of Comedy Club?

There is no formal Aces of Comedy dress code available. Because of this, you can wear any casual clothing you’d like to the Aces of Comedy show. Some examples of casual attire include t-shirts, jeans, shorts, khakis, sweatshirts, etc. You don’t need to worry about the dress code if you don’t wear scantily clad clothing. 

What are the best seats for Aces of Comedy Club?

The Aces of Comedy seating chart indicates three seating sections: Section 101, Section 102, and Section 103. The total seat capacity of the Aces of Comedy Club is approximately 1,257 seats.

The best seats in the Mirage Theater are Section 102 of Category A. If you purchase tickets in this section and category, you will sit directly in front of the center stage and the standup comedian.

How much are Aces Comedy Club tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Aces of Comedy Las Vegas tickets is $73. The low $73 will get you seating farther away from the center stage. But if you’d rather sit closer to the center stage, you can pay around $150 for better seating near the stage. The extra money is worth it if you’re a fan of the famous comedian performing on the night of your attendance.